Vancouver game preview

Vancouver enters tonight’s game against the Kings with a seven-game home winning streak — their longest since the start of 2007 — and the Canucks haven’t lost in regulation at home since Jan. 28. Then again, Vancouver was riding a 8-1 stretch when the Kings beat them on Monday. Sean O’Donnell plays his 1,000th NHL game tonight.

From the AP:
“At this point of the season, it doesn’t matter how we win games – as long as we’re winning them,” captain Dustin Brown said. “We’ve got to keep this momentum going and scrape and claw for everything we get. We’re on the outside looking in. And with the way the schedule is, teams are flip-flopping left and right, night after night.”

Kings-Canucks Preview

Also, for those who listen to the “Facewash” show on after road games, I’m scheduled to be a guest in the second segment tonight.

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  • Tito Jackson

    Congrads SOD!

  • wavesinair

    Alright! Finally…
    A Kings playoff push!
    This is a huge game tonight!
    Can’t wait to watch it!

    Oh, wait… I forgot.

    IT’S NOT ON TV!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh well.

  • jim

    Yeah very big game good luck boys. Westgarth scores and fourth line ( Calder Army West) get good minutes because of the great play. Come on now I’m sending you positive energy. And best of all the rat sits. I hope he’s a scratch.

  • nykingfan

    Big games this weekend.
    Every game from here on is a huge game and we need to win as many as possible.
    I’m noticing the teams above us are all pretty much inconsistent which is great because if we can put together a decent streak, we can move up pretty quick into a playoff spot and control our own destiny.
    I don’t think any of the teams ahead of us are better than us. We just need to play hard for 60 minutes.

    GO KINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hagi18

    Until tonight I thought I wasted precious $$$ on the NHL Gamecenter on, but when I get home and watch the Kings play a another HUGE meaningful game in March, it all of a sudden becomes worth every penny…Also I’ll admit I’ve never listened to Facewash after a road game, but with you going on tonight, I’ll check it out.

    Thanks for all that you do for us Rich…

  • Stats1

    I thought that SOD was playing his 1000th game on Saturday against SJ? This came from the King’s site. Which is it…tonight or tomorrow? Please confirm, thanks!

  • Jnest

    This game is HUGE tonight. The outcome of this weekends games will determine what the rest of season means for us.

    We need Brown to knock a canuck into last week on his first shift to set the tone. I think that will inspire Johnson, Simmonds, Doughty, and Moeller and the rest of the young guys to bring their physical game and play with confidence.

  • Ric

    Game WILL be on TV…. just not tonight, unfortunately – NHL network 11am tomorrow

    Regarding Facewash: Is it archived so we can view later?

  • SuperSonic420

    Kings Top 20 prospects, Spring 2009

    I didnt see this posted yet, so here ya guys go:

  • poppinfresh

    Lets hope Kopi can keep up the pace and get this road trip started off with a bang.

    Nice article by Pierre lebraun today from espn on the kings playoff chances.

  • wavesinair


    First I’m going to listen to a game called “ice hockey” on the radio tonight with my son. Exciting!

    Then after, the family will gather around the radio and listen to a “talk show” where our favorite newspaper reporter “scoop hammond” will be interviewed! Yeah!

    And finally, we’ll all have a piece of pie and listen to Orson Wells’ “War of the Worlds” …you guessed it…on the radio!

    Gee whiz, 1937 technology is really super!

  • Anonymous

    I prefer to listen to some Kings’ games on the radio—That way I don’t have to look at anything—-I can just close my eyes and worriedly hold my head in my hands while I listen.

    Works for me.

    -Sergei Prozacutov

  • StillKingly

    Is the game on Center Ice?

  • Jnest

    Waves –

    I think Southwest flys to Vancouver. You could still make the game you left now.

  • Anonymous

    StillKingly: Center ice, yes. and for those w/o center ice: it will be on NHL network tomorrow @ 11am

  • NMKingsFan

    It will be like the old days as a teenager in the late 70’s, I used to list to the radio and Bob Miller and Rich Marotta (not old enough to get in on Jiggs McDonald) and later Pete Weber. There used to only be about 10 games on TV (channel 9 I believe) and then came ON TV, wow we got about 25 games then. Gretzky was traded to LA and the rest was history.
    Now I can flip through half a dozen different games on Center Ice and listen to Kings radio on the internet, my how times have changed.

  • MasterAl99

    Guys, I keep hearing that the game is not televised tonight, but I see it on the schedule on the Center Ice website. Is it on Center Ice tonight or not?????

  • Reb

    It looks like it’ll be on Center Ice according to the InDemand website.

  • Old Man

    Game four center ice.

  • Biggest Kings Fan in Vancouver

    I’m probably the biggest Kings fan lving in Vancouver. I can’t wait until tonight. I believe the games on Centre Ice but I’ll watch it on our local Rogers Sportsnet channel 22. My brother is going to the game so I’ll most likely receive updates from him as well. Let’s go Kings!

  • Matt George

    All i know is

    if we lose tonight

    it’s definitely over

  • CanadianKing

    For those in Canada, the game will be on Sportsnet Pacific.

  • variable

    i would like to see one of our top guys really step it up tonight…kopi/fro/browny/teddy/stolli (straight up, w/a twist)/molly (i’m not sure i like “molly”…sounds too similar to “moldy”…maybe the “big o”…all apologizes to mister robertson and the adult film industry)….

    with a team searching for guidance and leadership like our beloved kings, it’s time to stop looking around the dressing room/bench/ice and wait to see who’s going to bring their “a” game…sorry…”A” GAME…tonight…

    hopefully, everybody will be prepapred and willing to do whatever it takes…three days off between games should help…

    so if yr wearing a kings jersey tonight, you better be ready to lay it all out there…4 points out at the time of this posting and a bunch of teams to leap frog over is no easy task…with every loss, opportunity slips away…luongo and the canucks are very formidable…but we CAN beat them…

    everybody here has done a wonderful job outlining/pontificating what it will take for this team to make the playoffs…all we can do now as loyal fans is to sit and watch them take action and make it happen…

  • wavesinair

    16 games left.

    If we go…

    16-0 = 99 points – 100% in the playoffs
    15-1 = 97 points – 100%
    14-2 = 95 points – 100%
    13-3 = 93 points – 99%
    12-4 = 91 points – 96% (My hope!)
    11-5 = 89 points – 72% (Still a decent chance.)
    10-6 = 87 points – 25%

    (these numbers are approximations)

    Realistically, we can still lose 5 games and have a pretty good chance to make the playoffs.

    So clearly, if we lose tonight, we are not done.

    This team is resilient and I for one am looking forward to how they finish out the season, playoffs or not.

    Finish strong guys!

  • Aaron

    Looks like Raitis is back in the lineup tonight, while Kyle Calder is the odd man out.

  • Harry

    if we lose tonight, we will be behind 7points from the 8seed…….. This game is a MUST WIN!!!

    The boys know it too…..