Doughty vs. Frolov in final

My apologies for not posting the other semifinal result, but I’ve been dealing with a nasty flu bug — I’m seriously wondering if I have “it” — and I didn’t even get to follow the Canada-Sweden game.

Regardless, as you might already know, Canada beat Sweden 3-1 to set up a gold-medal game against Russia on Sunday. Drew Doughty played a team-high 22 minutes, 10 seconds, for Canada.

So it will be Canada vs. Russia for gold and the United States vs. Sweden for bronze.

Hopefully next week, I’ll be able to catch up with some of the Kings who participated in the tournament and get their thoughts…

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  • -J

    Take it easy and get well soon, Rich.

    Should be an intense game between Canada and Russia. Doughty and Stamkos have been very impressive and it’s really telling how good they are that they are just 19 and playing in the worlds, getting so much ice time, and putting up points.

    On a side note, Loktionov and the Spitfires won the OHL championship today. Lokti finished second in playoff points. They now get a shot at the Memorial cup.

  • jet

    Feel better

  • khanon81


    Can you tell DL that most King fans value a big, physical, team stocked with North Americans, and that Frolov and Handzus should be traded. Thank You

  • Seattle757


    The Kings already tried that, it was called the Melrose era and that period is what I blame for the beginning of the Kings fall. Trading talent for big physical players doesn’t win you games. As a Kings fan and probably many others, I don’t share you view.

    Rich, hope you feel better and thanks for all the hockey coverage of the World Hockey Championships.

  • 4thlinechecker

    Biting my tounge…………Get better Rich.

    Pretty sweet to hear Nick and Daryl broadcasting these games.

    Jack has been looking great… He has been an animal along the boards, hope we see some of that this year when he is playing with the big kids.

  • macdup

    Get well soon, hopefully you don’t start oinking, that is a symptom right? All kidding aside it seems like the Kings players have been pretty dominating this tournament. That is encouraging and it is good to see.

  • -J

    There’s a couple of interesting read up on the front page of some of you might be interested in. One of them is an interview with Kings pro scout Rob Laird who is at the tournament.

    Interestingly, he lists Jan Marek as one of the players the Kings have at the tournament. Don’t know his contract status with KHL, but I wonder if the kings might try again to sign him to add a high end/top-6 right winger for the second line.

  • Ari

    Feel better Rich… chug a bunch of Gatorade and water and that V8 fruit and veggie juice and you will kick it

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Have to say this, Rich–

    Based upon the spread pattern of “it”, you probably have it, as have a whole lot of us, including me…

    On the other hand, “it” doesn’t seem to do much but make us really sick for awhile.

    Feel better.

  • AK47

    Is “it” supposed to be swine flu :O?

  • hapakid

    go better brah!! just wondering if frolov n kovalchuk are on the same line? power play must b amazing.. my interests stems form kovalchuk’s Free agency status next year..figuring ATL might b shopping him to get something assuming he doesnt sign with them again..we have D depth to offer ATL.World class skills, PP threat.. 50 goal scorer. decent playmaker. takes tons of shots..LW sniper..GOODMATCH? 7.5 mill in his final year..ughh…

  • variable


    like (almost) everybody has said already…please take good care and get better…best wishes for yr speedy recovery…

    i see a 4-3 game…russians win it…

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