Postgame quotes (3/7)

(Re: strong power play): “Our power play has been real good at critical times. The secret is that we’re shooting the puck. We’re taking it, attacking the seams, attacking the net, we have great traffic in front of the net right now and we’re keeping it pretty simple. We’re not looking to pass the puck into the net and I think that was the big issue that we had in the early part of the season, but now it’s the way it supposed to be. Get the puck into the hands of the people who have good positioning and shoot it.”

(Re: Kopitar’s play): “I think he’s had a pretty good year on the checking part of the game. I think that was a big change for Kopitar. Whenever I come in to talk about responsibilities in our defensive zone away from the puck, he did a tremendous job on focusing on play below our goal line to help our defensemen out. The offensive part was just a matter of time before it worked itself out.”

(Re moving forward): “We need to focus on the details. We’re going to have to come out every night. We can’t take any nights off. We can’t give any teams easy wins. We have to play perfect hockey here. We showed that we can go on rolls and it’s do-or-die for us now. You either show up or you don’t.”

(Re game recap):“It was great to create some momentum and we certainly did. We had really two strong efforts. We came from behind Thursday but it doesn’t really matter – we’ll take two points any day.”

(Re lucky bounces): “When you’re on a little hot streak, it seems like the puck is coming to you. When you’re struggling with scoring, it seems like everything is getting away. But hopefully I’m going to keep going like that. It’s just the right spot at the right time.”

(Re four-game sweep of Wild): “I don’t know; it’s hard to say. It just seems like were playing really good against them and the past two years we’ve struggled against them. But like I said, it’s definitely a big game this time of the year for us.”

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  • variable

    kopitar getting some great praise for a great game on both sides of the ice…the formal coronation to level 2 of being a great 2-way player is on it’s way…however, his -17 on the season…-1 today…has to improve…i give kopi being a much better player overall…it hasn’t been exactly the offensive explosion we expected…but, i’ll echo foxy’s comments on today’s telecast…the particular ones about kopi being asked/expected to be doing more and playing in key situations…has he been great in those? so-so…hits and misses…but, hey, i’m not complaining…i love kopi and i want to see him become a better two way/overall player….these are the growing pains of a truly great talent that has only just begun his climb to greatness…he’s starting to get it…he just has to be better in even strength…it’s going to happen because it is….

  • dave fouser

    “the secret is that we’re shooting the puck.”

    arg, terry, now everybody knows!! geez, what a big mouth…

  • Old School

    So anybody else now excited to see if Justin Williams can add another spark in 2-3 weeks when he’s ready to play? Take a look at the video highlights of his goals on and you may not be able to wait for him to get on the ice – he is that good. Great hands, great instincts, smart player and moves the puck well. He is a multi-dimensional player who will give the Kings another threat on the front line. He’s pretty good on the power play, too. Things might be starting to come together at just the right time …

  • David

    Bad news ladies & gentlemen, the Bluejackets & Oilers both won. As a matter of fact, the Jackets killed Detroit 8-2, wow!

    The good news is the Blues lost, but the wins by the Jackets & Oil hurt.

  • jim

    I loved the forth line please please keep that line the rest of the year
    Good forcheckj good energy and a couple of chances. west didn’t have to fight but he played better then the rat and no dumb penalties

  • -J

    OT but i figure people might be interested in this- Bernier’s having quite a run up in Man. Since Feb 1 he’s 7-2. In Feb his GAA was 2.3 with a .926 sv%. In 4 games in march, all wins, his GAA is 0.75 with a .968 sv%.. He shutout division leading Hartford on Friday and now the monarchs are only 6 points out of 1st in their division.

  • Quisp

    I see Bernier won again tonight, 2-1, after the shut-out last night.

  • variable

    i don’t know if this has happened before, but i thought it was amusing…:

    9-3 car over tb
    8-2 col over det
    7-3 nyi over njd
    6-3 ott over buf
    5-3 bos over chi, flr over stl
    4-1 phi over nsh, edm over tor

    van is beating sj after 2, 2-1…does it end 3-2/3-1???

    blame daylight saving time…i guess…

  • 4thlinechecker

    I saw your comment on the other thread, and I am actually with you. I dont hate the trade anymore, but I liked Sully alot, and wish he was still here… shook me up a lil bit to.

    The funny thing is my first thought when I heard about the trade was “Oh my God, Anthony is going to have a F’ing heart attack”!…… pretty funny

  • laikaloco

    variable…RE: Kopi’s +/-

    I’d be curious as to how much of that is when an opponent gets an ENG against us…maybe it’s not that much, but he (and Doughty) really started to pile up the minuses about the time we were getting scored on after pulling the goalie.

  • AK47

    I don’t like the fact that Brad Richardson keeps getting healthy scratches.. I know that a win is a win, but B-Rich needs to see some more playing time so that we can see his full potential.. Next game, maybe make Denis Gauthier a healthy scratch and drop Peter Harrold, or are we in the time of the year where “don’t change it, if it ain’t broken..”?

    Bernier’s on a tare.. Brian Boyle also scored for Manchester tonight.. interesting

  • Josh

    kyle quincey is a beast…is a rookie in my mind…and should be receiving rookie of the year

  • Quisp

    Josh –

    I believe Quincey has literally played, prior to this season, the fewest number of games you can possibly play and NOT be a rookie (because he played 6 games in consecutive seasons). I’m pretty sure that’s the deal. And I agree. He would be right up there for rookie of the year. In my eyes, he’s right up there for Kings MVP this season.

  • Datacloud

    The rookie of the year discussion is pretty much over. It’s going to Mason, and deservedly so.

  • Josh

    believe me…mason clearly deserves it…but if this 2 season 6 games crap didnt exist…quincey would be pretty qualified…

  • Big A

    Yep, kind of funny how Quincey just hit the “double 6 game exception” on the nose. What a great pickup by DL though… hopefully one that Detroit will regret for years. Regardless, as Josh points out, the Calder’s going to go to Mason. There might be some votes split amongst Ryan, Versteeg… and maybe Doughty?

    Btw, were there any comments about the ice last night on the broadcast? I was at the game and ice quality seemed even worse than normal, if that’s possible.

  • Big A

    Sorry, should have credited Datacloud above.

  • Quisp

    re Quincey:

    If Quincey qualified to have rookie status this year, he would be leading all defensemen in points by a wide margin, 37 points to 21 for the next rookie defenseman (Doughty).

  • nykingfan

    you can’t worry about others teams and what they are doing now. You’ll drive yourself insane. Everyone we need to catch are playing each other. As long as their are no OT games, the rest will work itself out.
    As long as we continue to win, we’ll be there.

    If we’re going to put Calder on the 4th line, Richardson should continue to be a scratch…as long as we’re winning. He brings nothing special at all to the game.

    You gotta love the play of Moller since he’s been back. Purcell is finally showing he belongs. He looked really good with Kopitar and Fro.
    Now it’s time for the goaltending to hold up its end of the bargain. Our goaltending has been subpar recently. It makes you keep an eye on Bernier and how he’s playing. If Quick and Ersberg continues to be the weak link, does DL go to Bernier..Or does he let the kids play thru it?

  • JT Snow

    Despite Quick having a good record, he scares me in the net. If the boys drop the ball at this point again… I think we go to Bernier. If we can make the playoffs, we do absolutely everything now to make sure we get in there. If that involves bringing in Bernier, then do it.
    I just hope we keep winning.

  • Old Man

    I agree with ak47,move Harold back defense,scratch Goat,and get Richardson back in the line up.And then leave the line up alone.We win with speed and 60 minutes of solid forchecking,along with staying out of the box.

  • Moondoggie

    Good comments by all….Anyone notice how quiet the blog has been the last couple of days after the Sully trade? Kinda like waiting for something to happen, a pin drop or something. The fact is, at the moment, the Kings are 2-0 without Sully. Coincidence? Perhaps. But I agree with Nykingsfan and the others; having Oscar back has certainly been a breath of fresh air on that 2nd line. He’s very good, small but smart and doesn’t seem to get lost out there like Sully was. I think that’s why DL went for Williams.

    I was dead set against the trade for Williams but the more I see, I’ve got to admit, I’m warming up to it. It will take a lot, I really liked Sully, he brought so much to the Kings. However, from what I’ve seen of Williams, he may just be that sniper we’ve all been hoping for. The key will be his injuries, can he come back healthy and stay healthy? In reading the analysts remarks of the trade, if you look at most of them, they’re saying that DL got the best of the deal by far if Williams returns to his old form. Kinda sounds like the kind of deal DL would pull off. He must of done his homework on this one. Now Williams is skating; maybe a two week return? The timing would be good although the team must hold it together the next two weeks and win, plain and simple. They can’t worry about who’s playing who above them; most of the teams will be playing within the conference anyway. The Kings just have to focus on themselves and win, period.

    I do like Quincey, he has been a monster all year and deserves at least an honorable mention for the Calder, same for Doughty although hands down it will go to Mason, not for what Doughty hasn’t done because Drew has done everything he’s been asked to do and more. If Mason isn’t in the league this year, Doughty wins hands down. Too bad Quincey can’t be up for consideration, he’s been amazing and one of the best waiver pick-up’s I’ve ever seen. I can’t even believe the Wings would have risked loosing him by sending him down.

    Nice to see Purcell coming around, hopefully he stays this time. He’s playing much better on this call-up. Kinda reminds you of Sully’s up’s and downs, doesn’t it? It is a learning process for our rookies.

    I love what the Monarchs have done and Bernier is a huge part of it. Touch him and bring him to LA? No way. He stays at Manchester unless Quickie or Iceberg get hurt. Don’t spoil a good thing, besides, the AHL playoffs will be good for Bernier and the Monarchs. The 09-10 NHL season is just six months away anyway……

    Keep playing the way they they’ve played the last two games and the Kings can make the playoffs. That last road trip just about killed their chances but with this team anything is possible as we’ve seen this year.

    Go Kings!