Player evaluation: Quick


This season: 44 games, 21-18-2 record, 2.48 goals-against average, .914 save percentage.
The good: What’s not to like? Quick, with only three previous games of NHL experience, came up from Manchester after the Kings traded Jason LaBarbera and, as Terry Murray put it, gave the Kings a chance to win every night. Well, almost every night, but it’s hard to argue with what Quick gave the Kings. He had four shutouts, ended the season by allowing a total of six goals in his last four games and generally gave hope that he could be the goalie the Kings have been looking for.
The bad: Forty-four games is a good sample size, but there’s still a bit of a “prove it” aspect to Quick. Yes, he thrived during a midseason call-up when expectations weren’t high. What happens if he earns the No. 1 job out of training camp and feels the pressure of being the top dog? Can he handle it? There’s a bit of a consistency issue with Quick, but that can be said about any young goalie.
Going forward: By all indications, Quick will enter training camp as the de facto No. 1 goalie. The Kings will make him earn it, and Erik Ersberg and Jonathan Bernier will be given a chance to knock him off, but Ersberg seems better suited to backup duty and the Kings would ideally like to have Bernier spend another season in the AHL. No player on the Kings is more competitive than Quick, so he should be up to the challenge in training camp.

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  • iansez

    Why is “no one more competitive” Rich? Does he cut in line for the bus? Hip check to get through the doorway first? Hide E.E’s goalie gear?? Just wondering what it is about him that makes you report that…)

  • Dionnefan

    It has been reported in the past that Quick works his butt off in practice while giving 110%, and never gives up on a play. I doubt any of the other players give that much effort during each and every practice.

    I believe that is how he earned his “no one more competitive” reputation.

  • wisconsinKingsfan

    Can’t argue with the point that he “gave the Kings a chance to win every night.” Sure he had maybe one or two less than stellar games but what top-notch goalie doesn’t? How many more games would the Kings have won if the rest of the players could have just scored some goals because of Quick keeping the Kings in the game?

    I look forward to seeing him in net for a full season next year. He was definitely one of the Kings MVPs this year.

  • jet

    Its the first time in a long time that a fan can feel comfortable in the off season with the Kings Goalie position. It is hard to imagine a King’s team giving up less than 200 goals in a season, but Quick provides that hope.

  • tull skull

    Rich, I do think tha Quick’s puck handling skills and his decision making proccess behind the net needs work.

    Thanks again for all you do.

  • anthonyy

    Haven’t felt this comfortable since Felix the Cat

  • variable


    quick was the first goalie in a long time that didn’t make me reach for the blue bottle and have a maylox moment…

    he’s our great hope for the future…all the credit in the world to this kid, so far…

    but…like our own credit and limits…it can be taken away from him at anytime if he doesn’t stay sharp and on top of his game…

    love what he brought to this team and it looks like he has a significant edge on everyone else come training camp next season…it’s his job to lose…

    thanx…jq…for a great start…and i hope we are singing yr praises again come next year…as you lead us to the promised land…or the playoffs…!

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    I would echo everything said here…

    I would add that true comfort at goalie=two NHL level goalies, in competition for starting time.

    Ersberg is a competent backup; hope he can create the necessary competition next year.

    I would also add that one year’s success does not guarantee the next year’s success (see STL, Nashville and Columbus). Despite everything, we may still need another NHL level goalie next year.

  • yosemite kings fan

    I thought he was more of the Kings M.V.P. then Brownie.

  • Johnny Kick a Hole In The Sky

    His competitiveness gives him the edge over Bernier. Probably an aspect Hextall likes as well. Going to be a great training camp to watch.

  • brianguy

    stickhandling: F+ … I haven’t seen anything that bad since Cechmanek. it got slightly better at the end, but that’s like saying a racehorse that closed to 32 lengths back is a finisher.

    rest of his game: A-
    overall numerical score: 89/100 B++

  • nykingfan

    Grade A

    It was fun to watch a goalie who kept his team in most games. It was also great to see a Kings goalie who controls rebounds. How long has it been since we’ve had that?
    Not only did he show incredible athleticism, he showed he has a solid pair of balls with some of his games when we were still in the playoff mix. He made some incredible saves at key moments. It was no coincidence that with the emergence of Quick, the Kings improved their PK significantly. The best player on your PK is the goalie…thanks Jim Fox!

    I agree with Tull skull that he needs work on puck-handling. Not only did he handle the puck poorly at times, but also made some terrible decisions with the puck behind the net. All things that a young kid can improve on.

    Finally the Kings appear solid in net for years to come.

  • 4thlinechecker

    Lets all pray that the Kings finally actually have a legit goalie that is homegrown……. His stickhandling does need work, but I think if he works on it he will be able to stickhandle like Turco. Not sure what game it was but he hit Fro with a perfect pass in-stride at the offensive blue line…. need to see more of that.

  • darko25o

    I am in complete agreement with Brian-
    Stickhandling F-
    Overall A . This guy has been everything we’ve hoped he would be, and I haven’t heard such optimism for the position since Potvin….or whoever came in to replace Fuji.

  • Ersberg

    He gets three letter grades:


  • MRD

    “came up from Manchester after the Kings traded Jason LaBarbera”

    Wasn’t Quick brought up after Ersberg had a lower body injury, mid December, and Quick was put into the game against Buffalo after LaBarbera gave up 4 goals on 14 shots?

  • Howe 9

    Also don’t forget one of his best plays of the year – against the Ducks, when he went behind his net & shoved Niedermayer in the face.

  • Dan H.

    Quick was a great pickup to the team. He had a few stinkers but so does Brodeur. I think this kid is going to be great. He did it over a long stretch so it wasn’t 10 games.

    Lets hope he’s the one.

    Also are people remembering Potvin different than I do? He had one good run but for the most part that dude sucked with the Kings.

  • Telos

    I still think Bernier will ultimately be the guy regardless if it takes him another year or two, but Quick has definitely earned himself the theoretical starting job. It is his to lose.

  • Yosef

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