Murray talks about Frolov

To follow up on Dean Lombardi’s comments from last week about Alexander Frolov, here’s what Terry Murray said today about Frolov’s recent play…


Question: Right around the time of the trade deadline, Dean talked about being pleased with Frolov’s development. After that it seemed, based on his playing time and situation, that things took a dip. How do you feel about the way his game had been before the injury?

MURRAY: “I agree with what Dean said, in that we did see a much improved dig-in around that time. He was on the same page and buying in to what the team is doing. I have been very happy with that attitude, all the way right through. The thing now that came up, with the groin injury, there’s a question of how long he has been playing through some stuff with that, that might be impacting him. Clearly he’s one of our most talented players. He’s big and plays a power forward game. He has that ability and shows that kind of game. When things are going right, he can dictate the game, almost with every shift. Sometimes you get a little greedy as a coach and you want to see that every time, but you always want to see him lead the way. For this team to move on and become a real good team, your best players have to be your best players. I expect him, and the other top players, to be the best players every night. We need him to be good.”

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Monday practice update

A couple things coming out of today’s practice…

— Alexander Frolov skated this morning, before the Kings practiced, but he will not play tomorrow. Terry Murray said that Frolov will participate in tomorrow’s morning skate, which will be held at Staples Center because the team is taking its official group photo. Frolov’s “lower-body injury” is a groin strain.

— Kyle Quincey missed practice because of a doctor appointment. For those who might not be aware, Quincey has been dealing with a back injury since before the Kings acquired him from Detroit. The Kings have known, all along, that Quincey will likely need back surgery during the offseason, but Quincey has played through the periodic discomfort. He is expected to play tomorrow.

I have some quotes from Murray about a variety of subjects, so I’ll be posting that stuff as I have time to do so…

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While we were out…

For those who might have missed it, a few things happened last week…

— Jarret Stoll and Alexander Frolov both went down with injuries. Frolov, who has one of those mysterious “lower-body injuries,” could come back this week. The Kings didn’t practice Sunday so we’ll see if he’s back on the ice today. Stoll is out for the season with a groin injury.

— Bemidji State shocked the college hockey world and reached the Frozen Four, along with Boston University, Vermont (which won on a shot that went THROUGH the net) and Miami of Ohio.

— The Kings went 1-2-1.

— A couple people who you will never hear from again were eliminated on American Idol.

— Brian Boyle came up from Manchester and scored a goal. Kevin Westgarth went back to Manchester.

— Those who went with a conservative NCAA Tournament bracket thrived in their office pools.

Finally, I think this got posted around (and maybe even here, by Jill), but for those who might have missed it, here are some comments that Dean Lombardi had last week about Alexander Frolov…
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Hickey to Manchester

Thomas Hickey will play for the Manchester Monarchs for the rest of their regular season. The Monarchs have seven games remaining, starting with Wednesday’s game vs. Lowell.
(CORRECTION) Hickey WOULD be able to play in the AHL playoffs, because he is a junior player already under contract, and his junior season is complete.

As a side note, thanks for all the support over the furlough week. It was fun to communicate with people through Facebook, and it’s a good outlet for promoting the blog even more.

Just to set the table going forward, there will be no more anonymous commenting. If you wish to comment, please register with a valid e-mail address. It’s no coincidence that the percentage of “problem comments” that come from anonymous people is overwhelmingly high. It will help me moderate things better and ban any problem people, and hopefully this will be the only step I need to take. Thanks again.

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Silver lining

The Kings host the Dallas Stars tomorrow, and the Stars have been a welcomed sight this season. The Kings are 4-0-1 against Dallas and if the Kings earn at least one point tomorrow, they’ll have earned a point in every game of the season series for the first time since the 1995-96 season.

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