Doughty: one assist in Canada win

Canada opened play in the IIHF World Championships today with a 6-1 victory over Belarus. Drew Doughty assisted on Canada’s second goal, scored on the power play by Steven Stamkos for an ’08 Draft Connection.

Russia beat Germany today, 5-0, but Alexander Frolov didn’t play and I’m not sure why. Slovakia, with Michal Handzus, plays Hungary today. USA, with Dustin Brown, Peter Harrold and Jack Johnson, opens play in the tournament tomorrow morning against Latvia.

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  • glewis29

    Any follow up news on Quick? Did he travel with the team?

  • variable

    it’s early, but it’s always nice to see all yr teams entrants in a world competition contribute…

    frolov…i’m totally speculating…was probably held out to rest the groin for more major competition…

  • Tompa

    According to a Russian poster on hfboards Frolov was out with the flu.

  • Sean Avery

    “Michal Handzus, plays Hungary”….

    He did this season.

  • 4thlinechecker

    Does anybody know if it is being televised? if so, what channel? Can you purchase it on the web?

  • Deelo

    Is Ivanans the main goal scoring threat for Team Latvia? Easy on the forecheck on JMFJ, Bam-Bam.

  • anthonyy

    And don’t forget Sully. He’ll be making his debut too.

  • variable


  • anthonyy

    variable, you are a Godsend.
    I almost broke the computer trying to find it.
    Do I need a special browser for this?

  • wisconsinKingsfan

    Sean Avery: that was hilarious! Hopefully he will play hungry again next season

  • mrbrett7

    I wonder when/if the NHL network will ever televise any of these games in the future.

    I remember them saying that Dave Reid was going to be over there to report (or something) when watching last night…would make sense to me if they aren’t able to show playoff games (often).

  • Eric K

    Sully’s not a King anymore, Anthonyy.

  • variable


    i don’t believe you need anything special for the telecasts…

    but i believe they will be broadcast in russian…

    berlitz cd’s…anyone…???

  • darko25o

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned on the site yet, but Brown is team USAs captain, and JJ has 2 goals in the game against Latvia-only the start of the 2nd period

  • darko25o

    …and Esche looks terrible in goal…

  • AK47

    Ohhhh God, please answer my prayers and get Jack Johnson re-signed, PLEASSSSEEE..
    2 goals for the USA team, are you serious? This kid is only getting better, we NEED to keep him

  • HUN_mikee

    Handzus played very well but we almost got them. they scored the game winner 13 seconds before the final buzzer..

    and yes, Hungarians are hungry for success. šŸ™‚

  • darko25o


  • darko25o


  • jet

    Hey Rich, are you still there?

  • brianguy

    And don’t forget Sully. He’ll be making his debut too.