Playing through pain

There can be debate about some players, but it seems to be generally accepted that Kyle Quincey has been one of the Kings’ strongest defensemen this season. Quincey has four goals and 34 assists in 72 games entering tonight, which is all the more impressive considering that he’s been playing with back pain. Quincey, most likely, is going to require offseason surgery to correct what I believe is a herniated disc. Here’s what Terry Murray said about Quincey’s effort this season…

MURRAY: “OUr training staff does a great job of keeping an eye on, and watching, the players. When he came here, it was something we knew was going to have to be taken care of eventually. The doctors, each time they talk about it, everything is status quo. There is an issue and it will be addressed, but there is no further risk to his back by him playing. He had a follow-up meeting and conversation with the doctors and they reassured him in that area. But we do know that the operation will take place at some point. He’s been doing a wonderful job playing through it. Sometimes he feels nothing, and sometimes he feels a lack of strength in the back and the legs. He has done a great job of playing through it.”

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  • Winsomemore

    Get him off the ice and let him have the surgery. The sooner it’s done the more time he has to recover and get back to game shape.

  • jet

    Agreed, get him in now, so that he can be ready late in the year.
    Kyle, no more of checking two people at once stuff.

  • variable

    absolutely agree…he needs to call it quits, get the procedure done, if needed and be healthy and strong for next season’s training camp…

    kyle definitely does not need to be out there right now…i hope he does the right thing and gets good advice from all that are involved…

  • Ersberg

    “Quincey, most likely, is going to require offseason surgery to correct what I believe is a herniated disc.”

    All I can say is, oh ****.

  • mrbrett7

    I have been living with and playing with 2 bulging discs in my back for going on 8 years now.

    Many players play with this kind of pain, and despite the fact that I’m sure Quincy is far tougher than I am, and a herniated disc is worse than bulging discs…I know his pain. There are times where I’m skating, and all of a sudden, I just can’t stand up straight.

    Anyway…I agree. No point in him continuing to play this year. Get him under the knife right now. The sooner that is done, the sooner he can hit off-season conditioning full throttle. Your back is nothing to take lightly (why I do, I have no idea…I just love to play).

  • nykingfan

    This is a guy I want on my team. He hasn’t missed a game since he’s been here…obviously playing through pain and playing at a real high level.

    Gotta wonder what Detroit was thinking in not trying to trade the guy and instead losing him for nothing….
    Their loss is our huge gain.
    Great pickup DL!

  • mrbrett7

    This may be one of the first mistakes I can think of Ken Holland making in quite some time.

    Quincey makes mistakes, but I think I forget that this is his first full NHL season so in essense, he really is a rookie, even though he has been around the NHL for a couple of years.

    Detroit has some serious talent, I just wonder what they are going to do for defense and goaltending in the future.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    The thing that the story of Quincey emphasizes is, the toll the cap takes from a good team. Imagine next year if the cap truly comes down…

    It can be a great opportunity if you are prepared, eh DL?

  • I know this is really boring and you are skipping to the next comment, but I just wanted to throw you a big thanks – you cleared up some things for me!