Ivanans in, Calder out

According to the road report on the Kings’ website, Raitis Ivanans will return to the lineup tonight and skate on the fourth line with center Derek Armstrong and right wing Kevin Westgarth, apparently leaving Kyle Calder out of the lineup.




A correction on the O’Donnell item from before. Tonight is actually career game 999.

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  • hagi18

    I’d like this move if we were playing at home and had the last change, but being on the road the Vancouver coaching staff can expose that favorable matchup…hopefully I’m wrong and the 4th line puts in some decent two-way shifts tonight…GO KINGS!!

    ….also…I’ll be at Big Wangs watching the game in my Black Alternate Jersey…come through and buy me a beer 🙂

  • pr0cess

    friday the 13th and a 999 game hmmm hmmm

  • hagi18

    that’s Big Wangs on Lankershim not in Hollyweird

  • brianguy
  • Steve Jensen

    Harrold skating on the second line????

    Something is awry here.

    They should put Moeller with Stoll and Frolov.

  • BallPointHammer

    Ivanans AND Westgarth!!! Should be interesting.

  • Harry

    Anthony……You saw that??? WHAT? Calder is OUT!!!!!!

  • parineum

    I think Harrold is just warming Williams’ seat.

  • anthony

    I can’t believe what I’m seeing.
    TM must be suffering from something.
    Lack of Viagra or something.

    GO Kings.
    Bring home 2 points.

  • MrMach5

    Ivanans & Westgarth

    I pidy da fool that messes with the Kings tonight!

  • AK47


    have you been living under a rock? Peter Harrold has been skating on the 2nd for the past 3 games lol…

    And wow, it’s about time TM makes Calder a healthy scratch, but now our 4th line is OFFICIALLY the WORST in the NHL.. Why not just put Brad Richardson on the 4th line instead of playing Westgarth or Ivanans.. We have absolutely no speed on that line now..

  • Baumgartner22

    darcy hordichuk could be busy tonight

  • Tortured Kings Fan

    What’s the over/under on the number of penalties that line is going to take…

  • RenoKingsFan

    Does this mean Ersberg will probably get the start against SJ

  • -J

    I kind of recall someone asking if DL had been in manchester to check on prospects during the last open forum- was listening to the game tonight and Lombardi was the 2nd period interview, so he’s up there now. Not much to add from that interview that hasn’t been covered in Rich’s interviews with him, but he did say a couple things: 1- they condsider purcell to be “graduated”, 2- they had a lot of interest in o’donnell at the deadline but they’re not going to trade him because of what he brings as a mentor to the team (And his D) 3- “after LaBarbara fell apart on us”, they were kind of forced to rush quick up sooner than they wanted but they’re generally pleased with how he’s handled it, 4- said Bernier seemed to have a little case of 1st-round-itis, and just has to work to earn his spot, which he seems to understand, 5- said Drewiske looked really good in his call up and they were very impressed with his poise and composure (sounded like they weren’t expecting him to play that well). That’s about it. Oh, and the monarchs are down 2-1 in the 3rd.

  • Jimmy Crack Corn

    Is this the strategy to grab a playoff spot or a draft lottery spot?

  • Anonymous

    Calder out should have happened months ago or 4th line minutes, geez again Harrold on the 2nd line at least put Richardson in see what can happen there. Everytime TM does something good he makes another bizarre choice to cancel it out.

  • Steven

    I think we should call the 4th line our “Sopranos” line.

  • cristobal


    I think TM forgot his anti-dementia medication.
    TM said Calder was playing the best hockey of his career 3 1/2 months ago.
    Then, Calder actually played lights-out just before the deadline.
    Now, he can’t even crack the lineup?

    These guys just CANNOT make their minds up.

    I cannot believe we’ve played 66 games and Murray has literally tried Calder-Stoll-Simmonds for about 45 seconds all season.

    I wonder why we’re not in the playoff picture.

  • Andre

    What is the god-damn fascination with having to insert Ivanans into the lineup at a critical time like this?

  • cristobal


    Funny that a GM who’s accomplished ZERO would say Labs “fell apart on us.”
    I also found it pretty amusing, and the opposite of humble, that despite a record of failure Lombardi told Hammond that people are stealing his ideas.

    Now that is RICH!


  • Alen

    Thanks TM, thanks to you we are basically playing with 3 lines,(westgarth ivanans don’t count as hockey players) and a handicap 2nd line with HARROLD? WTF?? Are we intentionally trying to miss the playoffs??

  • anthony

    Agreed. 100%

  • cristobal

    Columbus tonight able to win despite giving up 3 goals. – Labs GAA when we traded him.
    All on goals by Torres, Vermette (2), and Huselius.
    Now those sound like bridge players.
    3 players we watched switch teams between now and last season.
    Plus, they drafted Steve Mason about 55-60 picks after we took Jonathan Bernier.

    JWilliams is still riding an excercycle…and the playoff hopes are fading…

  • JonG

    Thanks -J for reporting on DL’s interview. I’m pleased by the comments about Purcell, O’Donnell and Drewiske.

    I also agree with Dean’s comment that JLB “fell apart on us”. Jason was basically a below-average goalie until things went pear-shaped before the trade.

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