Congrats to Lysacek

Congratulations to Evan Lysacek, who won the men’s title at the World Figure Skating Championships at Staples Center on Thursday. What’s his connection to the Kings? Well, he’s a Kings fan and trains in El Segundo.

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  • Anonymous

    Figure skating?? reallly????

    when is Rich coming back???

  • Brett

    Could you folks be any more rude (and I’m referencing the comments from the past few days, as well)? Jill doesn’t have to fill in for Rich at all–she could just let this blog stay blank until he returns–and this is how you thank her for her trouble? So what if some of the news is only quasi-Kings-related? She can post what she likes and you can just stay away from the blog until Rich returns if you don’t like it. Don’t act like you have a *right* to Kings news in the manner that you feel that you deserve them. Be thankful that you get any while Rich is away. If you can’t do that, at least act like adults and keep your comments to yourselves. Jill doesn’t deserve the slaps to the face that indirectly asking her when she’ll stop posting are.

  • Anonymous

    Agree with anonymous. As fans we do not deserve the slaps in the face simply because the kings arent going to the playoffs.We get it.The kings are likely to miss the playoffs again. There is no reason for her snide comments in all her earlier posts, especially when asking if anyone even cares any more,then promoting FIGURE SKATING which I can venture to say 98 percent of kings fans definetly DONT care about that. Hopefully, she will be gone soon. Next time, dont pollute Rich’s blog with your agenda and excuse for kings news.

  • ranole

    Although I dont agree with the snide and rude comments I do have to say one thing, Jill. I appreciate the effort you are giving but it is bad enough that us Kings fans hardly get any news or respect in this city from all the media. And though the stories about the figure skaters are great and all but this really is a Kings blog and I come here for Kings news. I mean I came here immediately after Stoll got hurt not to find news on him but to find there was some story about a hockey player turned figure skater. No offense but if I want to read stories about that I would go to a figure skating site.

    Now here is my comment. Take it as you wish. One of the main reasons that the newspaper industry is bad is partly because of this. Newspapers, including their writers and editors all need to stop thinking what we want to hear and read and start writing good articles in all aspects of the news. I dont subscribe to the Daily News or the Times for the main reason that they dont think we want to read about the Kings. Quite frankly you cover Los Angeles sports and it should be an obligation to cover ALL sports Los Angeles. Once you and all the business realize this is when you will start to make money again. This blog is a prime example of my point. For years it was all Kings hockey and it was great. It is wildly sucessful but then it gets changed to a hockey/figure skating blog and you get a backlash.

    Please take this as constructive criticism and not as a complaint.

  • Anonymous

    Can he play left wing?