• khanon81

    Glad to hear that. Gauthier is a very solid, physical, tough D-man that gets no respect on this site. Good veteran to have on any team. I’m not too fond of Drewiski though, kind of quiet on the ice, doesn’t use that big body enough. I would prefer the Kings call up maybe Bagnall or Piskula. and get some more big boys back there to help J-Quick to continue to keep the puck out of the net

  • Mickey Keenab

    Khanon, I think it was pointed on on another site, that Drewiskie, throughout all his games, has only been on the ice for 1-goal against. He has played pretty solid D and makes very few mistakes… Goat on the other hand does provide a physical presence but at the cost of questionable D….

  • Datacloud

    The wonders never cease. Drewiske has quietly come in and performed beautifully. He is very poised and makes great decisions with the puck. I want to kick TM in the head sometimes.

  • Datacloud

    Never mind, didn’t notice the Quincey update.

  • 4thlinechecker

    Khanon, Do you really think that Joey Piskula is more physical then Drewiske? Go compare their hits and PIM…. they are damn near the same size as well…..Drewiske has been great so far, and the kid can be physical

    I am all about being Physical, and although I am not a huge fan of Gauthier (Because he runs around but rarely has the stones to drops em…) I like his physical play, However I dont think he fits in the future…..He never really lasted long in PHX or PHI either.

  • AK47

    Jack Johnson is on a scoring streak, wow. This kid has so much upside, we need to re-sign him..

  • jet

    look we need to get as many rookies in as many games as possible. But, we need to do it without getting them hurt. Gauthier has been a perfect fit for this this year. I believe Labs was run near the begining of the year and Goat was the one willing to step up.

  • src3

    Again, Simmonds was the only real visable king tonight. Yeah JJ had a goal, nothing spectacular, got it on net and Turco slipped in any easy one. The Zeus experiment finally ended after 2 periods, but Armstrong who was a day late and a dollar short was inserted on the top line. Simmonds deserves the minutes. Zues must remain as the 3rd center! That is where he is most effective.

    Purcell was awful tonight. Brownie and Boyle were making some hits but not getting to the net.

    Brutal effort by the boys tonight. Taking summer vacation a lttle early???!!!!

    Outplayed and man handled by an injury laden Stars squad, at home-embarrassing.

  • King Ludwig

    His return is a perfect way to tank the season… Now Tavares and/or Hedman are within reach…that is when the lottery is won…