Ol’ what’s his name

People.com reported today that actress/model Rachel Hunter will be getting married, in Northern California in mid-August, to Jarret Stole. Presumably, Kings forward Jarret Stoll knows about this… Hopefully, People won’t confuse Brian Boyle with Susan Boyle.

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  • GARY

    Glad to hear that he will be concentrating on his conditioning this summer.

  • Baumgartner22

    hope he doesn’t re-aggravate his groin injury.

  • macdup

    Maybe the Kings should change their name to the Cougar Hunters. I guess congratulations are in order.

    Dave W.

  • TB

    Congrats Stollie!

    On a side note…with a wife that attractive, I’d have that huge grin in public too! priceless!! hahah

  • jet

    Great news. Intermissions just havent been the same since Simmer retired.

    Ouch. You may never get a interview from Brian again. Or do you know something you are not telling?

  • AK47

    Isn’t that Sean Avery’s ex??

  • Stoll is a very solid player. Now that the Kings have a real third line center, DL should ship Handzus out of here. Package him with Fro!

  • Matt George


    that was my thought too …

    I’ve seen her at the games for years now … seems to me she’s had it in her to get a hockey player

    good for both I guess

  • mask0425x

    Would not be the first someone got his name wrong. DL, apparently, thought that he stole a Staal for only $3.6 Mil/year.

    Speaking of the Staal bros, should the Caps and the Canes both win, the Caps will face all three Staals in this years playoffs. Wonder if anything like that ever happened before? Would probably be possible with the Sutters only…

  • Bra

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