Thriving away from L.A.

Where were these goals for the Kings? First, Dustin Brown scored two goals in a warmup game for Team USA last week, and now Jack Johnson scored two goals for Team USA, on Saturday, in the Americans’ first game, a 4-2 victory over Latvia.

Johnson played 19 minutes, 15 seconds, in that game, second-most on the team. Brown, the captain, had one assist and played 17:41, most among American forwards. Peter Harrold played 7:05.

On Sunday, Canada throttled Hungary 9-0 and Drew Doughty had one assist.

This morning, Brown had one goal and two assists in USA’s 6-1 victory over Austria.

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  • andre norway

    This is great news and it will be a good boost for our players going into next season having international success.

  • Mel

    It’s great that they are doing well for their international teams, I’m happy for them.

    However, we need to keep in mind that the competition level is not strong for international play. Especially with the NHL Playoffs right now. The superstars on the current playoff teams aren’t even in this IIHF World Championship.

    Canada beat Hungary 9-0… I’m not saying Canada is a bad team, but we ARE talking about Hungary here.

    Same thing with the United States winning 4-2 over Lativa. I mean, how many Lativans do we know even play in the NHL? I can only name one. Raitis Ivanans. Is he even on that team?

  • josh e.

    they probably don’t play the same defense first style that TM incorporates also…I wonder how they’d be doin with an agressive coach for the kings

  • AK47

    Look at the way he’s playing and he’ll only be getting better

  • Brandon

    Brown actually had 2 goals and 1 assist this morning.

    The goal given to Blake actually went off of an Austrian stick after Brown tried passing it across to Blake. The IIHF will eventually change it, but their in-game scoring isn’t very reliable.

  • Brad

    Mel, no. Ivanans is not on the roster for the Latvian team.


    Here is something in common…NO MURRAY to hold them down! Murray=Fail!

  • darko25o


  • anthony

    Sully also netted 2 goals and an assist thus far.
    He’s playing on the same line with Brown & Jason Blake.
    How many points has Williams scored thus far? Oh I’m Sorry. My mistake. No national team wants him.

  • Brad

    anthony, it would seem to me that the depth of team Canada goes much further than the Americans. Just putting that out there.

  • Bring Back the Shield Jersey

    Ivanans can’t even make the lowly Latvian team. So I guess it means that it’s easier to make the Kings’ roster than the fricken LATVIAN team! Every dam game he’s out there taking a roster spot, preventing us from icing a respectable 4th line. Gotta be my #1 complaint about Murray.

    And btw, Congratulations Team Latvia!!!

  • Matt R


    Is there anywhere we can go to see highlights of these games? Thanks!

  • khanon81

    Trade JMFJ, Frolov, Handzus, and a draft pick for Rick Nash! I hear Rick Nash doesn’t want to resign in Columbus and next season is his last under his current contract. I doubt Columbus will hold on to him past summer, so why not bring him over here. He’s a star, plays with passion, scores goals, fights when he has to, and is pretty young.

    JMFJ will demand more money than he is worth, Frolov will do the same, we don’t need Handzus because we have Stoll, and we sure as hell don’t need anymore draft picks.

    After trading those bums, we will in effect free up a few dollars to sign a free agent or two, thus bolstering the front line in a way that not only will enable the Kings to make the playoffs, but the Kings will actually be able to compete in the playoffs.

    What do you think Rick Hammond?

  • variable

    international competition is a great way for players to showcase their ability while serving their respective countries…

    however…because of a myriad of reasons…such as, but not limited to, team system, roster/bench depth, familiarity w/teammates of national origin, physicality/flow of game, etc…it is not the best way to gauge whether or not a player will perform in the nhl, no matter what their nhl experience, age or talent level is at…

    of course, there are exceptions…for every mark streit,(a player who had previously had a great world tourney whose stock rose considerably at the nhl level)…there are about a dozen or so john parco’s: players who ONLY perform well during these exhibitions…

    the other exception lies w/amateur, minor league, college players, who’s main career, domain and league is generally predicated to these types of competitions during their development…

    in other words…

    when a player reaches professional status…a la nhl…they generally do not grow by leaps and bounds because of their international play: it USUALLY DOES NOT translate into nhl success…

    don’t get me wrong…jj, brownie and sully are off to a great start…and if anything, it might help them w/confidence issues in their own abilities to raise their own game to a higher level..

    with many of the top nhl players still in the playoffs, we are not seeing the full spectre of world competition…

    also, you do have to take in consideration the opposition’s level of talent…

    nonetheless…it’s nice to see some of our current players…and some of our former kings…have some success…

    it should only help them…but it’s no guarantee to translate to the nhl level…

  • 28 KINGS

    “anthony said:

    Sully also netted 2 goals and an assist thus far.
    He’s playing on the same line with Brown & Jason Blake.
    How many points has Williams scored thus far? Oh I’m Sorry. My mistake. No national team wants him.”

    Unbelievable. I guess no national wanted Mike Modano either.

    How many points does Jason Blake have… same as Williams. Blake may be the worse guy ever to put on a USA jersey. He sucked at the Olympics, and he’ll suck for this team too.

  • variable


    not only is that trade you propose absolutely ridiculous, it will also never happen…

  • anthony

    28 Kings

    Today against Austria
    Brown 1-2 3 points
    O’Sullivan 1-1 2 points
    Jason Blake 1-1 2 points
    The best line for team USA thus far.

    Justin Williams?


    lol at anthonyy, he will never forget to compare sully to williams, if williams scores a hat trick and sully doesnt record a point he would prolly say sully had a sore groin.

    Any ways good job USA keep it going!

  • deadcatbounce

    Remember, too, that the games are being planed on international ice, not NHL ice, so that puts a premium on speed and agility, which is why Raitis probably isn’t representing Latvia. And if O’Sullivan could play the entire season aginst the Austrians he might even win a scoring title. Hell, if the Kings could play the entire season against the Austrians they might even make the playoffs!

  • variable


    exactly…i forgot to add those points to my previous post…

  • deadcatbounce

    variable, I know this might make a lot of Europeans upset, but I look at the WC’s as meely an exhibition. If it were that important, the NHL would postpone the playoffs to let the best North Americans participate. USA probably won’t medal, but that’s okay. My Finnish friend is very upset because they lost to Hungary last week, but win or lose, at least for me, it’s all good.

  • s2

    Maybe Justin Williams could get dual citizenship in Latvia. He might be able to make that team as a 4th liner/healthy scratch!

  • khanon81


    You are ridiculous…

    Free agent-Boyle-Brown
    Ivanans-Free agent-Clune

  • khanon81


    What are the chances of seeing Rick Nash in a King’s uniform?

  • Matt R

    You want to see Westgarth, Ivanans and Clune on the same roster? That is preposterous! Let’s bring back Matt Johnson while we’re at it and reform the goon squad!

  • nayagamj

    really people? do any of you honestly believe that Columbus is going trade the face of their franchise?

  • khanon81


    Rick Nash wants out and theres only one year left on his contract bozo.

    And yes, I want to see Westgarth, Ivanans and Clune on the same roster. Teams will think twice about taking cheap shots/runs at our skilled wimpy forwards.

  • Datacloud

    Thriving? Against competition like hockey powerhouses Latvia and Austria? Let me know when JJ and Brown put up numbers like that against Canada, Russia, Finland or Sweden. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time.

    In related news, Frolov is back on the ice and had five points vs. Zimbabwe.

  • AK47

    You people need to stop talking about dealing Jack Johnson away.. It’ll be such a bad move for the franchise, unless you’re getting Malkin or Parise out of it

  • variable


    i’m going to go lightly on you…

    yr proposed lineup module speaks for itself…

    you want the kings to trade their top goal scorer (please do yr research and read my frolov post located in the archives under hammer’s player season review…among the other intelligent posts from others…)who’s also a UFA in ’10 (just like yr boy,nash) arguably the team’s mvp in zus, a RESTRICTED free agent in jj, and…dare i say…AND…a first rounder for nash…?

    do you work in the blue jackets front office…?
    aren’t you claiming to be a kings fan…?

    you bandy around free agent signings like they are so easy to fill and that top level players are going to want to play here…you also assume that d.l./AEG is willing to spend the cash to make all this possible…

    there are other things i could say that point out yr twisted logic, but i will leave that to the other bloggers, who have much more site cred than you do….

    hilarious…thanx for the laugh…

    by the way…hammer rarely gives his opinion here on this side of the page…and i don’t think yr ridiculous…yes, it’s ridiculous…proposal warrants any more retort…

  • khanon81


    I’m happy that you found my post amusing. Yes, Frolov WAS the King’s top goal scorer, but so what… He’s exactly the time of player that will choke and be non-noticeable when it comes down to the playoffs. Are core players, with the exception of Kopi, must be strong and physical to make a nice showing in the playoffs like every other playoff team (minus the wings). Look at the ducks: Getzlaf, Perry… Penguins: Crosby, Malkin, Guerin, Kunitz… Sharks: Thornton… The list goes on and on.

    Players like Frolov will always choke…

    I respectfully disagree with your opinions, and frankly, I think you need to watch the Ducks a little more and learn how to build teams for real success, not for figure skating shows…

  • deadcatbounce

    khanon81, I don’t understand your logic. If Frolov is such a choker then why in the world would Columbus want him? Very strange logic indeed. Are you sure you’re not Cristobal?

  • variable


    and you know frolov…who has won gold medals at every international level…is a “choker”…?

    and if you have been reading my posts on previous threads, you would know that…even though i’m in no way, shape or form a quacks fan…i’ve given DAP to them and players like ryan…although, i’m not offended of you not reading them and/or not noticing…

    great…i’m glad we can be respectable to each other…

    however, i called yr proposal ridiculous…whereas, you came back and called me ridiculous…it’s ok…i’m not offended…

    but once again, yr trade proposal will, never, never, never happen…i’m all for adding nash, but not at the extremely high cost you suggest…


  • 4thlinechecker

    Not even worth a response on the first post.

    but Ivanans and westgarth????

    Id go with a Chris Neil, and Ben Eager on the same line, but they can actually skate/play

  • variable


    and you know frolov…who has won gold medals at every international level…is a “choker”…?

    and if you have been reading my posts on previous threads, you would know that…even though i’m in no way, shape or form a quacks fan…i’ve given DAP to them and players like ryan…although, i’m not offended of you not reading them and/or not noticing…

    great…i’m glad we can be respectable to each other…

    however, i called yr proposal ridiculous…whereas, you came back and called me ridiculous…it’s ok…i’m not offended…

    but once again, yr trade proposal will, never, never, never happen…i’m all for adding nash, but not at the extremely high cost you suggest…


  • -J

    “I hear Rick Nash doesn’t want to resign in Columbus and next season is his last under his current contract” First off, what’s your source on this? Link?Players rarely, if ever, come out and say something like this unless they really are pushing for a trade. I really find it hard to believe that Nash would want out now, of all times, after Columbus makes the playoffs and has a good group of young players and a stellar young goaltender. It doesn’t make much sense, even less so since he’ll be a UFA at the end of next year and can sign anywhere he damn well pleases. What makes even less sense than that is, if he wants out of columbus, why the hell would he want to come here? And why would the kings trade all that for what would likely be a one year rental?

    Also, how can you say Frolov is not strong and physical? Have you ever seen him play? So much of his game is puck control down along the boards, which requires tons of strength and physicality. He’s perhaps the hardest player in the league to knock off the puck. How you can consider Crosby and Malkin to be strong and physical and Frolov not is beyond me.

  • khanon81
  • Lucas


    All fantastic questions, but you forgot one burning question that hasn’t been answered:


    Seriously khanon, what’s going on over there? Besides citing exactly zero factual data (other than, perhaps, players’ names) and resorting to calling people names, your argument lacks any sensible logic.

    You suggest that DL deal away one of the Kings’ top young defensemen, their top defensive center and second highest (13th in the league) faceoff winner and their top scorer for one guy? I don’t care who that guy is, he’s not going to replace all the roles that have to be filled.

    Nash certainly isn’t that guy, for all the reasons J (and others) have stated above. Get real.

  • AK47


    you’re embarrassing yourself man.. For your own good, just stop replying, please. Why would we trade for Rick Nash if he becomes a free agent in 2010? You know DL says that he’s only intrigued guys that he is assured he can keep for a long time.. Martin Havlat would make lots of sense, same goes for Hossa or Gaborik.. I’m interested in this Ben Eager kid, who’s a RFA at the end of the year. I know you guys keep saying DL is against RFA signings, but look at all these amazing kids out there that are restricted free agents that can fill our need at the winger position.. The thing is that these teams have noooo way to match our offers..

    BOS- Phil Kessel
    NYR- Ryan Callahan, Lauri Korkiposki
    CHI- Ben Eager, Kris Versteeg
    FLA- David Booth
    BUF- Drew Stafford, Patrick Kaleta
    SJ- Ryan Clowe
    MTL- Matt D’Agostini
    NJ- Travis Zajac

    That’s a pretty big list of options if you ask me and almost all those teams have cap issues.. I keep mentioning that Ryan Callahan would be the perfect on a second line with Jarret Stoll and Dustin Brown or even Oscar Moller and Dustin Brown..


    We’ll probably have to give up our first rounder, I think.. It depends how much money we offer the RFA..

    Let’s be realistic and say we sign Marian Gaborik and Chris Neil..

    Purcell, Boyle



    Do we have enough money to get Mike Komisarek?

  • Lucas

    That’s your evidence? He says “nothing’s for certain” and you take that to mean he’s not re-signing?

    How much do you think it’ll cost to re-sign him? I’m going to put that number somewhere firmly in the $7-8m/yr mark. Where does that leave the team when they have to fill another 2 premium roster spots – not to mention several other minor spots – with a handful of dollars?

  • khanon81


    I’m not sure if you understand the differences between the NHL and international competition, for if you did, you would take back your statement regarding Frolov’s success at international competition.

    International hockey is not physical and the ice is much larger, which gives wimpy players, like Frolov, more room to skate, maneuver, and not worry about players roughing them up. The NHL is totally the opposite. Just turn on the tube and watch playoff hockey and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    I understand that most King fans, like yourself, lack real hockey knowledge and think the Kings are better off with a bunch of wimpy Euro players then physical North Americans, who actually know what the Stanley Cup is and who actually want to win at almost all costs. I have to admit, I am really excited to see what DL is doing here: shipping out the wimpy Euro D-man Lubo for Matt Greene and Stoll- that was seriously a steal. I hope he does the same with Fro.

    DL has built a very nice blue line in a short period of time, not to mention the goalies. Now, he needs to address the forwards by getting some physical playoff minded players, and that means Fro is out of here. For all you Frolov fans, don’t worry, you can find a new man love in Voinov or some other Euro lack of hear player.

  • variable

    thanks for the reinforcements, gents…

    i usually don’t respond to such posts…but that one was a doooooozy…i couldn’t help it…


  • Lucas

    I understand that most King fans, like yourself, lack real hockey knowledge and think the Kings are better off with a bunch of wimpy Euro players then physical North Americans

    Wow, thanks for that Don Cherry!

    What about all those “wimpy Euros” that won the Cup with Detroit? You know Detroit right? The same team that trails the league in fighting majors? Does that make their Cup any less legit?

    What is “lack of hear”?

  • variable


    spoken like a true neanderthal and someone who’s been watching way too much don cherry…

    i think you’ve just played yrself…

    as for my hockey knowledge…or lack of it thereof…(so much for civility on yr part…you had to make it personal) – if the responding comments from others aren’t enough for you to back down of yr hobby horse, i guess nothing can stop yr ignorance…and yr welcome to think what you want of me…

    but yr starting to sound like the drunk at the bar at 6p.m. that has been cut off and is trying to pick fights with all the people who won’t by him another round…

  • variable


    “lack of hear” is the type of post-season withdrawal KHANON81 is exhibiting, where nothing said makes sense…

    khanon81…what is that…a quinn-martin production…?

  • pobo the hobo

    Guy’s…it’s cool, you don’t have to respond to khanon81 anymore.

    I just found out that he’s actually Brian Hayward.

  • darko25o

    man…as much as I like to see Blake cry…I can’t stand Seeing Salami happy…and that weird vein pop out of his neck when he talks. I just want to rip it out and tie my skates with it…
    The #$%cks looked great this series, they have the best blueline in the NHL(IMHO), and as weird as it sounds in my own head…I don’t see Detroit being able to beat them. I know Hossa’s ability to play could hold this prediction in the balance, and the fact that, line for line, Detroits’ are all better save one. I just have a feeling, like I did with SJ.
    I’d like to hear everyones thoughts on the upcoming series.

  • variable


    now that would make sense…

    thanx, buddy…!

    who is this guy anyway….and why does he think he has game or clout here…?


  • variable


    yeah…i think many of us had the quacks wrong…i thought it would go 7 w/the sharks prevailing…i just thought how can they lose again in the first…?
    but, they were primed for this…the quacks were playing solid hockey coming into it and got better as the series progressed…

    i like detroit…it’s sooooooo hard to vote against them….

    i say detroit in 6…

  • darko25o

    Wow, I haven’t seen you go off like that! Remind me not to act like an idiot when you’re posting.
    PS-where can I sign up here for some game and/or clout?

  • khanon81


    You can sign up for some game and/or clout with a real, knowledgeable hockey fan like myself.

    “Hear” was misspelled, it should have read “heart.”

    Whoever mentioned the wimpy redwings is obviously ignorant when it comes to hockey. The Wings are the only organization that can win with a bunch of Euro cowards, its just the way their organization runs. However, the Ducks will win in 6 because grit will overcome wimpy skill.

  • variable


    yr paisano…you’ve got it…don’t worry…not that i’m the guru or el presidente here…

  • variable

    i’m about to have a ricardo montablan moment….


    sir…i imagine rich has gone to bed already, but yr going to be on thin ice, if not, already off of the grid…

    everybody here is cool and respects one another…

    why you feel the need to go quacky on us…and me… is truly entertaining…

    uh…who won the cup last year, einstein…?!?

    uh…who’s won the cup 4 out of the last 11 seasons…?!?

    you are the one…sir…that is creating a name for yrself for all the wrong reasons…

  • darko25o

    Callahan over Hartnell is a tough one, but I think I’d have to go with Scott. He’s had about 4 season with more than 40pts and another with 39. Plus he’s a true LWr, and I think Callahan plays the right side. Eager has looked great this POs, but he was horrible in the regular season. I remember thinking how lost he looked every shift….and the penalties he takes are right on par with Ratis. Still with ya on Havlat and JJ.
    I think Versteeg is a contract I hope we stay far away from. when not surrounded by Havlat, Toews, or Campbell, his skills wont justify the contract someone is going to pitch him….a player like this could be very dangerous for the team though-PENNER-ESQUE, as DL seems to go for those second tier FA with solid # production at any 1 time in their career-Calder, Nagy, Zeus, Cloutier, McCaulley….and Versteeg is a LW

  • darko25o

    I like the Hawks and the Ducks right now, and since I’ve won with both…
    I’m going back to the well:
    HAWKS in 6
    DUCKS in 6, 5 if Hossa’s still out
    …you heard it here first, 5.

  • Quisp

    I don’t think anyone needs to respond to comments along the lines of “European players are all wimps” or “North American players know what the cup is and will win at all costs,” or “LA fans think blah blah blah.” It’s really just sports bigotry.

    I think Detroit will handle Anaheim in 6 and play Chicago in the Conference finals, where it will be interesting. Hopefully, it will be Washington and Pitt on the other side (is that possible? I haven’t looked at the potential re-seeds …).

    For what it’s worth, I did think Nash sounded extremely not interested in staying in Columbus. Either you say what Frolov said (essentially, I really really want to be here goddammit) or you’re hedging your bets. Nash sounded a little Cammy-esque. Just my two cents.

    There’s certainly no reason to trade for him. Sign him next summer.

  • Eric K

    Quisp: If New Jersey and Washington win, it’s possible… BOS-PIT, WSH-NJ.

  • AK47

    Detroit will beat Anaheim in 6..


    you mentioned earlier that the Ducks have the best defense in the NHL.. Do you mean team-defense or their defenders are the best corps in the NHL..?

    Pronger, Nierdermayer, Beauchemin, Whitney, Brookbank and Wisniewski isn’t the best defense on paper neither on the ice.. The difference in the series (IMO) is that Anaheim’s first line (Perry-Getzlaf-Ryan) shut down, LITERALLY, shut down San Jose’s top line (Marleau-Tornton-Setoguchi).. And on top of that, Jonas Hiller was just astonishing..

    Chicago has a pretty nice D corps.. Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook, Cam Barker, Brian Campbell, Niklas Hjalmarsson and Matt Walker…

    Also, the thing about Hartnell is not only the very stupid penalties he took in the Pittsburgh series but the fact that we’ll have to give up players and picks to acquire him. I don’t know the exact rules for signing RFA’s to offer sheets, but I think that it all depends how much money you’re offering the player..

    I think we should take a shot at signing Callahan or Clowe or Booth or Eager or whoever.. I know there are 3 big name guys that’ll be available come July 1st that can fill our needs, and I would love to have any of those 3 guys (Hossa, Havlat, Gaborik)..

  • Dave in Torrance

    Pobo, that is pretty funny. I just thought of something else that I hate about the Sucks, what is up with that really lame wanna be punk song that they play in their little promo? I know that a few years ago Sucks fans were all over the Kings for copying them (Ice girls, the little flying blimp) but now we’ve got them copying us, but in such an oh-so OC feminine way. Oh well, 5 more games of listening to Haysee and his sidekick. go Wings, ducks suck.

  • darko25o

    Ah, well said. All things considered, from you post, Callahan would make more sense than Hartnell because we’d have to give something up…but….what if Philly sees it as us doing them a favor in providing cap relief? After his series with Pitt, I think Briere and Hartnell have to be shopped, especially Briere with Giroux. Did you notice Briere being moved to the wing, so Claude could do his thing?
    “Pronger, Nierdermayer, Beauchemin, Whitney, Brookbank and Wisniewski”
    I truly believe this is the best set of defenseman the NHL has right now, hands down. Youth, Hall of Famers, proven champions, a two way threat on every pairing. Chicago is missing the proven champion, and their third pairing doesn’t have half the points Wis has had since moving to the Ducks. A team is only as good as its worst player, and if Brookbank/Huskins is the worst Dman you have, you’re sitting pretty.
    I think from a team defensive standpoint, Detroit is king.

  • darko25o

    A few people had made some comments on previous posts about our team sucks cus we lost to the Swiss….
    Even after I stated that the Swiss were really good-isn’t my word good enough : )

  • Matt R


    Last time the Kings had a bunch of goons on the team we couldn’t score a goal…ever. We didn’t remotely make the playoffs or even have a hope of making it any time soon. So no, you really don’t want to see Westgarth, Ivanans and Clune on the same roster. All you need is one…MAYBE two…guys that can mix it up and do it well. We haven’t had a guy like that in a while. And you can even find players who mix it up well AND can play hockey unlike Ivanans who is a skating tank. There isn’t even really any reason for him to have a stick. It is possible that with the roster you mentioned we would have more heart than most other teams. They’ll need it while they’re losing every game.

    “I understand that most King fans, like yourself, lack real hockey knowledge.” You think it’s a good idea to come on to a Kings blog and insult ever single person here by telling them that none of them know anything about hockey? You are part of the reason Rich has to keep telling everyone to keep things civil. This blatant disregard for the people around you is repulsive and I, for one, will ignore your future posts unless it begins with “I’m sorry.”

  • mrbrett7

    Just treat Khanon like we do Anthony…just ignore him.

    It’s pretty obvious that he either is saying these things to get a rise out of people, or he really is serious, in which case, I don’t want a psycho like this mad at me…I like my life.

  • AK47

    I’m starting to get really sick of Ivanans.. I think his time in LA is done, well I hope so anyways. I think Clune can take Ivanans’ spot or even Simmonds.. Most of you guys might think I’m crazy, but Simmonds can score for us but he can also play the enforcer role. What do you think?

  • deadcatbounce

    If you’re asking Simmons to go up against the heavyweights of the league, I’d have to say, “hell, no, he shouldn’t go”! Simmons has more upside as an offensive player than he does as an enforcer. He’ll never be able to bulk up enough to really be a true enforcer unless he gets a hold of Barry Bonds…

  • khanon81

    Matt R,

    I never stated that all King fans don’t know hockey. I said “MOST” King fans don’t have real hockey knowledge, the key word being “MOST.” I for one know of one King fan that knows real hockey, his name being KHANON. No apologies for those who think they know hockey but what they really know is how to put together a good figure skate showing.


    This one phrase challenges anyone to respond freely and lacking constraint in the event that some of those responses fall inside some specific variables. Now this sentence consists of a world wide web in-joke that will not totally fit the subject.