Postgame quotes (4/4)

(Re game recap): “We had good pressure and we came out with good intensity. We finally got our legs going here. We have been on this road trip for a pretty long time, this last six-game road trip, we’re home for a day and go back out again but we looked like we were fresh and we got some good rest. We showed the kind of team that we we’ve been for most of the way with the level of compete and doing good things in the game. That was an important start for us here tonight.”

(Re the play of Justin Williams and Brian Boyle): “I thought I saw some chemistry starting to happen with Williams, Kopitar and Frolov. Williams is a pretty nifty guy, he has composure with the puck, he has the confidence to make plays in tight spaces, and I think we saw a glimpse of that tonight. I was very happy for him to have a good game and get his first goal as a King and the line had a pretty good night. It was a good effort on his side and it was the same thing with Boyle to start the game off. It was real important for him to have a good game here tonight and we have been pushing him pretty hard in our meetings. He has good hands and everyone knows that and when he gets in those situations he can do some damage down low.”


(Re game recap): “I have been putting a lot of pressure on myself to contribute. I should be an impact player out there, but the first six or seven games were tough for me. I am happy to contribute offensively and get a power-play goal and help our team.”

(Re: goal) “My linemates, Kopitar and Frolov, had goals already so Kopitar said he wasn’t going to shoot anymore, he would just keep feeding me. The third time was a charm and eventually I got one in.”

(Re: game recap) “When we are playing as a five-man unit, when everybody is on their game, we are tenacious on the puck. There aren’t many teams that can handle the way we fore check. Even when one guy is off on our whole team it affects us because we are such a get-up-and-go team. We had everyone on board tonight, everyone skating, everybody rolling.”


(Re game recap): “It was good to be able to get in and get a hit. Their guys lost it both times because we were coming with pressure. I think Kyle [Calder] made a great pass. I had a clear lane to the net and it was a good opportunity for me.”

(Re: his future): “I’m just thinking about the next game right now. I am trying to stay here for the rest of the year and hopefully string a few good games together because this is where I want to stay. The guys are great and hopefully I can impress enough to stay.”

Also, here’s a quote from Wayne Gretzky about all the third-period penalties…

“Listen, both teams are young and very spirited. Im glad to see that both teams are out there still battling away and still want to win a hockey game and care about winning. Its good to see to both teams battling until the end.”

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  • jleung

    Translation on Gretzky’s last comment: thanks for not tanking.

  • Dan H.

    Is it coincidence that Frolov comes back and the goals start going in? I don’t think so.

    Is it coincidence that you put Boyle with some offensive guys and he puts the puck in the net? I don’t think so.

    Guys need to play in situations that compliment them, and it pays off.

    Ivanans is still a waste of space. No fights in a game like this where things were going on all over and he takes another penalty.

    Kopi had jump and Williams looked good. It was pretty obvious they wanted him to score though on that 5-3 since he was the only one shooting the puck.

    I’d still like to see the two point men on the PP be defensemen that can fire the puck and put them on their off side so they can get the one timer off without doing that umbrella that puts guys on either board and only one guy up top. Too prone to 2-1’s the other way if it’s blocked and I don’t get always having 4 offensive guys up there when you have two kids that can fire the puck that don’t get a lot of time on the PP because of it.

    Great game overall. Quick made some outstanding stops and the boys had some grit. Fox made comment that Boyle should have fought Jovanovski and I was just thinking he did a good thing and got his team into a 5-3 that they scored on! Fighting isn’t always the best thing and I think that Boyle showed composure and it hurt the Coyotes where it hurts most…on the scoreboard. Boyle should use his physical size but he’s not a boxer so I think they should give up on that.

  • Whochuk Shuchuk

    He wasn’t saying that Boyle should have gone after him at the time of the penalty, but later in the game he should have sought Jovo out and got in his face. Show his teammates he’s got some onions. Right after Foxy got done saying that, they flashed to Boyle on the bench and it looked like one of his teammates might have been telling him the same thing.

    I’m not sure where Boyle would fit in on this team next year, but for some reason I like him.

  • cristobal

    Dan H.

    I didn’t get to see the game and I appreciate your post.
    It’s not a good idea to tangle with Jovo, he’s dangerous.
    He’s the one who initially ended Deadmarsh’s career by knocking him in the head really bad.

    If Frolov and Boyle aren’t put in a position to fail, it seems good things can happen.
    I understand that the onus is on the players to perform, but I genuinely hope that DL and TM can accept that there’s a few things they need to learn as well.
    Maybe this can all work out really well with the parties involved coming together and put our best foot forward.
    TM and DL need to understand that they don’t always need to motivate by demotion, punishment, and criticism.
    Sometimes, you’ve got to make better tactical decisions.
    Play Frolov with Kopitar.
    Play Boyle without Ivanans and Harrold.
    Give more ice-time to other contributors in their proper positions.
    Create a more dynamic 4 lines.

    Please stop fiddling with our quality players (Frolov/Johnson/Boyle) and sign the guys to a decent, competitive contract.
    We’ve rewarded players who’ve done it for other teams.
    Reward the guys who are doing it for the Kings.
    Show some darned LOYALTY.

    PS – when will Gretz realize he’s not getting it done.

  • dirtmover

    A much better effort tonight all the way around – good to see – the energy in the building was nice also- Just a thought on Fro – I don’t think we can go forward and be a better team without him- 30 goals on an offensively challenged team is amazing and I have always liked his D for a forward I think this team will regret the day he leaves if that is what it comes to – when a player like Datsyuk says he is underrated I have to believe that he is a keeper – no better praise than from your peers- on Boyle his hands are just sweet for a guy that size If we have to put a boot in him once in awhile to keep him on the edge so be it – I still want him here next yr – again it has been a great yr and lets see what the canada trip brings

  • nykingfan

    Great to see that the guys haven’t given up. They played hard from the opening faceoff.
    Boyle was outstanding…He was involved physically and because of that, the goals came. He worked hard for both of those goals…that’s what the organization has been waiting for.
    That was the old Frolov last night with Kopitar and Williams. They looked great as a unit. Does Frolov bring that same intensity he had last night to the next game and the games that follow? That question is what frustrates fans and the organization.

    I’ve loved the play of Army over the last couple of weeks. He plays with a physical edge that very few others on the team play with. Every scrap or conference you see, Army’s always the one in the middle. He’s the perfect 4th line player…Total energy with skill.

  • tantrum4

    and in one game, Williams almost got as many points as O’Sullivan does in 16 games with the Oilers….like I’ve said a thousand times, great trade DL, don’t listen to these haters….

  • wisconsinKingsfan

    Re Williams comment: “My linemates, Kopitar and Frolov, had goals already so Kopitar said he wasn’t going to shoot anymore, he would just keep feeding me. The third time was a charm and eventually I got one in.”

    I actually commented on that during the game. I noticed that on the 5on3 they kept passing the puck to Williams so that he would score. It kept going from Doughty to Kopitar to Williams and then on net. And then after Williams scored, Kopitar just scooped up the puck for Williams. You can’t tell me that these guys aren’t pulling for each other.

    What a great team effort.

  • wisconsinKingsfan

    Oh yeah forgot to mention that watching Frolov play reminded me how much I love to watch him. The Kings definitely need to resign him.

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