Final: Kings 1, Stars 0, shootout

You’re all correct…the Kings are not officially eliminated from the playoffs. It’s improbable, but yes, still possible. Anyway, the Kings beat the Stars 1-0 in a shootout to stop a three-game skid.

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  • chris

    maybe that goal will help justin williams with his struggles?!?!?

  • Joshua

    Thanks for your efforts Jill!

    Quick has been great the past few games. Too Bad we have scored 1 goal in the last 3 games or this could have been a few wins!

  • variable

    what was that vin scully line when gibson hit the homer…

    “in a year of the improbable…the impossible just happened”

    i don’t see us getting in, but to borrow another baseball line from the tug mcgraw phillies era….

    “you gotta believe!”

    yeah…i do believe we’re not making the playoffs for the sixth consecutive year….

    however, this team has been in it much longer than anyone anticipated…and i’m glad that there’s something to look forward to…

  • Big A

    Our playoff odds “leapt” from approx 0.1 to 2.5% with that win.

    It ain’t over just yet.

    Well, maybe it is, but I won’t admit it.

  • Darby Smash

    Kings will shock the world by making the playoffs and winning the stanley cup within 100 years.

  • What is this about Frolov missing? I overheard Bob and Jim say they are missing him and now Stoll. I saw Stoll take the knee but, missed the first two periods.


  • I Wasn’t Given a Name

    Jill – Nobody has a problem with the casual reference about the Kings not making the playoffs, but for you to stroll in and essentially say that you haven’t had time for us because you are too busy with ice skating and the NCAA, essentially says to us, Hey losers, sorry your pathetic team is so utterly woeful, but you know I am so amazingly busy that I couldn’t care less.

    Yep, that’s how it reads.

    So on behalf of everyone I say that we are sorry that we are stealing precious time away from toe-picks and tournament time. Sorry that you have to dumpster dive for a few more days in Rich’s absence, and we hope that when the rodeo comes to town you get to cover it.

    Yee Haw.


    Just like they always play in the Kings lockerroom


  • oldthunder

    However unikely I would love to see the kings go 8-0 in the last games of the season and sneak in at #8. It is remotely possible to go 7-1 and make it, but in case of tie breakers we need wins. We need a hot goalie to get us in. While Quick played great last night i am still hoping he can stay hot. Where is felix potvin when you need him?

  • Old Man

    When you need offense,who do you call? RATMAN! TM has to have a love affair with this guy.Thank you Mr. Quick, theres still hope.

  • EJ

    This is overstating the obvious, but if they can’t figure out a way to score, it’s over.

  • RealDrew

    Jill seems to be a “glass half empty” type of person.

  • BakoCACondorsKingsFan

    Eight points out of a playoff spot…
    Four points from the fifth pick in the draft…
    Four points from a lottery spot…

    To recap:
    Tavares, Hedberg, et al., on one hand… percentages= 12-15%
    The playoffs, eighth seed, cannon fodder to Detroit/San Jose… percentages=2.5%

    Oh, and we will not have Frolov or Jarrel Stoll…


  • Kings Rule!

    I’m very stoked with this years effort! We have been apart of almost every game played. We were eliminated last year around Christmas!

  • Ersberg

    So, what’s the deal Stoll?

  • Big A

    Nice little piece on Doughty’s rookie season to break the tedium.

  • number 6

    Hey Big A. Thanks for the link. Beautiful article on Doughty. He really is a special player. No question. Even playing the way he does if he were 23 would attract enormous attention, but at 19?!
    Don’t know how you guys feel, but really, what is going on?? Nice to get a W but no even strength goals since the Boston game! Was thinkin last night that the Kings seem to be in direct competition with Steve Mason to see who ends up with the most shutouts. I mean you’ve gotta be creative looking at these things. Otherwise it’s a bit disheartening. Oh well.

  • Rory

    That was a good article about Doughty, I like Lombardi’s little subtle jab at Luke Schenn, saying “If he’s playing in Toronto right now, he’s probably the favorite.” It made me so mad when Schenn was the cover boy of the big rookie edition of Hockey News magazine.

    I bet Stoll tweaked his knee bad and is out for the rest of season, but hopefully he’s okay and will have a speedy recovery!

  • AK47

    So is Trevor Lewis going to get called up or will Moller just take his spot? And how did Richardson play last night?

  • Jeff

    Only 8 games remain, and not already mathamatically eliminated? Huge turnaround for the Kings. I’m very happy with the season.

  • BakoCACondorsKingsFan

    I guess only the REGISTERED guys get through…

  • BakoCACondorsKingsFan

    I guess only the REGISTERED guys get through…

  • src

    Richardsen was ok, gets knocked off the puck fairly easily, but was hustling. Sad thing is, he had a couple of chances but couldnt finish.

    Would expect/hope/pray:


    another note……..check out the mock draft on What a joke, 2 of the 3 mockers have the Kings picking a D man with the 6th pick. Are these guys for real????

  • anonandonanon

    Ok, Mason has played really well but I can’t get over lack of a peep about Drew for rookie of the year. Mason has it in the bag but holy smokes. He made what was going to be an atrocious defense halfway respectable and should be defensive player of the year for for the next 20 at least.

  • Reb

    Hey Jill, thanks for the updates. I think it was said that the Kings would have to win every game from Dallas on in order to attempt to be in 8th place. So I think you are valid in your reasoning that the Kings are out.

  • Final points/record needed/odds of playoffs


  • Rob

    Jill said: “The Kings aren’t going to make the playoffs, so we can have a little fun on the blog.”

    You should immediately remove yourself from this blog for saying that

  • RealDrew

    Boyle has been called up to take Stoll’s roster spot.

    Boyle has eight games to impress. This might be his last shot to show the suits he can play.

  • Anonymous

    It ain’t over til the “Fat Lady sings” and I ain’t heard nothin but hummin.

  • jet

    3 goals a game, that is all we ask. Good luck Brian

  • Telos

    LoL, don’t be so dramatic Rob… Or at least put a /sarc there at the end…

  • poll: how many points will get you into the playoffs?

  • Rob

    Why not call up Jonathan Bernier and give him five or six games – see how he can do as a try out for next year?

  • ByLine

    Just a big winger or two away.

    Funny, heard no mention of that end of game hit Malkin gave Simmonds in Pittsburgh…

  • kingsfan

    It is pretty terrible that you keep bringing up the Kings record. When Rich said you would “try to cover the team” I don’t think any of us expected that you would continue to bash them in pithy one liners. No updates are better than these updates.

  • Jayrew

    You people are miserable. its gotten to be like a cult around here.

    KINGS SUCK! always have, always will. get over it!

  • fine.

  • John

    “Rob said:
    Why not call up Jonathan Bernier and give him five or six games – see how he can do as a try out for next year?”

    Because Jonathan Quick is getting better all the time & deserves to improve his game in the NHL. Let Jonathan Bernier dominate the playoffs in the AHL. Which would set up one hell of a competitive camp with Quick-Ersberg-Bernier battling it out!

  • Arron

    You people seriously need to get off of Jill’s case. Is it her fault that the Kings have not scored a goal in almost three games.

    Look Rich said that Jill would be busy but would try to keep us updated. She has done just that. She has also allowed us to have some live game chats. She is doing this for us and she is doing this for Rich. SHOW SOME RESPECT.

  • cristobal

    Jill, you’re doing fine.
    Keep up the good work and disregard the negativity.


  • Anonymous

    Not sure what the problem is with the spoiled pigs commenting on Jill’s gracious efforts to keep this blog active this week.

    And though I’m as big a Kings fan as anyone — the kind of die-hard who always stays till the final horn no matter what the score is — the Kings are NOT going to make the playoffs, despite the microscopic mathematical possibility. Jill’s right, hate to break it to you all.

  • AK47

    You guys have to think about something, if we draft a defenseman in the fist round this year it’s because he will be apart of a package for Kovalchuk. If DL thinks we have a good shot at landing Gaborik, Hossa or Havlat, then we go ahead and draft Jordan Schroeder or Nazem Kadri..

  • Big A


    I think almost all of us are horribly embarrassed by one or two children on this forum.

    No reason to listen to them or even allow them to post. They can hit 4chan or whatever from their parents’ basement instead.

  • src

    Hey AK, noticed you have a man crush on schroeder. He isnt ranked that high according to most polls and hes smallish…what gives-got some inside info???

    With the caps involved, I dont see Kovalchuk as being an issue. 1. He will command 9 mil/yr. 2. Doesnt back check-would be on TMs 4th line more than Fro.

    Hossa if not signed by Det for 5 mil (see quisp analysis on kool aid) will want 7-8mil/year.

    Anything over 7 mil puts us in potential trouble with signing Quincey, keeping Fro (probably gone anyway), etc etc.

    Gaborik on a 1 year deal at 6.5/7mil might be worth a shot. However I would rather see Franzen at 4.5/year with room for more like samuelsen etc.
    I realize we need a top winger, but 3+ solid lines with 20 goal scorers would be tough to beat.

    I have said it before…….Heatley is the only option out there trade wise. 7.5/yr 4 years left. Senators need cap relief and want more scoring depth. Our first, Fro and Purcell or Moler would get it done. Unsure about NTC for Heatly though. Another thought..Heatley has never really been on a winner. Neither has Gabby.

  • Quisp

    A one in a thousand shot is nothing to sneeze at. Gezundheidt.

  • Duckhunter

    I have to chime in here, though I don’t really want to. Jill, people like, I Wasn’t Given A Name, do not represent or speak for us all. Please accept my apologies for the unnecessary grief you are receiving here and please don’t think that all King fans are that rude and disrespectful.

    Jill, I can only imagine all the different directions the paper is pulling you in right now. I visit the USC sight and noticed you were filling in there as well. So my hat goes off to you. Keep up the good work and don’t let a few grumpy ones ruin your day.

    Come on Boyle, lets make a difference today.