A serious question

What was worse?

a) Being a Kings fan this season, knowing all along that your team probably wouldn’t make the playoffs?


b) Being a Sharks fan this season, knowing that no matter how many points you accumulated, your team was probably still destined for another playoff choke?

It’s a serious question. Would you rather be Sharks Fan and enjoy the six months of success, regardless of how it ends?

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  • darko25o

    Being a Sharks fan is way worse! The expectations were so much further from reality for the Sharks, that they will, with out a doubt, be the biggest disappointment for a fan base in the entire NHL…..followed closely by the Capitals.

  • hazen

    Without a doubt B!! See you on the links Rob and Jeremy. I love it!

  • Anonymous

    Being a Sharks fan, it stings more to have your expectations set so high to only have it blow up in your face

  • darko25o

    ….as a side note, Oishi and Backes were just added to team USA, taking us from no chance at a medal, to a very possible chance at contending for a bronze.

  • wisconsinKingsfan

    B is worse. It is great to make it to the playoffs but continually choking in the playoffs does not get you that much closer to the cup. Your expectations are set so high that it stings that much more when they come crashing down.

    I would rather have A, but with the caveat that I was still hoping all the way until the bitter end that the Kings were going to make it.

  • TB

    B – Sharks fan

    Simple reason…their home games were worth the cost of attending. Nothing beats being a season ticket holder and having a home record like theirs. Well…nothing other than winning the cup obviously.

    Overall, only one team wins the cup, so with this question, I’d have to say there is still something better about an early playoff exit compared to not even making it. I went to game 3 of the series on Tuesday, and I kept thinking to myself how much we are missing as fans when it comes to the playoff atmosphere and the level of play on the ice. A live playoff game is very tough to beat.

  • Johnny Utah

    C) Being a Ducks fan and having to listen to Ahlers and Hazy destroy a broadcast every night.

  • hockeyfanb4 gretzky

    Being a Sharks fan has to suck I watched the game last night and figured out how not to vomit in my own mouth just set the TV to closed captions so you dont have to listen to the Ducks Broadcasters they r hands down the worst in sports.

  • nykingfan

    It must suck when you think you’re winning the cup only to get tossed in the 1st round.
    Of course, we haven’t gotten to that round yet so….

    I really enjoyed watching our team grow this year and can’t wait for next season to begin.

  • jet

    I can not imagine anything worse than being shellacked by the 8th seated Ducks in the first round. That would leave a bad taste for decades.
    I have a neighbor who is a Ducks fan and all I heard after last half of the season is that “If we only had a player like Stoll”. He thought they should blow the team up last year, because they were all talent and no heart.
    I would not want to be the GM this off season. What do you do?

  • ryan oliver

    Its much worse being a Kings fan. Are you kidding me? Watching the best team overall during the reguler season, all those victories. Going to bed at night and not wanting to punch a hole in the wall on the way to the bed. I have been a huge Kings fan since 88, but zero playoff games for the past how many years is just about enough. san Jose will probably still come back and win the series too, its only 3-1. I just want to be able to watch meaningful games again.


    All of you who say its worse being a Sharks fan are kidding yourselves. I’m with ryan oliver, being a Kings fan sucked this year just like last year and the year before, and the year before, and the year before and the…..

  • Kevco

    I’d rather be a Sharks fan than a Ducks fan, can’t stand the Ducks players or fans.

    But that’s off topic.

    There is no good answer, IF we make it next year we will probably be out in 4 games against the Red Wings. Watching a lot of playoff hockey this year it has really shown me how weak we are on scoring,shooting, overall offense.

  • Lilly

    Without a doubt, worse to be a Sharks fan. Can’t think of anything worse than being ousted in the first round by the vile Ducks.

    Go Kings GO!

  • TB

    Correction on my earlier statement…I meant A is worse.

  • Sufferer with Kings

    A)Everything being equal, I would prefer to see Kings play the Sharks and loose then Ducks play them and win!

    And to answer Johnny Utah, I agree about Ducks broadcasters, they are atrocious, however I cringe every time when I hear Jim Fox butcher the English language. Bob Miller, in my opinion, is the best, or at least is in top 3, sports broadcasters in all sports. To pair him with this illiterate buffoon is a travesty. I am not saying that Jim Fox does not know hockey or is a jerk-off like the Ducks broadcasters, I am saying he cant put two meaningful sentences together and to listen to him is like nails on the blackboard!

    Sorry to change the subject Rich. BTW, you are one of the premier young sports journalists in the country! Keep it up!

  • http://SJKingsFan SJKingsFan

    B – And losing to a team that can’t even sellout an arena for home playoff games!

  • andre norway

    being a sharks fan is worst. Over 82 games you have seen your team play almost perfect hockey, winning the president trophy. Your expectations are sky high that you this time will go all the way and then discover that you are on the brink on elimination by the f……quacks. My expectations for the kings was not sky high, I didnt expect that we would reach the playoffs. I was disappointed in one way that we didnt make it but I was glad that I saw how the team has improved since last year and that we where in for the playoff hunt until the last 10 games. Next year with an addition of a top six forward my hope is that we will reach the playoff and hopefully advance to the next round. But as long as we improve as a team I am happy because I know that within 2-3 years we are the powerhouse of the nhl. In Lombardi I trust. And to my fellow kingfans I will say go kings go and have a happy summer.

  • hockeyfanb4 gretzky

    @ TB
    not to mention that Miller & Fox look like bert& Ernie
    from sesame street

  • Duckhunter

    I would much rather watch 53 wins over 34.

    I’m a sports fan and would much rather see quality on a nightly basis. Losing in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd round is all the same, you’re still cupless. It would definitely suck to lose in the 1st round when you’re one of the favorites but at least you’re there.

    It’s much worse being a Kings fan at this present time. I will say, I haven’t been this excited about our team in a long time. Good things are around the corner.


    Johnny Utah, good reply, but here’s a tougher question:
    Would you rather:
    a) Be a Kings fan while they keep losing year after year while listening to Bob Miller and Jim Fox or …
    b) Be a Kings fan while they win the STANLEY CUP listening to the new Kings broadcasters Ahlers and Hazy because Bob Miller and Jim Fox retired or left.

    That question sucks

  • TB


    Re Foxy: Completely disagree! Sorry…but I do.

    He might not be the very best with the english language, but he’s not as bad as you are indicating. In comparison to other color commentators in the game, he is also “top 3”. He never crosses the line, and always maintains respect for the officials and opposition. Also, having met him personally once, he’s a great personality and has a TON of hockey knowledge. (On a side note, he’ll be doing his 20th year with the Kings as a broadcaster next season, congrats in advance!)

    But you are dead on about the Ducks broadcasters. They play favorites with their team, and they consistently make condiscending remarks towards the officiating and their opponents. Not at all how journalists should cover the game even when they are promoting their team. Its so disappointing when Hayward says things that not only make no sense, but completely throw people under the bus. I’ll never forget one time he went off on a tangent about the Kings goaltending situation last year and said something along the lines of how the problem isn’t the goalies, but the organization. First, the problem was the goalies. They sucked. Second, even if he were right, who is he to say such a thing?!?! Be professional man!

  • matt

    It’s almost a toss up, but it sucks hard to have hopes of the Stanley Cup all year long and get booted from the playoffs by the 8th seed in the first round, who is also a division rival after previous years of playoff choke jobs.

    The disappointment and bitterness will be there all summer, and there will be so much rumor and speculation during the off season, it could tear the team apart. (which may be a good thing).

    At least with the kings, there is hope. Not a lot of expectations, so the let-down isn’t as big.

    Remember when Detroit would choke in the early/mid nineties? Didn’t the Sharks boot them in the first round? Who knows, maybe this will jumps start the sharks into a dominate team for the next decade.

  • JPKelly

    I can only imagine the disappointment, frustration and embarrassment of being a long-time Sharks fan. A team could not have been better groomed for contending for the CUP than SJ. Wilson, their GM, has done an excellent job putting together all the pieces. He must be wondering if there’s anything more he can possibly do. Sheesh! It’s unbelievable how these players fail to rise to the occasion come crunch time. Their window of opportunity to compete at this level and potentially challenge for the Cup is going to get smaller very soon. Before you know it there will be the expensive contract extensions, the cap-imposed trades, the old guys retiring/getting injured, the loss of team chemistry, a fall in the standings, the inevitable fire sales, the rebuild, etc. Ugh. Not a pretty future to look forward to for the Sharks faithful. Sorry, but there’s no way I’d want to be a fan of what is possibly the most disappointing franchise in the history of the NHL, if not all of pro sports.

    The Sharks ought to feel lucky they’re not located in Canada. They’d bring disgrace to the country.

    I also have to say that as a long-time Kings fan, I relish seeing the Sharks choke every year. It’s one of the reasons I love the playoffs so much ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Kozie 24

    It’s always better to be in the playoffs no matter what happens. Sure it’s disappointing to have a good regular season and get knocked out in round 1. But at least the Sharks have been playing meaningful games.

  • KingFan4ever

    This question is not about who’s the most loyal Kings fan and whether one is a turncoat or not. It’s purely hypothetical.

    I’d rather be in the Shark’s position right now. Yes they are choking in the first round but you can’t argue that as a team and an organization, they have high standards and expect to not only make the playoffs but to go all the way.

    Just look at the track record guys. The Sharks make the playoffs and the Kings don’t. Plain and simple.

    Regarding their series, I have no love for either team but you have to give credit where credit is due. Their GM bolted and then they traded away some key people during the deadline and everyone said they where unloading and giving up on their season. Look where they are now. Jonas Hiller is a revelation which puts a big question mark on Giguerre who might be finished up there in Mickey Mouse land.

  • KingFan4ever

    …oh and look at the Bruins. They get knocked out of the first round all the time and now they are going to the 2nd round. Point being that if you make the playoffs, anything can happen. It’s all in the match ups. You might get knocked off but the law of averages will eventually favor you.

  • JDM


    I was trolling a Sharks board after the loss last night and I had such a good laugh reading things from their fans like “No more kool-aid for me!”

    Imagine that, the President Trophy winner’s fans complaining of kool-aid.

    I guess A and B aren’t so different?

    Its all perspective anyways. To me, there’s nothing better than being a Kings fan.

  • Irish Pat

    That is a great question. Sort of a philosphical hockey paradox. I love it.

    I choose “B” and here’s why:

    The Kings can only improve and considering how well DL and staff have drafted and built through youth and started establishing an identity for the first time in a long time I would say most fans may be bummed by the lack of immediate success but we at least have hope for the future. Hope is huge.

    The Sharks on the other hand will probably never win the Cup with this group unless they can rally against the Ducks. This club reminds me of the Ottawa Senators before they started sucking and management made poor decisions with their roster. There is only a short window to win with any team and the leadership they have in place and San Jose’s window is almost up. In retrospect, the Ducks were probably the best AND the worst first round opponent for the Sharks and the Sharks did not rise to the challenge. Sharks fans should be disappointed, but this reminds me of 1995 and the Angels collapse. I realize it’s not the same exact thing, but I’m sure Sharks fans feel the same way I did when that happened. Seven years later the Angels won the World Series and still had some palyers from the ’95 team. Maybe the Sharks can win 7 years from now, but I doubt it’ll be with Joe Thornton behind the wheel.

  • TB


    Well said. The point here is that from the standpoint of a fan who pays $$$ for their seats, apparel, concessions, etc., they get more for their money than we do. Bang for the buck is my argument here.

  • JDM

    Everyone is forgetting that being a Sharks fan probably also means living the Bay area.

    That’s bad enough ๐Ÿ™‚

  • russainsocal

    Let’s be serious … what’s worse than missing the playoffs six years in a row? We’re not getting over on anybody, including the Sharks.

  • mrbrett7

    Would you rather continually lose in the 1st or 2nd round of the playoffs when the talent (and money spent) says you should be in the finals?


    Would you rather build a team the right way, building for years to come. The results may end up being the same, but at least it’s being done right.

    It’s not an easy question to answer. On one hand, I want to win, badly. On the other, I can see what this franchise (the Kings) are building towards. I was prepared to suck, badly, going back 3 years ago, and still am as the ends justify the means. But…sitting through it isn’t easy, especially in a city like LA where so many need instant gratification.

    So…me…I think it’s worse being a Sharks fan. If they lose in the 1st round (it isn’t over), I wouldn’t be shocked to see many of those veterens traded or let go (those who are FA). At some point, you have to see that the current chemistry just isn’t working. The regular season doesn’t mean a thing if you can’t win when it’s money time.

  • Forum to Staples

    Most of you have got to be kidding yourselves. A is much worse. Watching our team lose game after game, season after season is torture. Yes, it’s miserable to lose in the playoffs, but at least they make it to the playoffs. I’d rather watch talent and grit for 82 games than “someday” “might be” “has been” and “once was.”


    Ahh to be in a position where we could choke…That would be nice. We can’t choke because we are always looking up at all the other teams.

  • Ari

    “A” is worse because “B” is at least pretty much a guarantee that the team can make it the playoffs and if all things equal will be there next season.

    Side note: The Ducks’ commentators are the most BIASED this side of the mississippi!

    I can’t watch a Ducks broadcast for five minutes cause of these guys. We know you guys work for the Ducks, but do you got to make it so obvious in your play-by-play?

    Fox and Miller by comparison are quick to point out whether the refs made a bad penalty call, recieved a cheap shot or goal, no matter which team it goes against

  • Quisp

    There are a couple of ways to look at this question. First, the “all things being equal” way, where one considers generically whether it’s better to make the playoffs and lose than it is not to even make the playoffs. Obviously, it’s better to make it and lose than not to make it. In fact, this is so obvious that we just need to eliminate it as part of the question in any real sense.

    The second way to look at the question is, as you said, factoring in expectations. Just beginning to introduce expectations into the equation, the Sharks lose and the Kings win. By definition.

    The Kings were supposed to suck utterly. They did not. The Sharks were supposed to win the cup or at least make it to the finals. In all likelihood, they will not (though I am a little nervous counting these eggs before they’ve hatched…). The Kings exceeded expectations. The Sharks fell far, far short.

    The third way to look at the question is “how do you put this season in a broader context for each club?”

    The Kings have been rebuilding, and appear to be ahead of schedule. This season is a victory for them in that it (theoretically) signals a transition from “rebuilding” to “competing.” Everything about the team — from the salaries to the personnel, focus on youth, etc. — is built with an eye toward the future.

    The Sharks, as many pointed out before the season started, are built to win the cup this year. Not next year. Not in the future at some point. Now. They are stuck with an expensive core that can’t win when it counts. Read the papers today: people are talking about which guy to unload, Marleau or Thornton, or both. They’re talking about which players with less skill but more character should be brought in. As someone here pointed out, they are Ottawa before the wheels fell off. And they are one loss away from the wheels falling off.

    I find the “I would be much happier to watch 50 wins than 30” argument kind of funny. To me, that’s like saying, “I would much rather lose 10-9 than 2-1.”

    The main reason that’s funny is that, to Sharks fans, those regular season games are just pre-season games. The season didn’t start for them until last week. And it’s already (soon to be) over. For Kings fans, the regular season is meaningful, because they’re still trying to earn their seat at the big table.

    Also, the Kings have no sense of entitlement. It’s therefore satisfying as a Kings fan to see those self-described “champions” like the Sharks fall on their faces. Playing well during the regular season only to choke in the first round is like playing well in the first period only to crap out in the third. It counts for nothing. You lost.

    San Jose is one loss away from being exactly as good as Columbus, St Louis, Montreal…and not as good as the friggin’ Ducks. They’re not better because they have a big payroll and won a lot of meaningless games. Assuming they lose one more, they will have lost the games that mattered.

  • Dee

    I read this on another board and I think this sums it up nicely…What do the Sharks and the Titanic have in common? They both look mighty impressive until they hit the ice in April. ๐Ÿ™‚ At this point in time I would much rather be a Kings fan with optimism than a Sharks fan with a President’s trophy and a first round exit to the Ducks.

  • Quisp

    No, no, no. Choking in the first round of the playoffs is much worse. It’s much, much worse.

  • Kings Brian

    It’s kind of like asking whether you’d prefer to be crushed by a steam roller or shredded in a wood chipper. I’d pick the steam roller, but it’s not going to be pleasant either way.

  • Quisp

    Think about it this way:

    You’ve never seen either team before. You have no emotional connection to either team. You have to choose, today, which team to support, based solely on which team you think will do better over the next several years. Yes, starting next year.

    I pick the Kings. I feel much better about being a Kings fan. The Sharks are about to have to take it apart and start again. How would any of you feel about that?

  • grim randy

    i’ve been saying for years that san jose can’t play in the playoffs. and every year they seem to prove me right. i don’t ever want to be anything but a KINGS fan

  • tohspals

    No contest being a Kings fan is harder. All the wins the solid team top to bottom. You still have to qualify to win a cup.

    And lets face it it is a lot easier to tweak their team to make it a better playoff team than to get ours to the playoffs.

    Nice to see that the Ducks can’t even sellout either game at home being up 2 – 0

  • Matt R

    I’d go with Kings fan because at least we have some hope of future playoff success while it would seem the Sharks are destined to never go past the second round.

    Though DL built that team too so are we destined for the same fate? Oh boy…

  • Sufferer with Kings

    I am not criticizing Jim Fox’s knowledge of the game or his objectivity, just his primitive vocabulary, inability to construct a cohesive sentence, and constant yelling, regardless of the ambient noise level. I will concede that he is by far not the worst commentator, but next to Bob Miller he sounds pathetic. I swear, I once herd him say this fraise From the stand point of the puck. I dont wont him to be ousted, I just think that he could greatly benefit from taking English 101 (or ESL) and some speech lessons.

    Thanks for reading my rant, but this has been the worst part of the season for me. I have been Kings fan for 25+ years and suffered long enough, but I like where Kings are going and am not expecting quick fixes. Growth and maturation take time and having people like Lambardi, Hextall and Murray who understand that is a big asset.

  • Lisa

    Sharks by far! At least the Kings exceeded my expectations this year and while it would have been great to see them in the playoffs, I didn’t really expect it and we saw some very exciting hockey this year and the talk was not “poor kings” it was much more respectful of the team and its youth and the direction the team is going. So go Kings! I really hope the Sharks can come back, but it’s not looking good, what a major bummer for their fans.

  • iansez

    Geez “sufferer”, for a guy who’s a grammar/vocab critic you sure do spell like crap! Foxy’s canadian eh! It IS his second language! ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Quisp, in regrad to your lengthy comment. With your reasoning, it is better for the Kings and their fans to never make the playoffs because we might fail. It’s better to always look forward to next year when we suck and there are no expectations to achieve. As long as we are a couple of points better than last year, that is supposed to be a successful year? Not in my book.

  • Harry

    Ducks Suck!!!!!!!!!

  • variable

    lots of interesting points…

    but w/a hypothetical like the one hammer has suggested, it’s a choice between the lesser of two evil heartbreaks…:

    choice A:

    it’s like being diagnosed from the onset of the season w/a terminally ill virus that has no cure and will eventually kill you…you know the end is coming and you anticipate yr day of reckoning…

    choice B:

    yr the epitome of good health…you eat right…run/workout regularly…stay away from the bad vices…and get enough sleep…and then w/out any warning, you drop dead of a massive heart-attack…and there’s not a seemingly viable explanation as to why/how it happened w/out doing a major autopsy…

    so, the question really is asking:

    die slowly…or…die suddenly…

    either way…it’s a dire/tragic situation

    considering that all we know as kings fans during the recent years is the choice A scenario: having a slow, painful death…it might make sense to some to see how living is on the other side of the e.k.g…

    but then yr faced w/a death that lends itself no concrete justification and answers that can only be understood by those still alive…

    que latismo…what a dilemma…!


    i agree with those who say that choice B is worse…

    i rather take it on the chin for a whole year so that i can be at peace with myself…make good w/the world…and give my family and friends the time to cope w/my eventual mortality…san jose fans will be asking the very unsatisfying questions over and over again as to “who/what/where/why” this has happened…and might not ever find the appropriate answers…

    at least being a kings fan this season…and many of the recent seasons…we had moments of glory sprinkled over the impending failures…the sharks were expected to save the world and be the bill gates of the league…instead…they’re the bernie madoff’s…

    they are now faced with the likely terrible scenario of leaving the bank with their name on the building…and having the government run the show…

  • Decker

    For those of you (myself included) who were at the King’s last home game this season (fan appreciation day), I’m sure you were sheepishly grinning at all the teal dressed fans in Staples that day. I swear you could make a Mastercard commercial out of it…

    -Two tickets to a King’s game on eBay = $75 ea.
    -Brand new San Jose jersey = $200
    -NHL Center Ice package to catch the last quarter of San Jose’s season on TV = $100
    -Learning the shark bite arm motion just in time to see your team get bounced early from the playoffs (again) = Priceless

    Hope that bandwagon treated you well SJ fans!

  • Dave in Torrance

    Good afternoon everyone. Just got on and saw all the comments. I think it would be worse to be a Sharks fan. Whoever made the comment about the comparison with the Sens is how I feel about them. We’ll have our turn, and God willing, won’t shrivel up like these guys have. Sharks and the Titanic, thats pretty funny. And I agree with EVERYONE who is commenting on the Sucks announcers. They’re just straight up awful. If someone touches a Suck, then it should have been an OBVIOUS penalty, but if a Suck takes a run at another player, its just good old fashioned hockey. Biggest homers ever. Watching the games on Versus (can I mention them??) you get all kinds of different announcers, but by far, hands down, without question, Hazee and the other buffoon are the worst. I really, really, hate those guys. Go Kings

  • Quisp


    I didn’t say it was better for the Kings to NEVER make the playoffs, nor did I say it’s better not to make the playoffs BECAUSE WE MIGHT FAIL. Guess what? Everyone in the league “fails” to win the cup except for the one team that does win the cup.

    The Kings are rebuilding. The Sharks are not. My expectation is that, starting next year, the Kings won’t miss the playoffs for a long while, and will have a good shot at going deep every year.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Rich–THAT is a GREAT question! Not only does it let long-suffering Kings fans feel better than other teams’ fans, it makes us think about it in the process!

    Personally, I can answer that best by asking yet another question: Where do the Sharks go from here? When it it ‘Where do the Kings go from here?’, the answer is self-evident: the Kings do more of what they’ve done already, cut dead wood players, gather in the draft choices, stock the reserve system, teach the young players, tell the fan base to be patient… and WAIT.

    How can the Sharks’ fans tolerate ANY of that? The ‘dead wood’ on the Sharks’ roster consists of their marquee players: Thorton, Cheechoo, Marlowe first in line, then the older mercenaries, particularly Roenick, Blake, etc. Then, who are the core players? Setoguchi? Nabokov? A young player inside their system? And how can the Sharks management tell their fans to be PATIENT?????

    The situation is similar to that plaguing the Angels this season in baseball. After a record-setting season last year (100 wins), the Angels crapped out against long-time rival Boston in the first round. All in all, the Angels lost 10 games in a row in the playoffs against the same team. However, during that time, the Angels won their first World Championship when they did not play the Red Sox. So, do you can the front office? Not when 40 years of futility preceeded this post-season failure. Do you can the players? Well, the Angels let two high-priced free agents leave this year. They will let the farm system sink the team or swim to success. So far, the Angels are 6-9 with poor relief pitching the starting pitching a relative strength. Even if they make the playoffs, who cares? Only advancement through the playoffs will keep the fan base happy.

    In the end, its whatever keeps the fan base happy that counts the most.

    In this case, the answer is clearly B), because the fan base of a rising team has much more of a positive outlook on the season. But the pain of losing is still there. Does it hurt to be a Columbus fan this year, or a Reign fan? You betcha! But at least the fan base of a rising team has something to dream on.

    The Sharks fan base? Something to dream on? Not so much.

    To be a Fan is to be a Dreamer…

  • Meg

    Being a Sharks fan right now has to feel like an exercise in banging your head repeatedly into a concrete wall. How frustrating to ostensibly have all the pieces you need to win a Cup, but you can’t complete the puzzle and finish. How do you start to fix that? At least with the Kings, we know we still have a few missing pieces. Once those get added, we’re back in the mix. Infintely better than having all the talent in the world and no big prize to show for it.

  • Sufferer with Kings

    Point well taken, iansez, spelling is not my strong suit. English is my second language as well. However, I am not a broadcaster for major TV sports channel.

  • Sufferer with Kings

    Getting back to the main topic, with all due respect to Sharks fans, if Ducks winning, means that Rob Blakes and to a lesser degree Jeremy Roenicks team looses, I am ok with that.

  • brianguy

    I was having a hard time answering this one, until I put a little more thought into it. as an Angels fan, whose team met the same fate last fall, as what is happening to the Sharks right now, the answer is definitely A.

    hopefully the future is bright, but at least as far as this season is concerned, it’s the pits

  • Quisp

    You mean Rob “worst in the entire league in playoff plus/minus” Blake? He was not bad during the regular season though. Plus when it doesn’t count, minus when it does.

  • TB


    fraise? – and you’re giving Foxy a tough time with his vocabulary? heheh

    And be sure to spell check when making a comment about punctuation and vocabulary…sorry, it was too easy to comment on…

  • Tim

    No Question… KINGS FAN! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel and we are almost there!

    The Sharks… they can’t seem to pull it together in the playoffs.. It’s like a girl stuffing her bra… what a SIKE!

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Just a thought–this is funny…

    Was just thinking about Rob Blake, etc., about being a Mercenary, you know, just take your money and leave for the team that’s the highest bidder, teammates and fans Be Damned!

    It’s just like the athletes are in one of those old Arnold Schwarzenegger Sword and Sorcery movies. The athlete rides into the Village bulging with muscles on a huge horse half-naked with a sword longer than one of his legs. The women gape, the men cringe, the athlete grimaces, the helpless maiden pleads for his help. The athlete grunts. He performs his skill, the villagers cheer. All the men want to be like him. When finished, the athlete climbs back onto his horse with his gold and rides off into the sunset with the girl and the annoying little side-kick as he seeks out another challenge, another village…

    So what if the villagers are left with half-filled dreams of glory? Not his worry. The athlete came, he saw, he collected his gold and left the dreams of those who adore him behind in the dust, forever.

    So many movies, so many characters But what happens if the Mercenaries gather on one team/in one village yet fail to slay the beast? Do they still ride off, in the end, into the sunset? Do the Villagers rise up, dejected yet angry, and chase the Mercenaries away? I can see them in the darkness with their pitchforks and their burning torches, surging with their collective anger

    Yes, it will blow cheese to be a San Jose Sharks player as soon as the Ducks finish them off. I can see them now Thornton, Marlowe, Blake, Roenick. Perhaps, after being chased off, they should all get together one day as Ronin and have a reunion Grab their sticks, take off their shirts and make a sequel

    They could show re-runs on the NHL Channel.

  • Ersberg


    1) Teal sucks.
    2) No Cal, is well, No Cal.
    3) I cannot stand the Sharks.
    4) Joe Thornton’s face makes me cringe.
    5) No matter how much they stack that team, they always choke.
    6) I’ve been a Kings fan since the 70’s, and I’d never stray.

  • Duckhunter

    Well Quisp, that was a nice twist of words regarding my statement of 50 quality wins over 30 mediocre wins. I disagree winning 50 instead of 30 has anything to do with individual scores as you have suggested(10-9, 2-1). It has to do with players and structure and pride and culture, stuff that comes along with being one of the best teams not the worst. It has to do with free agents wanting to play for us, things like recondition and respect. I do agree if you don’t win the Cup you’re like everybody else, but I don’t agree that having a winning season and having a losing season are the same thing. Like I said, I enjoy watching good teams no matter the sport or city. No matter what the Sharks do they have a strong team with a seemingly strong organization. It’s hard for me to believe most people would want to be in our situation not winning a darn thing in the last 45 or so years. Even with a bunch of fun and exciting young ones coming along, we still haven’t accomplished a thing. Potential means nothing until it produces. The worst San Jose can do is fall to our level of rebuilding, so personally would rather be in the Sharks situation, although I would be disappointed if I was a fan.

  • Quisp

    Bako –

    Yes. Hilarious. Blake and Roenick will retire. One of the other two will be traded. Assuming we haven’t tempted fate with this thread.

  • Gary B

    Hey Anthony, how’s DW doin’ now? Still think Joe’s got to go?

  • BakoCAcameraGuy


    Re.: tempting fate
    Much like engaging Anthonyy in a Gentleman’s bet…
    Make It So!

    Because I am a Fan, and as such, perpetually, a Dreamer!

  • jet

    Here is a typical post on the Sharks board.

    It speaks volumes that Marleau and Thornton, the teams obvious leaders, dressed and were gone before the press could talk to them. Its a mirror of their on ice attitude. When things get uncomfortable, they shrink from the responsibility of manning up. Its embarrassing and disgusting really. After 5 years in a row of playoff choking, its time to look for different players to be the core guys.

    again, tough off season

  • variable


    if you need a director for that film…i work cheaply…

  • BakoCAcameraGuy


    One last, horrible thought:
    What if the Ducks win the Stanley Cup this year?

    I hate the DucksI hate the DucksI hate the DucksI hate the DucksI hate the DucksI hate the DucksI hate the DucksI hate the Ducks…

  • wisconsinKingsfan

    I actually didn’t mind the Ducks (well a fair number of them at least) until I started watching them on TV and listening to their two announcers, now I am starting to slowly despise them. I actually muted the game last night and it was far more enjoyable.

  • Quisp

    bako re ducks –

    yeah, “i hate the ducks” is my default setting. I have amended that to “I hate the ducks but i love bobby ryan.” too bad DL couldn’t fleece the ducks of ryan last season when he was “disappointing.”

    the ducks will fold in the next round. I’m frankly surprised they didn’t fold up already.

  • JDM


    No need to worry about tempting fate. Their own fans have written off their team with last nights loss.

    BaKo –

    Awesome! Very funny. Also, great analysis of the question before.

    “To be a fan is to be a dreamer.”

    Beautifully said, I couldn’t agree more.


    I was at that game too. Behind me was a guy in a Sharks jersey with a kid in a Kings jersey. They both cheered when either team scored. I was sick over it, daring to cheer for BOTH teams?

    The Sharks wanted to win that game, and as a Kings fan, with the whooping we gave them in their last game of the season, I say we all take a little pride in our team sending these losers into playoffs on a big downer. A team they’d basically had their way with all season long, in a game they entered not knowing whether they would win the Presidents Trophy, needing to win that game to clinch it and getting bested by us, was absolutely wonderful and I am convinced at least on some level contributed to their collapse this last week.

    Go Kings Go

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Hey Quispie and Variable–

    Did you think that Bobby Ryan was going to be as good as he is, BEFORE this year? What draft number/year was he?

  • josh e.

    for those of you who are asking if the ducks will win the cup….
    they play detroit next round…just a heads up

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Ah, yes, Detroit…

    Didn’t the Ducks beat Detroit the year they won the Cup?

    “Don’t underestimate the power of the Dark Side…”

  • JDM


    Ryan was drafted #2 behind Crosby, right in front of Jack Johnson. So 2003 right?

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    I’d say we give JJ the benefit of a doubt…

    What you think?

  • Quisp

    2005. The draft after the lock-out.

    Duckhunter re twisting words:

    Didn’t mean to. Just didn’t bother to re-read before I wrote. Sorry.

    But the question wasn’t about whether you’d want to be “in our situation not winning a darn thing in 45 years.” the question was about this season.

    If you asked me “would you rather (a) never win the cup and miss the playoffs half the time and all of the time for several years in a row up until the present, or (b) make the playoffs every year but never get to the finals…

    then I would choose (b).

  • Brian

    Hands down…being a Sharks fan. Even worse – they’re going out in the first round to the Ducks…

  • mrbrett7

    No offense meant by this Duckhunter, but…

    What have the Sharks ever won that make them such a great organization?

    People always forget how many ownerships the Kings have been through, and how many actually gave a poop about winning.

    Every owner this team has ever had, has concerned themselves more with putting butts in the seats, and how much money they are losing, rather than with winning.

    The point is…Quisp is right. I know when I play, losing 2-1, losing 10-9, or losing 9-0…a loss is a loss, period. Making the playoffs, or not, well, I’ve now seen twice where the top teams in our league crumbled and the bottom seeds won (us) back to back. I’m not trying to compare the two in difficulty, what I’m saying is, would you rather know your team is on the upswing, or would you rather know your team is about to blow things up, despite great regular seasons.

    As I said before…you can have great regular seasons, winning a boatload of games…they don’t mean a thing if you can’t have success when the games actually count.

  • Sufferer with Kings

    TB, attack the message not the messenger! However, I still did not read a single comment disputing the actual point; Jim Fox is grossly under qualified for his job. I dont believe that anyone who watches Kings on TV enjoys the Foxs part of the broadcast. The FSN executives must not be paying any attention to the Kings broadcasts.

  • LBlocal

    B) by a fluke – Ask many a guppie fan and they’ll tell you that they’re used to this continually chronic malady; San Jose choking in the playoffs.

    The difference this year versus past years for the guppies, a great CHOKE JOB after a great regular season, at the hands of the foul fowl.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/detroitgiggy#41167

    I feel bad for Sharks fans. It is time to change the guard in San Jose. Time to can Lemieux, Roenick, Blake, and even Marleau. What do they bring to that team? Leadership? Experience? Sure isn’t paying any dividends yet. Marleau is the key guy who has to stand up and lead his team. He’s just not doing enough. Thornton I’ll ride another year. I think you have the right coach.

    Everyone in Hockeytown is glad to see the Sharks fading this early. Because I don’t think the Wings can beat the Sharks in a long 7 game series this year.

    Keep your coach. He has the right mindset and is the one coach who can beat the Wings. The Wings defensively haven’t been the same team since he left. If SJ can get some more of Mac’s type of model defensive player, I think that’s enough to get them over the hill.

  • historyguy

    I may be petty for saying so, but not much puts a smile on my face faster than thinking about Rob Blake skating his teal butt off the ice after losing in the opening round. Serves him right for walking out on the Kings after taking $12 million for 2 years of mediocre (at best) play.

    Bwaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

    Yes, I’m bitter and I know it.

  • JDM

    Please tell me everyone caught Bobby Ryan send Blake flying through the air as Blake tried to line up Ryan for one his famous hip checks. It was in the first few minutes of the third period and was absolutely brilliant!

  • brianguy

    the Ducks are a decent playoff team, I mean they lost the season series to the Kings, and how many teams can we say that about? they’re getting strong goaltending right now (what else is new, this is the 3rd different guy to do so in something like 4 years), and some of their checkers are playing well, and things really started to click at the right time.

    yet aside from the 2-goal outburst from Ryan, and an insurance put-in from Perry, their top lines have done basically squat. and yet they’re up in this series against the President’s Trophy team 3-games-to-1. that speaks volumes about how the Sharks are playing with the cheapie goals to no-names and 4th liners. not the usual defense, and aside from the one victory, no real offense whatsoever. for game 4, they went back to what they did in games 1 & 2, especially on the Pp. which is nada.

    Ducks have a minor leaguer as their second line center. yes, second line. I don’t know if San Jose will rise up and do anything starting tomorrow, since it doesn’t look like it right now. but Detroit seems pretty scary compared to SJ. I thought they were a little fluky but didn’t expect them to be this mediocre at all.

    this first “all-California” series since what, 1969(?) is turning out to be a real dud. I would have thought at least Nabokov would have put in a phenomenal series, if nobody else did. not so much.

  • variable



    i remember the quacks/burke being really high on the kid and most of the analysts who were covering the draft back then concurred…most believed that ryan’s biggest problem then was his maturity and apparently, he was a bit phil mickelson-ish (hefty) at the time…

    so…the quacks did the right thing (lucky…see below) by letting him get into better shape and let him mature in the minors a bit…

    if you remember, the quacks were somewhat lucky not to call him up right away because of cap issues…so that probably made him more hungry (in a hockey sense) to impress and not get sent down again for any reason…the pressure of being picked 2nd overall to sid the kid also probably did something to escalate his development…i actually remember that there was some speculation (no matter how ridiculous it was) that the quacks were going to trade him for a major player…obviously, they didn’t and they are soooooo fortunate that they decided not to…

    what convinced me that ryan was going to be a special player was that game at staples when he had that natural hat trick and made two outstanding, highlight reel plays to do so…he really caught my eye and got my attention in that game….

    i will always hate the quacks…but i’m a closet ryan fan…he really is the only guy i root for on that team…maybe teemu, too, because he’s a real classy guy/player…but, yeah, ryan is going to be a prolific goal scorer and i didn’t think he was going to be this good or this good so soon…

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    The reason I mention Ryan is this closet feeling I have that Simmonds, JJ and Brian Boyle are all going to have bustout years next year…

    So much of prospect development is hunger, preparation and opportunity. Next year–if they do their homework–they are going to emerge from the pack…

    Stupid, I know…
    Just a feeling…
    To be a Fan is to be a Dreamer…

  • Duckhunter

    No offense taken Mrbrett7

    I guess the simplest way I can put it is, not winning the prize at the big dance sucks, but not being invited to the dance at all sucks even more. The difference between SJ and us is they actually have a chance to win it all. Don’t think anybody’s going to beat Detroit, but at least the stars have a chance to align. You have to have a good regular season to get where you want to go, so it is important. Of course the goal is to continue winning, but as we know only one team can win, so ultimately the majority of us hockey fans are disappointed.

    Don’t necessarily think SJ is a great organization, but you have to be pretty solid to be considered one of the top dogs. Really the comparison is between the Kings and Sharks, and the fact of the matter is they as an team handle us quite easily. I see the big picture here with all the young guns starting to develop here, but it doesn’t change the fact we are still a bottom dweller until we prove otherwise. For me, year after year of below mediocrity is more disappointing than making the playoffs and not going all the way. I guess it’s just personal preference.

  • variable

    a bit off-topic here…but…we never seem to follow the exact script ever…(!)

    sean avery is a healthy scratch tonight…

    …which might explain him appearing on this blog…

    torts basically has called it an “internal matter”, explaining that his penalties have not been good…

    what i really think happened…?

    avery walked into the rangers dressing room for the morning skate with an “AVERY SAYS…” t-shirt, similar to the old “FRANKIE SAYS…” t’s of the 80’s…probably w/something about his ex-grly’s printed on it…with his radio raheem ghetto blaster on his shoulder…strutting around with a shih tzu on a leash…

    when torts told him to “turn that ‘frankie goes to hollywood’ crap off”, avery called him wolfman jack and told him to sit on it…torts flipped out and got avery in a headlock and try to do the eye gouge with the corner of the VOGUE intern i.d. badge around avery’s neck…

    i’m telling all y’all that’s what really happened…fo’ sure…fo’ sure…!

  • variable



  • Quisp
  • Chuck

    A) I’d rather have the Kings for now. The team has been stockpiling players, and their time is comming next year, or the year after. I go to quite a bit of Sharks games, and the team plays well at home. The experts have been picking the Sharks to win it all for 2-3 years, and their fans buy in to the B.S. The Sharks are and have been the most HEARTLESS team in the NHL for 3-4 years. All that talent, and they play lackluster playoff hockey every year. They have maybe one more chance (next year), as that team is getting older. They have zero blue chip prospects in the pipeline, and no 1st round pick in a deep draft.

  • anonandonanon

    Winning is the only way to get to the Stanley Cup. Losing is the only way to get great picks. If I’m gonna watch a team I want to watch a winner. If the team becomes a winner then I will be a happy fan. Many great teams have not won their respective championships. To paraphrase Wayne, “You can’t win the cup unless your in the playoffs”. Playoffs, playoffs, playoffs.

    Shark’s fan’s position rather than King’s fan’s position.

  • Robert

    i would hate to be a sharks fan! me and my friends were lucky enough to go to game 3, the only game the sharks have won! im not a fan of the sharks, but i wouldnt mind if they won the cup. better them then the ducks!

    but anyway, another huge choke! i am glad im a kings fan!

  • Golfnut_303

    Could you imagine being a St Louis Fan? Other than the last 2 years, they’ve made the playoffs like EVERY year of their existence. And have not won anything (The cup being the only thing that matters.

    Imagine being a season ticket holder for that organization and forking out playoff money year after year and never winning it.

    This year the Sharks were made to win, and they choked. I’d rather be a Kings fan. Not to say that when we start making the playoffs we won’t do a Columbus and go 4 and out, but to win the Presidents trophy and not making it past the 1st round would be horrible.

  • Bring Back the Shield Jersey

    People point to DL’s building of San Jose as a reason for optimism and faith in his judgement. Really? Is this what we have to look forward to? So, in effect, this is not an either/or question, it’s a before and after question.

  • Baumgartner22

    B is much worse.

    at least with A, i feel we’re moving in the right direction and i can see the improvement.

    with B, you’ve enjoyed an 82 game “pre-season” and won a president’s trophy, but still enjoy golf in april.

  • marc

    Being a Sharks fan would be worse. For me it’s all about expectations. Nobody thought the Kings would do anything this season. And maybe we failed in the end but we came close. For San Jose, it was Stanley Cup or bust. They cruised through the regular season to the best record in the league. But for all their wins they’re going to play 5 – maybe 6 – more games than we did. That being said, I’m suffering from total playoff envy right now. With all these great series going on, I wish badly the Kings were part of these playoffs. Even if we got rolled in 4 straight like St. Louis and Columbus, I would take that for this team.

  • Vicarious

    The test is unfair because both choices are real and, alas, horrid. Forcing me to deal with reality opposes the purpose of my being a sport’s fan. Fans are fanatic to a greater or lesser degree. But there is a degree. Therefore, I, a fan, refuse to answer based on religous grounds. Thank you for your support.

  • Quisp


  • Moondoggie

    B, period.

    This season was a fun one for everyone in an LA uniform. The progress of our youth this season really gives us hope for a very bright future. The Kings came up just a tad short in the end which may also work out to their advantage in landing a solid LW. They’re a fun team to watch.

    With Sharks expectations so high and the Kings expectations so low, the Kings had nowhere to go but up whereas the Sharks had to win the cup this year with the team they have. I’d expect some major reshuffling up there next year. It looks like the veterans ran out of gas in the end for SJ, something you won’t see happen in LA for some time.

    The future is definitely bright for the Kings.

  • Ludwig


    Because I will never be anything other than a Kings fan…

    Ari said:

    “Side note: The Ducks’ commentators are the most BIASED this side of the mississippi!”

    Don’t you mean this side of the EQUATOR???

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Hey Guys–

    Suppose SJ rallies and recovers, then wins the Cup? Who do you pick then?

  • Ari

    Okay okay… here it is…

    The fact is this:

    The kings, never made it to the playoffs, and are OUT.

    San Jose, as of today, are still IN.


    Kings = no chance for the cup
    Sharks= still have a chance*

    *Yes the chance is slim yadee yaddee yaaa BUT SJ fans are alive while us LA fans died weeks ago… and this aint heaven! So now let us ask… which one would you rather be?

    I think the answer is quite clear. Any other logic, in my opinion, indirectly or directly serves management’s flawed justification for not reaching the playoffs for yet another year!

    We are Los Angeles… the second largest market in the enire U.S.!

    Missing the playoffs this many consective years is UNACCEPTABLE no matter what!

    Don’t care about contracts, money, player development because in the big picture, these are issues any team in any market has or can have. These are issues that all cup winners have solved. It is up to management to deal with them and exploit any and all opportunities with every fiber of their being! Perhaps they are all too rich to care about winning and about the fans.

    I was born in LA and became a Kings fan because I love LA, even if she doesn’t always show me the love back.

    But I say this with love for LA and for you right now… losing for this long is UNACCEPTABLE!

    It is time to stop talking about player/coaching performance and start talking about management/owner performance.

    If any player screwed up this big for this long, don’t you think they would be gone?

    To put it another way… I am sure some of you have been unjustly fired for making a minor mistake at work. Why shouldn’t there be consequences for these guys at AEG who fail year after year?

  • wisconsinKingsfan

    If the Sharks rally and win the Cup then A is probably worse but I would still rather be a Kings fan.

  • Lord Alfred Tennyson

    There’s a very simple answer to the question of whether it’s better to miss the playoffs entirely or make the playoffs and lose (and that is the basis of this question):

    “‘Tis better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.’ – Lord Alfred Tennyson

  • brianguy

    “avery walked into the rangers dressing room for the morning skate with an “AVERY SAYS…” t-shirt, similar to the old “FRANKIE SAYS…” t’s of the 80’s…probably w/something about his ex-grly’s printed on it…with his radio raheem ghetto blaster on his shoulder…strutting around with a shih tzu on a leash…

    when torts told him to “turn that ‘frankie goes to hollywood’ crap off”, avery called him wolfman jack and told him to sit on it…torts flipped out and got avery in a headlock and try to do the eye gouge with the corner of the VOGUE intern i.d. badge around avery’s neck…”

    LOL, this is way late but that was fantastic.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Well, we can put the Sharks season away…

    Ducks, 4-1 in game #6, two minutes to go…

    I hate the Ducks/I hate the Ducks/I hate the Ducks/I hate the Ducks/I hate the Ducks/I hate the Ducks/I hate the Ducks/I hate the Ducks/I hate the Ducks/I hate the Ducks/I hate the Ducks/I hate the Ducks…

  • Shutout

    Okay, here’s the deal. Being a Kings fan is worse. Did anybody see the Kings lineups over the past 6 seasons? The abysmal goaltending? It was a joke. Making the playoffs was never even close. We’ve been cheated out of good hockey for years and AEG has stolen our money on ticket sales. At least the Sharks have the potential to advance and possibly win the cup with their roster. They have talent everywhere and a top 5 goalie. I’d rather have a great team, make the playoffs and make a few extra bucks for payroll in future years.

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