After one month…

One month after the trade, how are Justin Williams, Patrick O’Sullivan and Erik Cole faring with their new teams?

Williams: 8 games, 1 goal, 2 assists, even rating, 6 penalty minutes, 1 power-play goal, 15 shots on goal.
Kings’ pre-trade record: 26-28-9. Post-trade record: 6-7-2.

O’Sullivan: 16 games, 1 goal, 4 assists, -6 rating, 12 penalty minutes, 0 power-play goals, 40 shots on goal.
Edmonton’s pre-trade record: 31-26-6. Post-trade record: 6-6-3.

Cole: 14 games, 2 goals, 9 assists, even rating, 10 penalty minutes, 0 power-play goals, 26 shots on goal.
Carolina’s pre-trade record: 33-27-5. Post-trade record: 11-1-2.

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  • jet

    JW also had that GW shoot out goal, for what it is worth.

    A Cammi trade update may be worth a look also. While the Flames are hanging on to third by the skin of their teeth, Cammi has provided only 2 goals in the last 15 games. If Vancover over takes the Flames, then the Flames drop to 5th place and they are a poor road team. Hopefully, Cammi can rise to the ocassion when needed most.

  • Eric K

    so, Sully has been behind Williams’ pace, which Anthony and others have been scorning for weeks. interesting.



    just so you know Sully also had a GW shoot out goal as well in Edmonton, for what its worth

  • jet

    WW – Noted and credited. The trade looks like a coin flip for this season?


    yah its too early to see who got the better, deal, but guys are still adjusting to eachothers team, however, Cole was an instant hit.

  • Brickwall

    Cole is returning to his former team so his adjustment would be much less than POS or JW. It will take a while the latter to adjust as was noted above.

  • Marc Nathan

    On XM earlier this week, they “dropped a bomb” on Erik Cole for his lack of productivity recently. On the Canes current eight game winning streak, despite playing well over 20 minutes a game, Cole has just three assists, no power play points, and is a minus 3.

    Justin Williams was at least able to shed the “white Anson Carter” image with his last game, a game Carter never had while wearing a Kings uniform.

    The jury has to still be out on this deal. See ya in 12 months 🙂

  • tantrum4

    WWAMD & jet –

    I wouldn’t really say that O’Sullivan has a game winning shootout goal. It actually depends on what you call a game winning shootout goal. If a team wins a shootout by having their first two shooters score and the losing team misses both shots, does credit go to the guy who scored the first shootout goal, or to the guy who scored the second goal and clinched the victory? In O’Sullivan’s case, he scored the first goal and Kotalik got the second goal, in my books, Kotalik gets credit because he clinched the win with his goal, if he didn’t score, the Hawks next shooter might have scored and the shootout would have continued. Not that it really matters because the NHL does ot recognize shootout winners anyway.

    Also, you guys forgot to mention that Williams also has a shootout winner….or did you really forget???

  • tantrum4

    oops sorry jet, I just noticed you said JW had a shootout winner and not O’Sullivan…my bad…

  • Dionnefan

    I was at the game Saturday night, and Williams was very visable. It seemed like every time he was on the ice something good was happening. For the first time, there seemed to be some real chemistry, and something to look forward to next year. Every other game he has been invisible.

  • DD8

    I said last week that it would take JW 6-8 games to get comfy and alas 8 games it is/was

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