Good news, bad news

Thomas HIckey scored his first professional goal last night, but Manchester lost to Worcester 3-2 to remain in fifth place in the division. Matt Moulson had a chance to tie the game late with a penalty shot but couldn’t convert. Viatcheslav Voinov had the Monarchs’ other goal.

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  • CanadianKing

    Also, I believe Hickey had an assist as well. By my count, that’s 4 points in three games for the kid.

    No question he’ll be in the NHL next year in my mind.

  • Aren’t Seattle Sounders considered to be a professional (albeit junior) team as well?

    Rich on a side note, and maybe this is more helpful for the offseason, but one of the issues that we hit here a couple of times throughout the year is how contracts between Juniors, Minors and the NHL work…the rules around players who are in the Juniors being able to play for the big club (the Kings) but not being eligible for getting sent to the Monarchs..

    I guess I don’t know how that really works and we often have debates here about which players should get called up and get playing time in the system and inevitably someone says “So-So can’t play for the Monarchs until they turn X years old…” …the end of the season is simpler b/c it seems like players can play in more senior parts of our system when their season ends in one team, but I don’t fully know how contracts all work.

    What’s been really cool the last 3yrs is that it seems like a lot of the diehards really know a lot more players in our system (and frankly the depth of minor teams gives us incentive to want to know them). As we see even more kids come up over the next 2yrs it will be cool to know how the contracts work

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