Get to know Fro

The Hockey News posted a Q&A with Alexander Frolov. As far as Frolov goes, this was actually a fairly revealing interview, seeing as how the typical Frolov interview includes him staring off into the distance for no particular reason. Nice guy, truly tries to be helpful, but just a little…different. Not that “different” is necessarily bad. Anyway, you can give it a read…

Hobbies/Leisure Activities: “I like to read. I like chess pretty good, but it’s hard to find a partner here.”

Getting To Know: Alexander Frolov

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  • deadcatbounce

    Hope he gets to play his home games on his favorite rink for years to come!

  • wisconsinKingsfan

    Most Painful Moment: “Probably last five years when we didn’t make the playoffs.”

    Favorite Uniforms: “L.A. Kings. I like this crown.”

    Favorite Arena To Play: “Staples. I like it. Staples.”

    Give him a long extension Deano so that he can play in his favorite uniform in his favorite arena for many playoff years to come.

  • JDM

    Oh man Rich,

    “seeing as how the typical Frolov interview includes him staring off into the distance for no particular reason. Nice guy, truly tries to be helpful, but just a little…different. Not that “different” is necessarily bad.”

    That gave me a good chuckle.

    The thought of trying to talk to Frolov and his mind just wandering off is so fitting. Sometimes I think I can even see him doing that during games… which isn’t so funny. I love Fro.

  • It had better be a large extension… Do not let this one go Deano. Do not.

  • kyle

    Please get him wrapped up. Fro is like so many inscrutable Russians in that when you get a real answer in an unguarded moment, you take it as the gospel truth.
    “Hurts not making playoffs” and “I like the crown”.
    Those were not scripted.
    There’s a gold mine of talent that we should not let go. His work ethic will continue to improve.
    And one last thought—I have rarely, if ever, seen someone who smiles more on the ice. Watch him during warmups, or in training camp. The man loves to be on skates, and you cannot teach that, nor can you trade for it.

  • Old School

    I’ve talked to Fro on many occasions. He is a truly nice guy. Not a mean bone in his body. Like a big kid. He is hard not to like. He’s also a skilled hockey player, one of the few that opponents worry about when he’s on the ice. His best years are still ahead of him. Why would we let an asset like this walk away? Sign him soon so we don’t lose out!

  • Nick in 318


    just imagine in a year or two
    Fro-Kopi-Loktionov… an all eastern euro Line would be devistatingly awesome!

    draft Paavaarvi-Svensson
    just imagine when they all fill out

    MPS-Moller-Other future swede … an all swede line— how could you fail?

  • JDM

    Nick in 318!

    Whats up buddy?

    I like your thinking. Add in Voynov and our Russians can take a dump on the Canadians of the league… just like at the World Championship… heh… heh…


    I love that about Fro. Also having a good time.

    Old School,

    Frolov has big kid written all over him. The picture on the article is proof! Priceless face on Fro looking at the little kid.


    He likes the Red Wings, which is bad, because if we don’t lock him up forever they will!

  • Frolov and a 3rd

    What kind of Tatoo do you have: Winged Wheel

  • deadcatbounce

    JDN said:

    “Add in Voynov and our Russians can take a dump on the Canadians of the league… just like at the World Championship… heh… heh…”

    Oh, you’re low, but how funny!

  • Datacloud

    Frolov has been my favorite King since he stepped on the ice for us in 2001. At least I think it’s 2001. To lose him would be a big disappointment. He’s only our best forward, hands down.

  • stang

    Consider Frolov trade bait at the draft after admitting he thinks Avery is a funny guy that or he loses a couple million and a year off the offer! LOL

  • Vicarious

    Perhaps, Rich, I can explain the wandering. When playing an unworthy chess opponent the game is, for you, well, it is kind of boring. There is much happening your opponent does not get. So too perhaps, Frolov’s mind wanders when the interviewer’s questions are, well, average. Just a possibility.

  • DownLoFro

    Yes this guy is an atypical athelete.. no cliches.. speaks his mind, isn’t trying to impress anyone.. maybe that is why he frustrates the coaches? His game is unique — who else is that strong in the offensive corners? Give him his payday.. I have a feeling tho, that DL is thinking future cap issues with all the young talent on this team and is going to let him slide.. I hope not.

  • AK47

    I agree with everyone here, except taking dumps on canadians hahaha.. Canadians rule the hockey world, i’m sorry we couldn’t beat the russians in the finals because all our best players were still in the playoffs (Toews, Getzlaf, Niedermeyer, Pronger, Luongo, E. Staal, Cam Ward, etc..). How about us winning the last 5 WJC? JDM, did you forget that part? Either way, I know you’re just kidding, so I’ll stop defending my country šŸ™‚

    But honestly, we need to re-sign Frolov and Jack Johnson. Fro always seems to put up huge numbers quietly, and that’s a good thing. Only people that notice how good and strong Frolov is, are the fans in LA and his teammates, imo. No one ever talks about Frolov about being that superstar for the LA Kings, yet he always leads the team in goals.. 32 goals isn’t a joke for a team who lacks offense.

    Some of you (I did too) mentioned trading Frolov, but really it’s not the right thing to do. What’s our biggest problem? Scoring. No one will argue with me on this, so why in the world would we want to trade our top goal scorer??? Trading for a sniper is not the route to take.. We should try and sign Hossa or Havlat or even Gaborik

  • variable

    i’m not going to state the case any more so than i have before…so…to simply repeat the obvious…:


  • Cricket

    I’m probably one of many now who think that trading Fro simply wouldn’t be a winning deal. I think he really does want to be here, and that’s some of the main criteria for DL. He’s a unique player in his strength and scoring ability and even attitude. What upgrade could we possibly get? Is Kovalchuk even that viable? Fro is absolutely part of the team identity for me. Even moreso than Sully ever was.

  • Barada

    All I can say is, sign him.


  • src3

    Okay Gents!!
    Whole heartedly agree in signing him, but for what??

    Back to the salary cap on this one………..According to Quispers figures-signing of Hossa at 7+, JJ, Purcell, Boyle etc puts us under the ceiling which comes down next year. Is it fair to say that Fro is a 5 mil/year man?? This puts us over the cap of 56 mil.

    Getz and Perry are getting 5+/year, Kopi 6.8, Malone 4.5, Franzen 4+, Brownie 3+, Stoll 4, Handzus 4. Weird combination!!!!!

    I personally am cool with 5/yr and change for 4-5 years. But then we cannot sign a big UFA.

    Something has to give…………..

    I still dont see Purcell fitting in our top 6 with the potential aquisition of a UFA. If Lewis gets a shot on the third line (Zues/Simmonds)then is Teddy on the 4th with Boyle, moller and the knuckle draggers??

    Loki, Cameron, Wudruck will probably not make the team in all reality next year. Moller is not ready for 2nd line duty yet, leaving him on the 4th or potentially 3rd line as he is very responsible on the back end. This would leave Lewis on the 4th or in Manch. for most of the year.

    However if Loki is the new 2nd line center in 2011………..Is Moller, Purcell and Boyle for sale ???

    I dont see DL making a move for Hossa or anyone in that price range unless he is planning on dumping the Fro. I see a 4 mil/year aqusition and no more. Please no Gabby or Havlat.

    Another interesting note……….Boston cannot sign both Krecji and Kessler even with dumping Sturm. And Savard is up in 2011. Something has to give. There have been rumblings before about Kesslers attitude….Could he be had for our 5th and Teddy P and or Boyle. Kessler would be about 4+ over 4+ years. That fits!

    My preference is hartnell, but seriously doubt PHI will part with him. However you could probably get Briere and a second rounder for free.


  • AK47

    I’d love to have Phil Kessel, fits with our young core and he pretty much evolved himself as a sniper last season putting up 36 goals and 24 assists in 70 games, not bad for a 21 year old.. He’s a natural center, but he can play the LW.. Would fit nicely on our 1st or 2nd line.. I’m not interested in Daniel Briere, he’s way too injury prone.

    Another guy who’s a UFA and that no one has mentioned is Alex Tanguay, a guy who’s won the cup in Colorado, is a natural LW and is only 29 years old.. I think DL is going to look into him, it’s pretty obvious he fits the bill, although he would probably be the choice if we miss out on 1) Hossa 2) Trading for Phil Kessel 3) Gaborik 4) Havlat.. And I just looked at his numbers from last year, nothing too impressive..

    50 games, 16 goals and 25 assists.. Didn’t Handzus score more then that? I guess Tanguay isn’t the answer to our problems after all..

  • src3


    You know I was kidding about Briere………….Anyone stupid enough to take on his contract gets paid to do so. Tanguay is talented, yes, but the not the kind of guy we are looking for. I think DL likes Fro-Kopi-JW and is looking for a guy in the corners with 20+ potential for Stoll and Brownie. Next year Moller takes over 2nd line and or Loki.

  • macdup


    Dave W.

  • src3

    Any educated opinions on Kessel. Boston bloggers see thier cap problems and would rather dump kessel than anyone else. Not strong on the puck, def. liability etc. Have only seen him a few times this year. The times I saw him play, he was electrifying. Speed, moves etc. Somone to back off the def.

    Any opinions. Is he worth the 5th overall and teddy P???

  • Scott

    He likes to read and play chess but likes Aerosmith and Guns ‘N Roses? I’d say those pretty much offset eachother.

  • AK47

    I think giving our first and Purcell is too much, but that’s only my opinion.. We can draft a guy that will probably be better than Kessel with our 5th overall pick (MSP or Kane).. With that being said, I think if we offered one of our d prospects, like Teubert and Boyle/Purcell plus a pick for Kessel, I’d do that instead.. We have a log jam at D, and Teubert seems to be the odd man out, imo… I highly doubt this trade would ever go down, but that’s what looks to me like a fair trade..

    A player who would fit extremely well on a line with Stoll and Brown is Ryan Callahan.. Big kid, who hustles and scores, DL type of guy.. He’s a RFA this summer and I’m not sure how tight NYR is with cap space, but I say DL should either trade for him or send him an offer sheet

  • Quisp

    src3, re cap issues and 2010-11 —

    The season after next will be interesting cap-wise, as you said. Not just because of Frolov being a UFA and the cap coming down a bit, but also because both Quincey and Quick will be RFA. Next year, Fro’s hit is 2.9, Quick’s .8, Quincey’s .6, and it would be reasonable to expect those three to be at cap hits of 5, 2.5 and 2.5, conservatively, with their new contracts. That’s AT LEAST $6MM more cap room we’re going to need, not next year, but the year after (which, after all, is really just next summer, one year from now — yikes).

    Is DL factoring that into his thoughts about Frolov and whoever he’s going to bring in this year as a UFA (or via trade)? Absolutely. And clearly trading Frolov would make room for whatever will be necessary to do for the 2010 season. But, since DL has to think Frolov will be tradable at the deadline or even next summer, I don’t know that he’s really going to worry too much about that now. Actually, I think DL might make the calculation that putting Frolov and (for example) Hossa on the same line will drive Frolov’s numbers way up, thus driving his value up as well. In other words, it’s reasonable to assume that Frolov will be more valuable a year from now than he is now. And he’s pretty valuable now.

    But let’s play the thought experiment:

    Kings sign Hossa, re-sign Frolov, Purcell, Johnson and Boyle. Now, let’s skip the entire 09-10 season. It’s summer of ’10. Quick has had a great year, as have Quincey and Drewiske (all RFAs). They are resigned at 2.75, 2.5, 1.5. Frolov at 5. That’s a cap hit of $11.75. Let’s just say that’s a cap increase of $7MM. SOD retires.


    The xx’s are the smaller contracts (Moller, Boyle, Purcell, Simmonds, whoever we draft this year, etc.).

    Here’s what I think the actual strategy will be (and, in fact, ought to be). Sign the big UFA, resign Frolov, go up to within a couple million of the cap ceiling. Clearly, next summer, something will have to give. Somebody’s big contract is going to have to go, maybe two somebodies. But does DL want to get rid of Frolov NOW because he’s got to pay Handzus for two more years? I don’t think so. Handzus, actually, I think is the most vulnerable of all the big salaries. I expect him to be traded at the deadline next year. Don’t get me wrong, I love Handzus. I think he was the team MVP last season by numerous measures. But he’s overpaid and he’s a third-line center ideally. Also, he’s a defensive specialist and will be attractive to someone at the deadline.

    Trading Handzus would be, of course, entirely dependent on other centers stepping it up and proving themselves to be ready. Namely, Moller, Boyle, Lewis, Loktionov, Azevedo, someone we might be drafting in a month… Handzus will be looking over his shoulder at those guys.

    Meanwhile, there are other candidates to be moved. Let’s say, for example, that we sign Hossa and keep Frolov, and next year we have our first line (with Kopitar) the likes of which we haven’t seen since Palffy/Alison/Deadmarsh. Now, what happens if Brown has a crappy year next season? He might be the one to get dealt. Let’s just say, Handzus is a rock and the first line is clicking… DL is going to be looking very closely at that group of Williams, Stoll and Brown. One of them would literally HAVE to be traded.

    Same thing is true on defense. If the prospects don’t pan out next season and don’t look like they’re progressing, veterans like Greene are safe. But if the prospects pick it up, Greene is another contract that can be dealt.

    I think DL will play this out very deliberately and carefully. And you’re certainly correct that if DL signs a UFA this July, next summer something’s gotta give. I just don’t think that means Frolov will be leaving. One of Frolov, Kopitar, Brown, Stoll, Handzus, Williams or Greene — definitely. In 2010. Not now.

    Think of it the other way? You aren’t going to deny yourselves Hossa and Frolov this season because you might have to trade Handzus or Greene next season, right?

  • src3

    Great presentation Quisp.

    However, you are banking everything on Hossa. West coast travel, little PR in comparison til the east coast and a team maybe ready for the cup move. Why not Columbus?

    One little thought. Lidstrm is 39. Cap hit at 7.4. 2 cups in a row…….RETIREMENT?????? Or does he agree to play out his final year and go for 3 in a row, and at the same time restructure the last year of his contract for say 2 years at 9 mil. That saves the Wings 3 mil this year, but keeps 3 years on the books next year. I am assuming the money is garanteed even if retires after 2010. If there is such a loop hole. Everyone scratching each others backs. Couple that with trading Stuarts 3.5. They have enough depth in the AHL.

    That leaves us with Gabby…ouch. He will stay in Minn, they are the only ones that will garantee him what he wants IMO. DL+Gabby+injury= top 10 pick 2010 and DL in the unemployment line.

    Do you trade 5th pick and a Purcell or Boyle or Martinez for a RFA with 25-30 goal production at 4 – 5 mil pr year and keep Fro and then have room for Quick, Q man etc. I am thinking Kessel, but Hartnell would also do at a lower price.

    I generally agree that the UFA is the way to go, keeping the 5th pick. But Hossa and 8 mil comes with NTC.

    Would really like to see DL seal the deal with Fro and Quincey now. If Quincey puts up same numbers again, he will cost 3.5 mil.

    We still hav Loki, Camereron, Wudruck etc.

  • Quisp

    src3 —

    re Lidstrom: he is older than 35, so even if he retires his salary would still count against the cap.

    re renegotiating: you can’t renegotiate contracts; it’s against the CBA.

    re Hossa: I’m not really banking everything on Hossa, just using his name as a catch-all for whichever UFA might get signed. The big three are Hossa/Havlat/Gaborik. They’re all going to get huge money. Whether that’s 6 or 8 million, doesn’t matter as much as whether DL takes the plunge in the first place.

    As far as the Wings’ ability to sign Hossa, I broke all that down here:


    Short version: to keep Hossa at the cap hit his agent says he will get, they will have to dump at least one huge salary and probably two, in addition to losing Samuelsson and Hudler. So call it Samuelsson, Hudler, Stuart and maybe someone else. I don’t see it happening. Especially since those three names are playing very big for the Wings right now, and Hossa is not.

    Re Hossa and “why not Columbus” —

    I broke that all down here:

    Short version: yeah, Columbus is actually one of the few teams that make real sense.

    Re Loktionov: He’s on TV right now, Memorial Cup on NHL Network. He just scored a goal actually…

  • AK47

    I can see Stoll or Williams being dealt before Brown.. Dustin just had an off year because of off ice issues, but he bounced back in the IIHF with a very solid performance and we all know it’ll carry on to next season.


    You really think we’re going to sign Hossa eh? I love the idea, don’t get me wrong, but why would he sign with the LA Kings and not the Canucks for example or another team that are closer to the Cup and has enough cap room. I’d love to have Hossa, I saw him play in Ottawa throughout his years here and he’s amazing man, no doubt. Even though Havlat is injury prone, when the guy is healthy, he’s a very good player.

  • jet

    I hear rumors of a cap reduction of 1.1 this year. If the economy stays on its current track, then the reduction may be twice that next summer. I do not see how we can sign a top FA with reductions coming.

  • khanon81

    Trade the Fro and Handzus for anything, even a 10th round pick

  • Quisp

    I responded to src3 several hours ago, but for some reason my comment has not posted. I will try again.

    Lidstrom – even if he retires, his salary still counts against the cap.

    renegotiating Lidstrom’s contract – can’t do that; it’s against the CBA.

    trading stuart – in order to sign Hossa, they would have to dump two big contracts (pick two of Stuart, Kronwall, Filppula, Cleary) and let Samuelsson and Hudler go. Not going to happen.

    re trading the 5th overall pick — I wouldn’t. DL needs a steady stream of high end prospects to make his over-all plan work.

    AK47 – agreed, re stoll and williams before brown (getting traded).

    re signing Hossa:

    you mention the canucks. first of all, they are in disarray. people up there are screaming trade luongo (which is madness, of course). they have i think 10 players signed for next year, including only one top six forward (Demitra). the twins are UFA. Sundin? Who knows. I assume he’s not coming back. luongo has made comments that make it sound like he would rather be somewhere else “that has a chance” of winning a cup. I really don’t think Hossa is going to say, yeah, let’s go to Vancouver. Especially when there’s no one for him to skate with except Pavol Demitra.

    But I’m not saying “I really think we’re going to sign Hossa.” I’m saying, the Kings have a legitimate shot at him. If I had to guess, I would say he’ll go to Chicago, Columbus or LA.

    jet – if the cap were to go down for 09, that would be bad for a lot of teams. however, the cap is tied to revenue and revenue went up (about 1% I think) in 08-09, so the cap will go up slightly, too. I don’t know how they calculate it, but in general folks have been saying the cap will go up nominally for the next season, and then come down in 2010. By how much, nobody knows. It was reported by someone (Mirtle? Spector? I forget) that the cap could drop in 2010 to as low as $52MM. That seems insane to me; but if that were the case, it would be devastating to many teams — most teams, actually.

    It’s certainly possible that DL will not make a big signing this summer. He’s already told us (Rich, actually) that he’s not going to go out and get just anybody, just to make a splash. The player has to “fit.” To me, that says Hossa, maybe Havlat (if he is indeed the new, defensively responsible Havlat) or Gaborik (if DL is willing to take a chance on an oft-injured player, which he’s never been willing to do in the past


  • Quisp

    Khanon –

    They don’t have a 10th round. DL might be able to swing a couple of 7th round picks though. Can never have too many of those.

  • AK47


    I think that’s the first time you’ve ever

    1) responded to one of many stupid comments made by khanon


    Well done though..

    I think all signs lead to DL signing Gaborik.. He’s probably the guy that will fall into our lap in all honesty. What do you think of us trading for Phil Kessel or Ryan Callahan, Quispy?

  • Quisp

    AK, re Callahan:

    I don’t know why NYR would part with him or what we would do with him. We’re pretty crowded on the right side. Before the Williams trade, I would have said, hmmm, yes, maybe.

    Kessel: obviously had a break-through year at the right time, contract-wise. I think the Bruins would be nuts to part with him. We, meanwhile, would be adding another #2 to a team of #2 centers. I don’t know. Maybe if we sent Stoll their way or something. I just don’t think the Bruins will shop him, no matter what the teeth-grinders are saying right now.

    Gaborik: I don’t know if it will happen or not. It might. And he might stay healthy. It might even be a reasonable gamble to take, given the cap issues and the fact that Gaborik should be gettable at a discount because of his health problems.

    But as far as “all signs” pointing any one way or another, I don’t think we really can know at this point. A lot can (and probably will) change before 7/1.

    LOktionov scored twice for Windsor today, though they lost. I was underwhelmed by his play overall but it says a lot when a player is not playing well (and the announcers are commenting on how this is not the dominant Loktionov of the OHL playoffs) and he STILL scores two goals. He seems a little small and young to be a real possibility for the Kings next season, but I’m hoping for the season after that.

    I really really don’t want DL to trade the #5 pick. It will be exciting to have any one of Kane, MSRP or Cowan. Too bad Duchene had to turn it on the last few months. I can remember just back in February mock drafts had him falling to the Kings. I knew that was too good to be true.

  • variable

    re: free agent talk…again…(until the end of time)

    i think it’s gaborik…the only con to him…and there really is only one…it’s a big one…and that’s the injury factor…given d.l.’s risk threshold for signing oft-injured players…cloutier, handzus, mccauley, williams, etc….it falls into place…it’s just makes sense all-around…if atlanta doesn’t dangle and field offers for kovy, gabby’s going to be the one…

    i’m starting to think that in spite of wanting a player like hossa, d.l. makes only a fair-market offer to him that will be too similar to many others…also, you have to question hossa’s desire to play out here…even though a kopi/fro/hossa line sounds great, he already has played with crosby and malkin…datsyuk and zetterberg…is that really a step up/parallel to where he’s at now…?

    QUISPY…i agree…hossa is a great idea…and with much of the salary prognostication you’ve done, (assuming they are realistically accurate…which i do), yr arguments and scenarios for it to come to fruition are logical…i also appreciate yr allegiance and cadence of yr “HossaVision*”…

    my speculation is that it does not get done for the following reasons:

    – terms: not so much in dollar amounts, per se, but in length of deal and what years the big money is allocated…

    – hossa’s desire: as for the reasons previously mentioned…i really don’t know his thoughts on l.a and the franchise…so, again, just throwing darts…

    – d.l.’s desire: and that’s the $8-9 million per year question????
    i don’t think he has a huge desire to go after him…
    don’t get me wrong…i would lose my mind for all the right reasons if d.l. was jerry west-like and somehow mcguyver’d hossa via free agent this season…kovy via free agency next season…and still re-sign frolov…that would be my narnia, too…i just don’t think d.l./AEG saddles all the millions in him with such cap uncertainty…

    the draft is really going to give us the first insightful glimpse as to what the future holds of next season’s team…

  • variable

    * (trademark pending)

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