I must say, that is one SWEET goal.

  • Nick In 318

    hes fast, hes forsberg, he LW, hes 17 and he’s already kicking A$$/ dominating people older than him in a very hard league, just imagine how he’ll be when hes 22 with 4 or so years of NHL experience

  • Ersberg

    Now, this is what I’m talking about. We need a Teemu to play with Kop.

  • variable

    he’s my first choice…!

  • Oldthunder

    if he is available we should get this kid. We need a L-wing badly!

  • darko25o

    This is our guy!
    The Swedes get excited alot about some of their talent, but I can’t remember the last time they were wrong. They hyped forsberg, Berglund, Moller, I know I’m forgetting 5 or 6, but they are referring to MPS as lil’Forsberg(lil Foppa). nuff/ said!
    I also am in full agreement with the Hartnell supporters out there-then I don’t draft MPS. If he can be had, it would not cost us nearly as much in comparison to what it would be if he were on another team. The Flyers are strapped, and need to unload desperately. They are bringing up minor league scrubs to fill gaps on D because of their payroll, and lack of cap space. I would fork over Harrold, our 2nd and Teubert, with future consideration and Philly would bite. they need an offensive minded D-man, and Carle isn’t working-Harrold fits the bill.

  • TB

    This guy right here is who I see DL going after. For a rookie, to play on a line with his countryman (Moller), on a team that is giving a priority the young guys, is a picture perfect scenario to break into the NHL coming from europe.

    But I wouldn’t be at all disapointed if we got Kane.

  • Bernie9

    He won’t be there when we pick

  • Ersberg

    That goal had Malkin written all over it.

  • brasspucks

    MSP will almost definitely be available when we pick. Here’s how the first 4 picks are likely to pan out:

    NYI – Tavares
    TPB – Hedman
    COL – Duchene–they need another C to compliment Stastny and Duchene grew up as a huge Avs fan to boot
    ATL – Kane–dynamic young power forward to play with Kovy and Little. Helps that he’s of African descent given the city’s demographics

  • JDM

    I agree with brasspuck, though I think Atlanta might take Schenn. Either way I see them drafting a center and I think the first three picks are a lock at Tavares, Hedman then Duchene.

    Then again things can chance quickly, and I think there is a shade of a chance that NYI surprises everybody and takes Hedman. If they have any inkling of the same “defense first” attitude that we do, they very well may take Hedman. They couldn’t trade down with Tampa though, because they’d be stupid to take Tavares with Vinny and Stamkos there, unless they are truly intent on moving Vinny, which I highly doubt.

    If that’s the case NYI would have to trade down with Colorado if they were positive they wanted Duchene, so they could take Hedman at #3. That would shake up the landscape the bit.

    More likely though in this somewhat unlikely scenario is that NYI just takes Hedman at #1, which screws over Tampa who, if smart, would try and move down to get Cowen instead, or poooossibly MPS at #4. I can’t imagine them not drafting defense either way, again, they’d be stupid not to, and if they do draft a center, then things get really interesting because you can expect Vinny to get moved that day or in the next several days before July 1.

    Anyways, if NYI takes Hedman, Tampa trades down to get Cowen, Colorado takes Tavares at 2, or maybe they trade down with us to get Cowen at 5, or Atlanta or Pheonix, then they take Tavares at 2. Then, maybe whoever ends up at 3 may want Kane’s physical game or MPS more than Duchene.

    I guess my overall, highly meandering point, is that the only way I see Duchene falling past #3 and subsquently MPS NOT falling to #5 is if NYI takes Hedman.

    Though my gut says NYI takes Tavares to play with Okposo, making all of this moot.

    But you never know… which is why the draft is so fun! Snow’s a former goalie, it’s not out of the question he values a 6’7″ defenseman who can skate more than a centerman, as skilled as he may be.

  • Moondoggie

    I just don’t see this, not real big but he’ll grow. Not a prolific goal scorer, are you guys sure about this one??? I have my doubts……

    I’m still going Duchene or Kane if available which they probably won’t. In fact, I’d trade up to get Duchene, he looks that good. Not to worry, DL does his best work come draft day. He’ll pick the best player available……

  • Ersberg


    Did you watch that goal?

    He has another one like that on Youtube. Actually the one on Youtube is even more ridiculous. Also, he’s 6’1, and rated at roughly 2001bs on ther info sites.

    I 100% agree with you regarding Bernie Nichols, I mean Duchene, though.

    I just hope Dean doesn’t have some wild idea and take Cowen or player like that.

  • HBfan13

    This guy is destined to drafted by us, because that would start an endless debate on our favorite blog here ,on whether we should call him Lil’Foppa or Moppa or Soppa or even Poppa. The best in my opinion would be of course…MoppaSoppaPoppa!

    That would be a great problem to have

  • GoKings09


    I agree with you in that if the Islanders decide to take Hedman that will really shake things up.

    If Tavares goes first then I think its pretty obvious what will happen

    Islanders:Tavares-franchise center to build around for future

    Lighting:Hedman-have the offensive pieces now take franchise defender

    Colorado:Duchense-great center to replace Sakic

    Atlatnta:MSP or Kane-I think they take Kane unless they like MSP a lot

    Kings:whoever is left over between MSP and Kane here

    HOWEVER, if the Islanders want Hedman that shakes things up a lot. I dont understand what you said JDM about trading to third to get Hedman because I don’t see how he would fall past TB. But if Islanders take Hedman I don’t see TB wanting to draft an offensive player especially center. So maybe they take MSP or Cowen prbly try to trade down. This leaves options to trade up for Tavares at 2 or even with Colorado at 3 if they just want Duchense although I think they’d be happy to take Tavares. Then there will be two of MSP/Kane/Duchense available at 5 if Atlanta takes one of them tho.

    I think a lot of what will happen early depends on what the Islanders decide to do. If they take Hedman I think some players start to drop and there are lots of opportunities for teams to trade up to 2 or 3 especially from where the Kings are sitting around the 5th spot if a team like TB then wants Cowen they would prbly want to move down to about where we are rather than take him 2nd and we could maybe get Tavares there. Should be an exciting day to look forward to

  • JDM

    Good point Go Kings Go. My mind was all twisty when I wrote that and it slipped past me that they couldn’t trade to 3 if Tampa was still at 2.

    If they want Hedman, they have to take him at #1, unless Tampa first trades their pick with Pheonix or Toronto or something because they have Cowen higher than Hedman, allowing NYI to still threaten taking Tavares and trade down to two. Now they may still trade down to 2 with Tampa if they can convince Tampa they want Hedman when in fact they want Tavares, knowing Tampa won’t take Tavares at one. You just never know!

    I can’t wait to be more interested in the playoffs than the draft…

  • GoKings09

    I feel exactly the same way JDM. I’m interested in a couple of the playoff series but find myself thinking about the draft way more. It should definitely be an interesting day. I keep wondering if we could somehow get that second pick with a package maybe including Teubert or Zatkoff. Maybe even hold onto the 5th pick and get the second from TB with Teubert, Zatkoff, 2010 first pick. TB may be willing to move down to get Cowen if they are worried that Hedman may go first overall or simply like you said if they’d just rather have Cowen. I still think the biggest shakeup will occur if the Islanders take Hedman over Tavares. Then we may be able to get to 2nd and take him.

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