Postgame quotes (3/7)

(Re: strong power play): “Our power play has been real good at critical times. The secret is that we’re shooting the puck. We’re taking it, attacking the seams, attacking the net, we have great traffic in front of the net right now and we’re keeping it pretty simple. We’re not looking to pass the puck into the net and I think that was the big issue that we had in the early part of the season, but now it’s the way it supposed to be. Get the puck into the hands of the people who have good positioning and shoot it.”

(Re: Kopitar’s play): “I think he’s had a pretty good year on the checking part of the game. I think that was a big change for Kopitar. Whenever I come in to talk about responsibilities in our defensive zone away from the puck, he did a tremendous job on focusing on play below our goal line to help our defensemen out. The offensive part was just a matter of time before it worked itself out.”

(Re moving forward): “We need to focus on the details. We’re going to have to come out every night. We can’t take any nights off. We can’t give any teams easy wins. We have to play perfect hockey here. We showed that we can go on rolls and it’s do-or-die for us now. You either show up or you don’t.”

(Re game recap):“It was great to create some momentum and we certainly did. We had really two strong efforts. We came from behind Thursday but it doesn’t really matter – we’ll take two points any day.”

(Re lucky bounces): “When you’re on a little hot streak, it seems like the puck is coming to you. When you’re struggling with scoring, it seems like everything is getting away. But hopefully I’m going to keep going like that. It’s just the right spot at the right time.”

(Re four-game sweep of Wild): “I don’t know; it’s hard to say. It just seems like were playing really good against them and the past two years we’ve struggled against them. But like I said, it’s definitely a big game this time of the year for us.”

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