Player evaluation: Zeiler


This season: 27 games, 0 goals, 1 assist, 42 penalty minutes, 6:33 average ice time.
The good: Zeiler basically does what is asked of him. Run around, hit people, get in the way and bring some energy on the fourth line. He seems to understand, and accept, his role as a part-time energy player, and didn’t complain when he ended up being a healthy scratch in more than half of the Kings’ games this season.
The bad: Zeiler generated some goodwill in the 2006-07 season, when he basically came out of nowhere and impressed with his skating and hitting. That led to a four-year contract which, even though it’s for a paltry amount — an average of under $544,000 per season — seems to be a bit of a head-scratcher in retrospect. Zeiler is a filler player who didn’t do much this season to prove that he should be in the lineup on a regular basis.
Going forward: With a player such as Richard Clune earning good reviews in Manchester, it’s no stretch to say that Zeiler’s time with the Kings might be drawing short. Zeiler hardly makes any money (in a relative sense) and is a serviceable spare part, but the Kings are at the point where they need to get beyond just having “serviceable” players on the roster.

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  • Ersberg

    No room for him.

  • wisconsinKingsfan

    I am hard pressed to come up with anything original regarding Zeiler so I will just say that I agree with Rich’s assessment. I do like CrashZeiler’s nickname though

  • anthonyy

    Perhaps there is player on the roster worse than Justin Williams.
    Barely. By a thin hair.

  • variable

    yeah… the four-year deal was a doozy…

    another one of those players who is somewhere between the AHL and the fourth line…

    i guess he would have to go through waivers…like t.p….if the kings are going to try and get rid of him…but i can see him playing it out in manchester, that’s if his contract allows it, which i think it does…

  • LBlocal

    As always, Rich, your player analysis is spot on. No truer statement can be made than; “the Kings are at the point where they need to get beyond just having “serviceable” players on the roster.”

    One thing though.. I’m having trouble with the “Zeiler hardly makes any money” comment. At 1:20th of his annual pay, and with recreation department furloughs coming up shortly… It leaves me feeling a bit like… the hack park league inline hockey player that I am.

    Errr… Go Kings!

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    But Anthonyy…

    Zeiler was never a Flyer…


  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    The most disappointing thing about this season for the Kings’ organization besides not making the playoffs (although a St. Louis style exit was avoided), was the fact that the Monarchs missed the playoffs for the first time in the franchise’s history.

    A lot of that organizational deficiency has to be a the feet of the non-clutch performance of the Kings/Manchester shuttle players this year. Zeiler was one of those players. Hate to say it, but CrashZeiler hopefully will not be on the Kings’ horizon next year.

    On a similar note, watching the Bruins just demolish the Canadiens at home in game four makes an important point. It is possible to change a losing culture in 3-4 years as the Bruins have. It wasn’t so long ago that Boston was sharpening the skates for the Habs (like, every year including last year until game four in last year’s playoffs…). Now, Boston is humiliating the Canadiens in a way they will not soon forget. Just change the culture.

    I cannot wait until the Kings start beating Detroit and San Jose, like a drum. Believe me, that day is coming…

  • Datacloud

    Impressed by his skating? The guy can barely stand up! And I haven’t seen that many missed hits since Eric Lacroix. Completely worthless.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Hockey future:

    “Zeiler has the tools to be effective at any level. His points do not necessarily tell the entire story. He is excellent in the faceoff circle, often taking every important draw. Thanks in large part to his physical stature he is excellent along the boards, and in high traffic areas. His strong play is visible at both ends of the ice. His feet are always moving and he is accountable in his own end. Offensively, he is gifted. Zeiler possesses a quick release, but he could stand to use it more often. He is at times too quick to distribute the puck when in fact he should be taking advantage of his pro quality shot. Although he is not slow by any means, he could stand to work on his foot speed, which would enable him to be an effective professional.”

    Can you imagine Zeiler actually SHOOTING, frequently?

  • darko25o

    …all you Komisarek supporters…are nuts! Absolutely awful. He needs Markov to make him look good, and with him out to injury, the Boston forwards bullied him around horribly.

  • jet

    It is funny that at the time of the signing it seemed to be a good move. It just shows how much the youth of this team has grown in the past couple of years.

  • Telos

    Zeiler does his job. He is a fringe energy player. They can always send him to Manchester. Not as big of a deal as some people make it out to be. He will never play above the fourth line. Every team needs fringe depth players.

  • 4thlinechecker

    Hey Ersberg, and others… bad news guys, just left the Reign game, and Teubert was a healthy scratch in a game 7. doubt he is anywhere near nhl ready…… Holloway looked good, Zatkoff not so good…. Reign lost 5-4

  • Johnny Kick a Hole In The Sky


    “Every team needs fringe depth players.”

    Zeiler is a fringe AHL player. We need players that can take a good shift, make things happen, and ultimately perform in the playoffs. Zeiler is not the answer. It’s either the press box all season or Manchester.

  • Telos

    That is essentially what I was saying… A fringe player is also one that is used in both Manchester and Los Angeles wherever needed. He is an AHL’er and would be called up due to various situations. We aren’t going to have top 6 talent all throughout the bottom six… Somewhere along the line you are going to have some questionable NHL’ers. Even Detroit has those. Sometimes you just need a body out there for a minute to give the guys a rest.

  • Jonny

    I would rather have Kostopolous as our 4th line right winger over Harrold and Zeiler.

  • TB

    When Zeiler is the first man in on the puck, its the equivalent of throwing a broken lawnchair into the corner. He never finishes the play on his feet, and the puck is nowhere near him.

    But if there is some kind of positive in his game, its his attitude. If anything, he worked hard enough to be an example to the younger guys of what a privledge it is to play in the NHL. Truthfully, I bet he pinches himself daily when he thinks about how far he’s gotten with his limited skill set.

    But by no means is it a good reason to keep him. His time as a King is done (hopefully).

  • AK47

    Ryan Callahan has impressed me so much during these playoffs and regular season.. I really think DL should sign him to an offer sheet this upcoming off-season. He’d fit perfectly on a line with Stoll and Brown

  • nykingfan

    Serious on that evaluation?
    That’s a source we don’t want to be going near when it comes to evaluating talent.
    Did he ever take a faceoff for the Kings? Offensively skilled????? Wow…they couldn’t have been any further off in their evaluation.

    I love the energy he brings to every shift, but the skill level just isn’t there.
    Sounds like an AHL/ECHL player to me.

  • AK47


    what do you think of Ryan Callahan? Wouldn’t he fit perfectly on a line with Stoll and Brown?

  • Ersberg


    Thanks for the update. I’m just hoping he can crack the line-up in the next 1-2 years, although I do realize that may not be too realistic.

    Any ideas on why they scratched him?

  • nykingfan


    Yeah he would be a great fit on a 2nd line with those 2. He’s a hard-nosed player with skill. He’s a playoff type of player…just what we need.
    I’m not sure DL will go the RFA route though….It would leave him open to poachers…and Sather is one of the Kings of poaching…somehow he’s never over the cap, yet spends more than anyone on players….There’s no way he could match a legit offer sheet, but in the future would extract payback.

  • Marc Nathan

    LOL. Yeah, the Rangers are definitely looking to deal Ryan Callahan. YOU PEOPLE ARE ON CRACK. LOL.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy


    That was some serious SARCASM…

    Sometimes, I wonder about the ratings agencies…

  • BakoCAcameraGuy


    Depressing about Ontario, yeah…
    Depressing about Bakersfield, Condors losing 5-1/ Fukufuji with his worst game since February.

    I hate the end of hockey season. Takes about a week just to smile again.


  • Ersberg

    Zeiler needs to go(seriously). I don’t want a guy like that taking a single minute away from Lewis, Purcell, Moller, Simmonds, etc…

  • AK47

    Marc Nathan-

    Are you on crack buddy? We never said that Ryan Callahan would get dealt to us? I said we would sign him to an offer sheet, ready it correctly.. Everyone here on this website is talking about dealing for Rick Nash, Dany Heatley, Ilya Kovalchuk and when I mention something realistic like signing Ryan Callahan to an offer sheet, you call me on crack? Hahahaha, ok..

  • Ersberg

    I thought Dean was opposed to doing offer sheets.

  • variable

    what wire hangers were to joan crawford, offer sheets are to d.l…

  • Ersberg

    So, does that mean they’ll offer AK a roll in a re-make of Mommie Dearest?

  • variable


    it’s unlikely…

    but if shaggy dog can be remade…anything’s possible…