Future sales

Is this really the best time to be advertising for 2009-10 season tickets? The front page of the Kings Web Site says “Buy or Renew Season Tickets Today” …. meanwhile, the Kings are going to miss the playoffs for the sixth consecutive year.

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  • Should we watch the games? It’s the wrong time to talk about season ticket sales? Repeated statements about the Kings missing the playoffs?? How on earth is a true fan of this team supposed to react to your posts? Yes, we should watch the games, and YES it’s a perfect time to discuss future attendance arrangements…for what is one of (if not the) fastest-rising young teams in the NHL. Are you kidding with this stuff? I fear that you are not.

    Thus, the only thing that Kings fans should absolutely miss is this blog, when Rich is out of town. Jill, I’m sure you mean well, and your time & effort has been appreciated, but it’s obvious to anyone (paying any attention at all) that you are not a hockey fan, and certainly not a fan of the Kings. Please do us all a favor: request reassignment and stick to the NCAA.


  • Cry Baby

    Let’s be truthful here. Did any of us really think that the Kings would make the playoffs this year? Sure there was a glimmer of hope for a short period of time. Even without the playoffs I would consider this year successful. However I believe it is time to turn the corner. Next year the Kings must make the playoffs. MUST!

  • Kevco

    I for one will not renew next year.
    1)AEG wants 100% of the seat cost for the tickets, the players don’t play 100% of the game.
    2) AEG had too many ‘ticket sales’ for seats right next to mine, I paid $80+ and the guy next to me paid $11, not a god deal for me.
    3) AEG has so many sales, I ofter can’t sell my extra tickets for even 1/2 of face value. They go unused too often.
    4) I will just wait and buy seats on sale or on Stub Hub for less dollars.

  • Dorian

    hey Kevco,

    it shows that you care more about the all-mighty buck than to just go and watch a hockey game…you know you’re going to renew, it’s just a matter of time.

    As for Jill…..is it really smart on your end to be adding fuel to the fire? I know you’re a reporter and you’re doing your job, but everyone, including Kings management knows we’re missing the playoffs, but regardless, they’re going to advertise next season’s tickets no matter what the situation is.

  • RRE

    Good, I thought I was the only one who read Jill’s doom and gloom postings and was a bit upset. Seriously, if you don’t really want the gig in Rich’s absence then just don’t post at all Jill.

    Youngest team in the league that was not expected to compete for a post season berth, yet here they were playing meaningful games in the month of March.

    As fans we certainly hoped for the playoffs and we’re disappointed that the Kings aren’t in, but there was a lot to be excited about this season, and recent performances aside, the team overachieved this season.

    So Jill, before you walk in here, fresh from checking the press clippings on the Kings’ site and glancing at the standings, please do a little more research.

    Press coverage of hockey is bad enough in Los Angeles. Please don’t add to it with your obvious disdain for the assignment….

  • Kevco

    Dorian, thanks for your comment, but you’re wrong. I can and will still go to 25-30 games next year, just won’t by season tickets. That $14k invoice is sitting on my desk still. I think I’d rather put the $ in the bank for the kids college, I don’t think he’s getting a hockey scholarship šŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Dorian only says that because he sits at 304 and annoys everyone around him while paying $12 dollars for a ticket.

  • Forum to Staples

    Jill’s right to ask the question – don’t shoot her for saying what many of us are thinking. And before you blast me, I’ve been a fan since the 70’s and season ticket holder since the mid-90s. I’m with Kevco – I’m not renewing this year.

    Management has been feeding us baloney on “next year, next year, next year” but it’s never now. Being a fan doesn’t mean I have to be blind to the flaws.

    And Jill – you’re much appreciated. Ignore the guys with blinders on.

  • RB from Torrance

    There was a private meeting with Luc, the marketing staff and some season ticket holders yesterday. Management is genuinely concerned with the discounting that went on. They admit their mistake, though not publically yet. In that meeting they made two statements:

    1. They will publically apologize for their mistake
    2. They will find a way to compensate season ticket holders next year. It may not be an ideal situation in which you see equal value for what you lost. However, they are going to make an effort to make up for their mistake.

    They discussed with us the problem with putting fans in the stands. We all agree that it starts with winning, but marketing is being asked to plant more asses in the stands. Unfortunately, they interpreted that to mean donkeys (unsophisticated hockey fans who don’t understand that you sit in your seat during the action) and unilaterally made a decision that met the bottom line.

    Yes, we are all irked at the pricing thing. No, they probably won’t get the apology right. But they are going to try. Honestly, I think management has been very receptive to its true fans recently and it’s more than I can say for the organization in the past. For that reason, and that reason alone, I’m thinking about letting this slide.

    I hope the meeting information was helpful.

  • RB from Torrance

    Oh, and we discussed that they don’t placate us with discounts or coupons to spend more. One of the ideas was abated cost for preseason tickets.

  • Kevco

    Well there is not much reason to re-sign up with season seats before April 1, they deal will be the same all Spring and Summer. So lets see what they offer. But for me it’s just about being treated fair, so if i can get same seat for less $ for games that I can actually get to, then that’s the best plan for me. Sorry Luc but business is business. Of course you are still my favorite player and I will always love the Kings. I just don’t think I need to buy tickets to 40 games that you can’t always go to to prove it.

  • BRS

    I will be renewing my season seats. I also did not mind the 11.50 price promotion. Those games were more fun because the placed was packed. I’m sure the team appreciated it too. Who cares if you had an unruly person next to you for 5 games at most? Be glad the place was full. This is an exciting team & when they start winning regularly the place will be full all the time.

  • The original Scott

    Of course it’s legitimate to call out the team for its failure. Being a fan means holding the team accountable, not just showing blind allegiance with your wallet (as much as AEG, Lie-Weekly and Lombardi would love it!) Hey, 1967. One Stanley Cup playoff appearance. Zero Cups. Six straight years out of the playoffs. You can call it rebuilding all you want, it’s a bunch of crap.

    The people who called out Jill like that were just plain rude. What a bunch of saps.

  • Cricket


    That was a very interesting post. Thanks a lot for the insight. And I agree about the coupons. I don’t even like popcornopolis.

  • Ersberg

    “Dorian, thanks for your comment, but you’re wrong. I can and will still go to 25-30 games next year, just won’t by season tickets. That $14k invoice is sitting on my desk still. I think I’d rather put the $ in the bank for the kids college, I don’t think he’s getting a hockey scholarship :)”

    You could always do that, Kevco, or you can ask Dorian to pick up your tab.

  • Anonymous

    RB – thanks for the info, but this is typical AEG smoke and mirrors. It’s always easier to apologize after the fact. It was an especially boneheaded move after all the grief they got during the summer after raising the ticket prices to “build their business”.

    Anyone who renews their season seats downstairs without MAJOR price concessions is a fool.

    BRS – you really don’t have a problem with the Kings rewarding your loyalty by selling the seat next to yours at an 80% discount?

  • Dave

    I am one of the fans who bought lower bowl tix for 11 bucks… However, im not some idiot who has never been to a game. I have been a Kings fan for my entire 31 years of life, (Yes I went to games as an infant, or so my father tells me!!)i just can’t afford season tix. I appreciated the sale and I would advocate they do it again too. The Kings are a business and they have the right to do whatever they have to do to sell seats. It is a fact that most, if not all those seats would have been empty had the Kings not thought of such an aggressive sale. And what did it get them? A full building for about the entire month of January. I went to the Philly game with my 11 dollar tickets and the building was electric!!! Would it have been so without those thousands of extra tickets being sold?? Not a chance and you people know that. Now, you as a season ticket holder have a right to demand whatever it is you want in exchange for buying those expensive seats and you have a right to hold the team accountable if they refuse to conpensate you to your satisfaction but at the same time, the team did the right thing with that sale. They made some money on those seats when there was no money to be made, they thought up a brilliant promotion and executed it. If you season ticket holders dont like it, demand better or spend your money elsewhere and buy discounted tickets like the rest of us poor bastards!!!

  • Jayrew

    If Rich Hammond made these posts, you all would comment like a wildfire. Quit acting like a bunch of children. I can’t wait for Rich to change things up, you guys are saps. Go to the ducks blog where you belong

  • Ersberg

    “So Jill, before you walk in here, fresh from checking the press clippings on the Kings’ site and glancing at the standings, please do a little more research.

    Press coverage of hockey is bad enough in Los Angeles. Please don’t add to it with your obvious disdain for the assignment….”

    That was very harsh of you. Do we frequent your burger stand and harass you for the way you flip burgers? It’s her job, and a good one at that, so please don’t come here and wave your wand around like you own the site.

    You could just not read her coverage, or better yet, not post, right?

  • Garrett

    I cannot believe all the whining on here! The Kings put tickets on sale for 11 bucks and that was awesome of them! People who ordinarily would not go see them did so and maybe that builds the fanbase some. I don’t actually know how much season tickets cost but if you are going to bitch about how much you paid then you shouldn’t have bought them because you can’t afford them.

    Here is the thing about season tickets, you are assured that if you want to you can go to every single home game all season long and sit in the same seat. You know that seat is yours. That is why you fork over the money. You’re not paying to get a better price than everyone else. You’re not paying to get perks. You’re paying that money for the assurance that if you want to go to the game you will. No one else gets that. When the Red Wings come to town you will be there. Not many people have that luxury.

    If you are buying season tickets for one of those other reasons then you are doing so for the wrong reasons.

    Stop all the g-damn bitching about ticket prices! If you don’t want to pay the money then don’t! Sit at home and watch all the games on FSN and fork out some dough to get what’s left over every now and then when you really wanna see a game.

    God I am tired of listening to you whiny babies! If you can afford to buy season tickets then you’re clearly pretty well off and since you don’t hear the rest of us non-stop bitching about having trouble meeting the monthly bills maybe you can shut your mouths about this extravagant luxury you afford yourselves!

    And lay off Jill, she is right. The Kings are done and it’s a legit question to ask if anyone is going to continue watching games that can be seen as ultimately all meaningless.

  • PSP

    Dave, I don’t think anyone is saying it wasn’t a good deal for those who don’t have season tickets, but what does it say about your business model if you blissfully screw your most loyal customers without even so much as an expression of regret for months afterward?

    Realistically, how many of those fans who bought $11.50 tickets will line up to pay close to $7,000($80/seat X 2 seats X 42 games) for full season tickets? My guess is that the number will be well under 50. Compare that to the good will lost and they probably would have been further ahead just giving the tickets to the season seat holders.

  • Duckhunter

    Wow, some of you are having a bad week! I have the peace pipe blazing right now if anyone is interested. Sounds as though some of you can use some help.

  • As most of you know, I’ve been blogging for the Kings on and off throughout the season. I covered many Kings games at the beginning of the season, too. My saying the Kings aren’t going to make the playoffs is reality, it is not done out of spite. It’s been well documented that the newspaper industry has taken many hits recently. We don’t have a full-time person to cover the Kings 24-7, though we wish we did. I don’t know many papers that can make that claim. I’m trying to keep you as up to date as possible while balancing many other assignments. This should have you all appreciating Rich that much more as he balances his fine work on this blog with his many other duties at the paper.

  • Dave

    PSP… I never said people were saying it was a bad deal, they are however saying, “what was it for me? why did i get screwed? I pay all this money and I gotta sit next to some idiot who gets a discount and knows nothing about hockey, boo hoo!!!” The Kings marketing or ticket people who created this sale did not sit there and say, hmmm how can we screw our loyal season ticket holders? They came up with an idea and I for one think it was brilliant. There are even some season ticket holders who didn’t mind the promotion. Lots of other “loyal” fans, those like me who can’t necessarily afford season tickets, got to benefit. As well as fans who have never seen a hockey game and think prices are too high to go any other way and even fans who probably only buy 300 level tix and got the chance to sit down low for once in their lives without having to break the bank to do it.

    I dont think their goal was to create more loyal season ticket holders. They simply wanted to fill seats that otherwise wouldn’t have been filled and merely discounting them by 10 or 20% wasnt going to get it done. And it would have been a completely dumb idea to simply give those tickets away to season ticket holders. Most would have gone unused since a lot of them dont seem to even go to the games. Good will or not, rewarding your “loyal” customers or not, that would have been stupid. I for one think season ticket holders are rewarded plenty. I never get invited to special meet and greets with players. I never get invited to breakfast with the gm events. I wont get playoff ticket priority, if we ever get back to the playoffs!!!

    I also hate the way season ticket holders think of themselves as the most loyal of all fans. Just because someone has the means to purchase season tickets does not make them more loyal than someone like me or anyone else for that matter. I grew up on Kings hockey, my dad took me to games as a kid. I laid in my dad’s bed and listened to the kings on radio when I was 6 and 7 years old. Once I was old enough, I have spend hundreds of dollars a year buying tickets where and when I can afford them. I watch religiously on fsn and on the center ice package when games arent televised locally. I buy kings apparel and wear it proudly around town. I’m naming my about to be first child Luc for crying out loud. I deserve just as much from the Kings as season ticket holders think they do because I spend my money too and I support this team through thick and thin just like they do.

  • Old Man

    Very well said Dave. All of kings fans are in this together. Jill i appreciate all you have done to help out Rich.

  • Jill –

    First of all, thank you so much for all your hard work and great writing, which I know is appreciated by all Kings fans, who are naturally starved for such things and also spoiled by Rich’s work and your work. In this blog, Kings fans have the best resource of any fan of any NHL team. I have literally turned people onto the Kings by telling them “nowhere else will you get this kind of coverage.” My brother, who is a Wings fan, reads this (your) stuff and burns with jealousy that no-one does this to this degree with his beloved Wings.

    I would respectfully like to point out one thing, however. As you know, it is the nature of sports fans to cling to hope against all odds. Literally, ALL odds. Just as hockey fans dream of their teams winning the Cup, sports fans everywhere hold out for the dream of the impossible (or, obviously, nearly impossible) coming true. This is the stuff of legends, right? The USA hockey team, 1980, for example. Ken Dryden, coming up from the AHL with ten games left in the 1971 season, never having played an NHL game, and proceeding to supplant starter Rogie Vachon and win the cup, Kirk Gibson’s homerun. Pick your legend. So when you say that “the Kings aren’t going to make the playoffs is reality,” you are inviting a reaction from folks who have a certain (admittedly irrational) investment in waiting for the day that a sports miracle happens to them. It might happen once in their lifetimes. But sports fans are nutty.

    It’s certainly a safe — all but certain — bet that the Kings will not make the playoffs and will be statistically eliminated very soon.

    The truth is, if the Kings go 8-0, they have a statistical 23% chance of making the playoffs. If they go 7-0-1, I believe the odds drop to about 1%. Before tonight’s win, there odds were at 0.07%, or just slightly better than 1:1500.

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