Player evaluation: Stoll


This season: 74 games, 18 goals, 23 assists, 68 penalty minutes, 17:05 average ice time.
The good: The Kings’ power play wasn’t great this season, but how much worse would it have been without Stoll. With his particularly strong shot from the point, Stoll finished second on the team with 10 power-play goals. His 18 goals and 41 points, overall, were his highest totals in three years, and Stoll’s defense and faceoff ability were also strengths.
The bad: Ideally, Stoll is a third-line center, but it’s been a bit hard for him to find a fit with the Kings because they already have the ideal third-line center in Michal Handzus. Stoll isn’t exactly a playmaker, which makes it difficult to pair him with high-scoring wingers on a first or second line, but he also has too much talent to be forced into a fourth-line role. Then again, that’s more a problem for Lombardi and Murray, not Stoll himself.
Going forward: As a reliable two-way player and a good presence in the locker room, Stoll has a stable place on the Kings’ roster. His play took a somewhat-mysterious dip in the early part of the season, and it would still be beneficial to the Kings if he could provide more offense, but the Kings knew what they were getting in Stoll, and he has held up his end of the bargain.

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  • Ersberg

    He could always play wing. Unless we get an opportunity at getting an equal to or better than face-off guy, he has to stay. His point shots aren’t all that bad, either.

    Grade: B

  • variable

    good overall season for stolly…i, too, see that he has his limits inside the offensive zone…stolly is best when he has a jump in his step and keeps his legs moving, constantly skating…

    i would like to see him on either pp unit at the point or top of the circles more often…he was positioned there at the beginning of the season and, for whatever reason, was removed from it somewhere during the 25-30 game mark…

    stolly also was strong on the pk and provided much need faceoff wins consistently…

    at some point though…does stoll become a tradeable asset? if you had to choose between zus and stoll, who would win the third-line center spot…?

    i guess that’s all contingent on our minor league player development and some of the current players on the roster whom are willing to challenge for such a position…

    i have no problem w/stolly and if he were to build upon the strides he made this season w/more offense, perhaps he has the ability to be a part-time second liner…maybe even move to the wing after a faceoff…

    however…as good as zus was this past year and as steady as stoll can be, we do have a long jam in that third pivot spot…i guess, if asked to, one of them could move to a wing slot…zus did later in the season, but i much rather prefer zus as the third-line center than stolly…

    keep in mind, too, that the kings were expecting zus to be more of a second-line pivot…so it’s sort of a predicament…

    training camp will dictate how this all plays out…but i wouldn’t be surprised if a team out there would overpay for one of these guys in the form of a trade…

  • darko25o

    I’m going to hang in there with this guy. His faceoff ability, paired with his size, and speed, I think there is still alot of playmaking ability we have yet to see from Stoll. Although, if someone is asking for him in that “blockbuster”, I think we can go to prospects to fill the centerman void-if we pick Duchene or Kane, I don’t think there is room for our prospects to develop at the rate they should with a logjam at center.
    B, happy with the effort, and the speed shown in both zones

  • AK47

    We need to keep him as our number 3 center because Handzus won’t stay with us forever. I can see Stoll being here for the long run and he’ll be there when we go deep in the playoffs.. I can’t see Handzus there..

    But like darko said, we can replace him if we were to put him in a package to acquire Heatley or Kovalchuk..

    Guys, what if we have a 50 goal scorer hidden somewhere? Just like Zach Parise did this year, maybe Trevor Lewis will do šŸ™‚

    I’m only dreaming

  • wisconsinKingsfan

    Due to Stoll and Handzus the Kings took a huge step forward in faceoffs won. I loved it whenever we were trying to kill off a penalty or trying to eat up time at the end of the game when Stoll would clear the D-zone just from his faceoff win. Add that prowess to his sound defensive game and his bomb of a shot on the power play and I say keep him around.

  • Johnny Utah

    Stoll was solid – speed, grit, shot from the point on the PP, and awesome faceoff percentage. If he and Handzus are the worst of our top-7, I’m happy with that.

    The problem is lack of true top-3 forwards. Stoll stays.

  • mask0425x

    While I agree with what everyone is saying about Stoll (wow, do we really have a consensus here???), I absolutely would not mind to see him go IF Lombardi could sign the Sedin twins. This would not only address that little scoring LW issue, but also provide a legitimate #1/2 center. Albeit this would add somewhere in the ballpark of about $3.5 Mil per year assuming the Sedins get about $7.5 Mil each, it would open numerous avenues on the offense. The Kings could try Brown, Moller, Williams, Purcell, maybe even Simmonds as their linemate. If Anson Carter could score 33 goals in his tenure on the “Brother Line”, it can’t be that difficult to play with them. That might enable moving Frolov/Kopitar/??? to the second line where they should be able to increase their production by quite a margin. Thoughts?

  • mrbrett7

    Stoll is what he is. He is Eric Belanger with more grit and a better shot.

    The thought of trying him out on a wing IF one of the kids shows he can excell at center is a good idea. Stoll can finish, but as a playmaker, well…he just isn’t.

    If he were asked for as part of some trade to bring in a bonafide 40-50 goal scorer, I would add him in a heartbeat. I like him, but not that much.

  • PakiFro

    I’d keep Stoll over Handzus. He’s younger, just as good on the defensive side with room for improvement on offense and is slightly better in the face off circle. Plus he’s younger and his slap shot is probably the hardest on the team. He did was he was expected to do. He likely would have hit 20 goals if not for the season ending injury. I didn’t expect more or less out of the guy.

  • anthonyy


  • TeamHasHoles

    Most of you would sell your mother for a 50-goal scorer, but this guy’s invaluable. He’s the best two way player on the team. They have to keep the guy, he’s great on both sides of the puck, great shot, great skater, great PKer, very useful on the power play and a very smart player, to say nothing about his ability in the circle. Very tough guy too. Not a huge skill guy, but aside from that, he’s above average in pretty much all other categories and he’s locked up for a while at a good price.

  • Colin

    Typo: I think you meant “His 18 goals and 41 points,” instead of 41 assists. As much as I wish Stolly would have had 18 + 41 = 59, as that would have given him first or second line numbers, he unfortunately did not.

  • LBlocal

    Any update on his injury?

  • JDM

    I would keep Stoll over Handzus in the long run.

    Agree fully with TeamHasHoles. I’m cool with him filling in as second line center for this year and the next, unless Moller packs on sufficient size this off-season. Past that I’d be thrilled if he was our 3rd line center for many many years. I think he’s our Pahlsson. His contract seems perfectly fair to me as well.

    I’d trade a lot of players and picks on this team before I’d trade Stoll.

    With an overall offensive improvement from the team and an upgrade at wing, I feel comfortable in projecting ~22g 28a 50p from Stoll in 75-80 games next year if he is 2nd line center most of that time with Brown or Williams and Moller, Purcell or Frolov.

  • Moondoggie

    Strong on the puck, strong on the faceoff, strong defensively, positionally and one hellevua shot from the point on the PP, Stollie is here to stay……

    How many games did he win for the Kings with a late faceoff win or PK? Quite a few. I haven’t been this comfortable with the Kings faceoffs since Yanic Perrault.

    Any yes, I would sell my own mother for a 50 goal scorer!

  • Shakes

    I would also sell Moondoggie’s mother for a 50 goal scorer. =)

    The other reason I think Stoll is a big asset is b/c if we are to make a move to the playoffs and want to play more than 4 games (see “Columbus Blue Jackets 2009 Playoff Run”) Stoll is the kinda guy who does things to win games on the road

  • jet

    Great comments. Let me add he has shown leadership qualities in the past, he has excellent timing on his hits (although there seemed to be fewer this year), He is good in his own end. I agree with the comment that there appears to still be some upside. A-

    And I’d trade my mother in law for offensive LaBarbera.

  • jet

    My neighbor, the Sharks fan, thinks that I am being too harsh on Stoll. Mainly because he came from an attacking system and the best ice to a conservative scheme and well, we have already beat this one to death.

  • anonandonanon

    Derek Armstrong the second.

    I know most of you hate that call but I’ve seen this movie. What Jerad does well he does well and he is a valuable player. But we’re in Belanger and Armstrong territory here, let’s make no mistake.

    The team has made so many of these middle ground moves a couple of them had to turn out right. We’ve been buying Seat covers and curb feelers when the engine needs an overhaul. Can’t put that off any longer.

  • Telos

    I am one of the few that believes Stoll can still achieve second line center status again. One can only hope and time will tell, but he definitely brings a lot of intangibles that helps our club immensely outside of scoring.

  • Moondoggie

    Shakes….You are funny!