• Rolex

    Versteeg ahead of Bobby Ryan?

  • iansez

    Does anyone know what pick # some of these guys were? Ryan was 2 behind Crosby, right?

  • mrbrett7

    I know Mason was a 3rd round pick if I remember correctly.

    Blake Wheeler was a former 1st round pick of the Coyotes a few years back, didn’t sign with them, then signed with Boston as a Free Agent, unless I have him mixed up with someone else.

    I have no idea about Versteeg.

  • anthonyy

    5% huh.
    Not too many people know much about hockey, do they.

  • Sam

    Hmm, considering it is a players poll, I’m betting they do know much about hockey.

  • Anthony, it was a players poll so i would think those players might have a better idea than us normal people.

    And they couldn’t vote for their own teammate.

  • TB

    If Doughty were with a playoff team, he’d have a serious chance at the Calder.

    Anthony – it was a players poll. They know hockey. C’mon…he wasn’t seriously considered for the Calder because of the team he plays for. Not because other NHL players don’t know anything. Geez the things you come up with…

  • brianguy

    so much bias, but I would have expected a defenseman to get the least respect, this is common. which is why they almost never win the Calder.

    Ryan started in the minors (numbers game) and benefitted from a second half surge or he would’ve been even or ahead of Versteeg.

    Mason was obviously Columbus team MVP and therefore will almost surely win the award. they’d have finished at or below where the Kings did without him. Wheeler I saw a couple of times but have no real opinion of, didn’t see enough.

  • 28 KINGS

    “anthonyy said:
    5% huh.
    Not too many people know much about hockey, do they.”

    Maybe you could teach them with all you infinite hockey knowledge.

  • Harry

    Anthony, are you a true kings fan? or do you like the ducksuck more then the kings?

  • JB

    Mason makes sense from a player’s perspective. Who’s the guy they saw the most and frustrated them each time they tried to score?

    Doughty was on a bad team so player expectations are low. Us fans were impressed because he didn’t screw up like we’ve become accustomed and he actually showed some skill. He still has lots of room to improve which is the good news.

  • variable

    i would’ve like to see him #3 or #4, but he’s got higher aspirations…and i like drew as a potential norris candidate, possibly winner within the next 3 or 4 seasons…

  • darko25o


    there I said what everyone was thinking

  • Clutch

    No questions about Mason, or as much as I hate to say it… Bobby Ryan. But you can make a strong case that aside from those two guys, no single rookie had more of an impact on their team than Doughty. Unfortunately for him, not too many of the hockey writers that do the voting pay that much attention to LA. Therefore, do not really get to see all of the little things that do not show up on the score sheet. It is easy to see points, W/L, SO’s. and GAA.

    On the flip side to that, Doughty will not have as much pressure going in to next season as the final three guys in the Calder sweepstakes.

  • josh e.

    Im pretty sure 4 of those 5 names are west coast players…

  • josh e.

    sorry…i mean western conference…not coast…2 are west coast….2 are midwest

  • darko25o

    Josh…seriously, the writers and “experts” don’t stay up to watch west coast games because of the 3 hour time difference, hence the “east coast” bias! The conference has nothing to do with it

  • Irish Pat

    I’d like to see SI do a coaches’ poll and see if there’s any difference.

    Regardless, I really don’t care that Doughty finished last in a player’s poll for best rookie. Doughty is a stud. Period. End of story.

  • redcard

    He didn’t finish last, he finished 5th…..

    There were way more than 5 rookies this year.

    What this means is 16 players (not on the kings) thought that Doughty was the best rookie in the NHL this season. 168 chose Mason, 39 chose Versteeg, 36 for Ryan, 29 for Wheeler, and 36 chose other players.

    A more interesting Poll would have been “Who’s the best rookie not named Mason you’ve seen this season?”

  • Eric K

    he didn’t finish last, he finished fifth. players could vote for anyone, there weren’t just five options.

    (it only adds up to 89%)

  • nykingfan


    You’re right about the writers not staying up and watching West coast games, but this was players voting not writers.
    324 players were surveyed…roughly 50%.
    Its ok…we know what we have in Doughty and I wouldn’t trade him for any of the players ahead of him.

  • darko25o

    oooooh, thanks man. that was pretty dumb of me to overlook that, I hadn’t noticed the context.

  • Seattle757

    East Cost biased, plain and simple! If the east gave the West the same coverage instead of East, East, East all the time and treated the West Coast like a part of the country which it is, Doughty would have had a serious look.

    I know there is a 3 hours difference, but so is there in the NBA and they sure do the best they can to showcase there young talent whether they play in the East or West.

    Bettman to me shouldn’t be in hockey. I’m tired of only hearing bout Detroit, Montreal, Pittsburgh, and NY Rangers. That is all you see when there is an NHL game on NBC.

    The players may have voted, but really, like us especially if they are on the west, they are not going to see the east players often and vice versa, they go by what they hear and see in the highlight reel.

  • nykingfan

    There’s no question that Bettman and his stoolies do a horrible job marketing this sport.
    The NBA promotes all of their divisions and all of their rivalries….When they show a doubleheader, its usually an eastern conference and western conference games. Stern’s not stupid..he doesn’t cut off half the population and expect his sport to grow.
    If Bettman wants to have teams in Phoenix or Nashville, he needs to market those franchises the same as he does with the east coast teams. He treats the people out west as if they didn’t exist. Hands down the worst commissioner in all of sports.

  • darko25o

    there goes Esche….ruining our chances again….

  • Marcel Dionne. Drew Doughty. Bobby Ryan below Versteeg is a joke. This must have been a polling of primarily players from the east coast. The same coast who still thinks Drury is a 7 million dollar player.

    Mason, Doughty, Ryan. Hands down. Mason probably third in that line too as he was playing for Hitchpussy. I could have probably achievied 3 shut outs on that team this year.

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