Teubert to Ontario

Interesting news for local hockey fans…Kings prospect. Colten Teubert has been assigned to the Ontario Reign. Teubert recently concluded his season with the Regina Pats, with 12 goals and 25 assists and 136 penalty minutes in 60 games. (edit: that’s what I get for believing the numbers on Regina’s website…) Teubert is expected to join the Reign — which is in first place in its division with nine games remaining — on Thursday.

“It’ll give me an opportunity to keep the skates on and keep playing,” Teubert told the local paper, the Leader-Post. “That’s what I want to do. I want to stay on the ice for as long as I can. It gives me an opportunity there. Ontario’s doing great right now, they’re in first place. Hopefully we can make a playoff run and I can get some ice time down there.”

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  • wavesinair


    Kings gone for a couple of weeks.
    Killer prospect coming to Ontario.
    Ontario making a playoff run.
    Have never been out there to the the Reign…

    ROAD TRIP!!!!!

  • AK47

    Ohhhh this is good news!
    Him and Holloway can become good friends šŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Just to correct Teubert’s stats 12 goals 25 assists 136 pim’s plus 9 in 66 games.

  • ziggy33

    Looking forward to when he is wearing the purple and black in a year or two.

  • RealDrew

    That’s good. Get the kid all the experience you can. This will be a jump up the ladder for Teubert. He will probably be playing in Ontario next year unless he impresses enough to get a spot and Manchester.

  • mrbrett7

    Interesting…I may have to make a trip out to see him play.

    Drew…Teubert will be in Manchester. Not only will Gauthier be gone from the big club, but most likely Bagnall will be gone from Manchester. There is room for him in Manchester, especially when you consider that Drewiske, Voinov and Martinez along with Hickey all appear to be ready for the NHL. One of them, maybe two, could possibly be traded.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, yeah… I’ve been to about 12 Reign games, and you all need to go just to check out the arena. Not a bad seat in the house, and I understand that the Kings are more than likely going to have a pre-season game there in September (you all will need to go to that). Minor league hockey is fun to watch, even though the Reign can be inconsistent at times (had a hard time against Victoria lately). Maybe Colten can help out…. Go Reign!!

  • Will Hutchison

    Tuebert is too young for the AHL next year. It is either Junior hockey or the NHL, like it was for Moller and Doughty.

    I’ll be in Riverside in two weeks, I hope to see him play while I am there.

  • Marc Nathan

    The Kings (in the Lombardi era) have made it quite clear on numerous occasions that the ECHL was no place for development (Hogeboom, Roussin), save for goalies, so it is with a raised eyebrow that I watch this potential trainwreck from a distance, and maybe a drive down the 210 to Ontario for a game or two. Rich, it’s probably a good question for Lombardi, not so much about Teubert specifically, but in general, why has there been trepidation to send “prospects” to the E, and how is this justifiable based on 3 years of comments to the contrary?

  • Brian M

    Colten, Continued good luck and I look forward to you playing for the Kings in the future. Brian M

  • Vasquez

    Teubert will more than likely be playing again in Regina next season, because he still can. Hickey will be in either Manchester or LA.

  • Anonymous

    Drew and Brett,

    Teubert is not eligible to play in Manchester next year, regardless of who is traded and who stays. Teubert can play in Ontario or Manchester to conclude this season because his junior team in Regina is out of the playoffs. They have his rights next year unless, in Oscar Moller fashion, Teubert makes the Kings out of training camp. Otherwise Teubert goes back to Regina, or whatever team in the CHL owns his rights.

  • -J

    Sorry guys, Teubert will NOT be in ontario or man next year. He is not eligible for either. CHL-NHL transfer agreement- he’s too young and doesn’t have 4 “full” years of chl experience to be exempted. Either the Kings or the Pats for him next year.

  • wavesinair

    interesting points marc. i’d venture a guess and say he’s only playing there because there’s no where else to play right now. but it would be nice to hear what DL has to say about it.

  • -J

    I imagine #’s had a part in him being assigned to Ont over Man. Man’s got 8 D (to ontario’s 7) and will likely need to add Hickey once seattle gets bounced by the chiefs.

  • Seabass

    Talked to a NHL scout a few weeks ago, he says Teubert will be fan fave. A tough guy with a ton of heart. Unfortunately he’s got some bulking up to do if he wants to play that role in the NHL, so we shouldnt look for him in a Kings uni until the 2010-2011 season.

  • nykingfan

    You would think with the depth the Kings have on defense (did I really say that?)They can give Teubert all the time he needs to be ready to play in the NHL.

    I recall DL stating the same thing about the ECHL…I would just think this is a chance for the kid to get a little more ice time and a little more experience.

  • BakoCACondorsKingsFan

    Hey Guys–

    This is Great News, as far as I’m concerned, because I’ll get to see Colton play with the Reign against Yutaka Fukufuji and my Condors in Bakersfield on Friday, April 3 at 7:00 p.m./Fans Choice Night and on Saturday, April 4 at 7:30 p.m./Final Regular Season Game…

    About the ECHL being no place for development (Marc Nathan), the Condors trained Alexandre Bolduc for the Canucks (within 2 years) and Connor James for the Pittsburg Penguins (within 4 years). It can be done, so don’t look down on it! It is also MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE for season tickets.

    P.S.: Any thoughts, now that the NHL Network and SiriusXM have now Officially Buried the Kings after last night’s loss? Personally, I agree the Kings are buried for the playoffs this year, but I anticipate a late season winning streak, nonetheless… The Kings will play Williams on this road trip.

    Go Kings/Go Condors!!!!!!!!!

  • mrbrett7

    My bad…I goofed on his age. I thought he was a year older than he was. My bad.

    I’m am right about Bagnall though…dude is done like dinner.

    I wouldn’t worry about Teubert playing a handfull of games in the ECHL though. It’s a chance for him to get some extra ice time at a higher level, in a playoff push/in the playoffs.

  • BakoCACondorsKingsFan

    Another thought/ love to meet some of you folks in person if you come to Bakersfield with the Reign…

  • Anonymous

    Heads up for those of you wanting to see the Reign in regular season games: they’re home March 18; away in Las Vegas March 20; home March 21 & 22; away in Idaho March 25, 27 & 28; and away in Bakersfield April 3 and 4. They need four more points for a playoff spot, which commences the week of April 9. Go Reign!!

  • brianguy

    seems clear Kings are trying to get him whatever limited pro experience they can right now to bring him into camp next season with the ballpark expectation of making the team. I’m sure they would LOVE for him to have a camp like Simmonds that forces them to keep him with the big club rather than send him back to juniors.

  • variable

    let’s hope he continues maturing and matriculating…and that there are no fat hecklers guzzling popcorn to upset colt…

    next season’s camp is going to be sensational…can’t wait!

  • Marc Nathan

    Plenty of people play in the NHL that have served their time in the ECHL, (Alexandre Bolduc and Connor James aren’t exactly the best examples of the success ratio… LOL) but the Kings organization has been pretty vocal about it being a league you didn’t want to put prospects in, save for goaltenders. I get that it’s just more ice time for Teubert, but it’s in a league where the vast majority of players are NOT on NHL contracts (whereas the AHL can boast about 95% of their players contracted to the NHL.) It would be horrible to see some ECHL suspect try to make a name for himself by cheapshotting a first round NHL draft choice. Not saying this would happen, but this league is more than a couple of notches down in terms of skill than the NHL or AHL.

  • simonsez

    Hickey’s expected to make the team next year, so no room for Tubes unless they’re going to carry 7 D.

  • gralx

    Hey Bako,
    I lived in Visalia up until August of last year. I would go to a few Condors and a few Falcons games every season. I have been a bit out of the ECHL loop. What the heck happened to Fresno (Falcons)?

  • tantrum4

    Marc Nathan –

    like it’s been said, Teubert will only play a few regular season games for Ontario, and then playoffs. With Regina missing the playoffs this year in the WHL, this gives Teubert a chance to play some maningful playoff hockey, instead of just going home for the summer. Any expreince he can get right now will only help him in the future. I don’t think this situation is what DL meant by “a bad place to put prospects”. I think what he is saying is that you don’t want them there for a whole year or two because they won’t really learn much. This is just some extra ice time for Teubert, as he isn’t eligable to play there next year anyway….

  • Omar

    gralx –

    I’m in Visalia right now, thinking about relocating here.
    What do you think of the area?

  • cristobal

    Sounds like Colton is definitely preparing for his career with the Los Angeles Kings by missing the playoffs with Regina.
    I wonder if the Pat’s would have made the playoffs with Micheal Cammalleri scoring for them…?

  • Rob


    The falcons folded in mid december

  • Anonymous

    I would think there would be a spot for him in a higher level of the system. He is a great player and should be in manchester or redding

  • gralx

    We loved it there. We where there for about 6 years. There are only 2 real problems, and they can be significant. One is jobs. If you don’t have a good stable job lined up, you could be in for a long stay. I have been in the same job for 10 years. I am lucky enough to be able to work remotely if need be. (which is what I did when I was in Visalia) The second issue is that they do have gang problems there. But, if you are careful about where you live, you will be fine. I would suggest south of Walnut and west of County Center. Or the northwest part of town. But be careful about the north end as the center of town in the north is where most of the gang activity was. If you have kids… I would suggest, highly, making sure you get into the El Diamante High School area. By far the best, and newest, high school in town.

    Aside from the issues I descibed above, it was outstanding. The people are friendly, there is no traffic. It is a small town with most of the things you would want in a bigger town.

  • BakoCACondorsKingsFan


    The Fresno Falcons went bankrupt, with all their players scattered around the league. The coach went to Stockton, along with three of their best players. The Falcons were in first place at the time of their demise. The Condors made bids for the players, but the affiliation and the fact that their coach went to Stockton helped them lose out…

    …So, the Condors were in 9th place out of the revised playoffs at 12-24-6, then went on a winning streak with Fukufuji in goal, and now look to just make the playoffs.

    …Stockton, who had been in last place before firing their coach and getting Matt Thomas plus the players, also went on a winning streak and stand to make the playoffs.

    …And, Ontario, the fledgling franchise, stands to win the division in their first year, supplanting the Falcons.

    There have been fan appreciation days at some Condors games where tickets from the Falcons have been exchangeable.

  • Brad

    Anonymous, why do you suggest reading instead of Ontario? Technically they are both at the same level, but Ontario has a much better record and is about sure to make the playoffs(more of a winning culture?) where Reading sits last in their division. Ontario is also much, much closer to Los Angeles where management can get a better look at him, and Ontario is the official ECHL affiliate of the Kings, unlike Reading which is now affiliated with Toronto. I’m looking forward to seeing him in Ontario hopefully tomorrow night. Initially Ontario was supposed to have more than just one Kings prospect, but now with Zatkoff, Holloway, and Teubert, I’ll be a bit more interested.

  • Duracell

    I’m going to the Saturday game. I bought tickets to go check out Holloway & possibly Zatkoff (I may see Rowat instead?) and now it looks like I’ll get to see Teubert as well.

  • Omar


    Thank you for your response and your assessment of the Visalia area. I had noticed some of the issues you mentioned and was wondering if the area’s positives outweighed the negatives. Again, thank you for your response and perhaps I’ll make it to a Condor game, especially when the Reign is in town.

  • DellaNooch

    The age thing might have been the reason Colton is in the ECHL, but also remember that Manchester had set their roster for the playoffs, so it was probably not going to work.

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