Wayne’s world


Even if Wayne Simmonds hadn’t scored a goal Saturday — the Kings’ only goal — Terry Murray would have been happy with Simmonds’ play. Simmonds’ goal broke a 15-game goal drought, and he also had a season-high seven shots on goal (his previous high was four). Based on that, and his overall strong game, Simmonds got a season-high 18 minutes, 27 seconds, of playing time. Here’s what Murray thought of Simmonds’ game against the Sharks…

MURRAY: “I thought he was outstanding, maybe his best game of the year. … He really competed hard. He was alert, he was making strong plays all the way through. He’s got tremendous feet and he really showed that (Saturday) night against one of the premier teams in the league. I used the phrase (on TV) between periods, and I’ll use it again. He was emotionally connected for the whole game. He was on top of the puck, he was killing penalties, he was blocking shots, played physical and made very smart decisions when he was coming through the middle of the ice to manage the puck properly and allow a lot of good things to happen in the offensive zone. It was a very mature game.”

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  • Dominic Lavoie

    and yet he didn’t get the opportunity to appear in the shootout, despite his performance. This is despite the fact it went seven rounds and players like Handzus were picked, despite not being in a shootout all year? And Brown was in the three hole despite having a brutal game offensively…

  • wavesinair

    Good point Dominic.

  • Cynic

    If anyone is earning his spot and time on this team it is Sims. Kind of scary to say, but if anyone is playing like a captain on this team it is Sims. Greener has been laying it out too, don’t want to take anything away from him. Brownie has issues, understandably right now, Anze is picking it up, but Sims is playing like a man possessed! He’s playing as if his career hinges on every game and that is the kind of play that will move him up quickly in the NHL.

    He should have shot 4th, but that’s gone.


  • nykingfan

    What’s amazing about Simmonds is the type of game he plays night after night, heavy forecheck…PK time..playing against the other teams best forwards….20 years old…1st year in the NHL and he hasn’t missed a game all year.
    I’ll take a roster full of guys like him.
    To me he’s been an even bigger surprise than Doughty…And Doughty has been a huge surprise.
    Once again, I’ll leave the SO decisions to TM and the coaching staff…they know more than us.
    Just for shits and giggles…if he was in the shootout and missed, what would you be saying today…Murray blew it?

  • Harry

    You cant say HE BLEW IT, but YOU CAN SAY he DID gave him a chance/try…

    He played very well on the PK and on the 5 on 5 situations….so IMO, he did deserve a shot in the shootout….

    GO KINGS!!!!!!

  • Baumgartner22

    when brown was up during the shootout, was he looking to pass to kopitar?

  • Dave

    Only one saying that would be Anthony. I have to admit, I didn’t watch the game on Saturday, prior commitments prevail (took my boys to Last House on the Left, brutal, brutal movie) so I had to find out about it. Dissapointing but not unexpected. Bums me out to hear everyone bagging on Brownie. I know its a fan site and all, but man, some of these guys are just as mean as those dudes from the movie!! I don’t have anything to base this off of, but I’m pretty sure that none of our guys are going out there with the intention of sucking (not even my boy Raitis). It would be awesome (I suppose) if I could come into the office on Monday and goes balls out til Friday, but I will readily admit (to everyone but my boss) that I do NOT give 100% everyday. And I’m not married, and I don’t have a premature baby, and I don’t have the weight of the L.A. Hockey nation on my back. I know this is the Simmonds comment section, but its been my first chance to respond (since I’ve been so busy today) and I really felt compelled to say something (not that he needs it) in Brownies defense. Now I have to go, time for more coffee. Lets win tonight and keep the race for the playoffs in site. Go Kings

  • Anonymous

    He is the new and improved Sully!

  • Anonymous

    He’s Sully…with guts!

    Seriously…this kid is going to be an absolute stud. He may not be a 30/40 goal scorer, but he is the exact type of player a team needs to build a championship around.

  • Anonymous

    so we should be giving shootout slots to those who played hard/good?

    funny, i thought it would be the guys who give us the best chance to win… guys who have ‘hands’.

    i love young wayne… but c’mon now…

  • PolarBearOne

    Great comments, Coach Murray. Just one more question….


  • Marty

    Play the Simmer,he needs his confidence built up and then look out,he will score at least 10 goals and 15 assists.Every team needs an ace checker.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Dave, are you pulling $3M a year like Brown…at those rates, coasting is never acceptable.

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