Catching up

What does the Kings’ 2-0 loss to St. Louis on Tuesday mean? Well, the Kings surely won’t make the playoffs for the sixth consecutive season. Nine games to go, do you watch them?

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  • Quisp

    Of course! Now (DL) please bring up Bernier, Azevedo, Parse, Voynov and Lewis as soon as Manchester’s season is over, or sooner.

  • Dave W

    always, I have watched since 1986 why stop now. My Dad was saying the other day that he thinks this is the best team the Kings have ever had. Yes, better than the 93 team and the Deadmarsh teams. Lets just see them put it all together.

    Who does everyone cheer for once the Kings season is over? I used to pull for Edmonton or Calgary but this year feels different.

  • Kopi

    of course i keep watching but now for the playoffs GO RANGERS GO AVERY

  • dirtmover

    Watch till the bitter end- what a great ride this yr – with out the lows ie bad losses there would be no highs – tor and tampa bay at home for bad loss and of course the roadie with was/nj/ott wins the philly win and the hawk wins- haven’t had this much anticipation for an offseason since since since 75 and the loss to the bruins in the qtrs – what a great squad we have going forward into next yr so many possibilities with the lines and D – goalie looks to be set – Does it look as though Justin W is trying to hard – almost running around lost a little bit out there- but I think a very nice fit going forward- Drewski looks like a keeper on the back end- 5 rookies with substantial contributions this yr that is awesome – Hope to see everybody out at the rink – the corner has been turned – hope is a good thing maybe the best thing – right mr dufrene???

  • Anonymous

    Go Ducks? Wait, no, what?

    I’d like to root for Edmonton because of Sully, but something feels strange about that. I’m from New Jersey though, so I’ve always been a Devils fan…

  • Bob Bobson

    Yes I still watch them. Even if they are going to miss the playoffs again, they are still my favorite hockey team with my favorite hockey players. I will follow other teams more closely but I have yet to lose interest in the Kings.

  • Abe

    Playoffs: Flyers. I grew up in South Jersey 20 minutes from Philly.

  • sd

    Well.. I’ll watch 6 of them. Apparently FOX can’t travel to Canada, so we’ll MISS 3 of the LAST 4 GAMES! Ridiculous.

  • Rocky

    I still watch, though I am doing other things also. It has been that way for about a month now, they never really gave me the vibe of having a chance to make the payoffs. But they are a young team and they play hard most of the time. So I think the future is bright.

  • Old Man

    My take on the situation is,keep Ivanas and Gauthier on the bench,bring up Moller and win the last nine games.Thank`s for filling in for Rich Jill.

  • nykingfan

    heck yeah
    We sat through the end of last season….from Christmas on watching every game

  • Ersberg

    “What does the Kings’ 2-0 loss to St. Louis on Tuesday mean?”

    It means the Kings need to aquire players that can score.

    “Nine games to go, do you watch them?”

    Absolutely. Like others have mentioned, DL should let Bernier(he should have been here for over month now) come up and get some starts, as well as some of the other youngsters. They may as well, seeing as how guys like Calder aren’t our future.

  • Becky

    Why would I stop now? Success surely isn’t why I am a fan of this team. I watched all of last year and I will watch the rest of this year.

  • Oldthunder

    This means we finally can get to watch all the kids come up and fight for jobs next year. I want to see Hickey and Vionev and all the young studs to get a taste for the NHL.

    here is my cub’s fan impersonation… theres always next year!

  • Stonewall

    I will watch every game left!

  • Anonymous

    Of course, we will still watch.

    The Kings may not win all of the games down the stretch, but they still play great for a few minutes here and there to keep us addicted. What great promise. Hope all this promise gets realized…soon. Like, next year would be nice.

  • Ersberg

    Aside from changing some players, they need to lose the cheesy “soft” look. The Kings uni’s should like solid, like a lot of other teams around the league. Lose all of the little detail on the logos. Go with more traditional colors for a change, too.

  • Anonymous

    Go Atlanta, Phoenix, Colorado, Tampa Bay and NYI! Give the Kings a better chance for a higher pick in the draft!

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