Vote: Team MVP

The Kings have sent out their ballots for the media to vote for 2008-09 team awards. As always, I want to solicit your opinions as I make my decisions. The first one up is the big one, team MVP. Cast your vote below, and feel free to make your argument in a comment. Candidates for team team MVP, the “Bill Libby Memorial Award,” must have played at least 25 games with the Kings this season.

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  • mrbrett7

    This was a REALLY tough decision for me.

    I was down to Doughty, Handzus and Quick, but ultimately went with Doughty. The kid is 19, plays more minutes than anyone, and makes the fewest mistakes out of anyone. He is the future of this franchise, hand him the torch.


    If you asked me at the beginning of the season, I’d say Doughty…If we were just looking at the 2nd half of the season I’d say Quick. But I voted for Frolov, since he was the man all season long (AGAIN) and now without him, we can see what kind of impact he had.

    P.S Real deal Sarf!

  • Ersberg

    Handzus? That’s comeback of the year..

    Doughty? Rookie of the year(not counting Quick)..

    Minus J-Quick, we’d have 50ish points. He gets it.

  • Ersberg

    One other one..

    Biggest surprise of the year…


  • PaulCat1969

    As I posted yesterday, I wish it can be co-winners with Doughty and Quick sharing the honors but to pick one, I have to with Quick. It all starts in net with me and after so many years of seeing so many goalies flounder in our system and watching him come in and just completely transform our team into being competitive night after night has been great to watch and makes me impatient for next year to begin. I cannot begin to think where this team would be without him but I am certain of two things. First, without him, our season would have been over much longer ago and second, with him from the beginning of the season, we are in playoffs now.

  • Kevco

    Too hard to pick, lot’s of reasons for lots of players.
    In the “not” category it’s our leaders: Brown and Kopi should be up there, but this year – NOT. Very sad.
    Doughty, Quincey, Handzus, Simmonds, Quick- I just can’t pick one, sorry.

  • afx114

    hahah Zeiler with 5 votes!

  • parineum

    Doughty’s been great but hasn’t made a huge impact on the Kings this year. Quick, on the other hand, had a huge impact on the teams success and basically forced management to make room for him by trading LaBarbera.

  • RealDrew

    It came down to Zeus, Doughty, Fro and Quick. I chose Zeus because he’s had a good all around year. He’s been consistant too. Doughty was very close. Dought has also had a consistantly strong season, but he’s a rookie and I think Zeus has brought more in terms of leadership. Fro is the most talented player, but he has some off nights. Quick has been much better then expected. He would have had my vote hands down after that east coast swing in February.

  • Dominic Lavoie

    This was a difficult choice for me. The team responded very well when Brown was out of the lineup. The team has had a difficult time scoring goals since Frolov left the lineup. They looked lost on defense last night without Quincey. Without Stoll and Handzus playing defense and winning faceoffs we’d never have the puck…

    But the co-mvp’s (and that is what I think it should be) are Jonathan Quick and Drew Doughty. This team was in serious danger of collapse when Quick was called up. I do not think that Ersberg would have been able to be a #1. Labs was miserable. Getting a bridge goalie would have cost us a valuable asset or two. Quick stopped the bleeding and actually gave the team the confidence to start asserting itself. That is why I voted for him in the poll.

    However I think Doughty deserves to be a co-MVP. His ability to move the puck, consistently make good decisions, and distribute the puck to the forwards has given this team a dimension it has lacked for a long time. He makes everyone else on the ice better.

    Quick makes the entire roster better and that is why he got my vote.

  • BillM

    It’s amazing (but correct, in my opinion) that two rookies have gotten over 50% of the votes for MVP for the team. I gave the edge to Doughty cause he’s been there all the way, but the biggest disappointment is that I didn’t even have to think twice about throwing out Kopi and Brown. Has Brownie even been ON the team the past 15 games? On the ‘next year’ note, even tho Williams hasn’t scored, he’s tremendously quick and not afraid to go thru the middle, so if he stays healthy he’s going to be a great addition. Now let’s go out and get a scorer!

  • brianguy

    as much as I love Drew Doughty and he’s my favorite young player and defenseman on the Kings, he doesn’t get team MVP but obviously is the team’s rookie of the year.

    my vote goes to Frolov (who is already underrated around the league, but even gets no respect in this poll… wow), followed by Quick.

    here are my top 5 Kings for this season:

    Handzus & Doughty (tie)

  • Big A

    I wish we took a pre-season poll. I bet 90% of us would have predicted either Brown or Kopi.

    We had some great role players step up this year, as noted above, but I think I’ll go with DD. Quick is certainly indispensable and I couldn’t argue with him winning it, but Doughty’s play inspired the whole defensive corps (yeah, we can all poke fun at one guy for some turnovers, but come on, compare this to last year) & kept us in the thick of things in spite of poor goaltending and horrible starts by our big forwards. He logged insane minutes and stretched out the rink, creating a decent transition game overnight.

    If Quick had played a dozen more games and / or we’d made the playoffs, it’d be no-brainer.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Can’t give MVP to a rookie, unless we make the playoffs…

    Handzus. In a year of rebuilding, when the Kings can’t score, may have good to average GAA stats, but were OUTSTANDING on faceoffs…

    Handzus. The Kings were starved for senior leadership on a team that turned out to be the youngest in the league, who was there with grit, day in, day out…

    Handzus. He may not have scored the most, or been the flashiest guy on the ice, but Zeus was the glue that kept this yearling from collapsing prematurely.

    Handzus. Like Ersberg said, Doughty=Rookie of the Year; Quick didn’t play the full year on the team (not his fault), so Quick=Biggest Surprise of the Year.


    Thanks, Zeus.

  • Duckhunter

    I chose Doughty over Quick literally with a coin toss. Both are well deserving. Kudos to Handzus for having a stellar year as well. Fro had his best year here as well, but I think I still expect more from him, that’s why I didn’t vote for him. Fair?….I don’t know, maybe not.

    Is it good or bad that the two favorites for team MVP are rookies?

  • mrbrett7

    I’m curious Perinium…you really think Doughty had no impact on the Kings this year?

    Did you watch?

  • AK47

    Kind of off topic, but I was just wondering if the newly signed Corey Elkins will play against Phoenix? I think Brian Boyle feels alot more comfortable playing as a center than any other position eh? I like Brad Richardson as the 3rd center slot, and once Handzus is gone, I can see him take that spot..

  • nykingfan

    Wow that was tough.
    I ended up voting for Doughty…
    It was hard to not say Zeus and if this was done at halfway mark..he was hand down MVP in my opinion. His play has slowed a little.
    Quincey was my 3rd choice….or choice 1C.
    The guy has been an incredible find for the Kings. Like Doughty, he’s a kid just coming in playing more minutes than everyone else…every night (until the surgery)
    PP/PK/regular or double shift….
    All 3 deserve it.

    Seriously…parineum you don’t think Doughty has made a huge impact on the Kings this year?????
    I’d be interested in hearing why you think that.

  • PSP

    Damn! Jason LaBarbera only played in 19 games…


  • Dave in Torrance

    Hey AK, I was thinking the same thing. It was probably the best I’ve seen him play all year that I can recall. In a pretty crappy game with not many highlights, he seemed to be skating better and moving better than I’ve seen him in awhile.

    My vote went to Zeus also. On a night in/night out basis, he seemed to be one of the most consistent, lunch bucket kind of guys. Just went in and got the job done. Even with his hat trick, he was really pretty low key afterwards. A good role player, a good role model, and a good team guy. My vote for mvp.

  • variable

    i haven’t voted yet….

    i’m struggling with this one big time….

    i’ve narrowed it down to 4 as of right now (no order):


    i’m leaning towards quick….

    there’s a strong case for each of these players…

    quick – no one expected us to do anything of relevance this year because of goal tending….
    enter quick: and the team had confidence and played within the system…we started winning games….there were fewer, if any, bad goals given up…he did this with a very young and new blueline…he has a very compelling argument for this award…

    doughty – what can you say…?…he’s been everything the kings and us have hoped for and more…what a talent…if you really think about it, he’s been this good and is STILL a bit undersized, as he’s still growing and getting stronger…give lots of credit to sean o’donnell for expediting drew’s growth…and that leads me to this dilemma: how good would drew be without o.d. this year? take nothing away from drew, but i don’t think he would be considered for this award if he didn’t have lots of help and the reassurance from his main man, sean o.d….

    frolov – the man or the myth…?…
    after all that’s been said, read and debated with alex, one could make the argument that he’s the offensive catalyst for the kings…he has played on every single line (no matter how ridiculous the reasoning) and made everyone around him better…i cannot remember a player leading his team in goals playing primarily on the third line for the majority of the season…he’s been chastised unfairly and has been a complete pro about it…he deserves tons of credit on an underrated season…

    handzus – if there was a category regarding non-statistical stats (like that one?), zus wins that award by a wide margin…offensive screens, defensive screens, etc…chips in with timely goals and takes the majority…along with stoll…of key face-offs, blocks shots and also has advanced the development of wayne simmonds…zus is the type of player that every team needs…he does so much that doesn’t reach the highlight reel, but makes the coach’s reel…

    so…i know it’s only one vote…mine no more important than mickey mouse or an anonymous poster…

    but…i want to hear more posters and pleas before i make my decision…closing arguments anyone…?

    i’ll check back later this afternoon…

  • stepa

    Frolov # 1 ,fro no play , no gols , no points ,no problems for TM .

  • Baumgartner22

    it might not be a sexy pick, but i went for OD. he was smooth and steady every game and helped the young D transition to the NHL. maybe that’s more of an off-ice AND on-ice MVP. but the guy made few mistakes and kept the team positive.

    but can’t go wrong with the doughty, quick, brownie, fro and kopitar arguments either.

  • JDM

    I voted for Zues.

    Quick hasn’t been on the team long enough imo opinion. 50 games should be the minimum, not 25.

    Doughty has been amazing, but I don’t think he has carried the team on his back as much as Zues and Frolov have.

    Frolov is my favorite King, and he comes in a close third, but Zues’ night in and night out effort gives him the edge. 2 OT winners. How many key face-offs, blocked shots, great shifts? Too many to ignore. If Zues has only scored 8 goals or something, even with the other intangibles I wouldn’t give it to him, but he has scored not only timely goals, but enough of them to be a semi-regular offensive contributor. His mentoring of Simmonds has also been outstanding and we will reap the benefits of that tutorship for years to come.

    My second choice, who no one has really mentioned; Greene. Overall too many mistakes over the season, but he’s one of the only players besides Zues this season who recognizes when the team isn’t together and does something tangible to rally the troops.

    It is really really sad that Brown isn’t even close to being a legit candidate for this. Kopi would have been if he wasn’t invisible half the season.

  • EncinoMan

    It came down to Doughty and Quick for me…..with my vote going to Doughty. Quick brought stability and confidence between the pipes like we have not seen here in a while, but Doughty was impressive for the entire season.

    Hey Rich, just curious, do you know how many media members are voting on these?

  • wisconsinKingsfan

    Can I vote for the entire Kings defense? Ok I voted for Frolov but Handzus and actually Kopitar were a close second. Kopitar and Frolov have had to learn a whole new system that doesn’t exactly agree with their style of play and what they have gotten used to over the years but I think they have adapted rather well. I don’t look at the +/- stats because how many of those were empty net goals for the other team and how many of those were shorthanded goals because a couple of our rookie defenceman got a little eager on the power play?

  • Dan H.

    I had to go with Quick.

    Doughty has been a great surprise and definitely rookie of the year for his minutes and play.

    Frolov has been good all year and it looks like he was playing through another groin injury which shows he cares for the team much more than management gives him credit for. I can’t understand how he gets benched but other guys who do stupid things all the time like Gauthier, Ivanans, etc don’t.

    I’m with some of you that are disapointed that Brown and Kopi aren’t even a thought in this choice.

  • variable

    dan h….

    totally agre with yr frolov comments…i’ve been saying it on this blog for most of the year that frolov has been 1. miscast on the third line for too many games 2. been unfairly called out for making a mistake his other teammates do much more than he has 3. not given enough credit for playing good defense and leading the team ijn goals despite his misplacement…

    i also want to remind everyone the second game day dustin brown missed due to mason’s birth and complications that it was frolov who led the team in hits…i think it was 5…he’s a very intelligent player who does more for this team than he’s given credit for…

    and if the injury was something that he played through during the home stretch…this so-called “buy-in” factor by d.l. has to be addressed in a more appropriate way in giving fro the respect he deserves…

    i still say you can flip a coin on whether he will be traded or not before next season’s start…here’s to hoping he stays…!

  • jet

    I agree with most of the arguments for various players (I think the posters have a higher hockey intelligence this year) but, I choose Fro. He was on the checking line half of the season and still was on pace for 30G. He is also one of the few Kings that would/could hold the puck in the offensive zone in the 3rd when we were ahead. I think all of the summer work put in helped his physical game a great deal. He also felt more comfortable shooting this season. I think this is the first year he has had to be accountable mentally, and there is still room for improvement in this area. Overall, he has to get it.

    After reading other’s posts, I did look up Quick’s stats. It was interesting that in 39 games he allowed 95 games. That works out to less than 200 for a season, or a playoff team. I just could not get past the only 39 games. I hope he is MVP next year.

  • Ric

    Doughty added the most value to the Kings org

  • With the recent injuries, it really shows how delicate this team is and how dependent they are on each other. There are no real standouts–they all are pretty close, Quincey, Fro, Stolli, all working together. Agreed that Kopi and Brownie were having a tough time for a good portion of the season.

    I voted for Quicker, except for a few stinkers, he kept us in most of the games he played. Right after the all-star break, I would have voted for JJ. Zeus is a close second. Steady, reliable, played against the oppositions best, PK and lately PP. Doughnuts, still a rookie, but will soon be the MVP in a few years. Greener and OD-solid.

  • variable

    i decided on frolov….

    quick’s game factor was what did it for me…if the award was for a half season’s worth of games and/or if the kings were in the playoffs on the strength of goal tending, then quick would be the unanimous choice…

    fro plays a very underrated game and has been unfairly called out more so for the same type of mistakes that others do and do more frequently…

    28 goals (and hopefully counting) and only playing a handful of games on the top line, playing on both pp and pk units and always being on the ice with an empty net/behind in the game really did it for me…it was also a year that fro showed that he can be/have a more physical type of player/presence when called upon…

    and just look how little scoring the kings have done in his absence…w/out fro on the ice, it’s one less big weapon out there…we don’t have too many…and other teams can concentrate more so on bottling up the others…

    zus was a close second w/quick and then drew…

  • go kings go

    Quick deserves to win, he’s new he’s awesome, I think he’s way better than Jason LaBarbera.