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Here’s what Terry Murray had to say about the recent play of goalie Jonathan Quick, who must be happy to be in L.A. Quick is 2-4-1 in his last seven road games but has won three consecutive home games. For the season, Quick has an 18-12-2 record, a 2.58 goals-against average and a .909 save percentage. If that GAA holds up, it will be the lowest by a regular Kings goalie since 2003-04, when Cristobal Huet finished at 2.43 and Roman Cechmanek finished at 2.51.

MURRAY: “He’s really showing us a lot as an organization. From the time he joined the team in December, he has continued to show improvement. His work habits are good, and are excellent really, more than very good. The instinctive part of his game, when it really gets heated up and the game gets to a high pace, his instinctive play comes out, and he’s been showing a nice talent level in that area. It’s not only the physical side but also the mental side. I’m very pleased with how his game has come along and how he has played. He seems to be hungry to succeed. He wants to play as many games as I give him, and we like what we’re seeing.”

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  • Jimmy

    If Quick is the real deal, and he looks pretty good, then the Kings are one lucky team. It’s not often LA breeds a net-worthy puck stopper.

  • PaulCat1969

    As much as I love Doughty, I really think Quick is our team MVP (frankly I hope they give co-winners). When I think where this team would be without him it is really hard to imagine. 6 games over .500 and he didn’t play in the first 31 games of the year. That is almost 40% of the season where his presence would have translated into points. I am certain we would be a playoff team now had he been from the start.

  • Duckhunter

    I love this kid. When he doesn’t think too much and plays on natural abilities he’s great. I see this kid only getting better through the summer and being a force next year.

  • wavesinair

    The Rabbit is so cool. We as fans will hopefully recognize that we finally have a goalie that can very easily be a great #1 goalie for many years to come. Keep it up Jonathan!!!!

  • ziggy33

    For once, I actually like our goaltending situation going into next season. Quick has proved that he is capable of carrying the load. I like the kid’s composure and positioning. He probably could work on handling the puck a little better in the offseason. Nonetheless a great rookie season!

  • I like his compete level. He doesn’t give up and has Hextall-like temperament! Did you see how upset he was after the Nashville game…that shows me that he HATES to lose! Better puck-handling and we have a 3rd D which helps on the breakout and starts the rush…that would be one of my wishes for the off-season (along with a sniper).

  • number 6

    DUCKHUNTER, looking for you. Just wanted to say that I really appreciated your comments on Marian Hossa under the Thomas Hickey blog. They were a response to my comments. It’s not that you agreed with me, because I can’t say you did, but I so liked the fact that your comments made me think. It was a very interesting take on the subject.
    I can, though say I so agree with a certain aspect of this type of thing, guys moving to a team and looking as though they’re sacrificing huge amounts of money (maybe, but they’re still earning huge amounts of money) to play for that specific team. I do agree that something about it leaves me feeling rather uneasy. I mean, Minnesota to Detroit, sure, understood. But playing wing for either of two of the most talented centers to play the game for a long time to go elsewhere? I thought I heard that the fired coach (Terrien?) may have figured into it. We can’t know. But, it’s so easy to choose the Red Sox, Yankees, Patriots, Steelers, Red Wings. Thank God basketball teams have less personnel.

    Oh, and I really like Quick as well. Would though love to see him spend quite some time working on handling the puck behind the net. That could help in the short and long run.

  • Duckhunter

    number 6 cheers to you.

    No, I actually agree with you on all your statements about Hossa. No matter how you look at it, we are not attractive enough, in any shape or form, for him to sign here. Only thing we have going is cap space, but I guarantee you other more appealing teams(to him) will make space for his services. Those guys know how to work and manipulate the system.

    Terrible game last night huh?!

    Anyhow, have a nice day.

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