Still talking about Ovie’s celebration

Washington Caps coach Bruce Boudreau – the former Manchester coach – got uncharacteristically heated with reporters Thursday when discussing the celebration by Alex Ovechkin after his 50th goal. Boudreau was asked if he figured Tampa would seek retribution, and that’s when he lost it. Click here for more.

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  • MasterAL99

    Act like you’ve been there before and plan on being there again. I have no problem with him celebrating after each goal like it’s a game 7 overtime goal, but he does look like a douche just like Terrell Owens looks like a douche dancing after a touchdown. That being said, the Canadian media are effin haters. If it was Crosby doing it, they would embrace it. Since it’s a Russian dude, they clown him.

  • Cricket

    Thanks for the link, good read. I like what Ovie said, “some players are like robots.” It’s true. I’ve always appreciated the class most hockey players show but a lot of them are boring as a box of rocks.

  • Old Man

    Celebrate,but be humble.Thats what drew me to hockey 37 years ago.Leave the chest pounding to the NBA.

  • Jeff H

    I tend to agree with you Cricket. I admit I did not see the celebration so probably shouldn’t comment. But in the past when I have seen him celebrtate a goal, either his or another player on his team he is way into it and I love it personally. He never seems to do it in anyones face and I admit he does some other stuff like some questionable hits during some games when he seems frustrated with the defense on him. But compare him to a guy like Cammy after he scores and I will take Ovie’s reaction any time.

    These guys are playing a game, act like your having fun and you care a bit I say.

  • The Hammer

    I remember when Bernie Nicholls did his pumper-Nicholl after he scored a goal. That was pretty fun for me and I would always look forward to it. Ovechkin’s celebrations aren’t much different, maybe with a little more flair. I think it’s great for the fans and the game.