Going off the grid

I’m now officially on furlough for a week. For those not familiar with the term, don’t worry. I had no clue either, until about six weeks ago. Basically, it’s a week off without pay, a measure enforced by our company to try to save costs. I’m not going to complain, since others are far worse off these days than I am.

I know Jill will do her best to keep everyone updated on Kings news, but she’s in the middle of March Madness and we already ask her to do 18 other things at the paper.

So for the next week, you might want to visit the blog’s Facebook page. Per company rules, I can’t post on this blog until next Monday, but fortunately my company doesn’t own Facebook, so I can do as much personal “blogging” as I choose. The format is different, of course, but the content will be roughly the same. Facebook members can comment as well, so it could be fun.

So feel free to check it out here:

Rich’s completely non-Daily-News-related Kings page on Facebook

EDIT: For those who can’t access Facebook at work, try putting this URL into any feed reader.


I’ll be back here on the 30th, and most likely with some changes to the comments part of the blog. I’ve asked, over and over, for people to be civil and communicate like adults, and there are some people who are just unwilling or unable to figure out how to get that done. So I’m going to figure out exactly how to fix that. It’s not a threat. I’m just letting people know, in advance, that change is coming. Thanks.

See you all on the social-networking side…

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