Gauthier injured

According to a report on the Kings’ site, Denis Gauthier suffered an undisclosed injury in the third period last night. Gauthier did not play in the final seven minutes or in overtime.

Since the Kings don’t have any spare defensemen on their roster, if Gauthier can’t play, Peter Harrold would likely move back to defense. Of course, Manchester is close enough that a defenseman could be recalled, but there’s no indication of that right now.

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  • Freezang

    a blessing in disguise?

  • Dominic Lavoie

    According to Jamie Kompon on Facewash last night there is a good possibility that Justin Williams will be activated and inserted into the lineup. My guess is he would take Harrold’s spot on the second line and play with Stoll and Frolov….at least to start the game.

  • Model 62

    A blessing in disguise?

    Stop with that. It’s stupid. That goes for all the rest of you who are planning to drop in and share the same.

  • Ersberg

    I wouldn’t call it a “blessing”, but more of an opportunity to possibly give a guy like Drewiske another shot.

    It’s not like Goat is our future.

  • Jay Wells Fan

    Gauthier’s… not that horrible… most of you have never forgiven him for that bad turnover like four months ago… The Kings have had way worst D-Man in the last few years… Dallman, Weaver, Modry, Nathan Dempsey, and apparently Tom Preissing.

  • Anonymous

    Gauthier’s undisclosed injury – it’s his hand/wrist that is injured. He got hit by the puck in the third.

  • KingsFanInRI

    That was about the point in the game when I yelled “Gautheir, you suck!” Maybe he has injured feelings?????

  • Kngcussion

    Hey Rich, I would assume that Ersberg gets the start tonight. Is there any confirmation of tonight’s starter?

  • Good2BKings

    Addition by subtraction!

    Can you imagine our defense if DL hadn’t been able to acquire OD?

    How can you compare Modry and Goat? Two completely different styles of play with one glaring similarity: dangerous turnovers.

    Goat is terrible, and I don’t want to see him in a Kings uni next season whatsoever.

    By the way, I would love to see Harrold moved back and Williams moved in. Let’s begin the move forward without Goat.

  • WTF

    You guys always crack me up, I have seen SOD, DD, JMFJ all play like garbage for big stretches and they all get a free pass. I am no Goat cheer leader, but he is one of the few kings D that plans with any edge at all and is a consistent go to guy on our penalty kill that at times kick major ass.

    Funny how people love to fixate there hate on one person while given everyone else a golden ticket and then bitch and moan like spoiled girls when the coaches do it.

    You guys really need to get it together, I am really getting tired of the same old whiney crap on this board. Unless it is the goalie, no one player can cost you the game. It is a team effort, get over it.

  • Aaron

    This is this best thing that could’ve happened to the Kings. My scrotum plays better defense then Gauthier.

  • Old Man

    I`m not a fan of Gauthier,but he does play hard and brings some decent defense to the game.My major concern is why TM can`t just try to sit Ivanas once in a while.Last night Rat had 2 hits,to broken sticks, and 2 bad penaltys.I guess thats his hat trick.I think tonights game calls for Moller in the line up.Just my opinion.Lets trap those penquins.

  • fyzzix

    I was going to say “Blessing in Disguise” as well, but not because I have any ill feelings towards Gauthier. The way I was thinking it in my head, it’s a blessing because, in a not so elegant way, it solves an immediate roster problem ie. how to put Williams in without purposefully breaking team chemistry. Now, instead of a coaching move, it’s simply born of the circumstances.

    Somehow, I like it better that way.

  • JazzyJT08

    I wonder what the King’s record is without Gauthier. I guarantee it’s more wins than losses that’s for sure. And for those of you on here who say anyone’s whining about Gauthier, it’s because he plays consistently bad hockey and makes bad plays. He gets called for too many penalties and lets bad things happen. Last night the puck hopped over his stick, and I’m sure there are countless others but he’s just not good. That’s not whining it’s just the truth.

  • Quisp

    WTF –

    Well, you’re exaggerating, but I agree that everyone makes big mistakes and Gauthier gets raked over the coals, and it’s not what you would call “balanced criticism.” (p.s. Modry, alumni scapegoat, was prone to turnovers some seasons, but also had seasons where he was one of our best defensemen.) Gauthier has made his share of errors, but I still maintain that he is the last of our d I would want to be fore-checking against. Not that we don’t have other hard hitters, but DG can crush you. That is a huge intangible, like Greene’s blocked shots.

  • Marc Nathan

    moving Harrold back to D, and inserting either Moller or Williams (hell, do both… you don’t need Westgarth in there tonight…) would be fine.

  • Adam

    Hey Rich,

    It says on the Kings website that they just activated Justin Williams from the injured reserve today and re-called Drewiske as well.

    Do you have any idea of the possibility of seeing Williams tonight againt the Pens? He did go on the road trip with the Kings. I can’t wait to see him play!

  • JazzyJT08

    Maybe..but I’ll take a smart defenseman over a big defensemen anyday. It seems like every big check I see lately results in a penalty.

  • Mike

    Any update on when we might see Justin Williams in action?

  • nykingfan

    The guy plays for the Kings…He’s giving his heart and soul every night for the jersey…the same jersey we all love, cherish, and root for.
    How ridiculous that people are happy that he got hurt….I believe he was blocking a shot and took it off the arm….FOR THE TEAM!
    Also, take a look at the PK of the Kings this year and remember that Goat is part of the #1 D pairing on the PK.

    Let’s be realistic, the guy’s not a top 4 D’man…
    He certainly makes his share of mistakes, but he busts his butt every night and has played a valuable role for the team this year.
    Save the venom for the opponent, not your own guy!

  • kennynakamoto

    i herd that justin williams might play tonight is that true?

  • Johnny Utah

    Agree with WTF. Goats has played reasonably well lately and he and Greene are the only D-man that bring a physical presence to the blueline on a nightly basis.

    Plus, he is the sixth-freaking-d-man. For 12-15 min a night, he fills the void. Look at the Ducks in recent years – Huskins, DiPenta, O’Brien and other miscellaneous parts filling in that six-hole on D – not exactly an all-star lineup. Bottom line – get better play out of the top 4.

    If you want to complain about something, how about the fact that we always have too many low-skill “don’t touch me” forwards in the lineup – Harrold, Richardson, etc. At least Calder plants himself in front of the net, but would it be so bad to make contact on the forecheck once in awhile?

    And when did Brown forget how to skate?

  • Paul from Oxnard

    This injury occurred during the Bruins power play late in the 3rd period. The FSN camera showed Gautier skating off holding his hand, but neither Bob nor Jim mentioned it on air.

  • Ersberg

    Side note..

    Couple of guys to look out against tonight:

    Malkin and Kunitz.

    Those two have always played well against, and are super hot right now.

    Someone get a fire extinguisher.

  • PaulCat1969

    Just got the press release. Kings have activated Williams and have called up Drewiske. This makes tonight’s game all the more interesting.

  • Ersberg

    So, is J-dub actually playing tonight?

    God, I hope he proves me wrong. I like Guiness with my crow, by the way.

  • jim

    I would like to see Tom P get a call up. He’s got game and given a another fair chance could finish out the season for us . At least if he finishes with the big club we could throw him in a trade and not just have to pay him off. Given the chance which I can’t remener him really getting this year he might suprise us all. Good luck Tom

  • Jonny

    “A blessing in disguise?

    Stop with that. It’s stupid. That goes for all the rest of you who are planning to drop in and share the same.”

    “Gauthier’s… not that horrible… most of you have never forgiven him for that bad turnover like four months ago… The Kings have had way worst D-Man in the last few years… Dallman, Weaver, Modry, Nathan Dempsey, and apparently Tom Preissing.”

    Seriously? Remember the winning tear we went on when Goat got suspended in Montreal? Do you guys remember Modry last year being our best defensemen? Imagine what JJ woulda looked like without Modry covering his butt. Pleas, Gauthier sucks, he causes turnovers, he takes stupid penalties, and makes bad decisions. Harrold is tough, a competitor and really fast. There’s no reason gauthier should have that spot over Harrold.

  • WTF

    Harrold is tough? As a forward and a D I see him manhandled left and right.

    I know we have a lot of D, but we do not need anymore Harrolds, we have tons of them, we need a Progner/Chara/Weber type. Is Goat him, no, is he great no, is he a servicable 6th D man, yes.

    I know Colton is coming in the next few years, but besides a tough power forward, we need a shutdown monster of a Dman

  • JDM

    Gauthier is a better option on D than Harrold.

    I know everyone unreasonably hates Gauthier, but since when did there become this love for Harrold?

    Gauthier has 500 NHL games to his resume and is one of our calmer, smarter defensemen. Hell, the last 20 games he’s been consistently better than OD, and much better than Quincey and JJ.

    He’s made a handful of bad mistakes and taken some stupid penalties, as have, lets see, um… every other Kings player has over the course of the seasons. Give me a break. He’s our toughest dman, hardest hitter and has great positioning. He’s slow and not a great passer, that’s about it. Harrold is faster and a better passer, but he’s insanely weak on the puck and not very good at positioning himself. How does that make him a better option on D? Maybe a wash if we are up against a smaller team, but by means is he much more skilled than Goat. And for a puckmoving dman, its not like Harrold is exactly a big offensive threat.

    Lay off Goat. Unless you are intelligent enough to recognize what he does very well, don’t bother harping on the mistakes he makes.


    I was curious about the same thing, the Kings record with and without Gauthier. About 30 games ago I bothered to add it up, and the sample size for games without Goat is very small. We did have a few more wins without him in the lineup, but considering the different size of the samples, something like 30 games with, 6 or 7 games without, there is really no conclusion to be drawn one way or the other beyond mere supposition. I don’t remember exactly what the records were, but it was basically .500 with him and one or two games above .500 without him in just a handful of games.

    Ultimately, how Kopitar, Brown and Frolov play have A LOT more to do with whether we win or not than Gauthier.

  • Jonny

    Goat has been better of late, but the Stupid penalties are still there, and I think Harrold is a better D-man then Gauthier. He’s shown he can make better decisions, and is very quick. Gauthiers best asset is toughness, and Harrolds is Quickness.

  • Anonymous

    Comparing Modry to Gauthier is like comparing apples and horse manure…

    Note how the Kings play better WITHOUT Gauthier in the lineup???

  • Ersberg



    Goat is a defensive D-man, and Harrold the polar opposite.

    It’s like comparing Paul Coffey to Scott Stevens.

    I say Goat is expendable, because well, there are better options on the market. Enter Komisarek, Boynton, Aucoin, etc etc..

    Harrold is a cheap, versatile, offensive forward/d-man. He serves his purpose, but has a relatively low ceiling in comparison to the rest of what we would consider our “core.”