Murray talks about Frolov

To follow up on Dean Lombardi’s comments from last week about Alexander Frolov, here’s what Terry Murray said today about Frolov’s recent play…


Question: Right around the time of the trade deadline, Dean talked about being pleased with Frolov’s development. After that it seemed, based on his playing time and situation, that things took a dip. How do you feel about the way his game had been before the injury?

MURRAY: “I agree with what Dean said, in that we did see a much improved dig-in around that time. He was on the same page and buying in to what the team is doing. I have been very happy with that attitude, all the way right through. The thing now that came up, with the groin injury, there’s a question of how long he has been playing through some stuff with that, that might be impacting him. Clearly he’s one of our most talented players. He’s big and plays a power forward game. He has that ability and shows that kind of game. When things are going right, he can dictate the game, almost with every shift. Sometimes you get a little greedy as a coach and you want to see that every time, but you always want to see him lead the way. For this team to move on and become a real good team, your best players have to be your best players. I expect him, and the other top players, to be the best players every night. We need him to be good.”

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  • variable

    maybe all of us fearing that fro will be traded have got it wrong…

    i, for one, am completely confused and more unsure than ever before about whether he will stay and be dealt…

    it’s one of the first times i’ve heard t.m. talk about frolov and acknowledge how good/great of a player he is and can be…

    maybe we who think of the worst case scenario between the team and fro have got it wrong and that this is some type of elaborate ‘scheme’ to get his attention and make him the player he can be consistently…

    maybe, in fro’s absence, t.m. realizes that there are other problems with the team that are not the result of fro’s play…

    very glad to see that t.m. somewhat admits that he has been a bit hard on fro…and if it was because fro was playing hurt, what does that say to both the coach and to d.l.???

    to me, that a sign of a player that wants to win and do what he can for his team…if d.l. needs evidence of a “buy-in” from fro, doesn’t that speak volumes as to just that????

    flip a coin…’cause i think this could go either way….

  • Ersberg

    I don’t think we have it wrong. If there’s something available at the draft, he’s done.

    Thanks for the good years, Fro.


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