Player evaluation: Richardson


This season: 31 games, 0 goals, 5 assists, 11 penalty minutes, 10:48 average ice time.
The good: In a season full of fits and starts — caused both by coach’s decisions and a freak injury — Richardson did show some potential. He’s a strong skater and plays with some grit, and his 14 goals (in 38 games) with Lake Erie of the AHL in 2007-08 indicates that he has some offensive potential.
The bad: Richardson seemed like the awkward Christmas gift that someone gave Terry Murray. Lombardi spent a second-round draft pick to get Richardson, and Murray never seemed quite sure what to do with him. The season’s most bizarre injury took place in early December, when Richardson suffered a cut on his lower leg during practice and ended up missing almost two months because the injury kept getting aggravated.
Going forward: Richardson falls into a dangerous category, as do several other forwards on the Kings’ roster. He’s a third- or fourth-line player on a team that had a ton of them this season. Richardson spent his junior career with the Owen Sound Attack under GM Michael Futa, who is now the Kings’ co-director of amateur scouting, so the Kings must see something in Richardson. Will he get an extended opportunity to show it next season?

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  • Ersberg

    “Will he get an extended opportunity to show it next season?”

    How much more time do we give him? He’s averaged almost 11 minutes a game, with no goals. With guys like Moller scoring 7 in 40, how much more room to do we give a guys like this?

    I don’t even know how to grade him, given his injury and the inconsistant amount of games he’s played in.

    Is he another “Ellis”? Waive? Keep? What next?

  • anthony

    The question I’d like to ask:
    Is he a good player who had an off-year?
    Is he a waste of a 2nd round pick?

  • nykingfan

    He’s a forward who played in 31 is it possible he had 0 goals? Does anyone ever remember him even coming close to scoring?
    I’ll let the Kings decide if this guy has talent…somewhere, worthy of keeping him around..but what he showed us was less than nothing.
    I’d love to see a shootout competition between him, Zeiler and Willsie with a cone in net. Might as well make it 10 rounds cause that’s about how long it would take for any of them to score. Ok a little too sarcastic there, but he sucked this year for us.
    His only highlite was when his name was mis-spelled on the jersey..Richarson…Even a new name didn’t help his game.
    Grade F-

  • ianmonsta

    I think he’s a good 3rd/4th liner who never really got comfortable. He showed some promise with Handzues and Simmonds and for a good 3-5 game stretch that was the King’s best line. I don’t mind him being around in a 3rd or 4th line role.

  • wisconsinKingsfan

    How can you grade someone that you don’t even remember watching play, especially when they are a forward who is supposed to be generating goals? My grade is incomplete. I never saw him before this season and I didn’t see him much this season either.

  • hazen

    I actually agree with Anthony. Makes me wonder if he was misjudged badly in the scouting department though.

  • Ersberg

    So, do we give the spot to Lewis? I’d say yes. There’s no room for the guy. We don’t have time/space to waste at this point. We’re at the beginning of the end of our re-build.

    Is this guy going to help us win the cup? I’m going out on a limb here with a firm no.

  • Howe 9

    Sorry to go off topic on this but did you guys see The Sporting News Today & the article on Tavares? He has dropped to number 3 on the Red Line Report with Hedman as #1 & Duchene as #2. Here are some quotes: “Tavares’ effort level has been underwhelming through the first two rounds of the playoffs…he’s one dimensional. If he’s not scoring he’s not helping…5 on 5 he is nothing short of a liability. His attitude of entitlement stinks” Ouch!

  • Steve Jensen

    The critical problem with the Kings is as stated: there are too many 3d/4th line players on the roster. What does that mean? It means that we have alot of expendable parts. When that happens, GMs tend to keep the low cost alternatives and rightly so.

    I would keep no more than 3 “veterans” to plug into the 3d/4th lines and 3 rookies/1st/2d/3d year players. Others to be used for trades.

    Obviously we need to look outside the organization to get a Top Six player.

  • Johnny Utah

    NyKingFan – LMAO! You pretty much hit it on the head.

    Dating back many years (Tsyplakov, Craig Johnson, Chartrand, Willsie, etc.) we have always had a third/fourth line “Don’t Touch Me” winger who doesn’t like contact and can’t put the puck in the net. Their purpose, who knows?

    Richardson has played that role admirably for us this year.

    I dream of a day when all 12 forward spots are filled with contributing players.

  • variable

    it’s a good call on his inability to get into a scoring position…

    i’m wondering if he just has concrete hands…?
    i have yet to see him finish a scoring opportunity…and even get something legit on goal…yikes…!!!

    now maybe we are all being hard on the kid…
    maybe we have another handzus situation on our hands, where brad just wasn’t healthy enough to show his offensive potential…i hope that was the case…

    however…playing 11 minutes for a fourth liner is a lot and to have almost nothing to show for it makes it all the more painful…

    the kicker is that a second rounder was traded for him…

    now to be fair…when richardson was in colorado, he did show a lot of promise…but he hasn’t done much with the opportunities the kings have given him…

    i agree w/hammer…and i’ve been saying it for awhile now, too…we have tooooooo many 50/50 chance players, who are somewhere in between the ahl and the second line, most of them fitting on the third and fourth lines…

    richardson is just another one of those players and, like the others, that need to have an excellent training camp to show that he was worth the investment…at this point, though, it’s looking like he wasn’t…

    let’s see if the “handzus effect” wears on this kid…

  • anthony

    Variable makes a good point.
    Next season will be a make it or break season for him.

  • josh e.

    agreed…in fact when u think about it…he is in the same situation as a lotta players on this team
    Assuming we sign a LWer

    ( )-handzus-simmer

    How many guys are fighting for that third line Lwer spot? Moller? Purcell? Boyle? Richardson? Lewis? We don’t need all of those guys. Don’t resign purcell. maybe boyle for a forth line center. trade richarson for a 3rd rounder. let moller and lewis duke it out. just my opinion.

  • Vicarious

    Every one seems to agree we need more production from the forwards. Two elite wingers. Hard to come by.

    Maybe Tavares will fall to the 5th spot. He could well be banged up or just mentally tired of the junior hype and ready to move on to the NHL

  • Ersberg

    Don’t re-sign Purcell? Wow. He’s future offensive production for this club. We’d really be scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of goal scoring if we off all of our future offensive production.

  • AK47

    Guys, we need to give him another year..

  • Fake Anthony

    I remember Aves fans being pissed at Francois Giguere for trading away their future second liner.

  • Ersberg

    I trust AK’s judgement. Another year it is.

  • JDM

    I actually liked his game, though his lack of goals is disturbing. He doesn’t have a great shot, but he is willing to go to the net and fight for pucks. I definately see the upside in his game, I just think he doesn’t have a great chance at reaching that potential.

    I’d prefer him on the fourth line more than Harrold, that’s for sure.

  • Dave

    I’m not going to sugar quote this one bit. Richardson is terrible and a waiste of a late 2nd round pick. Boyle brings a lot more to the table than Richardson.

    In my estimation, between Boyle,( if he is re-signed) and Moller. He will be one of those daily scratches, like Zeiler.

    Lombardi should have never extended this guy.

  • jet

    He seems like a duplicate of Marc-Andre. I am not sure where he fits. Maybe TM is not either.

  • AK47

    He’s a better player then most of you think..
    He set up Handzus in the game winner against the Senators..
    And he played pretty well on the third line with Handzus and Simmonds..
    Let’s not forget that his original position is center.. We should give him a full year.. He has so much talent, but it’ll go to waste if we don’t give him a solid shot

  • Ersberg


    If that’s the case, I don’t see why they don’t try Richardson at center and Stoll on the wing. Since Stoll sucks as a playmaker, it just might work. Stoll can still take face-offs as a winger, and has that wicked shot.

  • Telos

    He has a good skillset. I believe he can make an impact if given a legitimate chance. Hopefully he comes into training camp hungry.