Kane or MSP?

From the various mock drafts and analysis that have been thrown around, it seems increasingly evident that the Big Two — John Tavares and Victor Hedman — has become the Big Three with the addition of Matt Duchene, who is now widely expected to go no later than No. 3, to Colorado.

Conventional wisdom has the Atlanta Thrashers, at No. 4, taking either Evander Kane or Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson, leaving the other forward available for the Kings at No. 5. My journalistic preference is for Kane, merely to avoid frequent misspellings and a repeat of the Voinov/Voynov confusion, about whether the kid’s name is Paajarvi-Svensson or Svensson-Paajarvi.

What’s your preference? Or do you think Dean Lombardi will go “off the board” — a la Thomas Hickey two years ago — and make a surprise pick?

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  • David

    I am hoping for MSP, solely because I want to see him play on a line with Moller. Although a Kane/Simmonds line has it’s charm too… 😉

  • zebehm

    I’d take MSP. We’re in need of left wingers and he’s a big kid that seems to fit in with DL’s philosophy of getting bigger. We’re also stockpiled with centers so I hope if it comes down to these two and we don’t trade the pick, DL takes MSP.

  • josh e.

    i don’t think the pick will be there…i think lombardi will package it in a trade for a LWer

  • Rolex

    No surprise pick this year, if MSP is on the board at #5 you draft him without hesitation.

  • typicaljs

    Agree with Rolex, unless there’s something extremely negative DL knows about the kid that we don’t (highly possible). If MSP is there at #5 I think he or kane are the pick provided DL doesn’t recieve an offer he falls in love with involving packaging the pick.

  • JS

    I think if Kane’s available you take him (since everyone is jumping on the MSP bandwagon). Thing is, it’s hard to argue with Lombardi about drafting and if he likes someone down the boards, he’ll take him. Should be interesting.

  • Histkng23

    I could see DL continuing to stockpile defensemen, and taking Jared Cowen. According to THN’s FutureWatch ’09, the quote on Cowen is that there isn’t much dropoff between him and Hedman. Plus, DL in a full article on the Kings compares having enough players on the backend is like having pitchers in baseball, you can never have enough! Although Cowen is coming of an MCL injury (perfect for the Kings!) he’s a big, mobile D-man at 6’5″ 218lbs. Coupled with the Jack Johnson situation, I just feel that DL is going to go with more defense since Duchene will probably be gone by the time the Kings pick at #5.

  • Colo-King

    I wouldn’t count out C Brayden Schenn. He seems to have the character that DL likes. 88 points in the regular season and 18 playoff pioints in 12 games bodes well. It’s probably between the three: MSP, Kane or Schenn. Who would I take? Not having really seen more than youtube footage, it’s too hard to say. I like all 3. All I know is that the Kings will get a gem. I can see DL trading it in a package and getting a premiere forward, and falling back in the first round and getting someone he feels he can nab at 15 or so.

  • Irish Pat

    I’m leaning towards Brayden Schenn. In 2 seasons Michael Handzus’ contract will be up and this kid will be 20 and ready to join the Kings. He is apparently a solid two-way player and tough like his brother. He’s expected to develop into a solid 2nd line center and even if it takes longer than 2 seasons he can play behind Kopitar and Stoll until he’s ready. Plus, he’s the kind of guy that sticks up for his teammates and is already friends with Doughty and Hickey. If the Kings draft him they can all hold hands, skipping along the ice together singing Tra-la-la-la-la… wait, scratch that last part. Otherwise, I want them to draft the Swedish kid just so Oscar Moller will have someone to eat mussells and herring with and do shots of Aquavit after the Kings win the Stanley Cup.

  • -J

    I’d not be surpirsed to see Jared Cowen picked either. Up until his injury, he was pretty consistently in the 3rd or 4th spot on rankings. I think where he gets picked will depend heavily on his performance at the draft combine, specifically, whether he can dispel concerns of a long-term injury.

  • Ersberg

    Staying on topic…

    I’d take MPS without a doubt

    Off topic…

    If the option is there for us to land an elite player, and it requires the pick to complete the deal, it gets dealt.

  • Brooklyn King

    I love the skill that Magnus Svensson-Paajarvi has. He’s big, fast, is a great stick handler, a hard worker, and the kind of guy who can change a game. He reminds me of Doughty on how he tries to make something happen with the puck on his stick. I’m all for the power forwards, but this team needs a game breaker, and Svensson-Paajarvi has the potential to be just that. Couple that with the fact that he’s a left shot, left wing, and it’s a simple choice for me.

  • GoKings09

    My preference would be for Kane but honestly I think we will end up with MPS. I think Atlanta really likes Kane and will take him leaving us with MPS who I think is also a great player except I am really starting to love Kane so I’ll still be a little sad. Cowen is a darkhorse because of his injury. i could see a team like us or Atlanta possibly even trading down if someone wants to move up to take Cowen but I kinda doubt DL would take him now since we have so many prospects on D already with Hickey, Voynov, Martinez, Drewiske possibly ready next year and Teubert still a few years away we are set for a while there I think. I hope that we do get one of MSP or Kane tho because I like both of them a lot more than the Schenn and Schroeder.

    I would be interested to see if DL thinks he may be able to move up even to grab TB’s pick using a D or G prospect(teubert, zatkoff) maybe since TB needs those positions. We could prety on TB’s fears that Hedman goes first overall and maybe move up. What would you guys think about that?

  • evanp

    dean drafts kane if he’s available.

    however, lombardi trades the pick for patrice bergeron and then signs gaborik, and then the death star will be fully operational.

  • jet

    About a year ago I mentined that I thought Cowen would be the second pick this year and how cool it would be to draft him. But, DL rebuilt the D much quicker than I thought possible, so I would go with which ever forward is left, Kane or MSP.

    Off topic:
    Does Burke have a controlling interest in Red Line?

    With so many American teams in financial trouble, how many teams will be around next year? Only so many can move to Toronto.

  • Rory

    I know MSP is a big LW winger, but the reports I’ve read about him is that yes he is fast, but he’s not very physical, not good defensively and at the WJC anaylst were talking that he might not be able to be a pure finisher at the NHL level.

    That sounds like the opposite of a Lombardi player, that sounds like a dave taylor player.

    Kane, is the best power forward available and I think would fit DL ruff and tumble west coast style.

    I hope they draft Kane.

  • Johnny Kick a Hole In The Sky

    The “off the board” pick would be Oliver Ekman-Larsson; a highly skilled swedish defenseman.

    Atlanta should consider adding size up front, so me thinks Kane or Schenn is a possibility.

    As for the Kings, who’s going to play center when Stoll and Handzus’ contracts are up?

    Trevor Lewis will be the future 3rd line center when Handzus is done. So Brayden Schenn should get major consideration as the future 2nd line center. Both him and Svensson have excellent playmaking abilities. The Swede has more finesse & speed while Schenn has more physical advantages. Tough choice!

  • darko25o

    …everyone knows we need our gamebreaker, here it is. This kid has been playing in the Swedish elite league at 17. I’d even go so far as to package a prospect in the deal with our 1st, just to make sure we got MSP. With Kovi off the hook in a year, MSP wont make it past pick #4. I trust Dean’s drafting skills 100%, and i won’t complain one bit with who he drafts, not after Hickey, Moller, Simmonds, Voinov, and Lokti…

  • Kings Brian

    I think Irish Pat is right. It will be Schenn, since he’s a DL-type player. DL might very well pick Kane if he is available, but I’m expecting him to go to Atlanta.

    Personally, I like the thought of taking MSP, because we have enough options for a second line center down the road and Stoll is a good placeholder for now. But DL views centers as more important than wingers and this will probably be our last chance to draft so high for a while. So I’m calling a center as the next logical choice for DL, after building the back end over the last three drafts.

    DL has made two out of the blue picks since coming here in Hickey and Simmonds. So I have no issue if we hear a name we weren’t expecting.

  • AK47

    I don’t think it’ll be Brayden Schenn, whatsoever. Rich hit it spot on with it being between Evander Kane or MSP, and imo if Kane is available, we select him..

    Trevor Lewis has been playing on the right wing in Manchester all year long, so I don’t know why most of you are saying that he’ll be our third line center. I know his original position is center, but he can also play the wing..


    What’s the JJ situation? He’s a restricted free agent just like every other kid who’s contract is up in the NHL.. You guys are looking into the Jack Johnson wayyyyyyyyy too much, like WAYYYY TOO MUCH.. Jack Johnson is staying a King.. He’s only going to improve and obviously we all know he’s one of the main keys of this rebuilding corps. Just because Doughty has emerged so quickly, it doesn’t mean Jack Johnson has to too.. Give him some time and these 2 (Doughty & Johnson) will be the toughest D pairing soon..

    And as for Patrice Bergeron coming to LA.. I hope that’s a joke, we don’t need another center.. Why don’t we just trade for or sign Ryan Callahan to an offer sheeeeeet :(?

  • tantrum4

    My hometown Kelowna Rockets are in the playoffs right now against Evender Kane and the Vancouver Giants and from what I’ve seen I would have no problem selecting Kane. Besides his socring that everone already knows about is that he’s a big strong kid who’s not afraid to get a little dirty. Actually he reminds me of Corey Perry a little in that he likes to give little cheap shots behind the play or in a scrum when the ref can’t see what’s happening. But he can also take a hit too. 6’8 Tyler Myers belted him behind our net last game and even though Kane was a little woozy, he got up and finished his shift. He works hard every shift, has great hands, loves to hit, and scores big goals all the time..everyone should hope we get him. We have enough soft guys on our team, time to add some more grit…..

    Can’t wait to watch him again tonight!!! Even though I’m going to watch him lose!!!

  • s2

    It won’t be Schenn. Not enough skill there when compared to MPS or Kane. I’d like the Swede, but I’d be happy with Kane as well.

  • anthonyy

    Forget Kane. Too skinny
    Go for the swede.

  • go kings go

    (I hate Kane)

  • PaulCat1969

    Anthonyy…what’s the one constant criticism os Simmonds? You got it…too skinny but I don’t think there is anyone who question the other skills that Wayne has. MSP is only 17. I think he has the time to bulk up fine. He skates like the wind and apparently has amazing hands and is a ridiculously good playmaker. I am pretty certain you are significantly heavier than you were when you were 17.

    Either pick is a winner but I like a guy that is a natural LW and has the height with still room to grow.

  • darko25o

    MSP is already 200 pounds, he can easily make 215 over 3 years. All comparisons are being made to Forsberg….nuff’ said!

  • Irish Pat

    Re-read Anthony’s post again.

    He says Evander Kane is too skinny.

    The Swede is MSP. No one thinks that kid is too small.

  • tron

    I’d be happy with either. I’ve only seen them play twice, so i will leave it to the Kings scouts. But if our scouts think Tavaras is the real deal, let’s trade the #5 and some prospects for #1. Then sign Gaborik!

    I like Thomas Tatar and Cody Eakins in the 2nd round

  • Definitely cannot go wrong with either MSP or Kane. MSP is more of a game-breaker, so I’m assuming he will go at number 4, and the Kings will draft Kane.

    However, I think we are so stacked on the back end, and have so many second-tier forwards…DL should package our pick, Bernier, and perhaps another prospect/pick or two, whatever it takes, to move into the top slot and get Tavares. The Isles don’t have the depth of young talent that we have, and it wouldn’t shock me to see them part with the pick…for the right package of young, ready (or nearly-ready) talent. Make them an offer they can’t refuse, something that can help them make up for their poor recent drafting (overall), and get them up and running a lot more quickly than just the single player.

    If the Kings could add JT to this group, which will hopefully include either Marion…well then, our forward group will be right up there with the elite of the elite. Make it happen Dean, at almost any cost!

    Oh, but I’d much rather have MSP than Kane. Both will play in the NHL, but MSP (who apparently does NOT have any of the ‘big problems’ that often plague top prospects) will be more offensively gifted, in the end, I think. And that’s what we need. Just my $.015.

  • JB

    I got to say all those MSP fans are way too easily swayed. Just cuz Brown & Kopi ask for a high scoring LW people seem to think that should be our draft pick?

    Duh if we need a LW so badly the draft ain’t the place to pick one up.

    Between Kane and MSP you go w/ Kane. He has size and plays a hard game. Also, he’s in the North Amer. system and has had success. MSP does not play a power forward game. Kane has more upside . You can’t transition a kid from finesse into playing that power game. i.e Brian Boyle.

  • darko25o

    “Duh if we need a LW so badly the draft ain’t the place to pick one up.

    Between Kane and MSP you go w/ Kane. He has size and plays a hard game.”

    Thats exactly where you get a LW, so if we can’t sign Fro, then MSP has experience under his belt, and we don’t have to hope for a trade to go through. And your argument about Kane having size and grit….MSP weighs 40 more pounds….do your homework!

    P E O P L E ! ! ! Kane is weighing in at 160lbs., check any scouting site.

  • Chuck

    I don’t think you could go wrong with either pick. But
    if given the choice:

    1) MSP – as we need a LW more than any other position.

    2) Kane – would make a good 1-2 punch down the C with Kopitar, and I’ve read that he may be a better W in the NHL, than a C.

    3) Schenn can’t be ruled out either. He’s a big character guy, which DL loves, his scoring has improved this year, and he bring size.

  • GoKings09

    I agree with JB. Also, what we really need is a finisher. We have a lot of playmakers in Kopi, Fro, Handzus, etc. What we really need is a sniper that can put the puck in the net and Kane does that. In addition he plays the body and is great at doing the little things away from the puck. I think MSP could be great but I like Kane a little more. Like I said before I think Atlanta takes Kane and then we get MSP. All of you that are hating on one or the other are wrong. Both are great the question is just which is better.


    PS- Those of you that said pick MSP cuz of Moller or pick Schenn cuz he knows so and so those are pretty bad reasons to make a top 5 pick in the draft. You draft based on their talent and skill and how much better you think that player will make your team.

  • 4thlinechecker

    Any way you can try and find out why Teubert was a healthy scratch in game 7 last night??? I heard he took a couple bad penalties the night prior, and I am wondering if it was that. Thank you

    I would go with MSP, I think he could be the next Foresberg.

  • Brian M

    I’m hoping the pick will be packaged in a deal for that scoring left winger we really need. If not it’ll have to be the free agency route.

  • Datacloud

    The Kings once drafted a player who was 17 when he played in the SEL. He worked out pretty well for us.

    That said, drafting is an art & strategy form, and all of the conjecture and discourse is fun, but none of us can really make educated guesses as to what will happen, who will be drafted, or who will eventually pan out in the NHL. Whenever conversations like this come up, I am instantly reminded of Zetterberg and Datsyuk, neither of whom were drafted before the 6th round.

  • Ziggy Stardust

    Me thinks they’ll go with Brayden Schenn. He fits the Lombardi credo. He meets all the characteristics that translates to successful NHL players.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Only thing to add here is that this will be the Kings’ last kick at the high draft choice can for awhile, IMHO…

    I’ve preferred Duchene all along, now he’s gone up on the list and is almost guaranteed to go early with Tavares and Hedman. My second pick is Kane–think he’s got the same makeup as Simmonds. I think MSP goes before Kane, leaving us with Kane… or, some esoteric DL pick.

    Can’t imagine who would trade for OUR pick… I could see someone wanting #2 or #3… I don’t believe for a minute that John Taveras goes below #2/ That sounds like a Toronto/Brian Burke snow job to me…

    Still thinking about how Colton Teubert was a healthy scratch for game #7 of the Ontario-Stockton series. Just goes to show you how pedigree doesn’t guarantee instant success…

  • Quisp

    I’m going to go off the board. I got a pick who’s better than Tavares and better than Duchene and is showing them both up as we speak in the OHL playoffs. This guy is #4 overall in playoff scoring in the OHL, as a rookie. Tavares is #8, Duchene 11th.

    Therefore, with the #5 pick, I select Andrei Loktionov.

    What? Lombardi already picked him? Last year?? With the 123rd pick????

    Oh, okay.

    I’ll go with Kane then. I just hope he doesn’t trade the pick.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Hey Quispie–

    Loktionov just demonstrates the point again, about maturity, experience, and age. Everybody just salivates at the thought of Tavares or Duchene (me included), but there they are, just boys relative to some other talent.

    Just think about St. Louis and Columbus. Made the playoffs, yes. Ousted without any real protest even though the fans were ballistic and they played real hard. What will their draft choice be this year? When will any drafted player be ready to step into their lineups? How can they ever get better?

    You just have to have the players in the pipeline, as you improve. Otherwise, you stagnate. No matter whom the Kings choose, he has to fit in somewhere down the line.

  • variable

    about mid/late season, i had my sights on msp/mps…and have been blogging about him ever since…

    i see no reason to change my mind now…

    he really is the complete package…

    if he’s still there come #5, lil’ foppa is the pick…however,if kane is the one we do select if available, i wouldn’t be upset…he also has a nice all-around game…

    either way…i like our chances of picking a good player…


    if neither kane or msp/mps is available…my d.l. off the board pick is:


    he’s 6’3″ and growing and has a nhl ready game that could make an instant impact on a team like the kings…i wouldn’t be surprised if he gets picked up quicker than later…and if d.l. takes a “chance” on him…

    the trade possibility for a LW is still there, but i don’t expect d.l. to blow up his cap budget to make that happen…you got to figure that the salary demands of a top-flight LW are going to be a bit much for d.l./AEG to handle…even if a green light’s given to spend some cash…gabby would be the most logical choice since he’s a UFA and no trade is needed…i’m not saying gabby’s the “best” choice…hossa is…but that would require an $8 to $10 million per year commitment – something that is highly unlikely for d.l./AEG to do…also, you gotta believe that there are about 10+ other teams that the kings will be competing with for hossa’s services, which will automatically drive up the bidding war…

  • jkaflagg

    Hope Kane is available, he’s got the grit that the Kings desperately need…. a little leery of European players, you never know if you’re getting a Zetterberg or a Tukonen….But mostly I’m worried that Dean will try and get cute and ‘dazzle’ everyone with an off-the-wall pick…..I know a lot of Dean’s draftees are highly regarded, but until they actually show up and play at a high level in the big leagues, I’m skeptical….I don’t count Doughty because a that was the ultimate no-brainer pick….

  • Quisp

    Variable, re Kassian:

    You know I love Kassian. I don’t think DL would trade down for him, but I wouldn’t rule out a Teubert-like trade to grab someone’s mid-first round pick to get him. That’s where you might see a couple of our surplus prospects (as if there is such a thing, and I hate to imagine who it might be) on D and in net get packaged for someone’s #15-20 pick.

    re Hossa/UFAs:

    I know I’m beating a dead horse here, but if you want to make yourself feel better about the Kings’ chances at landing a big scorer, go look at the cap situations and needs of the competition. I think the Kings have a truly good shot. Doesn’t mean anything will happen. But it’s not a joke to think it’s possible.

    BAko, re Loktionov v. Tavares:

    Agreed. However, they are both the same age. Loktionov turns 19 in May, Tavares in September.

  • variable


    yeah…i know you’ve been on the kassian horse/fan club for awhile now…he’s a good pick…
    when you look at draft prospects, you always have to factor in the size quotient…meaning, whether or not a player is still developing/growing into a nhl projectable frame…kassian will probably get lil’ bit bigger, but he already fills that prerequisite…couple that with the energy/enthusiasm he brings and reasonable upside in skill/hands, he’s a real good first rounder no matter what the situation…

    as for the cap status of the other teams…

    i’m aware of who’s got what/how much to spend…you and others have done a tremendous job of informing everyone here over the course of the last few months…

    i still believe that those other teams who are strapped will have to make their own cuts to accommodate their own future needs/gaps…so, anything is really possible…i also believe that a number of those cap strapped teams will be moving players come draft day…it bears worth repeating that i believe this upcoming draft will see a record amount of movement…

    hossa played great tonight and was the key for detroit in clinching the series…his stock continues to go up with every point he earns and game/series detroit wins…i hope yr right about our chances for a realistic/reasonable deal that won’t kill the frolov situation…we still have time to prognosticate some more about all the scenarios/possibilities about who will be added/dropped/signed…

    where’s that crystal ball…?

  • Telos

    It sounds like Atlanta is leaning towards Kane. If that happens, then you have to get MSP. Shouldn’t be much to think about.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    re Loktionov v. Tavares/

    How did Loktionov get drafted a year before Tavares?

  • variable

    hey, BAKO…

    any fuji/condors updates…?

  • 28 KINGS

    If Bob Miller had any say, he go with Kane. Having to pronounce Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson 20 times a game, for an entire season might drive him to retire early 🙂

  • GoKings09


    Tavares birthday I believe fell two days after the cutoff for last year’s draft. I remember reading that his agent was trying to get an exception to allow him in the draft last year but was unsuccessful.

  • jet

    Regarding UFA signings, I just do not see any 9 million dollar per year contracts offered this year or next. With the Stars now in trouble also, the cap (ceiling and floor) is going to have to come down or the NHL will lose franchises. And, no matter what the cap does this year there will be concerns that it will drop next year.
    This means UFAs will likely sign one year deals with teams that can win the cup next year, ala Hossa.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy


    Seems like the refs didn’t want either the Reign or the Condors in the second round. Both teams had first period goals disallowed, then each fell far behind. Condors didn’t ever really show up, though, and lost 5-1. Fukufuji gave up two tweeners goals through the five hole he would’ve wanted back. It was the first two-game losing streak for the Condors since early February. Crushing. I’m still trying to get over it.

    But, it makes the point: depth. Las Vegas was able to roll three lines the last two games, eleven players scoring goals. The Condors top line scored nearly all their goals. Vegas found a way to stop the top line the last two games at Vegas. Secondary scoring… Gotta have that next season, Kings/Reign/Condors.

    Fukufuji was okay. He won three close one-goal games, two in overtime. BUT, he lost four 3-1, 3-1, 3-0 and 5-1. Save percentage about .910, he kept us in all the games save the last one.

  • GoKings09


    I agree with you 100%. I really like Kane and think he will end up being a great leader, sniper, power forward and would love to have him but I think Atlanta takes him. MPS I think will be a great playmaker and player as well just my individual preference is for Kane(if anyone watches fantasy football stuff on Yahoo with Brad Evans, I think I’m getting a man-crush on him). Draft day should be an exciting day filled with lots of movement like variable said. I can hardly wait.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    This is the LONGEST delay for glass breakage I’ve ever seen, in the second period of the Ducks-Sharks game…

  • variable

    i was thinking…

    the sharks and kings…so different, yet so similar…

    nobody will get confused on who has the more talented roster as of right now…san jose has all the names and the aptitude…and they’re in the playoffs as the number one seed…and our kings are planing summer vacations, golf tee times and world championship reservations…


    they remind me of our kings in the way that all their players constantly look around them for the other guy to step it up and lead the way…they have as much skill and talent on the roster than most, yet, their leaders, presumably thornton, marleau, blake and boyle are rarely all on the same leadership page…boyle and blake have been better than thornton and marleau, but i would expect these guys to bring it every shift…and clearly they aren’t…

    maybe it’s the “tracy mcgrady” syndrome that the whole team suffers from…i don’t know…but san jose just doesn’t play like a complete team…

    they better stop waiting for the next guy,’cause they are going to be gone real soon…and then the finger pointing will begin…

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    They say leaders are not made, they are born.

    So, DL has got to DRAFT leaders, then trade for the skilled followers.

  • JDM

    good point variable. Its hard to overlook in this series.

    You know who doesn’t look around for help?

    Bobby Ryan.

    God I’m more and more pissed and jealous that the stinkin’ Quacks have him.

  • variable


    so true…!

  • variable


    right on about ryan…

    this kid is playing like he’s hungry and a veteran…

    hate to root for the quacks, but ryan is a joy to watch and a burgeoning star…

  • Quisp

    Bako re Loktionov/Tavares:

    You have to turn 18 by September 15 of the draft year to be eligible. Loktionov turned 18 last May. Tavares, last September 20th. So Tavares missed the cut-off for last year by 5 days.

  • JDM

    Ryan should be marketed like Crosby is. You want more American fans, hype your American stars.

    How many goals will he score in his career? 50, 60? More? He was on a 40 goal pace in his rookie friggin season.

    I hope Corey Perry fades into obscurity in Ryan’s wake. 🙂

  • variable

    the ducks are built for the playoffs…and this series is proving it…

    when hammer asked us for our first round picks, i chose the sharks in seven…and as i was typing my predictions, i had to stop several times and re-think this series…

    i kept saying to myself…”this team can’t screw it up again, can it…???”

    apparently, i was wrong…

    when the second round begins, all of us that had posted our predictions, should revisit them and see how accurate they were/are…

    i got the bruins/canadiens one dead on…the rest are up in the air…

  • JDM

    And it’s essentially a 3-1 series now.

    I think the Ducks will win this series, but if they did it 5 games. Wow. Its ONLY acceptble to any degree because watching San Jochoke fail like this is a pleasure.

  • variable

    and now perry delivers…! 3-0…


    the quacks are playing like the desperate team, controlling the whole 3rd period…

    constant giveaways by the sharks and their top players…no spirit, enthusiasm or gumption…

    it’s going to take a miracle for them to turn this series around…and i don’t think they have it in them…

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Thanks Variable…

    The team I think of most comparing to the Kings is the Bruins. I remember the 8-6 loss to them at Staples two seasons ago, in a game where it seemed the Kings could rally but they could never stop the Bruins from scoring. Then, the comeback win in OT this year…

    The difference was JQ.

    Now, during the Habs series, the announcers were all gaga because the Bruins ran three lines the whole game and just skated them out of their own building. That’s the depth the Kings need. With the depth comes the secondary scoring. The player the Kings most need to find/copy is Lucic–big, nasty and dangerous.

  • Quisp

    Re Sharks/Ducks:

    The Ducks have been playing playoff hockey for several weeks, without which they wouldn’t even have made the playoffs. The Sharks are untested. Well, now they’re tested. Fail. Ha ha. There are some great players on that team, but — sorry — Rob Blake is not clutch, Roenick is annoying, and Thornton, I don’t know, but there’s something wrong with that guy. He’s an amazing player, but not when it counts.

    San Jose will soon be sitting on their various couches, wondering why them? The answer is, look at Detroit. You have to be able to win in the playoffs, even though everyone is gunning for you because you’re the best. Now, even Detroit loses sometimes. But they’ve got their handful of cups. San Jose, no.

    (p.s. I don’t think San Jose is coming back in this series. They don’t have the character to come back. Their only hope was — is, I guess — that Anaheim would remember they themselves suck and collapse; but the ducks aren’t collapsing. Wow. I guess this would be Travis Moen’s nightmare.)

    And next year, San Jose gets to be a super-expensive team that was built to win it all and couldn’t get out of the first round.

  • JDM


    It makes my heart sing.

    Detroit whooping the Ducks, then losing to the Hawks (after beating Vancouver) would be my dream come true for the Western Conference playoffs.

    Maybe San Jose will panic so badly that they goof up and trade Pavelski or Clowe or Setoguchi instead of Thornton or Marluea.

    Thornton has to be one of the biggest playoff chokers of all time compared to his regular season success. Can anyone else remember a player who dominated so heavily season in and out, but continually disappeared completely in the playoffs, year after year?

    I know there are those who don’t up their game like you’d hope, but this Thornton thing is really insane. Its not like he’s even snake-bitten, he’s just a lump of crap.

  • variable

    thornton is a complete playoff enigma…

    i don’t get it…

    i think it goes back to what i was saying before about each player on a playoff team stepping up to the plate and giving their all…and the sharks, with some exceptions during the 3rd of tonight’s game 4, haven’t showed up…

    all that locker room/playoff experience is fizzling out, once again…i agree…i think they’re shark meat – chum for the quacks…

  • JDM


    Drew Miller has been more valuable, played better and harder in that series than Joe Thornton.

    How could any team with a selfish, old and washed up Blake and Roenick expect to go anywhere. You’re supposed to have 1 Claude Lemiuex on your team, not 3.

  • JDM

    Wait, I take that back, kind of.

    Claude Lemeuix is NOT a selfish player of the ilk of Roenick and Blake. I made the comparison to mean players who are way past their prime and there primarily for character, experience and leadership, categories Blake and Roenick are not stellar at.

    I hated Claude when he was in his prime, but he I have a respect for him Roenick and Blake can never have.

    Just wanted to clear that up.

  • MacSwede

    Irish Pat!

    We swedes dont just drink Aquavit, we drink Absolut Vodka also 😉

    Just joking. I was really thinking that Kings should pick Matt Duhesne, but now when Rich thinks its not probably, I will go for MSP/MPS.

    Youve allready said it:

    * Size
    * Left Wing
    * Talent

    Hes a big forward with great stickhandling, and has been compared to Forsberg. IF we cant use that pick in a trade that will bring Kovalchuck here, then dont hesitate to pick Magnus!

    Fro – Kopi – Williams
    MSP – Moller – Brown
    Simmonds – Handzus..and so on..

  • AK47

    If San Jose loses to Anaheim in the first round, does Todd McLellan get fired?!

    I’m all for the Zack Kassian pick, but if it’s between Kane and MSP, the clear choice is Evander Kane and you can ask ANYONE who watches WHL hockey. I remember the year we selected Thomas Hickey, everyone thought we’d be taking Karl Alzner or Alexei Cherepanov, but DL goes somewhat off board and selects a steady dman in Hickey, who ends up being the captain of both his Seattle Thunderbirds team and the Canadian junior team. I still think that we’re going to package a deal for Dany Heatley, Jim O’Brien and their first for Frolov, Stoll, Teubert and our first..

    Jim O’Brien played with Hickey in Seattle and they were living at the same billet house throughout their junior career (just a side note)..

    To LA:
    Dany Heatley
    Jim O’Brien
    OTT 1st

    To OTT:
    Alexander Frolov
    Jarret Stoll
    Colten Teubert
    LA 1st

  • AK47

    and with the 9th pick overall, we select either Jordan Schroeder, Zack Kassian (if he’s still on board) or that Oliver EkmanLarsson (if he’s still there) or even Nazem Kadri, who’s going to be a beastttt

  • Petter

    Rich, I can make it easy for you. It’s Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson. Actually, it’s Pjrvi-Svensson, but I know that you Americans don’t like our foreign letters.

  • -J

    FWIW- MSP wore only Paajarvi on the back of his jersey at the U-18’s a few weeks back.

  • tantrum4

    Just to let you guys know, Kane is not skinny, and he’s not 160 lbs. I just watched him play again last night and commented on how big and strong he is to my buddy. When I read 160 lbs on here I had to laugh. But when I checked the scouting sites, they still actually have him listed as 5’11 160 lbs, which is what he was when he entered the WHL. If you check out his team page of the Vancouver Giants, they have him listed at 6’1, 185 lbs, which is a heck of a lot more acurate from what what I saw in person last night…

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Hey guys,

    Now that it’s SJ-fail (assuming 3-1 turns into 4 and out…), would it be VAN-fail if they go out in Round Two? They are an old team, built to win NOW save a few keepers… And, what about CAL-fail, if they go out to CHI?

  • AK47: Perhaps not a bad deal, though I’d rather trade away Voinov than Teubert…

    I’d go for MPS or trade down 2-3 places and then take either Cowen, Kassian, Despres or Kadri. I’d believe a future d-pair of Despres (6’4 and 205 lbs) och Johnson would be something extra.

    Or maybe even trade away our 2nd pick along with some prospect and get one more (though lower) first round pick.

  • anonandonanon

    Kane. The weeks leading up to the draft (and there have been a b***load in recent years) are a very fickle time for me. There more I read the more I like the kid.

    BPA, if indeed he is available.

    Way too many variables in who takes what on the way to our pick though. I really hope we don’t reach for someone, BPA.

  • darko25o

    “Perhaps not a bad deal, though I’d rather trade away Voinov than Teubert”
    I’m huge on Voinov, and was lucky enough to see him play on the Russian Junior team. I have to say, this guy was thee best player on this ice for Russia, even better than Filatov, almost. I’ve watched Teubert a few times at Ontario, and I think everyone whose seen him this year is really disappointed. At this point the trade value of Teubert works out to being more than Voinov, but Voinov can be considered on par. I think I’d trade Teubert for the simple fact that its likely to get us more in trade as a result, which may lead to us not having to give up another proven player in that blockbuster we’re all waiting for. I’m in complete agreement with you though-we dont need both!

  • Jonny

    Im gonna have to go with Kane.

  • Quisp

    darko et al re teubert:

    Teubert has had a weird year and gotten a lot of criticism. People forget, what with Doughty (not to mention a slew of other talented 18-19 year old d) breaking in with relative ease, that defensemen are supposed to take a few years to develop, especially guys like Teubert who play that Pronger-y game. The best thing to do with him is to plant him in the ground, water him, and wait a few years for him to grow up. It’s fine if he doesn’t arrive for two or three more years. Who cares? There isn’t room for him right now anyway.

  • Quisp

    Oh, and no trading Voynov.

  • GoKings09

    One other note on Kane that I found interesting is an article I found about him playing against Tyler Myers in his playoff series and he is 6-1 185 lbs as tantrum said.

    “Kane might be the most competitive player ever to wear Giants garb. He cheers goals in practice. When he came back from the world juniors, one of the first things he said to Giants coach Don Hay was: “See, I can penalty kill” — a reference to receiving man-short minutes at the worlds when he wasn’t then getting many with Vancouver.”

    This reminds me of Alexandre Ovechkin. No, I am not saying that I think Kane will be as good as Ovechkin or anything like that. All I’m saying is his love of the game and competitiveness sounds very similar to Ovechkin who plays hard every shift and simply loves playing hockey. Just found the article interesting and thought I’d share.

  • GoKings09
  • darko25o

    …If Kane can be moved to LW, and shows something big against the NHL ready Myers….I would change my “wishlist” from MSP to KANE. I’m not willing to count the points he has away from Myers though, since they are double shifting Kane.
    ISS just moved Duchene ahead of Hedman on the prospect ranking’s list. It would be interesting to see what happens if Kane goes off against Myers.

  • Moondoggie

    This has really been an interesting thread and I’ve poured over everyone’s comments. But I’d really like a little help here.

    First, I just don’t see what all the excitement is over MPS. I’ve tried to find some video on him, TSN evaluations, mock drafts, etc and there’s practically nothing. It looks like he’s scored 7 goals in the Swedish Elite league and that’s it. The few videos I have seen he looks good and evidently in the WJC he had a pretty good series. I know all the mock drafts have him at No. 5 or less and we do need a good, strong, young, fast left wing. The other thing I found out, he is a great skater (according to the reviews) and has a good shot but is weak defensively and isn’t a very physical player. That doesn’t bode well in the NHL, especially in the Western Conference.

    My player that I’m still hoping will be available is Matt Duchene. I wouldn’t mind seeing DL trade up to get him; he’s easily the 3rd best player in the draft, maybe even better and would be a perfect fit for the Kings.

    After that, I kinda like Brayden Schenn. He’s big, a good skater, a scorer and doesn’t mind dropping the gloves. He’s basically a skating Ivanans with a big shot, not bad, decent playmaker too.

    Evander Kane won’t be a bad choice either from everyone’s feedback and the video I’ve seen. I hope everyone is right about MPS because this is a pretty big pick offensively for the King’s future. We need a LW huge. The great thing, going into the draft you know DL & staff will have done their homework and ultimately will end up with the right guy, be it Duchene, Kane, MSP, Schenn or a trade up/down for another LW. They could end up with Gaborik as well, then as one blogger put it, “the death star will be fully operational”…..

    Someone, someone please, show me what MPS is all about, please!

  • JB

    Darko- get off thinking Kane or MSP can solve our LW top six problems. How many 1st round picks come in ready to play in the top six in the NHL and make an impact? Doughty was a rare case and credit to DL for seeing it. Stamkos didn’t. Bobby Ryan took 3 years.

    Whoever we pick will need a couple years to develop. Een if MSP has size he’ll need to learn what it’s like when you have D-men just as big pounding you on a regular basis. At least Kane comes from a familiar system/style and he’s 6’1 so obviously he can add the weight and strength.

  • Ludwig

    I would LIKE it to be Kane…but I have a feeling that he’ll be gone by the time the Kings come up to draft… That’s the ONLY reason I’m writing him off… MSP will likely fall to us at 5 and I wouldn’t mind him IF Kane is taken…but not bad for a 1A/B choice… If by some luck Kane falls this far…TAKE ‘IM DEANO!!!!!

  • darko25o

    Thats exactly where you get a LW, so if we can’t sign Fro, then MSP has experience under his belt, and we don’t have to hope for a trade to go through.
    And… as far as a top six forward as an immediate asset, I don’t remember any of the previous players being compared to Forsberg after playing in the SEL at 17….
    15 of the past 20 top 5 picks in the NHL draft have been immediate impact players… So why do you feel that 2 out of the five in this draft will not be usuable as a top six foward?

  • darko25o


    Een if MSP has size he’ll need to learn what it’s like when you have D-men just as big pounding you on a regular basis”
    AGAIN….AGAIN….MSP played in the Swedish Elite league when he was 17. He knows how to play against fully developed players…Kane does not.

  • -J

    darko25o- i think you’re numbers might be a little off-15 of the 20 last top 5 picks did not become regular players the season following their draft, and way less than that could be considered “impact players” during their first year. Who’d you have in mind?

    Also, take the comparison’s to Forsberg with a several grains of salt- every top 5 draft player is being compared to someone. I’ve even heard Duchene being compared to Yzerman. Does that mean he’s going to end up being as great as Yzerman, probably not. If you compare him to Forsberg, Forsberg put up better numbers as a seventeen year-old (and was a expected/ranked to be drafted late in the first round) yet he still played a couple seasons more in the SEL after he was drafted, (and even after he was traded to the nordiques). That said, I wouldn’t mind MSP, but 1) i don’t think he’ll be playing in the NHL next year and 2) i have a hunch that DL will draft someone else.

    I agree with you and quisp, no on trading away

  • darko25o

    Check the results from the 2005 draft to 2008. And I agree with you, alot of players are, without a doubt, compared to hockey legends, but my statement was Forsberg, and how I haven’t heard of anyone being compared to Forsberg.

  • -J

    I’m not JB, but i did already check the drafts, which is why i was wondering who you had in mind. By my count, only 8 guys taken in the top 5 in that span, played over half a season in the NHL the season following their draft, and even less than that are what could be termed impact players during that season.
    And if you take out last draft which is somewhat of an anomaly, you take away 4 of those 8.