Penalty box

From hockey to figure skating? The World Figure Skating Championships are at Staples Center this week, and American Brandon Mroz is a pretty good story. As a kid, he was the ultimate hockey player. He loved to skate but didn’t get to do it much because he also loved to get in fights and was always in the penalty box. So, Mroz’s parents moved him to figure skating. Now, the former goon is doing quadruple toe loops. I’ll have a column on Mroz in tomorrow’s paper. The Kings aren’t going to make the playoffs, so we can have a little fun on the blog.

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  • Anonymous

    That ought to be an interesting story. Looking forward to it, Jill.

    From hockey player to figure skater — that’s quite a leap (pun intended.)

  • Jeff

    Boy Jill, just how much salt do you have over there. I think that’s about the third time you’ve mentioned the Kings will not be making the playoffs for the 6th straight year. The truth hurts, but ouch, I’m trying to forget.

  • Cricket


    Seriously no offense, but the way you mention the Kings not making the playoffs makes it sound like that’s the only reason to even keep up with the team. I don’t think that’s what you intended and I know you’re busy doing other things, but, there’s a lot to say about this team playoffs or not. And talking about figure skating just because its at Staples is not my idea of fun

  • Duckhunter

    Let me know when Michelle Kwan comes back. Now that will get me watching Figure Skating.

  • Anonymous

    A big +1 about making it seem like all we care about is the playoffs. Chances are, diehard fans reading this blog have been around long enough that we’re used to missing the playoffs. No need to a) rub it in or b) imply that our interest in the team ends there.

    When does Rich come back again?

  • oldthunder


  • bailout

    Thanks Jeff and Cricket…i thought i was the only one becoming annoyed by the non stop comments from Jill about not making the playoffs. Perhaps we can all just have fun watching the last few games already without the slams from the person temporarily running the blog.
    Thanks for understanding.

  • J-Ro

    Not to be rude, but we care about figure skating because……? Anyone remember a commercial a few years back, I forget what it was for, but it had a figure skater getting checked ala Dustin Brown and just destroyed! Now I’d like to see that!

  • jet

    some nights I wonder if we could use the old Mroz

  • PolarBearOne

    Meh. I liked the story better when it was called “The Cutting Edge”. šŸ˜›