Postgame quotes (3/16)

(Re: Game recap): “That’s a tough one. Starts good but when it comes down to making plays at critical times in the game, we don’t make the plays, with the turnovers and the basic plays. The first goal, we have possession of the puck, it’s actually a pretty simple play that we should be able to make, a simple breakout with lots of time to make the play, and we don’t do it. It was the same as the winning goal.”

(Re: Lessons learned from this game): “I don’t want them to put this game behind them. There’s learning points in the season and this is real important here for us to understand what is going on, why things happen and decisions that we made as a team to probably give them momentum. That’s the puck management that we have talked about. I have talked about it from the start of the year, that you have to do the right things through the middle of the ice and get the puck in the right position to have offensive opportunities.”

(Re upcoming road trip): `We know we can do it. We did it when we went to the East Coast earlier in the year. We’ve got to get better. We didn’t play 60 minutes tonight. I think we played 30 minutes very well. Against those top teams we’ve got to play 60 minutes and we will get some points.”

(Re: game recap) “We started well in the first and then they came back. When we were tied 3-3, we didn’t go after it. They started pushing back and we were on our heels. It wasn’t good enough.”

(Re game recap): “We got away from our game. We did a really good job chipping the puck into their zone and getting the forecheck going. We drew a lot of penalties off that too. Sometimes we just get too fancy and we got away. They created a turnover and they came right back into our zone and when you don’t get the puck and your legs get tired, you’re scrambling and they took advantage of it.”

(Re: game recap) “That was a huge game for us. It puts us (six) points out of eighth place. If we had won we would have been (four) points out.”

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