Reunited in Bern

Here’s a cool picture of Patrick O’Sullivan, Dustin Brown and Jack Johnson (plus John Michael Liles), back together after the United States scored a goal against Austria on Monday. Also, what’s with the advertisements on the helmets? Please don’t let Gary Bettman see that….


Photo by Fabrice Coffrini, AFP/Getty Images

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  • anthonyy

    Breaks my heart to see that picture.
    You know, even if Justin Williams is better than Sully, which he’s not – why break up a family.
    Sully, Brown, Kopi, and JJ were great friends.
    If you add Quincey (another friend) into the mix, you got a bunch of tight knit players there.
    Was Williams worth breaking them up? I don’t think so. There’s nothing he can do that Sully can’t.

    My heart is broken. I need some time to recover.

  • PaulCat1969

    Suck it up Anthony….I am sure O’Sullivan has forgotten what a goal looks like so he should be grateful for the chance.

    Rich – That picture is awesome. It looks lie those ads are peeling off their helmets. Fantastic!!

  • darko25o

    …I really hope Brown becomes the Shane Doan of American Hockey. He’s got a long way to go, but that “C” is a good start.
    …I’m pretty sure those stickers could not possibly look any more idiotic

  • pobo the hobo

    I gotta agree with you anthony, that picture sure is a heart breaker

  • anthonyy

    C’mon DL,
    Use your so called brilliance (that most people on this site drool about) and bring him back to LA.
    Then all will be forgotten.

  • andrew

    anthony i cant help but crack up everytime you post something, not because of the content which most of the time doesnt make much sense to me but for how often you will post on the same topic. how often do you check this website and post? every other hour? im sure your one of those guys who can make conversation with a brick.

  • variable

    zepter international (the name/ad on the sticker) is a worldwide health products manufacturer…the also sell food appliances and other “health” related products…it’s obvious they are not in the advertising industry…nor should they be…

    i’m not sure why there’s still tears for sully…and i’m not sure he will last the whole season in edmonton, as they have to decide on a lot of changes…if sully has disappointing season with them, i can totally see him being moved to another team come trade deadline…he has a lot to prove still…like consistently going to the net and not disappearing for large amounts of time during a game…


    Hey Rich,

    Those ads are nothing, try watching the Spangler Cup…Goalies pads are made up of ads, the refs are walking billboards and each faceoff circle is a huge ad filled circle. Its ugle as (Explict). Also rangers started to computer generate a subway ad across the entire back glass behind the goalie. Its getting there slowly in the NHL…Soon the players will look like NASCAR drivers. Also I have a friend in the german league and he has stickers all over is socks, gloves, down his sleeves…It takes away from the game!!!

    Nice pic by the way…funny how no one is looking at anyone!

  • brianguy

    apparently “Zepter” is like some european-based Amway sort of company. but yeah they pretty much always have those ads for the IIHF WC. as silly as they look.

    I find it even odder when I see players wearing all different equipment than they normally do (besides shoulder/elbow/shin pads, skates, and sticks which are 100% their choice). that to me is added weirdness. then there’s the fact that Nike apparently spun off Bauer into a separate entity again, so you know this equipment supplied to the team was produced a while ago.

  • TB

    Guys…its a business. Trades happen. UFA’s come and go. Its a great picture, but it means nothing. Its not like the guys are now not friends anymore. Privately, I’m sure things are just as they were before Sully got dealt.

    None of the emotional scarring from this deal means a thing on the ice. Sully didn’t fit in LA. Ask the Bruins if they miss Thornton…It is often best for everyone when a trade is made because it is an opportunity for the player and his former team to start over. And if anyone needed a fresh start its POS. Move on, its for the best.

  • Dom

    You made me laugh, Andrew, thanks.

    I would love to see O’Sullivan in a KINGS jersey too, but it’s business and if Williams lives up to his expectations than nobody will cry a tear after Sully….. except Anthonyy.

    Looking at the UFA / RFA list I think the Sedin twins might be a solution compared to the overpriced Hossa / Gaborik speculations. Thoughts?

    Rich, nice photo, thanks for sharing. Advertisements or banners are unfortunately the standard in Europe, especially Germany, Switzerland and Austria. After all, it’s business.

  • AK47

    Oh God, I hope we re-sign Jack Johnson

  • TB

    Dom…unfortunately the Sendins will be far out of reach for us because they are both seeking $6 million plus for several years. Its not possible at this point to lock up 12 million a season on just two players when we have so many more holes to fill.

    but in a perfect world…

    Williams – Kopitar – Brown
    Sendin – Sendin – Frolov

    mmmm….now thats a top 6 to be feared. Too bad its just a dream.

  • iansez

    Waah! Waah! Poor little multi-millionaire perimeter Patty misses his pals! Waaaaahhh!! Pretty sure JW doesn’t play hockey just coz his friends do…;)

  • khanon81


    “You know, even if Justin Williams is better than Sully, which he’s not – why break up a family.”

    Sorry to break the truth the truth to you, I’ll take one Justin Williams over five Sullys. Sully played without heart, grit, offense, character, passion, not to mention he was a small little wimp. In fact, he played like a European figure skater that can’t skate that well, if that makes sense.

    Justin Williams will turn out to be a good player, and he will perform very well in the playoffs, as he’s proven in the past. He’s gritty, fast, offensively talented, and plays with heart… What more can you ask for?

    I actually liked Sully as a human being, he seemed down to earth and respectful, but fortunately, the NHL is full of nice, down to earth, genteleman North Americans.

    Get over your love affair with Sully King fans

  • tantrum4

    So where are all you “Brown is a terrible captain” posters now? It looks like he’s not only a good choice to captain the Kings, but also to captain your WHOLE COUNTRY….and anthony, please give it a rest about Sully, he’s gone and he’s not that good….

  • 300 Bowler x 8

    Looks like they just stuck some bumper stickers on their foreheads. Can’t you get something that looks a little less tacky?

  • 4thlinechecker

    I’m excited about JW, but I liked Sully, good to see them re-united.

    Khanon taking a shot at Anthony? kinda funny.

    Khanon makes me love Anthonyy….. I’m all about physical, but c’mon guy this isnt the ECHL.

  • anthonyy


    I don’t think so.

  • Jim Jones

    O’Sullivan NEVER shows emotion. In every in-play picture I see of him, his face looks like his standing in an elevator.

  • stang

    Why all the hate for O’Sullivan? Dude was on fire with Brown and Kopitar as linemates but Murray separates them and they all end up blowing this season.

    Most of you bashing o’Sullivan act like Williams is the next coming of Messier or something. Tell me this, if JW is so good why did Carolina get rid of him when they were in the midst of a playoff push? IF he was all that wouldn’t it be to the Canes advantage to have a guy like Williams for the playoffs as he was part of their Cup winning team and has all this SC experience to help them?

    They got rid of him for a reason and the reason will be obvious to everyone once he gets injured and never reaches his 30 goal plateau ever again.

    You never trade for an injured guy EVER…except if you’re the Kings.

  • brianguy

    “every in-play picture I see of him, his face looks like his standing in an elevator.”

    that is an epic quote right there. I never thought of it like that!!

    he looks different already. paler. older? regardless, nowadays when people say “Sully” I automatically answer “WHO?!”. he’s just an afterthought at this point. pretty good player, wasn’t going to score enough or take us anywhere further. Edmonton isn’t doing anything lately, obviously these moves aren’t working for them as they tend to get just slightly worse each year hence MacT’s removal.

  • 28 KINGS

    As someone on another board said, “Don’t marry yourself to players.”

    Jumping to conclusions seem to be your MO Anthony, especially with this deal. Your so certain that Sully will be this world beater player, and Williams will be a bust and you take shots at the guy every chance you get. Why don’t you let things play out before you throw him under the bus. Are you capable of doing this, or do you always need someone to beat on to get your point across?

  • sam

    Thanks Rich for the great picture! I saw another one with Brown and O’Sullivan and it was a great shot of the two of them.
    O’Sullivan is one talented guy, and i hope he puts it altogether and has a great future. Likewise I hope Williams regains his form and helps play us out of the World Championships and into the playoffs.

  • J-RO

    Yo Stang- Why would Carolina get rid of Williams in the midst of a playoff push? They knew his injuries wouldn’t allow him to be effective and help the team- they got Cole in return who could help them immediately. (not sure how many points he had late season with the Canes, but he hasn’t done crap yet tn the playoffs)
    Meanwhile the KINGS are thinking long term- we can wait for Williams to be ready next season. He’s gonna be fired up to have a fresh start with this team.
    Sully is an afterthought in my book- but it’s a cool photo.

  • variable


    i think you’ve been replaced…

    khanon81 (a quinn-martin production) has taken yr spot as…well.. y’know…

    hey, tony, regardless if peeps agree w/you or not, you haven’t come close to the bigotry and somewhat racists comments as yr successor has…he also displays a “know it all” arrogance about a sport he really doesn’t know much about, especially his continuous call-out of european players and his unrealistic trade scenarios…i didn’t realize don cherry had so much free time to blog on this site…

    so, it’s time to ignore him…

  • khanon81


    “somewhat racists comments…”

    Please tell me how my comments are “somewhat racist.” Europeans play a different type of hockey, and I think its safe to say that Euros, with the exception of 5 or 6, play rather soft. Unless you take my insightful statements out of context, then it is impossible to call them racist, or as you put it, “somewhat racist.”

    On a slightly different note, I am mister know it all when it comes to hockey and many other areas of expertise, so I suggest you just take a seat behind me and continue to place your tail between your legs when you attempt to call me out. Good day mate…

  • variable

    yr a joke…and everybody on this site has called you out as a moron…

    where you get off trying to “school” us w/ yr pre-pubescent comments and yr ineptitude is totally middle school…

    you have no idea what yr talking about and before you start making this a pissing match, you should know yr audience…

    what all started this was me saying i thought yr trade scenario…i’ll say it again…trade scenarion…regarding nash was ridiculous…

    you retorted…of course, taking my comments out of context, like unintellectual bullies usually are wont to do, by calling me…not my opinion…but me…ridiculous…there’s a difference, copernicus…

    so why don’t you go back on the prozac and simmer down and hold yr racists european thoughts to yrself…

    as you can see by the overwhelming posts from others…not just me…yr a one-trick pony…that has no game or palatable insight one can gather…

    going back and forth with the name calling is exactly the type of audience you want…take it to yr pub…we have a higher standard here…

  • 4thlinechecker

    Khanon81, the new “blog badass”…. “A Blogger with Grit and size” HA!. Where did you get your infinite hockey wisdom? How did you become the Kings fan with the highest hockey IQ?……… Really dude, where did you play, coach?…. etc.? Play-station hockey does’nt count bud…. All I hear is you spewing laughable nonsense and attacking people’s inteligence. You put Anthony to shame… It’s really not cool man.

    Is your hobby trolling around blog’s and pissing people off? As hard as it may be to not take more shots at you, I will ignore you from here on out.

  • deadcatbounce

    People, I think that Khanon81 went to the Cristobal Hockey School and graduated with honors. He seems to have a fetish about figure skating, don’t you think?

  • variable


    where did this ya’hooo come from…?

    he self-appoints himself the king amongst kings…hasn’t contributed anything of substantive importance or quality in his posts…offends everybody and alienates half the globe with his contempt of foreign (non-north american) players…and goes on a name calling binge, reminiscent of a 12 year-old who had his whoopie taken away from him…

    what a kook…!

  • khanon81

    This Variable guy seems to enjoy putting me down and calling me names. This serves as evidence that he has lost the battle and has nothing further to state except for insults childish behavior. Variable, we all know you can’t hang with me, just give up already. Your behavior is comparable to Kostopalous’ fighting ability.

  • variable

    you want to re-post blasphemy…fine…

    in case you missed this…:

    talk about yr illusions of grandeur…

    ya…i called you names first…yr kidding me, right..?

    go back and do yr research, pal…

    everybody…i mean everybody here…not just me…has called you out…

    now you want to change history and cry behind a lamb and try to convince everybody here…who has already on their own volition stated their contempt for yr posts…that yr just an innocent bystander…?????


    because i’m nice and it’s not in my nature to go after anybody unprovoked…and yr kidding yrself otherwise if you didn’t provoke me…i’ll be happy to do a chronological order of said posts…i’ll extend an olive branch in hopes you can get beyond this point and continue like one of the respected here that might disagree with opinions being rendered, but is able to keep it above the line…


  • khanon81


    I accept your olive branch and look forward to further educating you with real, insightful hockey knowledge.

  • variable

    i wouldn’t call that the most mature way of moving on…

    but fine, i’m game…

    enjoy the off-season…!

  • deadcatbounce

    variable, looks like you might have to give it up. You can only try to reason with a horse’s ass for so long. Do you think the 81 in his user name is in honor of his IQ?

  • Johnny Kick a Hole In The Sky

    O’Sullivan will score 30 goals with Edmonton. New season, new team, a clean slate. Remember the domination at the end of the 07/08 season? Was outplaying Cammalleri, Frolov and Brown!

    20 GP
    8 G
    12 A
    20 Pts

    Then Terry Murray comes in and kills any offense from our players. We might as well trade Frolov and Kopitar because they don’t “fit” in with the Murray’s preference for pluggers.

  • iansez

    Now now children, settle down. Enough of this duck-fan like behavior…./

  • variable


    what was so nutty about it was that he was coming solely after me and pretending that allllll the other negative posts slanted and aimed towards him from others didn’t exists…


    watched the ending of both game 7’s and…wowowow….

    torts must be second guessing his avery-like outburst in game 5…no offense to shoney, but you have to wonder if his actions cost the rangers the series…henrik was shaky in the three previous losses, but was outstanding tonight and got beat on a tricky federov goal…

    but marty b. is going to have a difficult off-season trying to forget the last 85 seconds of his and jersey’s season…joikinen with a goal with about 1:23 to play and staal capping off the comeback with a very similar goal to federov’s game winner…exciting finish…!

    great playoff action…!

  • khanon81

    knowledgeable hockey fans,

    What cost the rangers the series was benching avery when they were up 3-1… If it aint broke, don’t fix it! Then, Torts keeps Voros in the line-up instead of one of the best heavys in the league- Colton Orr. Rangers- another team full of Euros.

  • deadcatbounce

    variable, two great game sevens tonight. I was wondering if maybe Torts regretted making Avery a healthy scratch for their game five loss. When he decides to play by the rules, he does have some talent.

  • cristobal

    Rich Hammond.

    Don’t worry about those ads on the uniforms. Even less people get to see the World Championships than get to see the Stanley Cup Playoffs on “Versus.”

    BTW–It seems anything goes as far as commenting these days…

    Anthony–Free yourself from the pain and just let it go. I know exactly what tears at your heart, but it’s not worth caring about.
    Life is better with less “inside the Kings” and with less worrying about Dean Lombardi and Terry Murray.

    I’m a Duck fan until next season…

    See ya.

  • 4thlinechecker

    dont sweat him, his posts say enough about him… I bet he got his hockey cred from playing playstation or somthing. That is the only place you can pull off the kinds of trades he has recommended…. He is a troll trying to get a rise…. I asked where his cred came from and of course no comment…. probably never skated in his life, who knows

  • Moondoggie

    Ahhhhhhhhhh………Back to the foto kids.

    It really is a nice shot seeing the boys together again. Dustin wearing the “C” for his country says alot about his leadership and what he brings to Team USA. Seeing JMFJ in there too is also nice.


    I’ve gotta agree with Anthony on this one. It’s just nice seeing Sully back with his mates. Sully isn’t a scrub and he has one of the nicest touches on the puck in the league. No, he isn’t a grinder, he’s a scorer and he will find his touch. I believe next season will be much better for him.

    Regardless, as much as I hated “The Trade”, I have complete faith and confidence in DL’s leadership. The Kings are by far the best “young team” in the league. Again, like most of you, I haven’t been this excited about the Kings future in years. Every year, we’ve had holes, holes, holes to fill. Now we’ve got the minors just loaded with talent and another strong draft with good picks coming up.

    There’s no getting around it, I miss Sully, he was one of my favorite Kings. But in Justin Williams, not only did the Kings get a scorer, they got a player who isn’t afraid to stand out, speak up, go into the corners and go to the net. He also has a ring and he has leadership. That’s how you win games. Justin brings a totally different dimension to LA. While I’ll certainly miss Sully, the Kings will be a much better team with Justin Williams.

  • mrbrett7

    Khanon…Conan the Destroyer (same thing, right?)

    He isn’t the only one who disagrees with basically EVERY word you have ever written here.

    5 or 6 “non” whimpy Europ players? Why don’t you go say that to Forsberg’s face? Franzen’s face? Ovechkin’s face? Malkin’s face (the same guy who played for 2 months with cracked ribs last year, AND led his team to the finals).

    Point is…your either saying these things to make yourself laugh, or you actually believe the statements your making, in which case, is rather scary with how crazy you are. I mean clinical crazy talk.

    Mats Sundin, Johan Franzen, Tomas Holmstrom, Kronwall, Tomas Sandstrom who played WITH A BROKEN LEG!!!!

  • Dan H.

    A plea from a fellow fan here:

    Guys PLEASE cut with the back and forth bickering. I’d hate for this to turn into LGK part II. I can’t go there because of this. Please post your opinions but keep the negativity and fighting to yourselves.

    Thank you all and lets go next season and whoever plays the Ducks the rest of the way!

  • TB

    I agree with Dan H.


    We don’t care. Exchange emails and take it somewhere else if you really need to go at it.

    Its safe to say many of us have a great knowledge of the game. Our differing opinions are fun to poke at, but DONT GET PERSONAL.

    Like the players say…”leave it on the ice.”

  • mrbrett7

    Your right guys, and I apologize. I don’t go to LGK, and haven’t in quite some time for this very reason.

  • variable

    thanks for all the positive feedback…

    but to be fair…not to sound like rambo, but he did draw first blood…i thought it was necessary to defend myself, simply because of him singling me out for whatever reason…

    to all my fellow friends and bloggers that i have made during the last year…i apologize for getting off-topic and letting someone like that take me away from the enjoyment of this site…

    the thing that makes this site rather unique is that no one voice is anymore important than the next…sure…content and opinion might resonate to different degrees and/of the purposes of discussion importance…but we are all the same when it comes to the right to voice our opinions…as long as we follow the guidelines rich has set out for us…

    i thank rich for letting us handle it appropriately w/out intervention…and now it’s time to move on and talk about what we love to talk about…our beloved kings…

  • Ersberg

    That’s a great pic. Liles in there makes it even better. He’s a solid player. CO is lucky to have a guy like that.

    The more time passes, the more I’m comfortable knowing Williams is on our team. If we get another guy like him in the offseason..look out.

    For scenarios of players’ comebacks in recent years, Google Michal Handzus.

  • darko25o

    ….well, once again a national hockey tournament has let me to a state of deprESCHEn! If you look at our roster, we have a great team for a european style/rink. All these high flyers, and no backstop.