Loktionov thriving in OHL

Andrei Loktionov, the Kings’ fifth-round draft pick last year, is having a great run in the OHL playoffs for the WIndsor Spitfires. Windsor is in the Ontario Hockey League finals against Brampton and leads the series 2-1, with Game 4 to be played Wednesday.

Loktionov has three goals and three assists in the series, and has nine goals and 21 assists in 18 playoff games overall. Loktionov, who turns 19 this month, was named the league’s player of the week on Tuesday.

The series also features Brampton’s Matt Duchene, who is expected to be one of the top three or four picks in next month’s NHL Draft. Duchene has one goal and two assists in the series.

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  • mrbrett7

    I am so amped for this kid to get into camp this summer!

    Once he develops, he really could turn into a future star for the Kings, in my opinion. Anytime someone like Igor Larionov takes you under his wing, you must have something going for you.

  • deadcatbounce

    And I hope that if he makes the Kings, be it in a year or two or three from now, that Alexander Frolov will still be around to mentor him. Same goes for Voynov.

  • TB

    Its guys like Loktionov that keep the hope alive. As much as our NHL ready lineup is not yet at par…our stable is quickly growing with a vast range of talent from the top down. From the inside out we are looking more and more like a steady contender in the years to come. Truly the best part of it is that he does not need to be rushed into the NHL since we have so many prospects reaching or getting close to their peak. Thats really the difference maker between teams like Detroit that are shoe ins for the playoffs vs. teams like Colorado that fell off the radar so quickly.

    Once this team makes the jump to the upper eschelon, there won’t be any turning back.

  • variable

    lotki is playing great right now and it’s mostly because he’s being aggressive and creative in the offensive zone…he’s starting to demonstrate NHL skill level…so, yes, this bodes very well for everybody…

    MRBRETT is right…he will have this summer and an opportunity during training camp to make the team…i do think he’s still a year or two away…the knock on lokti has been his size, focus and face-off ability…but he really has put together a nice chunk of play and is starting to gain more confidence…30 pts. in 18 playoff games is great at any level…

    i hope he continues to matriculate like this…

  • Chris Bond

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  • Quisp

    In case you haven’t seen it, there was a nice article in the Windsor Star on Loktionov and his close friend Evgeny Grachev, who plays on Brampton (Windsor’s opponent in the finals right now). Lots of good stuff in there.


    Game four in the series is tomorrow at 4PM. You can stream it for 7 bucks.

  • khanon81

    Does anybody know this kid’s size and the type of style he plays?? I really hope he’s not another small, finesse player!

  • Quisp

    He’s a small finesse player.

  • Quisp
  • jet

    Var – It is not only the number of points, but when he scores them. Against the Knights he had the first goal in one game and in another he scored the OT goal. DL put him in a great situation and he took full advantage.

    81 – In sports, the size of the player’s heart is more important than the size of the player.

  • variable


    points to you for making a good point…

    in the playoffs, lokti is clutch and clutch is everything…

  • Quisp