FINAL: Vancouver 4, Kings 2

Tonight’s game thread, for those who need scoring updates…

Officials: Marc Joannette, Steve Kozari, Lonnie Cameron, Jay Sharrers

Kings scratches: Kyle Calder, Brad Richardson, John Zeiler
Canucks scratches: Rob Davison, Ossi Vaananen

Goalies: Quick vs. Luongo

VANCOUVER: Burrows from Pyatt and Mitchell, 10:39
(Quick misplayed a dump-in behind the net, puck slid to the front and Burrows tapped it in)
VANCOUVER: Sundin from Bieksa and H. Sedin, 17:58 (5-on-3 PP)
(Shot was deflected high in the air and landed behind Quick. Sundin tapped it in)
Shots: Canucks 20, Kings 3. PP: Canucks 1-4, Kings 0-1

No scoring.
Shots: Canucks 7, Kings 9. PP: Canucks 0-2, Kings 0-3

KINGS: Frolov from Stoll, 6:50
(Off the draw, Frolov swept from behind the end line, cut in front, shot and scored)
KINGS: Kopitar from Brown, 7:16
(Kopitar went down the left side, fired a wrist shot from just inside the boards and scored)
VANCOUVER: H. Sedin from Kesler and Demitra, 8:44
(Demitra skated into the zone and flipped the puck to Kesler, who made a nice centering pass, past Quincey, to Sedin for the one-timer right in front)
VANCOUVER: H. Sedin from D. Sedin, 9:14
(Sedin was 1-on-1 in the offensive zone with O’Donnell, did a 360-degree spin, shot and scored)
Shots: Canucks 5, Kings 14. PP: Canucks 0-0, Kings 0-1

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  • Josh

    quick!!! that cant go in!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t see it, but it sounds like the Kings haven’t come out the way they needed to…hopefully they can pick it up.

  • cristobal

    Color Commentary Rich?!?!

  • Anonymous

    WTF is up with these calls… It’s on both sides too

  • number 6

    Rich, I asked a question on the forum the other day about the recent breakdown in Quick’s mechanics and as it went unanswered I figured either you really didn’t have anything specific to say about it, or that it really wasn’t a very good question. Well, at least after tonight I think it wasn’t too bad of a question 🙂

  • cristobal

    Does that really say Shots for Vancouver 20.
    Shots for the Kings 3?


    Sounds like a crazy game.

  • Brent

    Kings aren’t taking advantage of the PPs they’ve been given so far. I hope this one is different. Vancouver is playing well. Quick has been good less the one mistake.

  • anthony

    What’s he now doing with these line combinations.
    TM is coaching terribly.
    Just aweful.

  • anthony

    Can somebody saboutage Gauthiers means of transportation.

  • smokiemcpot

    Why is gauthier still on this team. I think this just shows that management doesnt think this team will reach the playoffs otherwise DD2 would be playing. And not just staying in Man. to play in the AHL playoffs.

  • Anonymous

    the refs are AWFUL in this game. terrible.

  • Rich Hammond

    Thanks Dominic…I guess I forgot my daily plea.

  • Kevco

    Quick needs to learn how to play the puck behind the net, he has been very weak on that since he came up. He was playing great until then.
    Kings offense stayed back in LA, or maybe they are already in San Jose, they sure are not in Vancouver!!!

  • anthony

    Dominic Lavoie,
    Just pay $169.00 and get the center ice package.

    I’m really disgusted with this game.
    I can’t keep up with these pathetic line combinations.
    Handzus looks terrible on the penalty kill.
    I don’t care how much he’s loved around here, he’s the slowest player I’ve ever seen this decade.
    If TM can bench Calder, he sure has hell can bench Gauthier.
    He is now the worst player on this team. Completely clueles on how to play the man.

  • Rich Hammond

    Thank you.

  • Big A


  • anthony

    Now we’re in business.

  • jet

    wow, the leaders are stepping up. One more boys

  • Big A

    Errr, nvm.

  • anthony

    This loss hurts.
    Running out of time. And games.
    Maybe Rich was right.

  • Anonymous

    It was fitting that the Canucks fans were singing “shana-na-na, hey hey hey goodbye” near the end. Not only was it “goodbye” for the game, it was “goodbye” for the season.

  • Sisto Maximo

    Bad Kings! It was a great run on the playoffs but the Kings are playing like they were on spring break in Manhattan Beach all week! The Kings are not going to make it this year because they havn’t been consistant! As a 500 pct. team the Kings are not a playoff team yet!

  • cristobal

    Watched end of the game on one of those “illegal streaming threads” and it appeared, from the highlight, that actually the puck took a funny bounce off the end boards as Quickie stepped out to play it – on the first Vancouver goal, of course.
    I didn’t see any “mishandling.”

    Great goal by Frolov.
    And a nice pass on the Kopitar goal.

    Anyone miss O’Sullivan tonight?
    I did.
    With no o’sullivan, we had Harrold on wing and Ivan AND Westie?
    While striving for the playoffs???

    JJ had a nice rush to nearly score and knock it off the crossbar.
    Wasn’t he “off” the PP, PK last week?


  • 4thlinechecker

    Hey Rich, Sorry I know I posted a site earlier, I didnt know there was an issue with that….

    Funny how Karma works, I ended up not being able to watch it on the streaming site tonite.

    Should have just paid for Center Ice, but I ran out of cash after I paid for my playoff tickets……. =)

  • Deano

    I thought we traded Labarbera….How many goals is this guy going to let in while skating behind the net. WHY HAS THE COACHING STAFF NOT TOLD HIM TO NEVER LEAVE HIS CREASE?????

  • Marty

    Well,looked good up until the colapse.Brown,Kopi and Purcell were not involved enough-too soft.I think were done if they play even a couple more like this.TM always seems to find away of messing with the lines,with no regularity there is no chemistry.Quick looked tired.

  • Old Man

    Very frustrating to say the least.We win three in a row,then TM puts his over thinking cap on.I`ve never seen such a confused offense, and defense.What the hell did they work on this week in practice?I think TM is in love with Rat and Goat.(PLAY YOUR BEST PLAYERS TM).Good nite.

  • brianguy

    “I thought we traded Labarbera….How many goals is this guy going to let in while skating behind the net. WHY HAS THE COACHING STAFF NOT TOLD HIM TO NEVER LEAVE HIS CREASE?????”

    the funny thing is Hextall was on Kings Talk after last Saturday’s game explaining that it was one of the main things they were working with him on. he screws it up at least twice a game, but it doesn’t usually result in a goal against. only this time

  • KingzzFan

    Sorry Rich, it won’t happen again.

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