Following up

Here’s today’s story on the Kings’ loss to Nashville. The Kings are eight points out of the eighth and final playoff spot in the Western Conference.

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  • Anonymous

    No mention of the penalty on Kopitar in OT…by the way…. the same French Canadien referee that got us in Montreal.

  • Anonymous

    There are 15 teams in the west and the top 8 make it. It isn’t possible to be 8 spots out of the final spot.

  • AK47

    She meant 8 points out..

  • Cheesburger Yoda

    Gee, thanks for posting YESTERDAY’S story about YESTERDAY’S game at 3:20 in the afternoon. That must’ve taken a lot of effort, and tremendous editorial decision-making. No wonder newspapers are turning into dinosaurs.

  • NMKingsFan

    Wow, the natives have really gotten grumpy since Rich has been gone.

  • anonandonanon


    Thanks for any Kings info. Unfortunately, some folks don’t remember the times when no, and I mean none, of the news of Kings games was reported. Misogynists are everywhere. So are boneheads. Again, thanks.

  • historyguy

    Cheeseburger Yoda, you can take your comments with you on a flying leap off of Santa Monica Pier. Rich and Jill are the best thing ever to happen to Kings coverage (and I should know, having been a fan since 1975). They’re going through a pretty tough time now, which you’d know if you’d bothered to read. Cut them some slack.

    Rich and Jill, I hope you know how much 99.9% of the fans appreciate you.

  • historyguy

    By the way, NMKingsFan, I’m getting ready to move to Santa Fe this summer. Good to know that I won’t be the only Kings fan in the state.

  • Vicarious

    Cheeseburger– The newspapers have tried to cut costs to stay in business and so are very understaffed. It has become really bad and has so effected the quality of their product. As the economy tanks all the newspapers have suffered–including this one the Daily News. The WSJ is half its previous size; the LA times now has frequent errors where it was once 99.999% error free.

    Not a worker’s fault to hv more work then one can perform, which is how your comment might be read. With Rich out, Jill’s covering maybe 6-8 jobs as opposed to her normal 3-4 jobs. So she is likely late on all of them. Not her fault. With Rich back, this is not his only gig.

    This site is free, for example. Feel free to send the Daily News some $ is you want better service.

    (Hey guys, buy a paper or two: the newspaper biz works on volume. Also, a letter to the editor extolling Rich will take 10 minutes and a $.50 stamp and such praise cannot hurt. I for one enjoy this blog)

  • Chris Bond

    What really stinks is I think that the comments are soon to be gone, Because I guess there are a few that cant keep it clean. So tomorrow when Rich is back and if he dicides to pull the plug. I just wanted to say it was great to talk to you all this year, most of you really know the game. And it was great to talk to you all. Peace…….

  • Quisp

    Hickey/Teubert assignments –

    I forget who asked or where it came up, but at some point we were talking about where Hickey was going to go when the Seattle season ended (as it did last night) and someone asked if we burn a year of his contract if he’s called up to the Kings. The answer (apparently) is, only if he plays 40 games, which is obviously not possible.

    Still, I’m expecting there to be some kind of news this week about whether Hickey is headed to Manchester or not for the playoffs.

  • AK47

    Why can’t some of you guys just be so respectful to Jill? She’s working as hard as she can and some of you just bash her and insult the way she writes. Like Chris said, most of you guys do know hockey and it was nice getting all your perspectives on the game itself but also the up and coming Los Angeles Kings. This team will be an exciting one in the next couple of years and next season we should see be apart of a playoff run.

    Go Kings Go

    & thanks for everything Rich, you really changed my life when it came to Kings updates. Like most of you know, I live in Ottawa, Canada and the only coverage of the Kings here is.. well there isn’t any. It’s all about the Ottawa Senators, but ever since I found Rich Hammond’s inside the kings blog, it completely got me addicted.

    thanks once again

  • brian

    I too enjoy the work Jill, Rich and formerly Matt do for this blog. Most of you that inner act also have great points of view and I also enjoy other fans interest in the Kings. Just to throw this out there, have any of you heard of the college kid Bozak who is free agent now that his team is finished? TSN’s Dreger is reporting up to 25 teams are pursuing this kid. I wonder if it is similar to Purcell a few years ago?

  • Lisa

    Thanks Jill for the great updates and reporting, appreciate you taking the time to keep us all informed! Thank god cheeseburger yoda is an anomoly and not a reflection of the majority of commenters here. Just wish the *** wouldn’t post at all.

    Rich and Jill do a great job! Thank you!!

  • Moondoggie

    Yoda….That was completely out of line.

    Rich & Jill are the best thing that ever happened to the Kings since the Gretzky trade. These wonderful people have dedicated themselves to us, the still loyal & faithful Kings fans who read their blog every day. They’re fighting for their jobs right now yet they still have time to post info for us, most of which we’d be totally in the dark without. It also gives us fans an opportunity to debate the team’s direction amongst ourselves.

    Maybe you should take comments of that nature and post them on the Ducks blog. I understand they’re still in the playoff hunt and you’ll have plenty of readers to view that type of criticism.

    Thank you Rick & Jill for all you do and all you’ve done for us fans. Hopefully things can continue the way they have been, a terrific blog that gives us an outlet to vent our frustrations, celebrate our victories and share our thoughts about the future of the this great young team.

  • rjc76

    Amen AK47

    I like you am also a fan up here in Canada. I’m up in Manitoba so at least you have an NHL team that you could possibly cheer for in your area…lol.

    Finding this site has been amazing. Watching the last few years has been pretty painful I have to admit, but finding this site this past year has been a blessing. I’m on here daily and my Kings season is more than just whether they won or lost. With all the info Rich and Jill provide I’m more in the loop than ever before. Even though it looks like we’ll be missing the playoffs again, this was by far the funnest season to be a Kings fan. Thanks!

  • Old Man

    Hi Rich, Please don`t judge us all by the few who made those ugly and untrue comments towards Jill.You both are great, and appreciated by real King fans.I believe the frustations should be taken out on the Kings, not Jill or yourself.Thank`s again Rich for everything!

  • Matt George

    I’m assuming Rich is back today and as such, I wanted to post this from ESPN regarding our guys.

    This is one of the reasons why I was saying this year has been a raging success.

    Also to EVERYONE … I was one of the NAYSAYERS in what I called the “ten year rebuilding” plan.

    My pledge to you all … if the Kings go deep in the playoffs next season… and I think they will … I will print out the words “Ten Year Rebuilders” and EAT THEM.

    Aaahh it’s good to be wrong!

  • nykingfan

    wow..lay off Jill….she probably has other things to do for her job…Its not all about us.

    This is going to be a crucial off season for the Kings.
    Who do we keep and who do we go after?

    A couple of people had mentioned in a previous thread that JJ has shown nothing and is prone to making mistakes….I completely disagree with the 1st part.
    He probably has the hardest and most accurate shot on the team…including Stoll.
    The mistakes he makes are exactly what you would expect a young defensemen to make.
    We’ve all become spoiled because of the way Doughty plays and the few mistakes he makes. That’s not how it usually is with defensemen.
    JJ does not have to be signed during the off season. He has another year until he becomes RFA.

    I liked the way Boyle played on Saturday. Aside from the goal, he was involved in the play and looked like he was working hard all game. That’s what they’ve been looking for from him. Let’s hope he keeps it up.

  • jet

    NY – great point on Boyle. A few hits, a few take aways, a blocked shot and 4 FO wins. Did you notice without Stoll our special teams FO% was 25%? Ouch

  • AK47


    JJ is a RFA this summer bro, we need to re-sign him if we don’t want another contract dispute between him and DL, like O’Sullivan did, and we all know how that relationship finished. Jack Johnson and Drew Doughty will be one of the top notch d pairings in the NHL in a couple of years, and DL can’t break that up.

    We keep jack, we keep boyle, we keep richardson..

    gauthier’s gone, armstrong’s gone, calder’s gone..

    we sign gaborik in the off-season, or hossa or havlat..

    and IF NOT.. we trade for kovalchuk, by sending Frolov, Boyle/Handzus & Jared Cowen for Kovy.

    If we go after Gaborik, we don’t draft Jared Cowen. We take Jordan Schroeder or Nazem Kadri

  • Ersberg


    I think Dean goes for MSP at #6.

  • Big A

    MSP or Schenn would both be studs on this team in a couple of years, imo. If we get lucky and move up on the board maybe we’ll get a shot at Kane. Some other great looking young ‘uns out there, too, though I don’t see as many of them starting in the league next year as did this year.

    AK – I’m all with you on resigning JJ. Given a full season, wow, he’s going to be a terror on the PP as well as solidify his positional game. At the same time I don’t think the team should act out of fear of a POS situation though. That stuff was just… odd in SO many ways. I think communication with JJ and his agent are on a different level. Of course if DL purposely lowballs him someone might toss out an offer sheet lol.

    Rich / Jill – There can’t be more than 1 or maybe 2 trolls here… doing what trolls do. There has to be an easy way of dealing with them…

  • nykingfan


    I certainly won’t swear to it, but I remember DL saying that JJ’s not an RFA and therefore its not a front burner thing.
    Again, I could be wrong….it would only be for the 1 billionth time though…hardly a bad track record!
    I like the thought on the FA’s and trading for Kovalchuk…I think it might cost us more for Kovalchuk though. Either way, he’s a crazy talent.
    Gaborik intrigues me again…he’s playing great since he came back. He’s the biggest gamble of the guys you mentioned.

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