Lombardi comments on Williams

OK, here are Dean Lombardi’s comments on Justin Williams. There’s a second part to this, in which Lombardi talks about letting go of O’Sullivan, and why he did it now. I’ll try to get that stuff posted a bit later.


Question: Was this trade more about getting Williams or getting rid of O’Sullivan?

LOMBARDI: “It was about getting the guy. He’s a proven 30-goal scorer and only 27 years old. He is arguably just entering his prime. He’s really competitive. We know him intimately from Philadelphia. We didn’t want to trade him when we were there, but he was part of the Markov deal. He’s a really smart player. Those are the two things that jump out at you, right from his draft year through on. He’s really smart and really competitive. Then, like I said, the numbers speak for themselves.

“The difference, too, when you look at this guy and his numbers, when he’s healthy, is that he did it on a Stanley Cup winner. He brings a ring and he’s only 27 years old. The other thing is, he makes us bigger on the wings. He’s not a 6-4 guy, but that’s a major issue for our team. We go and face a team like San Jose, and we’re very small on the wings. We’ve got to continue to address that. He helps that. We’re not done there, but it is an issue and he helps address that.

“He is signed for the same length as Sully, and we took on a little more salary than with Sully, but that’s just a reflection of the player. His injuries, obviously, were a big thing going into it, before it blew up last night, before it was interrupted by a certain writer. We had his knees checked out. He’s had a couple freak injuries here in the last couple years, but we had that all checked out and made sure we were getting a 27-year-old athlete here. That took a long time, to get all the reports and everything here, but we’re satisfied. That broken finger, what are you going to do?”

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  • tantrum4

    Good trade Deano. O’Sully was soft and needed to go. Don’t worry about what these fly-by-night Kings fans think who’ve never watched Williams play one game and only look at stats and are trying to find a reason to blame you for everything. We that actually follow the NHL and not just the Kings players know this was a great trade. I can’t wait for the off season to see what great things you do next!!! Bye Bye, Sully!! The next Sam Gagner…ha,ha…

  • deadcatbounce

    Doesn’t really sound like he said much of consequence to me.

  • Scott

    So Dean, Crawford knew Cloutier from Vancouver and you knew McCauley from San Jose, and both of those injuries checked out too. Are you ever going to learn?


    Extremely Angry Season Ticket Holder

  • rajuabju

    To use DL’s quote: “What are you going to do?”

    Hi Dean, I’d be happy to answer that question for you.


    Also, its not a broken “finger” its a broken HAND. When you say finger, it sounds like oh .. he broke his poor little pinky finger… when in fact, its a more serious injury that will keep him out of the lineup longer, so why is DL trying to misrepresent that… hmmm.

    Second, he’s had TWO ACL tears. First in 2003, then in 2007. Thats two MAJOR, long-term injuries.

    Let’s not forget his Achilles tendon tear, yet another major injury.

    Sorry Deano, but on this trade, you get a big fat ugly F. I am severely disappointed in this move. Not for trading away Sully… I don’t care about that. I care about the fact that you made a BAD TRADE.

  • Don

    Yeah tantrum4, you tell these fly-by-night kings fans that he is gauranteed to play more than 60 each year he is here and your popping off is warrented. I have yet to see anyone say Sully is the better player, they are all tired of dealing with injured players. Allison anyone?

  • Telos

    This smells like another homerish trade by Lombardi. I know he likes his guys from the past and everything… Like I said earlier… I have nothing against bringing in Williams. I like him as a player. I just really dislike the idea of losing Sully over this not to mention a 2nd rounder as overpayment…

    Lombardi seems really weak here. I look forward to his explanations over Sully. I really hope he has talked with Frolov concerning his future. If we lose another franchise winger next year I am going to be really bummed.

    We gave Gaborik the finger but are after Williams… It just doesn’t seem that great. I know he could have given less for Gaborik and even negotiated an extension.

  • variable

    “He’s a proven 30-goal scorer and only 27 years old. He is arguably just entering his prime. He’s really competitive.”

    so what does that make frolov????


    “His injuries, obviously, were a big thing going into it, before it blew up last night, before it was interrupted by a certain writer.”

    that’s just being stupid…i’m sorry…

    this is my first big issue w/d.l….

    you NEVER, NEVER, EVER, blame a reporter for doing their job…

    hey, d.l….off the record…

    no reporter likes that phrase…

    but if you would have made rich…who, by all means, has tons of integrity with his audience and his peers…a partner in this info, i’m sure the both of you could have come up with a better overall scenario than this…

    so far…the deal i’m less concerned about…d.l. really needs to step back and take inventory of how he handled this….

  • buzzbomb

    I don’t need to watch Williams play to know it was a bad trade. All you need to do is look at his injury record and see it IS a bad trade. Sully was young and not even close to his prime. Rich, I wish you would’ve kept interfering with the trade until the deadline was over.

  • JB

    It makes sense once you hear DL and Murray explain it on Kings site. We are small on the wings. You rarerly see Sully forechecking a D-man in a way that made you think that D-man was feeling pressured. He was always more likely to try some deke or fancy move around a guy versus chipping it past and chasing it down. And in our divison we need some size up front.

    Williams is young and has that experience which is key. On the 2nd round pick it was Calgary’s pick from Conroy trade so LA still has their own.

  • BakoCACondorsKingsFan

    Guys, why arent there more people here who see some sense in this trade?

    This is a character trade, substituting a moody self-centered guy for one often-injured warrior, a guy who has had two major left ACL surgeries and a ruptured Achilles Tendon, and always came back early. You could say DL could’ve gotten more for POS, but not at the trade deadline. You could say JW only scores 3 goals this year and has never maxed out >30, but look at what we NEED: Someone with the guts to go into the middle, take the cross-checks and the butt-ends and deflect shots, disrupt the goalie–someone like JW. We have too many pretty players, too many guys who look good who are unable to pay the Warrior’s price.

    Only time will tell if DL has understood our needs, but I’ve got the feeling he got the right guy.

    I DOUBT whether POS has the guts to come back EARLY from TWO ACL-MCL surgeries… I KNOW POS does not have the guts to go in front of the net, game after game, and WIN THE GAME!

  • Dominic Lavoie

    Everybody talking about Frolov DOES realize that we can’t even begin negotiating a contact with Frolov until this SUMMER….right?????

  • JDM

    Heh, very cheeky by DL.

    I’m glad that it took a while because of the injury thing, and glad they had him tested before agreeing to the deal.

    Nothing awe-inspiring or ultra enlightening from DL, but when is it ever? He’s an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a… well, depending on who you are, a delicious crepe or a big turd.

    People saying a 27 year old is in the twilight of his career are ptetty insane. The injuries are an issue, but when he does play he seems to perform routinely, this season aside, which as someone mentioned in another thread, could be because he was playing with the broken hand for a while. If he’s a fierce competitor and playing with injuries because he can’t stand not playing, THAT is the kind of character this team needs.

    Of all the things this team has done to dissuage my optimism, this is hardly the worst. Go on Kings, just try and turn me into a pessimist, I dare you! Or to quote Dirty Dean, ‘Make my day.’

  • Anonymous

    Raj, take that knee jerk idiocy to the “fan site,” where people only know players in the west. Williams is a beast. If he’s healthy, this is way betterthan getting Ryan Smyth. Goodbye softy, were finally starting to resemble a group of studs.


    Not that the kings are going to make the playoffs but if we are trying to make a run why would we trade a player in good health for a 27 year old old man. Good one DL

    No Bueno

  • Dominic Lavoie

    Handzus blew out his ACL…he still seems to be a pretty good player. And we are getting WIlliams a couple years after the ACL.

  • variable

    i’m still uncertain on this deal…
    how can we know what we’re getting at this point…
    and even though they are apples and oranges…i think i would feel the same way about gabby if he was to be acquired….
    there has to be something we are not being told about POS that made this deal a “must”….

    i’m still really unsure how this helps us in the long run….

    as usual, you have to wait and see…even w/a healthy player…how that person is going to fit in to the system and atmosphere…

    we have brought in highe caliber players before and watched them fizzle…too many to mention…

    on the face of it…this deal is highly questionable…

    again…very high risk/high reward…

    and i think as a GM, you try to avoid these situations in a so-called rebuilding mode…

    when justin comes to the team, he now has the duty of replacing a very popular player amongst his teammates…he needs to show up and play hard immediately…

    granted, POS has a lot of issues…i hope for his sake he works them out and makes a difference for any team he plays for….

    but this is a very disputable deal and for all our sake…and his…i hope justin is ready for his close up…

    brush twice….

  • Alley (AKA Anonymous)

    To follow up on Justin William’s injuries (from TSN):

    2/16/09: Broken hand
    9/17/08: Out 25 games (Achilles’ tendon)
    12/21/07: Out 43 games (Torn ACL)
    2/13/04: Out 4 games (broken left wrist)
    1/18/03: Out 36 games (sprained left knee)
    10/15/02: Out 5 games (strained left shoulder)
    12/10/01: Out 3 games (strained right shoulder)
    2/22/01: Out 12 games (broken finger)

    He’s 27, going on 46. Either he’s fragile, or his body can’t stand up to the type of game he plays. Either way, if this doesn’t scream “Cloutier! McCauley! V. Bure!” I don’t know what does.

  • voice of reason

    “I don’t need to watch Williams play to know it was a bad trade.”

    Thanks for the stunning insight, buzzbomb.

  • AK47

    So what number is he going to wear?

    … But seriously, why did we have to give up the 2nd round pick?

  • variable


    yes about frolov…but he still needs to get that deal done, regardless….

  • zebehm

    “We know him intimately from Philadelphia.”

    DL’s history of picking up players that either he or the coach knew “intimately” hasn’t really worked out for the best. Hopefully Williams can rebound from his injury status more like Stoll is this year rather than Handzus did last year.

  • Anonymous

    “the numbers speak for themselves”

    Isn’t that the same argument DL used to justify the trade and immediate extension of Dan the man Cloutier?

    Common Dean, you’ve gotta learn from your mistakes.

    I’d understand if Williams came back from each injury strong but he hasn’t. He is not the same player he was before the injuries.

  • Anonymous

    You people do realize that he is fully healed from lower body injuries and now has a broken hand, right? Of course not. He’s been able to fully rehab ALL his injuries. Carolina is in a “do or shed payroll” situation. They accomplished both seeing as cole is a ufa. Lowe&Co are comfortable with an obscenely soft hemsky/o’sullivan pairing. Good luck with that against Calgary.

  • Kevin

    He says they are going to keep getting bigger on the wing. Who are we after?

  • Anonymous

    Variable, you have so many unfounded assertions there that it’s absurd.

  • AK47

    Aren’t we supposed to be a “hard forechecking team”? How will he fair well with us if he’s injury prone, I don’t understand..

    Plus, what line will he play on? What about the call up for Dallas’ game?

    Can you still re-sign players after the trade deadline, or do you have to wait until the end of the season?

  • markisonfire

    I still don’t like this trade for a couple reasons. There is no guarantee that Williams is going to be the same as he was a few years ago. The style of game he plays naturally leads to injuries. We just acquired an injured player for the next three seasons. We all hope that he will regain his form, but that means that we traded away a core player with a long, cheap contract AND second round pick in a deep draft for a player who MIGHT regain his form. Williams playing 20 games a season for the next three years for us is a serious possibility given his track record. This was O’Sullivan’s second full NHL season and we’ve already given up on him? I’m interested to see what DL has to say about O’Sullivan, because this trade, in my eyes, can only be validated if he was some sort of detriment to the guys in the locker room. Though, again, he was good friends with most of the core players on the team, so I’m not sure why that would be.

    I would like to say though, that as sad as it is for some people to see Sully go, in no way does my complaining have anything to do with him as a player. I welcome him to the team with open arms and hope he proves to be worth Patrick and a second.

  • variable

    this is definitely a “wait and see” deal….

    so we all need to have a perspective of what justin brings to the table that POS doesn’t…

    yes, he’s a champion and a proven goal scorer when healthy…

    if he clicks with any of the top lines then it’s worth it…but that’s a big ‘what if…’

    let’s face it, sully didn’t have any outstanding chemistry w/anyone on the team on the ice…

    sully also needs to have the puck on his stick to be noticed…he doesn’t do a lot when he’s by himself…he doesn’t hit very well…he doesn’t like to be shifted/changed in-game…and maybe l.a. isn’t the best situation for him w/the type of game he plays…

    having said that, justin williams has a lot to prove as well…and i’m not sure that he will do everything that sully didn’t…

    the wait and see game begins….

  • BluLine77

    I think that was pretty bush league by DL to drop that “interrupted by a certain writer” bull crap. Up yours DL! Rich has done alot of good press for your team and was trying to do his “due diligence” as you so like to say and then you crack that off?? It’s not like you were trading for Gretzky for christ-sakes where an entire nation would go into mourning if they found out. It’s Justin Williams. And why make this move now?? What was the damn hurry that you “had” to throw in a 2nd rounder to get it done?? FOR A PLAYER WHO CANT EVEN PLAY FOR THIS TEAM BECAUSE HE’S INJURED?!?! Williams is for sure the kind of player the Kings could use. . .or at least he was 4 years, an ACL, Achilles and broken hand ago. Dean, you haven’t got one really right yet so maybe you are due.
    I hope so. I like Williams and least we didn’t bring in that A-hole Ryan Smyth.

  • Barnyard

    I thought Sully was soft and dont mind the trade straight up for Williams, but the 2nd is a bit much. But Lombardi likes to throw those things around, ie, Richardson. WTF?

    On a side note: hfboards down all day. All the lifers are trippin not getting their fix. Love it.

  • variable


    way to go out on a limb…

    standing on the line of fire behind a tree going unnamed is a bit absurd, too…eh…?

    and what am i saying that’s soooooo crazy…?

    others have been so much more speculative and crative in their opinions…

    i don’t plan on bowing down to an “anonymous” poster…

    disagreeing is one thing…but “absurd”…?

    no sir…

  • Anonymous

    Clearly Lombardi wasn’t referring to Rich as the “certain writer.” There was a blogger in Toronto I believe who made the dealings public long before Rich got wind of it, and I think its safe to say that is who Lombardi is referring to.

  • Roger

    He should have waited and dealt POS in the off season in a package to try and get an impact player, boy Dumbo Dean you sure can spin it like a true lawyer, you got bent over and if you were in court you would have not only lost the trial but you would have been humiliated at the the same time way to go! I wish i was a fan of a team that wanted to win, here’s to another 42 years of losing, Dumbo Dean = Jackass

  • David

    All hail King Lombardi, bow down and chant “Hallelujah, I’ve seen the light!”

    Liar, liar, pants on fire!

    Excuse me if I’m wrong, but haven’t we been indoctrinated since last June about “getting younger and going with a youth movement?” I guess trading a 24 year old potential star for a 27 year old injury prone player adds to this theory.

    I guess that Kyle Calder and Michal Handzus aren’t much older than Kopitar and JJ, hence they weren’t traded.

    Talk about a load of nepotism!! My geod, when is it ever going to end? Answer, when AEG finally sells their pathetic franchise to a new responsible owner who then brings in a competent GM and Coach.

    Instead of giving a free puck away tomorrow night, why don’t you just give everyone a large glass of kool-aid when they enter the arena.

    Don’t let the door hit you in the arse Deano!

  • Brian


    I know everyone had high hopes for Patty – O… Heck…I was stoked as all hell and had visions of him lifting the cup with the Kings…

    Reality, O’Sullivan has been a ghost the entire year, ANYONE could have matched his production this year.

    Sad to see him go, and a big WTF on the 2nd round pick…

    But I have to say, I wont miss having him take ten shots a game, with 9 of them high and wide and one into the goalies chest.

    Crazy, dude had magic last year…this year… he is a ghost… creates nothing.

    To O’Sullivan’s credit.. he has started backchecking pretty hard and has great speed when he needs it…

    Best of luck to him…

    Williams, guess we will find out next year.

    He cannot be judged this year.

    Frolov… SIGN HIM DEAN.

  • Alley (AKA Anonymous)

    It’s actually a scarier thing if he IS healthy (outside of that recently-sustained broken hand), b/c then we’re just getting a person that scored 3 goals in 32 games.

    And if he’s not healthy, hasn’t experience taught DL anything?

  • John


  • BakoCACondorsKingsFan


    Waiting to see on the deal is, of course, the only best recourse. We are just the hapless fans watching from afar.

    However, I think a neutral observer would have to admit that JW is exactly the kind of player the Kings have been missing. Whether or not JW will play at that level again–the level of playmaker the Kings have been missing since Demitra–is what we will have to wait and see. But there is no question in my mind that JW has produced at the NHL level in a way that immediately makes the Kihgs a playoff competitor. At least, we have a different question pending: Can JW do it again?

    This is not the usual question: Will POS (or, _____) ever play up to his potential?

  • GSmith

    It’s a good trade but how in the hell does 6’0 190


    Justin Williams is not a big guy. He isn’t 200lbs because I’ve seen him. He’s not a big strong, power forward type player. He has maybe an inch on O’Sullivan and maybe 10lbs, maybe. You can’t tell me that O’Sullivan couldn’t bulk up to 190, he added 10 lbs last year.


  • Johnny Utah

    Addition by subtraction. I don’t Sully was good for chemistry…but good luck to him… hopefully he gets an attitude adjustment in Edm.

    Giving up a second hurts tho.

    Deano was right with Viz for Stoll / Greene – I give him benefit of doubt on this…at least worth a wait and see.

    Everyone was on J-Will’s jock 2 years ago so the kid’s definitely got skillz if he’s healthy…but that’s a big if.

  • Sydor25

    Rule number one: don’t trade for an injured player.

    Kings lose this trade.

  • 28 KINGS

    The 2nd round pick we added will be 58-60th, NOT 34-40th. Hell, Calgary may being picking 60th. When you have 12 or 13 picks, you can move a pick or two.

  • number 6

    I’m looking for Variable, Quisp, TB and some of my other favorite posters on this beautiful site. You guys, Please read and respond to my post!!! I’M REALLY UPSET! Like most everyone is saying, it’s not just about Sully (who I personally Loved to watch play), but the Kings have this ridiculous history with injured players.

    rajuabju said:

    Also, its not a broken “finger” its a broken HAND. When you say finger, it sounds like oh .. he broke his poor little pinky finger… when in fact, its a more serious injury that will keep him out of the lineup longer, so why is DL trying to misrepresent that… hmmm.

    Second, he’s had TWO ACL tears. First in 2003, then in 2007. Thats two MAJOR, long-term injuries!! DID YOU SEE THAT! I’m a huge DL supporter but what is he thinking?? Howard Cosell on Mon night football used to say “the knee….. always, the knee”. A friend of mine who had a knee injury playing football in high school said his knee was never the same. It’s true that Glen Murray came back strong in Boston after the ACL injury with the Kings, but he’s the only one I know who did. This guys injury history is not pretty. I Am Not Happy.

  • Stagnant

    Oh here, variable, now I have a cool handle for you to identify me by (whatever).

    “i’m still uncertain on this deal…
    how can we know what we’re getting at this point…”

    Because they have team doctors that work this stuff out in advance, if you recall, justin was cleared to play THIS year and was working his way back into shape before he broke his hand, but you probably didnt know/think of that.

    “we have brought in highe caliber players before and watched them fizzle…too many to mention…”

    Under Dean? Really? Like who? Who has been “high caliber” and not someone merely looked at as a stop gap to fill a roster spot?

    “when justin comes to the team, he now has the duty of replacing a very popular player amongst his teammates…he needs to show up and play hard immediately…”

    This is such total bullshit, I dont even know where to begin.

    POS is an arrogant tool that people tolerate, and if you’re really easy going, like Anze is, you can get along with. Not really the best influence on kids, either.

    Justin Williams is loved by every single teammate the moment he meets them.

    Apples, meet Oranges. Now go away.

  • Dominic Lavoie

    Not sure we need a call up. We have Moller and Purcell up with the Big Club now. We have Zeiler, Richardson, Armstrong, Simmonds, Handzus, Brown, Stoll, Calder, Kopitar and Frolov. Ivanans is still on the IR. On defense we have Harrold, Gauthier, Quincey, Greene, Johnson, Doughty and O’Donnell. We either scratch a winger and play Harrold there or rotate Gauthier and Harrold on defense depending upon opponent/performance.

    Frolov – Kopitar – Purcell
    Moller – Stoll – Brown
    Calder – Handzus – Simmonds
    Richardson – Armstrong – Zeiler/Harrold

  • Crash Davis

    Man, do you guys on this board like to talk about NOTHING. Potential line combos pulled out of a hat. Ridiculous trade ideas like Calder and Gauthier, plus a prospect (BOYLE!!!!), a 2nd round pick and a Bag of Pucks for CROSBY. Not one of you except Rich has an NHL GM on speed dial. Please, give it up people.

    This IMHO is a good trade. Williams – when healthy – is a proven 30 goal scorer. Plus he has a RING. Aged 27. Can you not see why DL wanted him? Is there a gamble? Yes, due to injuries.

    POS might be the bomb someday. But he is a gamble too due to unproven abilities and ATTITUDE. Truth be told, holdouts are what got DL fired in SJ a few years back. He has certainly learned his lesson. Time has shown when you believe as a player you are worth more than you are and hold out, DL will move you as an asset. You have become a distraction – to him and the team – and proved your mettle. See Cammallieri + O’Sullivan as proof.

  • Anonymous

    zebehm said:
    “We know him intimately from Philadelphia.”

    DL’s history of picking up players that either he or the coach knew “intimately” hasn’t really worked out for the best. Hopefully Williams can rebound from his injury status more like Stoll is this year rather than Handzus did last year.

    It didn’t work with Crawford bringing in Cloutier, heaven knows if it’s gonna work now.

  • Redeyesandtears

    Could pay handsomely down the road, especially in the playoffs (it is hard to tell how POS would perform in playoffs. You know what you get with Williams). Provided Williams stays healthy.

    The risk/reward was NOT worth throwing in a 2nd round pick, thats for sure. Especially since Kings aren’t going anywhere this year. So WTH is the urgency in the move? Lombardi is a crazed gambler.

  • variable


    completely agree…

    this is going to be one of those “i told you so” deals either way…

    all we can do at this point is be optimistic….

  • AK47

    It’s time we stop complaining about this trade and move on.. We can’t complain until we see the outcome of the trade, heck maybe Justin Williams will be back to his old form..

    How about the Coyotes today? Wow they picked up some nice assests and a 1st rounder.. pretty impressive..

    Unfortunately we don’t have any available players that are worth 1st round picks, but it’s weird how no one wanted a veteran like Derek Armstrong or Kyle Calder..

  • BakoCACondorsKingsFan

    Amen to THAT, Variable!!!!!!

    Go Kings!!!

    (Oh, and I’ve gotta get a Williams Jersey, no matter the number; love & share that last name…)

  • Greg33

    “He’s a smart player”. I figured that. This is one complaint I had about O’Sullivan on LGK. He was a skilled player, but not a smart player. IF Williams can get and stay healthy, we win this deal.

  • anthony

    I hope this trade gets this guy fired.

  • BakoCACondorsKingsFan


    “Unfortunately we don’t have any available players that are worth 1st round picks, but it’s weird how no one wanted a veteran like Derek Armstrong or Kyle Calder..”

    Who said they didn’t? Bet that no one could get them in under the cap &/or DM didn’t want to move them for another 5th-6th round pick…

    Yeah, and look at Phoenix/Columbus, moving up (seems like Phoenix wanted character guys, too…) while Dallas and Anaheim continue their free fall. Just think, this division will be UP FOR GRABS next year, after SJ either wins or loses the CUP and starts dumping salary…

    Seems like ‘disappointing talent’ moved East and ‘character guys’ moved West…

  • variable

    number 6…

    thanks for the love…!

    y’know…i think a lot of us are a bit puzzled in the sense of getting another player w/injury history…

    we can sit here and review the players with injured history that d.l.’s picked up…:

    1. clouts – i don’t think i need to comment any further…you know he was fresh off of surgery and the deal was a disaster…i still think it was marc crawford’s wish to bring him here…altough, d.l. agreed to ridiculous terms…

    2 zus – starting to pan out…but it was expensive and took a lot of time….

    3. mccauley – another rough signing…not even in the league now

    4. nagy – shady injury history , only playing about 50 games a season during a three -year period…sketchy as a team player and then gets hurt and never really comes back…again, out of the nhl now….

    5. tom preissing – played 69, 74 in san jose and a career-high 80 games for ottawa…wouldn’t call him cal ripken

    6. kyle calder – played a full season in ’02-03 and has only came close to that figure once in six seasons since…he’s got a nice chance to hit 78 this season…

    so as you can see, justin williams has a lot of talent…but he falls into that very tough category of a player recovering from a series of injuries…

    as you can tell by this list…it hasn’t fared too well for us when d.l. has gone after damaged goods…

    i really hope for the best…

  • AK47


    …And some of you said this guy shouldn’t come to LA.. Shame on you..


  • Greg33

    What is wrong with you guys?

    The deal almost fell apart because Edmonton would rather have got Williams strait up for Cole instead. Duh!

    What do you think this says about Williams? Jeez

  • variable


    thanks for sharing yr opinion…

    and until you run yr own site…lighten up, francis…

    you obviously have other issues…not going to go there…

    good luck w/yr smack….and being a gentleman, too…

    sounds like you have a man-crush on jw…fine…

    i hope he succeeds…

    but why call me out for tame and accurate comments…?

    you don’t like it, start blogging on OMG’s site, becaue i’m not going away…!

    peace-out, hip-hop…

  • 4thlinechecker

    Your comments are pretty bold and offensive for not knowing anybody on here. I think Williams is a better player then Sully “right now”, and only when he is healthy. I could live with the deal if it was strait up, but the 2nd rounder kills me.

    Here is why I dont like it:

    To follow up on Justin William’s injuries (from TSN):

    2/16/09: Broken hand
    9/17/08: Out 25 games (Achilles’ tendon)
    12/21/07: Out 43 games (Torn ACL)
    2/13/04: Out 4 games (broken left wrist)
    1/18/03: Out 36 games (sprained left knee)
    10/15/02: Out 5 games (strained left shoulder)
    12/10/01: Out 3 games (strained right shoulder)
    2/22/01: Out 12 games (broken finger)

    Plain and simple,

    Where is Anthony? He must have had a heart attack.

  • joe martin

    !!!COME ON KING FANS!!! Remember the plan!!! Build from the back in. DL already built the D-Men corps…Donut, JMFJ, Hickey, Teubert, etc; NOW IT’S TIME FOR THE WINGERS: Big, smart and strong scorers. Not small, soft perimeter players like O’Sullivan. Quit your whining!!! That is why DL IS ONE OF THE BEST GM’S IN ALL OF SPORTS!!! APPRECIATE HIM.

  • number 6

    Var, thanks for responding. btw I am the one who lives in ny who was asking you about casbah and intelligensia during the chats… just so you know who i am in the future.
    Now back to business, that being said we also forgot another two (under different regimes). Anybody remember Rick Martin from the Sabres who George McGuire pried with great difficulty (not) for a 1st rounder? Then under the DT regime Deader. Great player, great heart, but another one with a nasty history of injuries.
    Not so encouraging if you ask me.
    Especially after seeing the breakdown of Williams injuries by 4thlinechecker. But his last line was great…..!!

    4thlinechecker said: Where is Anthony? He must have had a heart attack.

    I can’t do better than that.

  • kingsince67

    So for all you Gaborik knuckle heads if JW is a bad deal for his injuries then so is MG…get in the real world…For those of you that have watched a Kings practice you would understand the moody, self centered hold out that DEMANDED to be put on the first line before he was in shape let alone earned it. Hold out, get a big pay deal and get busy…not POS. I am not sold on JW either, but knowing what I know ONLY TIME will tell the truth about this deal. Quit dogging it at practice, not being a teamm guy and get with the work ethic we have here now for a change. POS has a ton of up side no different than Avery but look at what he did to Dallas and in the aftermath look at where they are now. One bad seed can ruin a lot of attitudes. Fro took his demotion to the third line, listened to what was expected of him and worked his butt off to fix it. His reward is he is on the #1 line and leading by example. He will get his reward. JW may or not be the answer but if he is that guy he will come in here and work his ass off to show everyone he is worth it. If not then maybe it is time to question the ability of DL in trades. I do know for a fact POS has that rep thru the league so do you ruin the attitude here, the work ethic and all the positives by letting 1 malcontent work on the guys night after night. Just remember everyone to a fan questioned what we paid POS after 1 year for what he has accomplished. Ask yourself if he really has shown what we are paying for…ask yourself has he really worked as hard as Brown, Doughty, Hanzues, Fro, Kopi, Quency, JJ and everyone that appears to be giving their all every night for a change. I want a team mate that pulls with me…not just for himself. As far as DL lying to RH, that my friends is business on trade day and I know Rich knows this to be true. Use your heads out there and not your heart since you all do it every day in your own world….Go Kings and just thank your lucky stars we have DD instead of the mighty Steven Stamkos or we might not have 20 wins !

  • variable

    number 6…

    great to establish a rapport w/ a fellow new yorker…!
    i was born there, but have lived most of my life out here…

    yeah…most all gm’s have a history of making some questionable deals/signings…

    i think the list i provided coupled w/ 4TH Line Checker’s give a pretty good…and reasonable… assessment of how risky this can be….

    i hope POS succeeds in edmonton…skating w/hemsky i imagine…hopefully, he can make it happen w/them…
    they also added kotalik today, too…

    i’ll be the first one rooting for jw…i hope he scores a plenty…!

  • nykingfan

    “It’s time we stop complaining about this trade and move on.. We can’t complain until we see the outcome of the trade, heck maybe Justin Williams will be back to his old form”..
    Well said Ak47

    Nobody knows how this trade will work out for the Kings. If Williams recovers from his injuries and returns next year the way Zeus came back this year, it could turn out to be a steal. Again, who knows?

    One thing about Sully..and I’m interested to hear what DL has to say about him…
    We all had high hopes for this guy. His improvement last year was one of the highlights of the season. He got a nice size contract for his improvement last year and his expected continual improvement. In my opinion he took a huge slide from last season. Most nights he’s been a complete no show. No physical play whatsoever. His strength, the shootout, has been brutal for the most part. Heck, he’s been passed by 2 rookie D’men.
    I liked Sully a lot, but he hasn’t come close to earning his contract.
    For anyone who doesn’t think Kopitar is worth his contract, or wishes to compare the seasons Sully and Kopitar are having, is completely hockey clueless.
    The fact that DL had to include a 2nd round pick to make this deal speaks volumes as to what other Gm’s thought of Sully’s play and value as well.

  • DellaNooch

    Unexpected trade, I’m indifferent about it. If JW comes back and puts up the numbers he has in the past, then good for us, we get the potential of O’Sullivan as a reality, if he doesn’t it’s bad, all there is to it, one thing is for certain, nothing is going to change the fact we’ll miss the playoffs this year

    Also, Sully has been disappointing this season, seemingly taking a step back, maybe he needed a change of scenary, there is obviously alot we don’t know about this sitation.

    Rushing to judgement on someone’s injury situation and subsequent recovery is a bad idea. I’d say most on this blog wanted Handzus’s head at the end of last year and didn’t believe it was injury related. No argument he’s had a great season this year. Let’s hope JW follows suit. Comparing him to Bure & McCauley is unfair, he’s coming back from a broken hand/finger(whatever), he’ll play again, those two had career ending injuries.

    And anyone that thinks 27 is old, needs to put the pipe down. 4 of the top 10 scorers are older than 27 and Kovalchuk is 25, not too far from that old age. It’s commonly expected you’ll see peak performance in the latter of the 20’s

    Let’s play out the last 20 hard, show that improvement over last year, re-sign JMFJ and Fro, and get our big splash on July 1st. We’ll be all set for next year and making the playoffs

  • kings fan for life

    Ok so most of us here dont really know jack about this guy, other than he is injury prone, just give him a chance sully has been weak lately and always tried to steal the spotlight doing his “sully spin” move everytime he had the puck or being way to fancy with his shit instead of shooting, like he did last year. hopefully over the offseason the kings will be smart and go after hossa, gaborik, and maybe even kovalchuck . its not like we dont have the picks or young talent to get them. i say we, as kings fans, need to be patient. I mean come on we have had to endure losing for so long now we should just be used to it and hey if this guy doesnt work out or we dont get anyone DL will just be fired and we will start over again. So please stay loyal and faithful I know the kings will be good someday soon GO KINGS GO!!!

  • Harry

    the team had a morning meeting, then they were going to hit the ice for practice……..and Sully was called up to go see DL………

    Check out the audio here

  • BigWorm

    Lets all not forget that there will be a lot of free agents this summer (including Garborik whom so many of you can’t stop fantasizing about…how is his injury history less of a factor than Williams’?) and we are positioned quite well financially and prospect-wise for being a seriously player. Rebuilding is a process that takes time; so many of you bash on management for short term fixes/goals and yet complain that they’re giving up on this season with this trade. What are they giving up on? POS was taking us to the promised land? Please. If you had to pick one King that you were most disappointed by to this point in the season, who would that be? I’ll take experience, character and heart over potential, inconsistency and attitude any day of the week. But hey, if nothing else, this trade does prove one thing…there are a lot of passionate Kings fans, which is pretty darn cool!

  • Deam I am an Idiot Lombardi

    Patrick made a joke about my mother so he had to go.

  • variable


    thanks for the link…!

    nice interview w/sully and ales…

  • Anonymous

    Dean always talks about waiting to find that perfect deal, the exact right player for the team.

    regardless of whether this is the type of player we need, this is NOT the kind of trade he always talks about making.


  • Rob

    variable said:

    great to establish a rapport w/ a fellow new yorker…!
    i was born there, but have lived most of my life out here…


  • joe martin

    Pipe down you King’s fan’s. DL makes 1 little trade and all of a sudden the sky is falling!?!? All I am going to say is DL had to include a 2nd. rd. pick to “make the trade”. JW will come back and play like a beast, mark these words. SULLY WAS NOT WORTH JL IS THE STORY OF THIS TRADE FOLKS. As evidenced by the necessity of a 2nd. rounder.

  • variable


    i’ve been back countless times and have stayed for prolonged periods…

    i still have family there and visit when i can…

    i didn’t think i needed to go over my whole life history to justify my feelings…

    if it makes you feel better…friend…fine…whatever…

    i didn’t know there was a secret handshake or clubhouse i needed to be associated with to be considered one that hails from brooklyn, sheepshead bay…

    but thanks for the feedback…!

    feisty bunch when a trade happens…geez…

  • -J

    Just got to a computer and saw this. 1st impression- bad trade. 2nd impression- a big gamble, but i’m not sad about losing Sully, just not sure if i’m happy with and injured Williams. IF JW returns to form, it’ll be good. In reality, no way Carolina makes the trade (POS, 2nd for JW) if he’s healthy. Also, it should be brought up that though he’s been injured a bunch, he seems to recover quickly, usually returning a month or so ahead of schedule. Example-That first knee injury (ACL/MCL tear with surgery) was in mid-Jan and he was back before playoffs. How many people here think Sully would be back in 3 months if he suffered a knee injury?

  • Kevin T

    At first I was angry about this trade… but since then I’ve mellowed out.

    I’ll miss Sully, I thought he was fun to watch, just wish he could have gotten it going consistently this year. Good bye Patty O’ good luck with the Oilers.

    Welcome to the team, Justin. Maybe you will smile for the fans when they ask at TAK.

    I figure before I curse you or start thinking you’re way too damaged goods, I should at least see what you can do in a Kings jersey. Here’s hoping you’re going to be the guy we need deflecting pucks, scoring 25-35 goals, and teaching our team about a winning attitude.

  • AK47

    We all just need to sit back and relax..

    This deal improves Edmonton’s team, not drastically, but O’Sullivan will fit nicely in Edmonton, which sucks for us, but it’s all good.. Hopefully Justin Williams steps up and plays like the veteran he was during their cup run..
    I wonder which line he’ll play on..

    On another note, I can’t believe how much Anaheim’s been letting go of their prospects.. They traded Eric O’Dell to Atlanta for Erik Christensen.. Traded Tangradi too.. Kind of weird..

  • Al

    I have a question, how did ALL you people get privvy to Dean’s conference calls??? Just chill out and let the man do the job, if you were all happy (and it seems like you were) with the same move and shots from 40 feet left or right of the net instead of 10-12 feet IN FRONT then I understand why you’re all upset. How many times did POS get hurt or even hammered because he was A THREAT????? Who is the oldest hockey fan here??? How many from the 6 team era????? Well back then the only time you seen the GM was either when the team had won the Cup or he had just dealt one third of the team, otherwise you NEVER KNEW what was going on with the team and the GM’s couldn’t care less about what you thought or said. Th GM is going to do what ever he feels is worthwhile and guess what…….. HE DOESN”T ASK FOR OUR APPROVAL OR DISAPPROVAL…… you are outside the loop… period. When Williams starts playing and doing what he does best I can see the writings already about what a genius DL was. There are a ton of Band Wagon riders in here not real fans. But you enjoy busting chops and think you know more then DL. I sure hope that if I had to go on trial, none of you would be in my jury as I would already be found guilty before the trial even started.

  • Sean

    After hearing DL’s viewpoint of this trade. I am starting to warm up to it a bit. Here’s why… POS, where he is a fantastic offensive threat. That is about all he is. His forechecking ability is less than stellar. And as it was mentioned before, he does not like to get in those high traffic areas in front of the net to score. POS is going to an Edmonton team that uses an attack that builds speed through the neutral zone. So unless Sully just wants to “dine out” around the circles and wait for the puck to come to him ( as he has done for most of his time in LA) and take a 30ft shot. My guess is that he will have similar success to his time as a King.
    Williams on the other hand, though he has been often injured. He brings of wealth of experience to this team* (*when healthy) He was quite instrumental in the Canes Cup run a few years ago. And from what I have watched of him in the past, he WILL go to those tough areas and get those trash goals. Those are the goals that helps teams win.
    I fully trust DL. Lets just hope that this one really works. Good Luck to Sully too.

  • johnb

    I dont really know how this trade will shake out but my first thought is WTF!?

    Why does DL keep getting damaged goods over and over? (Cloutier, Nagy,Handzus ect…,was Bure one of his too? )How much money will AEG keep letting him throw away after bad

    This smacks of the Cammi conflict. Deano wouldnt pay him and when he did not produce after being hurt he cutt him loose. Sully held out at the start of camp he doesnt produce in a system that kills offense and Deano gives him the axe for another damaged player who isnt producing. Why do it now? free agency time is coming, why give up the draft pick when there is no pressure for the playoffs? A healthy guy for an injured one to a team in the hunt and we give up the draft pic?

    This looks dumb.

  • Rob

    Variable: The important thing is that regardless of where you are from or where you are now is that you are a KINGS fan, which is far more than we can say about all the bandwagon fans in southern Ca. ex.. All the lame detroit fans that have never even been to detroit.

  • number 6

    Variable, just wanted to say thanks for the acknowledgment there. It is nice to strike up a rapport like that, and you always have me laughing on the game chats.
    You know I don’t think I’ve ever seen this site so “electric” as it is tonight. There are definitely about a dozen people on here who speak good sense. We don’t know how it’s gonna pan out, but the two things I extract here are 1) no one is happy about giving up the 2nd rounder and 2) there Is definitely an element of risk. I think I’m the only one on the blog today to mention Deadmarsh. He just had an affinity for injuries (style of play, etc) so no surprise it happened. I think a situation like Glen Murray’s is one thing (one ACL), same with Zeus but when you see someone who seems to attract them like this, well, there is just no way one can say that it isn’t very risky… and that to me is what’s got Kings fans backs up. Especially with our history.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting comment by Deano – when Williams is healthy, does this sound like Cloutier…when he’s healthy….

  • variable



    yes…great to see we have a fan base that’s extremely passionate…no matter how misguided or unfairly abrupt some might be…

    unlike many, i do take the time to read all the posts of others in these blogs i participate in and not just merely look for my own…

    usually, most of the people who frequent this site offer intelligent discussions/debates and display a wealth of knowledge regarding hockey and the kings…and rich, thankfully, provides us fans with a voice…via a keyboard…to exclaim a variety of opinions and views…it becomes contagious…

    nothing like a trade to bring people together…or apart…depending on how you look at it…

    if anything is accomplished when we all get into it on a day like today, it’s just that – the abundance of perspectives from people of many origins and experiences…

    and just like other forms of entertainment, any of us can choose when and how we use it…so however it comes, i’m just glad that we, as hockey fans, have a local arena to express ourselves…no matter how much some of us agree/disagree w/one another…

  • variable

    number 6…

    yr not kidding…!

    very lively today/tonight…

    i guess that’s what a big trade does…puts the a***S in the seats…

    for all the first timers out there compelled to speak up, regardless of yr view, i applaud you in being brave and taking that step to express yrselves…

    go kings go…!

  • number 6

    My last comment is a second to what Variable just said. It’s really cool to have such a great community of Kings fans, no matter what the opinions are. Even Anthony who gets a bit of a hard time on this site from some, but he too helps make this such a great place to visit on a regular basis.
    At the end of the day, all of us want a Stanley Cup for the Kings, and I think the sheer passion that we all put into this helps create a fire (symbolic of course) that we hope helps to ignite management and the players.
    Especially living on the east coast it really helps to connect me with you lot. I never thought I could get into any sort of chat room type of thing, but I was obviously wrong.
    And Rich is the one who has created this environment for us all and I know that most of us never forget that.

  • kingskicka$$

    number 6 and Variable sittin’ in a tree K-I-S-S…. J/K!!

    Go Deano Go!! Do what you think’s best!!!!

  • variable

    hahaha…that’s funny….

  • number 6

    Hey Kingskick$$, ever heard of making friends and connections with people? Well hey you can have a laugh. Why not.
    Was just surfing the net and found the following website where they were very much less than convinced about the trade for the Kings so I’ll put the link here.


  • Rob

    I’m sure many of you have seen this already but here is the analysis of the trade on yahoo.

    McKEON ANALYSIS: Interesting deal here since OSullivan is a pretty decent young player who appeared to be part of the Los Angeles core. Apparently not. OSullivan has two years left at $2.388 million, but the negotiations last summer were contentious and maybe there were bad feelings. There are going to be worse feelings when OSullivan burns the Kings as an Edmonton Oiler, who picked him up in this three-way deal. Williams is a player the members of the Los Angeles front-office knew well and coveted when they worked in Philly. But Williams, 27, is hurt too often, and while the Kings are hoping for a comeback and leadership from him, its a gamble. And thats a $3.5 million gamble for each of the

  • The Kinger

    Look at San Jose. Lombardi had a heavy hand in building them into the tough physical monster they are today.

    The Kings have had a history of being small and weak. Lombardi is bringing in tough, big, physical players. Who can argue with that. We have had a soft team for years. Trade for crusty veterans. The time has come for a change in philosophy. I like the direction Lombardi is moving the team.

    No I didn’t like to see POS go, but on the other hand, he was smaller, not physical, and wasn’t putting up the numbers. The Kings need a more physical presence as a whole and I think Lombardi has the right idea.

    Oh yeah and for all you nay sayers, we have only been to the finals once if you recall. And lost. Insanity is repeating the same process expecting a different result.

    I like the fact that Lombardi has the sand to make a move like this. I see a bright future.

  • Rob

    next two seasons.

  • variable


    so far…a lot of the “expert” analysis out there has us losing this one…

    nhl on the fly also wonder about why d.l. did this…

    time will tell….

  • Rob

    I am waiting till next season to fully judge this trade. All in all I am very happy with the progress of this team

  • uknojata

    I’m getting in on this a little late, but some of us have day jobs.

    Glad to see sully go. The guys attitude is questionable. No, I’m not talking about him not smiling after scoring a goal like others have brought up in the past. But he has this aire of entitlement to him. Like he is exempt from earning his spot on the team. Not the kind of player you want on such a young and impressionable team.

    As far as JW goes, its like playing Russian roulette. A game that DL apparently loves to play. It could go either way, I’ll hope for the best. I just hope that DL doesn’t stop there. We didn’t net a whole lot of gain, when it comes to offense, with this trade. DL needs to sign a legit sniper in the off season for us to contend. I feel like we’re so close, lets complete the package.

  • anonandonanon

    Dave Taylor made trades trying to keep his team in a playoff spot. He got guys who should have helped but inexplicably didn’t and he never gave up the farm to acquire them.

    Dean, Dean drafting machine makes a trade for an injured player adds in a very questionable second round pick and tosses in the towel all in the same motion. Dean should stick to scouting. Just exactly what was the pressing need to make this trade now? None.

    Patrick played hard every night. His offensive production went down because he was asked to concentrate on the D-side, just like the rest of the team. He worked hard on the PP and the PK and won a couple with the shootout moves. We will regret this move four times a year.

  • JDM

    I love NHL on the Fly because its an easy accessible place to get my highlite high.

    That said the commentators on their can barely get out a single sentence without flubbing their grammar. They are for the most part boobs and very rarely do they say anything I care to remember.

  • jet

    the most important person in this trade: the doctor

    the worst part of the day: Rich thinking even momentarily that his credibility was compromised.

    the best part of the day: seeing over 500 people on the trading chat line at midday.

    the biggest unanswered question of the day: Is it ‘another day’ yet?

  • Me

    I’m pretty sure that the “certain writer” comment was said jokingly. You can pretty much tell it was while reading. He said it DIRECTLY to Rich. Goodness you people are just in a bad mood, but let us not forget, Lombardi is still a professional, he’s not going to bash the ONE writer who gives two s***s about the Kings.

  • Anonymous

    Will Patrick O’Sullivan become the next Dustin Penner?

  • gralx

    Proven 30 goal scorer – did it twice in 7-8 years and has been out more than 1/2 the season for the last 2 years.

    A Proven Winner / Experience / Won a ring- We tossed Rob Blake, amongst others on the scrap heap. Winners with experience. Brad Stuart had never won a ring so he was worthless last year, right? Oh, he won the ring last year? He must be worth it now.

    I think one thing that ticks all of us off is the double talk. We are doing nothing. I expect to be coaching the same group of guys on Thursday I am today.

    Worse than anything, financially, the Kings were in a position to add payroll for the remainder of the year. Several players were out there for free (not costing any assets) that would have been an upgrade for the last 20 games of the season. We were close to the playoffs for the first time in YEARS. Rather than making a run at it, without breaking up the precious plan, they gave up on the season. I am sure Burke would have taken Sully straight up for Antropov (sp?) Instead we lose Sully as an asset and the second round pick as an asset. We gain an injury prone, older, more expensive player that 3 years ago scored 30 goals. Rob Blake could have played wing and gotten 3 in 30 games. He wouldn’t have cost us Sully and a 2nd. Yet the yearly price tag is about the same.

    Again, Carolina and Edmonton were the ones trying to buy their way into the playoffs. Why did we have to throw the 2nd in? It should have been the other way around. If I am making a deal and it makes a certain amount of sense, then the other guy says “hey throw in one of those draft picks you have laying around too”.
    I would reply, go F%$^%$ yourself or… sure I have 4 7th round picks (or so) take some from the bowl on your way out.

  • Old Man

    DL did his job wheather we agree or notI just hope TM sits Goat and moves Harold back to defense,and brings up another young forward.

  • AK47

    Old Man,

    I agree with you completely.. If TM doesn’t sit Gauthier tomorrow, I’m going to so angry.. This is what the lineup will look like (let’s pray)



    Why wasn’t Gauthier put on waivers instead of Preissing, someone pleaseee explain

  • Why not Gauthier? I’ll tell you, genius: because he’s playing a relatively solid game, that’s why. Apparently the half-cup of hockey knowledge you possess has a hole in it. Chrissake, people. Gauthier plays hard, makes a mistake every once-in-a-while, and is a perfect ‘bridge’ player. Get over it already.

    And I couldn’t be more shocked at the general responses on this deal. Several of you even admitting to ‘never (or rarely) seeing Williams play’. Unbelievable.

    You want to know why DL made the deal? Because he was able to. He made a deal that every other GM in the game would make, many times over. For those of you who don’t know JW, he’s a monster. He’s definitely quite a bit larger than Sully (some douchebag on here saying “…and I’ve seen him” notwithstanding), and he plays even larger than that. He’s not just good for garbage goals, however; he’s a gifted stickhandler, passer, and has an arsenal of terrific shots. No, I don’t have man-love for him. I just know hockey, and anyone else who knows hockey will tell you that this guy is an INFINITELY better fit for the Kings than Sully. Or just about anyone other than Brown, for that matter.

    And he’s had a few fluke injuries, granted; he’s also played in every game, two years straight (I’m not sure what years; I believe it was ’05 and ’06). Nobody will be complaining once he hits the ice, that’s the bottom line. Add a sniper like Hossa or Heatley, and we’ve got a ridiculous top-six. Dean knew what he was doing with this deal — it is EXACTLY the kind of deal he’s been talking about making, no matter how some of you want to slice it — and it was a terrific hockey trade. A lot of the ‘experts’ (those I personally respect a great deal) also agreed that this was a strong deal for L.A., so cool it with the selective reporting, people.

    Proof that most of you are nutjobs? Not having the sense to see that DL was being facetious with Rich, with his comment. Come on, people. You embarrass me. Especially you, “variable”. I mean, what do I have to say? Read your posts, man. They’re just plain weird, like my brother who thinks he’s a poet. Reminds me of the type of person who’d happily recite a “song” they wrote for their girlfriend, at her birthday party, in front of all of her friends. Stop posting so often, brother. Just a bit of advice, in the hope of saving you some dignity. Don’t worry, you’re not alone on here. This place is starting to look like a psych ward.

    So just cool it, people. My God, please. Until you see JW play — and you will, in a couple of weeks or so — don’t say anything. Know when to flap your gums, and when to keep quiet; it’s classic ignorance, yapping on & on about something you really have no information about. Trust me, I’m just trying to save you from feeling like boobs in late March.


  • number 6

    TweenerSongs said: Trust me, I’m just trying to save you from feeling like boobs in late March.

    Well Tweener, you may be absolutely spot on. JW may look like friggin Guy Lafleur in March. Um, one issue many of us have however is No Matter How Good He Is … so was Adam Deadmarsh! Deadmarsh was amazing for the few games that he played for the Kings. He was another player with a nasty history of injuries on his resume. I remember when the Kings got him for Rob Blake, the commentators were saying that he was “future captain material” for the Kings. Well pity he didn’t make it that far.

    I could personally care less what JW does for the Kings in March in a building season if he goes down in a heap next November and sits out four months of the season – again.

    So it’s a tad arrogant on your part to assume that you know far more than the rest of us. You may be absolutely right, he may get back to full health and lead the Kings into the playoffs, BUT You don’t know that… and no one else does either. Personally I don’t care for this sort of a gamble. I didn’t like the Angels gambling on Mark Teixera either. The minute I saw the trade announced (Angels) I didn’t like it at all. Well, the context here is different as at least the guy is signed for two years, but I still don’t care for it either. IF I’m proved wrong then I’ll be the first to say, “hey that guy Tweener was right… well done”, but until then I reserve my judgment.

  • nykingfan


    Several players who were out ther and wouldn’t have cost us anything? Who are these players that you speak of?
    I seriously doubt there’s anything worthwhile that can be had for free, but who would be this upgrade?

    You would have demanded that we get a 2nd rd pick instead of giving up one…hmmmmm
    You must really think DL is a complete incompetent. Do you think he was so desperate to get Williams that he just threw in the 2nd rd pick as a goodwill gesture?
    cmon…did it ever occur to you that the market for Sully was pretty lame?
    Perhaps we over-value our own players because we know them and see them on an everyday basis. Apparently the rest of the league doesn’t think much of his play. The deal wasn’t getting done without us giving up the pick.
    I’m sure DL did his due-dilligence and called around the league to gauge the interest in Sully.

  • The Man from UNCLE

    I’m late on this train, but jeez Dean…

    Until now I’ve had a sort of reticent respect for Lombardi. I think he’s interesting and capable, but I still haven’t quite figured him out. I guess he’s gotten the benefit of any doubt heretofore.

    This really bugs me. “Blaming” a journalist or even commenting on the relationship between any press-related activity and the success or failure of a trade is totally disingenuous. The buck stops with Lombardi and that is where any blame or praise rests. This is the first time I’ve detected an out & out lie from him and it’s soured my view of him, frankly.

    With respect to the trade, who knows if this will turn out. It’s perplexing that Lombardi & Co go to great lengths to bring in these dubious players they “know” or who are injury-prone or who are actually injured! It’s sorta like this weird crutch. Maybe they’re not actually doing their due diligence; ironic considering that’s pretty much Lombardi’s mantra.
    This is just weird. I don’t think it’s a bad trade because (with due respect) Sully is a fairly immature player. Williams definitely brings a certain kind of character and perspective – definitely different from Sully’s.

    There is no doubt that Sully is a skilled player, but something has been amiss with him since the contract negotiations pre-season. So far Cammi and Sully, two arguably great players, have been adversely affected by contract talks and were kind of punished by team management; at the least, they stopped trying for the team. Strange.

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