Player evaluation: Purcell


This season: 40 games, 4 goals, 12 assists, 4 penalty minutes, 13:31 average ice time.
The good: Purcell had 16 goals in 38 games with Manchester and, at times, showed that offensive touch with the Kings. Purcell made the most noise in early March, when he had at least one point in five consecutive games and totaled two goals and four assists in those five games. Purcell’s numbers fell off toward the end of the season, but he earned some first-line time during the season, and ended it as part of an intriguing third line with Brian Boyle and, at times, Brad Richardson.
The bad: Purcell’s first stint with the Kings this season, in December and January, ended in relative disappointment. Purcell alternated between the first and fourth line. In Terry Murray’s eyes, Purcell didn’t bring enough offense to stay on the first line and didn’t bring enough grit to stay on the fourth line. That led to a return trip to Manchester.
Going forward: Asumming the Kings re-sign him (he’s a restricted free agent), next season will be an important one for Purcell, a player Dean Lombardi once had penciled in as a potential first-line winger. Purcell’s style of play indicates that he needs to be in a top-six role in order to thrive in the NHL, but will his talent level make him a fit in one of those roles? Lombardi’s activity level in the trade market this summer will go a long way toward determining where Purcell might be able to fit.

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  • Ersberg

    He showed some real promise at the end of the season. Sign him for a 2-year deal, and let him try out next season.

    He has the potential, but it as Rich has indicated, it’s more of a space issue if we do add another winger this summer.

  • TB

    I disagree Ersberg…One year, two way deal.

    Honestly, his passing game is great, but the rest of his game needs work. I want to believe he’s better than he has been, but its hard to find any sort of confidence in a guy who can’t secure a spot on any line. Its like O’Sullivan part II. Is he trade bait next year? I think its a real possibility.

  • variable

    would he take another two-way deal at this point…?

    if there was any player that needs to have an amazing training camp, it’s teddy…providing he gets the opportunity to do so with us…and yes, i think he will…

    however, i think he’s still has a lot to answer… i know there are many of you who think he’s got the potential to be a bonafide top-six, maybe even a first-liner…i don’t know…i think i’m still wanting him to do more than what he has shown…

    i want to drink the kool-aid on/with teddy…(maybe not “on” him…that would be a bit weird…but i think you get my point…)…but have yet to do so…i’m not big on sugary drinks…but hey, i’m willing to refrigerate it/teddy in hopes that it/he will taste/be better come september…i always have the hope that all our young prospects and players have the ability to do great things…and i wish teddy to do that, as well…just not entirely convinced as of now…

  • wisconsinKingsfan

    I hope Teddy will be around next year. He showed was valuable on the PP and has great hockey vision. He will need to work on his defensive end but even that improved towards the end of the season.

  • Ersberg

    Apparently someone has an interest/believes in him, since he was up at the end of the season. They very well could have brought up a different player to try out, but they gave Purcell another shot. He played much better, you cannot deny that.

    You’re right, a 1-year deal may be more prudent, but I’d think they want to show him we’re interested as well. A 1-year deal is almost a slap in the face, to be honest. If it’s 2-years, 2-way, he can still play in Man, and we can sign him for less if we tack on that extra year. I.e. Ersberg’s deal.

    Eiter way, If he doesn’t make it on the starting roster, he’ll be up again for some games.

  • anthonyy

    I kind of see the same scenario with Purcell that I see with Moller.
    Both have exceptional talent, but none have the strength and stamina to hack it at the NHL level.

    I would hope that both bulk up during summer in order to be more prepared for the up and coming NHL season.

    The talent is there, but just a little rough around the edges.

  • TB

    I could see a 2 year deal working too, I just think that the issues with the forward lineup soon being crowded can be handled by putting a few players in do or die roles. Its the NHL, lets man up here…if he wants to play badly enough, he’ll show us enough to extend his contract without any regrets. But if he blows it again, and we have Johnson resigned and Doughty extended the year after, a major talent brought in via UFA, and so on…will the extra year on TP’s contract be a smart choice then? We are far from the cap now, but not for long if the Kopitar signing was a sign of things to come.

  • Quisp

    Okay, first of all, let’s clear up the confusion. Here’s what a one-way/two-way deal has to do with being waiver-exempt:


    A player is exempt from waivers for a period set forth in the CBA, depending on how old the player is when they sign their first pro contract. Purcell was 21 when he signed his contract, so he’s exempt for 3 years (until April 2010) or 80 games (he’s played 50), whichever comes first.

    Therefore, this is the last year of free passage to and from Manchester, no matter what.

    Second, re contract: it needs to be a two year contract, otherwise he would just walk at the end of the year. A two-year deal benefits the Kings. It gives DL more control of his “asset.”

    Third, ANTHONYY, re Moller and Purcell –

    That’s crazy talk. Moller is a kid with 40 games under his belt. Purcell is older (and with his 50s games, more experienced), but is a late bloomer. When he was first draft-eligible, he was short. Give them some time.

    And keep in mind, without Moller, Simmonds, Purcell, Lewis, maybe Boyle, and whichever other prospects and kids you foresee filling out the roster, without those guys, the alternative is more Calders and Armstrongs, Willsies, Dallmans, etc.. The roster has to be a mix of big contracts and small, long term and entry level. You have to have a number of prospects on the roster. That’s the new post-lockout cap-driven reality.

    If you say no to Purcell, you have to replace him with someone in the same salary range. Who’s that going to be?

    Well, it could be Evander Kane, right? Everyone’s got to keep his head up this camp, that’s for sure. No job is safe.

    But Purcell has put a lot of work into getting this far. (and Anthony, he’s been playing full pro seasons for a few years now, so the stamina argument doesn’t quite cut it)

  • brianguy

    I like Teddy, but I also like the idea of the 1-year thing. didn’t they have him on the left side too (his natural position is RW, just like seemingly every other forward on the team sans Kopi). I liked his play after the last recall and if he has a strong camp I think he can go a long way. I’d love to see him mesh with Boyle, or whoever the Kings can fix him up with on our 2nd line.

  • mrbrett7

    To add to what Quisp said…with a guy like Purcell, the tools are there, all of them.

    He’s still growing into his body, as he put on something like 3 inches after he turned 18. But, it’s the mental part of the game that has to come. He needs to be MUCH more assertive on the ice. This isn’t college or the AHL, where superior talent gets you by…you must take everything, it’s not given to you.

    That being said, I’m not too worried about him, just yet (same goes for Moller). Transitioning into the NHL isn’t easy for everyone. He has the hands, the speed, the vision, he needs the confidence and the assertiveness to excell at the NHL level.

    A 1 or 2 years, 2 way deal would be fine by me.

  • Quisp
  • jet

    100 AHL games, 50 NHL games, B-
    At 23, he is just getting started. I would like to see a 2 year deal. That would give him the extra year the college kids need to develop. He would still be a RFA when the contract is up.

  • Johnny Kick a Hole In The Sky

    The clock is ticking. Needs to be BETTER.

  • nykingfan

    Teddy’s the kind of guy you want to succeed…so far he’s still short of what we need…consistency. He shows flashes of talent and ability, especially on the PP. He needs to do that 5 on 5 every night.

    I think the Kings would be wise to sign him to a cheap 2 year deal. A 1 year deal does absolutely nothing for us. If he has a good year, we’re screwed cap-wise the following year. He’s be crazy not to take a low end 2 year deal. Those are also the kinds of contracts that are easy to trade, if necessary.

  • Datacloud

    Unless I’m just flat out blind, Purcell completely disappeared in the final ten games. I also do not see any passion whatsoever in him. He has some inconsistent talent, and can still fill out a bit, but this TC is make or break for him.

  • Telos

    He has the skill, but does he have the drive? I look to him to enter training camp hungry to secure a top 6 spot regardless of signings and trades in the offseason.

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