Sedin’s goal

Not to bring back bad memories, but a lot of people probably didn’t get a chance to see Henrik Sedin’s second goal last night, which put the Kings down 4-2 in the third period after they had rallied from a 2-0 deficit to tie the game.

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  • Thanks for posting this! Those were some pretty sweet moves. Any chance we can see the other goals?

  • Anonymous

    Come on… knock him on his butt OD!

  • anthony

    Can we give Bernier a chance now.

  • RealDrew

    That goal doesn’t even come close to Bobby Ryan’s. Also, Ryan’s goal capped off a hat trick.

  • dirtmover

    now were showcasing goals against- great- very disappointed in the effort tonite – we could have played the 1st pd 5-4 the whole way and it would not have helped- it’s like the guys think they can rest on previous effort- we still don’t have the type of consistent play that is needed from a playoff team- nhl centerice is the only way to go – esp for the canada trips- our lack of footspeed was really exposed this game- I never thought it would catch us – but van was to every loose puck so much quicker and their top end speed really hurt on dumpins – need much better game tonight

  • Anonymous

    OD was schooled!

  • Dan H.

    If you can find it, Frolov’s last night was better.

  • wavesinair

    And we wonder why we haven’t had a great goalie stay in LA for a long time. We ship them off too soon so they can become good goalies elsewhere.

    As fans, let’s not let this happen with Quick.

    Every goalie has bad games. Quick, for as young and inexperienced as he is, has played nothing short of incredible for our burgeoning team.

    I wholeheartedly support Quick. He is the real deal. He will continue to learn and correct those mistakes so that they don’t happen very often or during crucial times.

    Of course, all of our goalies WILL battle it out until the cream rises and a number 1 is anointed. But let’s not be so quick to toss incredible talent aside when they perform poorly.

    Let’s not forget, these are crucial games for the development of a young team. They have to learn to battle back and fight. This is very important experience regardless of whether or not they make the playoffs.

    San Jose has lost 4 of 5 and St. Louis beat them 3-1 on Thursday.

    We can do it.
    Quick can do it.
    Let’s do it!

    Go Kings Go!

  • kingsfannnnnnnnnn

    QUICK hasnt been that sharp latley..hes been letting in easy goals!! NO GOOD

  • Anonymous

    Take the body, rookie!

  • Anonymous

    That was some real good defense that lead to that goal and the one before it. A great effort by all./sarcasm

  • Old Man

    I agree with wavesinair,Quick has done a remarkable job this year.How about OD taking the body.And like i`ve said before this team is so slooooow! But i believe we will win tonite.

  • Datacloud

    OD stood there watching the puck like some kid fresh out of junior. He did nothing with his stick to try and break up the play. Inexcusable.

  • Sisto Maximo

    Kings should call up Halloway from the Reign, he’s scoring a lot of goals and winning games! The Kings are doing really good but they are not a playoff team yet. It may take a couple years because the consistancy problem does not get solved in a year!

  • lblocal

    A nice move, but IMO, OD should have played the body instead of the puck. Sedin should have never been able to get that much space or the ability to get the shot off. OD looked more like a amateur rec leaguer than a professional about to play in his 1,000th game..

    I still love the guy though. Go Kings!

  • Anonymous

    lowercase – I’m surprised you aren’t saying this was TM’s fault. Come on, there must be a way you can fit in some sort of thing about TM is so old that Henrik had to jump over his walker to score that goal.

  • 4thlinechecker

    Watching the edmonton game, Kinda funny Crow has nothing but compliments for sully…….. I think sully will be a 30 goal scorer,

  • Deano Lombardo

    In junior hockey OD would have been benched for staring at the puck and not playing the man and in pee wee hockey Quick would have been pulled for all of those crap goals he gave up.

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