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The second set of questions and answers from this morning…


Question: I don’t have a question as much as I do a request. I am not sure now is the best time for them but would you be able to get some interviews with the Kings scouting staff. You did something like this last year and I found it incredibly informative.

Answer: Thanks. Last year, I did a 45-minute interview with Mike Futa and Mark Yannetti, and it seemed to go well. Assuming those guys are interested in doing it again, I’ll be more than happy to sit down with them and see where they are, one year later. Look for that sometime in the next few weeks. Last year, the Kings allowed me to sit in on one of their draft-evaluations sessions. I haven’t received that invite yet this year but I will inquire about it. There will also be at least one extensive interview with Dean Lombardi before the draft.


Question: What do these people plan to do to make the playoffs next season? I would love for you to ask that question. What will it take, Dean? Make him answer you. It sucks that year after year we watch the playoffs and the Kings are nowhere to be seen.

Answer: Well, he has already answered the question, and based on your question, you probably won’t like his answer. If you go back to the interview I did with Lombardi at the end of the season, he basically says that his focus is where it has always been: on making the team strong in the long term. That’s not to say they don’t WANT to make the playoffs next season, but one thing the Kings’ brass has been consistent about is not mortgaging the future for short-term success. Maybe you buy into the “long-term” plan, or maybe you don’t, but don’t count on Lombardi changing his strategy now.


Question: I totally understand a desire on your part to not post things like this. but why is that living in Irvine less than 10 minutes away from Anaheim the first I heard about this bar stool incident was from LGK;_ylt=AuzvfP91RMGo6LZeUfGIK0N7vLYF?slug=ap-ducksgm-chair&prov=ap&type=lgns Aside from that, are you gonna be at Frozen Fury so I can buy you a drink or six ?

Answer: Well, that’s a Ducks-related story, and it’s a slippery slope if I start writing about the Ducks just because they’re in the playoffs. We do have a Ducks blog — — and J.P. Hoornstra did address it over the weekend. In general, I’m in favor of things being thrown at “reporters” who cheer in the press box, but there are a lot of aspects of his story that I don’t understand, so I’ll stay away from it. I wish I could be in Las Vegas, but it doesn’t appear likely. We will have to organize some type of get-together at some point, somewhere.


Question: Rich, I think the writing is on the wall for Luc to take over as GM in 2 years or so. What do you think?

Answer: I can’t say I would be stunned, but I certainly don’t think it’s being set up that way. It’s been a while since I talked to Luc about his ambitions in the sport. Last time I talked to him, his primary focus was on learning the business side of things. With Leiweke stepping away from the Kings a bit (at least publicly), Luc is basically the face of the franchise. Becoming a GM would seem to be a step down from what he’s doing now, but perhaps his ambition could pull him in a different direction one day.


Question: Do you think the Phoenix Coyotes will be moved to Canada? And can the decision really be made by the end of June? Who do you think will win that one?

Answer: Ultimately, I think they will move, but not before next season. Bettman and Daly have said there are local ownership options, but what are they? How long can the league justify propping up a team in Arizona, with low attendance? If the league really wants to follow through on its legal options, it can keep this going for a long time, meaning that the Coyotes probably won’t be leaving Phoenix any time soon.


Questions: 1) If you were starting an NHL team fantasy draft style, who would be your first pick and why? 2) Which King would you pick first and why? 3) Who do you think is the best coach, currently? 4) Lastly, why are the Kings such a pitiful franchise and, more importantly, why did I choose to become a loyal fan?

Answers: 1) Ovechkin, no question. I can think of 56 good reasons. 2) Tough choice between Doughty and Brown. I think I’d end up taking Doughty, because he can be a franchise defenseman for the next 15 years, and there aren’t many other players who fit in that category right now. 3) Wow, good question. It’s hard to argue with the way Mike Babcock has kept the Red Wings at such a high level for so long, but I’m also a big fan of what Bruce Boudreau is doing in Washington. Makes you wonder what might have happened if the Kings hadn’t fired Boudreau from the, uh, Monarchs. 4) As I’ve said before, in response to similar questions, you’re talking to a Chicago Cubs fans. When I figure out the answers to those questions myself, I’ll try to help you.


Question: just one question….I have had seasons tix for 20 years…if the Kings do not make the playoffs this year, why should I renew? I await your answer with open ears.

Answer: Well, it’s not my job to sell tickets to you. I imagine, like anything else in life, you look at your Kings tickets, weigh how much they cost against how much enjoyment you get from them, and make your choice. When it stops being “worth it,” you stop buying them. That’s what I would do, in any event.


Question: I know this is probably impossible to answer but I am wondering what your sense is of how much money Dean really has to spend this off season? Do you think he has the green light to max out spending or even get close to the cap limit? My feeling is we may be in for another disappointing off season because he just doesn’t have the money to compete with more free spending clubs.

Answer: Well, it’s difficult to answer, but I’ll take a shot. If the Kings don’t succeed next season, it won’t be because of budget. Both Lombardi and Leiweke are on the record, in different outlets, saying that if the Kings want to add a big salary, and it’s the right player, they will add it. The problem is, when you’re talking about a team that has a lot of young players, it’s extremely unwise to start spending to the cap. Maybe it’s OK for a year or two, but you look down the line and you’re staring at potential long-term deals for Doughty, Quick, Bernier, Hickey, etc. If you start locking yourself into four- and five-year contracts right now, you’re putting youself in big, big trouble for 2011, for instance. When you’re deadling with a salary cap, you’re constantly playing two hands: the one in front of you right now, and then one that’s going to be dealt you in two or three years. It’s not an easy balance. Lombardi was on a strict budget this season, in part, I believe, because AEG intended to sell a piece of the team to the Boston Celtics’ owners. That deal fell through, but the budget still fit with what Lombardi was doing, because the team was so young. So, again, Lombardi’s restrictions this summer will be more self-imposed than anything.’


Question: Based on your insider knowledge, do you think DL will finally dress a tough, physical team next season?

Answer: Lombardi has been open about his desire to get more size on the wings, but if you think the team is going to tranformed into the Broad Street Bullies or something, the answer is no.

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  • Quisp

    Any idea why the Kings scout whose name escapes me mentioned Jan Marek as Kings property?

  • Primakov


    With the collapse of the IIHF Transfer Agreement it muddies the water on what the protocols are regarding a team’s owning rights of a player overseas, but there are some details available.

    In an interview with Rene Fassel (president of the IIHF) he indicated that NHL teams are prohibited from signing a player with a valid contract with a European club. Only players with an out-clause in their contracts or those who are free agents are eligible to sign with a NHL club. This might be an indication that NHL teams would hold a European player’s rights until a certain age is reached. The old system had it set at age 31 (the age of unrestricted free agency) but there’s nothing in writing currently that spells it out with any specifics.

    If so then that would be an explanation as to why Jan Marek is still considered as being Kings property. Admittedly it appears a little cheeky though since the Kings received a 3rd round pick from the Rangers for not signing Marek yet still retain his rights.

  • -J


    this might answer your question and save rich some time-

    section 8.6 (c) of the CBA states: “(c) A player who, having been selected by a Club and having
    been placed on its Reserve List as an “unsigned draft choice,”
    enters into an agreement with any person or organization, other
    than a Club of the League or a member club of an affiliated
    professional league, which agreement includes the obligation by
    the player to provide his services as a hockey player, may be
    retained on the Reserve List of the claiming club as a “defected”
    player for so long as said agreement to provide his services as a
    hockey player or any renewal or extension thereof remains in
    effect.Such player shall be subject to the provisions of Section

    So the way I see it, the Kings traded for Marek’s rights and still retain them- taking the 3rd rounder when they couldn’t sign him doesn’t change the fact that they hold his rights. Think of it as being similar to getting extra compensation if a team makes a certain round of the playoffs after aquiring a player. The third rounder was a condition that kicked in, not an either/or option. As for the duration that they retain his rights, the above clause seems to indicate that they can retain them for as long as they want granted they keep him on the reserve list (only allowed 80 players) and the player is signed/playing hockey outside of the nhl or any nhl-affiliated league. This article supports this interpretation:

  • palffytofrovlov

    Rich, it was commented today by Darren Dreger on TSN about Jack Johnson’s dad contacting a team in Russia to play at the KHL? have you heard anything about that from the Kings? or about a potential trade with the Lightning with him involved and Vinny coming back?

  • Quisp

    What’s interesting about all of that is that DL himself framed the whole decision back whenever that was as the choice of whether to take Marek “or the pick.” If, as it appears possible, the Kings somehow took the compensatory pick AND retained Marek’s rights, my question would then be: if Marek decides to return to the NHL, what restrictions are there on who he can sign with? He doesn’t have an NHL contract, obviously, since that’s what happened (or didn’t happen) when we took the pick instead. Does he have to negotiate with the Kings first or something? Do the Kings retain his rights until they relinquish them? Or is he really just a free agent?

  • mike


    TSN’s Darren Dreger reports that Jack Johnson is unhappy in LA and his father has talked to a KHL team about signing Jack to a 1 year deal.

    Your thoughts?

    Click on “NHL Insider” video shown on the right.




    I’ve talked to a few players on the Kings roster and got a feel from them what they think of the management. I’m wondering if you feel the same way I do. So my question is, (1) how do you feel Dean has been treating his “homegrown” “core” thus far. I have talked to someone in the Kings locker room who is a GREAT defensemen and his contract is up in a few years and he’s ready to BAIL! Also I’ve talked Sully during his negotiation times and he told me how difficult it was, he WANTED to be a King but Dean was making it hard for him to stay with his low figures. (2) Have you felt that Dean does indeed “low ball” players? (3) Also are you a believer of the “Philly/Sharks” connection?

  • Link to Drager story about possible departure of JWTFJ:

    Maybe AEG could change the team name to Ice Clippers to save on marketing costs. At least it would be a better reflection of the product.

  • Telos

    Rich, Dreger reported on TSN that LA and Tampa are in talks about a package that includes Jack Johnson for Vinny Lecavalier. It is also reported that Jack’s dad has called a KHL team and requested a 1 year deal and was approved, but hasn’t signed yet. Can you look into this further please? The fan base is pretty concerned right now concerning that it has been said on TSN…

  • Me

    TSN report that Jack Johnson is not happy and may look to get a contract from the KHL:

  • Telos

    Follow-up. Sorry I said that they were in talks. I meant to say that it is rumored that there is a Johnson package for Vinny possible and that his dad spoke with a KHL team about a one year deal. It is said that the “Johnson camp” is unhappy with negotiations. At least, that is all the information that is given on TSN.

  • macdup

    I also saw the TSN report on JMFJ and was quite shocked to hear about the KHL request. Then I kinda thought it is probably a tactic to get Jack his green over the summer. I mean the guy has an agent why is his Dad making his phone calls for him? Anyways we will see what happens.

    Dave W.

  • typicaljs

    Can you help us figure out why the ef this would happen ? Not the whole jmfj to tb thing. but the whole Jack’s DAD? calling and asking another team if they would be interested in his services. Wouldn’t that be illegal if it actually did happen ? Can you talk to people who might actually know for us if anything actually did happen and why the hell it would be reported in Canada first like that ?

  • khanon81

    JMFJ for Vinny would be an excellent trade for the Kings. I would throw in Fro and one of those young wannabe Glenn Murrays…


    Assuming that JJ gets signed, who do you think is going to be the sixth D-man. I don’t think that Gauthier is coming back, so what are the chances of the Kings getting a big, mean stay at home D-man like Carolina’s Wade Brookbank or someone similar? It would be nice to have a nasty D-man…

  • Tommy

    Going along with one of your answers above. What happened to the deal that would sell a part of the Kings to the Boston Celtics owners? I personally hate the Boston Celtics being a Laker fan. But if this deal went through, in your opinion, could the franchise have been better in the long run?

  • Quisp

    WWAMD –

    “I have talked to someone in the Kings locker room who is a GREAT defensemen and his contract is up in a few years and he’s ready to BAIL!”

    Here are the Kings defensemen whose contracts are up in a few years: Doughty, Greene, Preissing, Harrold. Obviously, your mystery man isn’t Doughty, Greene or Harrold, all of whom have been treated incredibly well by the Kings. That leaves Preissing. He’s ready to bail is he? Good timing.

    Next quote:

    “Also I’ve talked Sully during his negotiation times and he told me how difficult it was, he WANTED to be a King but Dean was making it hard for him to stay with his low figures.”

    First of all, I just don’t believe that POS is so unprofessional as to be bad-mouthing his boss to anyone who might report the bad-mouthing on a message board. Second, it wasn’t POS’s choice whether he stayed or left. He was Kings property until he was traded. Third, so far, based on POS’s performance this past season, he was over-paid. But like I said, I highly doubt POS said anything other than “I want to be a King, I want to play” or whatever your platitude of choice is.

  • uknojata

    So do I have this right? Vinny is under contract till 2019-2020, front loaded with $70 million over the next 7 years? That seems excessive for almost anybody. He finished this year with 29 goals, 38 assists.

    Not to mention losing JJ would be a big mistake.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    Thanks a ton for these open forums, and for the blog!

    Two questions:

    1: Do you think Justin Williams will become the player Dean Lombardi thinks he is next season?

    2: We were all surprised by the O’Sullivan trade this season. Is there 1 young player that’s supposedly “part of the core” that you could see the Kings trading next year?

  • Bruin26

    Quisp, you are dead on with your comments about POS. Pretty much wrote what I was going to. His season showed how overpaid he was and how smart Dean was not to give into his demands even more than he already did. I was worried about that when the negotiations were going on at the time. I didn’t feel like he had done enough at the NHL level to warrant even waiting as long as he did to sign. He certainly didn’t play well enough for us or the Oilers to earn what he did make.

    Thanks for these question and answer sections Rich. They are always worth a read.

  • AK47


    What do you think of the whole Jack Johnson situation? I think it’s just a huge rumor.. His dad spoke to SKA St. Petersburg’s coach Barry Smith and asked if he was interested only because DL probably made a really bad offer to JMFJ..

    JMFJ for Lecavalier straight up would never happen, and neither would JMFJ & Frolov for Vinny.. Those are ridiculous offers..

    I want Jack to stay, of course, but if we HAD to trade him, I’d look at Philly (once again) for a deal..

    JVR & Carle for JMFJ..

  • AK47

    You can add Purcell or Boyle with JMFJ if the Flyers want.

  • deadcatbounce

    WWAMD, you just lost any credibility you may have had on this board, at least as far as I’m concerned. It is irresponsible, unethical and just plain wrong for you to say you’ve had conversations with multiple players and drop Patrick O’Sullivan’s name for bad-mouthing the Kings while protecting your other supposed source. This is not a matter of national security, so let’s see who your other source is, please! Otherwise, there are internet sites for rumors and gossip. Or are we just to be impressed that a professional athlete may have given up a minute of his time to talk to you?

  • jet

    Quisp – thanks for saying what we were all thinking. It is those types of postings that will keep the players from speaking to the fans in the future. I think the players would have been more upset if POS signed for 5M/yr.
    Also, every team has issues with their RFAs. It will even be worse for the next couple of years with likely cap reductions.

  • vicarious

    WWAMD posts on HF and apparently is one of JJ’s HS or younger buddies. He has a long set of posts over there if anyone’s interested in hearing a probably 50% plus accurate JJ’s side of the story. I think WW’s posted a bunch of pictures with him and Jack–recall one where Jack had a Kings jersey with the reverse of Crosby’s #.

    Anyway, JJ took himself out of a year of contract by playing 5-6 games 3 seasons ago. IMO, JJ was talented and out of control then, and has made strides but Jeez, he needs to learn NHL positioning which I’m sure he’ll get at some point.

    According to what I recall about the WWAMD comments, JJ’s camp thinks he due for fairly large bucks based on his 1 1/2 years of play easting up 3 years of entry level contract. IMO, anyone getting $1million plus (even $50K plus) a year to play hockey should thank god several times each day. On the other hand, players should get the going rate for their service–and with the young players that is hard to figure out.

    If JJ leaves the Kings, this will be the 2nd organization he felt “treated him badly.” The Kings and Carolina.

    Not hving any inside information, I’d still guess Sully was in a hard spot for sure, between an aggressive agent and a tough GM DL. Very unfair to the kid but who knows who is to blame–or maybe no one was actually just bad luck.

    On HF boards back in JJ’s first Full season, there was a lengthy debate on a Hickey thread (deleted by the moderator) where one guy argued Gleason was very comparable to JJ; that JJ’s game would not translate well to the NHL. Dunno, but was kind of funny at the time as these two guys argued at great length on the merits of that little point.

    Ice Clippers. Funny. Hurt.

  • Quisp

    AK, re JJ rumor:

    I put no stock in it whatsoever. Rumors involving Vinnie, the Kings (lots of cap room) and JJ (RFA) are a kind of rumor-mongering Perfect Storm. People are running out of things to write about VL and where he’s going. They have to write something, don’t they?

    Although, if there were anything to the JJ/KHL rumor at all, I would expect DL to deal him immediately, if not sooner.

  • Primakov

    uknojata said:

    “So do I have this right? Vinny is under contract till 2019-2020, front loaded with $70 million over the next 7 years? That seems excessive for almost anybody.”

    The contract is spread over 11 years with a cap hit of $7,727,273. For reference that’s only $927,273 more than Kopitar, and Lecavalier matched his points totals while playing hurt.

    “He finished this year with 29 goals, 38 assists.”

    He also played a good chunk of the season with a wrist injury that required surgery to correct.



    I feel as a friend of Sully, I am ALLOWED to defend him. He WANTED to be a King, he wanted to be at practice but Dean did not let him. Sully did not want to leave LA. Also his performance this year was due to them putting him on the 4th line.

    Also you forgot Quiency :p, who, I met through Sully, just so u know!!! Adios to Quiency & Jack…who do u have as a quarterback PP defensmen? As for Doughty, I can’t speak for him since I don’t know him, but he’s probably good as gone or Dean has to give an OUTRAGOUS contract for him to stay. If Dean only signed players and built a community in the locker room, people would take cuts. Dean built this mess and now us fans have to see the future slip because of this moron!


    Quisp I hope you remember this in 2 years. There is a difference between Detroit and the circus known as LA. You NEVER hear Detroits GM talking to the public about what his plans are and why he signed and traded players. You just see Detroit WINNING. With that said, I think Dean should STFU and stop looking so desperate and panic. The guy is a panic machine and tries to shake things up wayyyy to often and does not let anything settle. I know for a fact Jack and Quiency will be playing for Detroit. Detroit knew that Lidstrom will be retiring soon and who will take that spot? They had a hand shake deal with Quincey and Jack has connections with Detroit and they want him. So there is your LA Kings defensemen…over at Detroit! They’ll be winning cups over there and Dean will be scratching his head and talking to the public how the future will be sooo bright. OF COURSE it will be bright, we got a top 5 pick every year!

  • variable

    i’m glad we have these posts archived…and i hope we have some peeps out there…on this site…that possess elephant-like memory skills…


    that’s about as bold of an authoritative prediction i’ve ever heard a blogger ever make here…

    i hope…for yr sake…someone from the league doesn’t subpoena you for making a statement like the following:

    “I know for a fact Jack and Quiency will be playing for Detroit. Detroit knew that Lidstrom will be retiring soon and who will take that spot? They had a hand shake deal with Quincey and Jack has connections with Detroit and they want him.”

    ’cause that would spell c-o-l-l-u-s-i-o-n…at least, regarding jj…

  • Quisp

    WWAMD –

    I didn’t forget Quincey. He didn’t meet your criteria, since he’s only under contract for one more year.

    re POS –

    Defend him from what? All I said was, I don’t believe any professional athlete would vent to people he/she thought would repeat said venting on a blog. I don’t mean to cast aspersions on your friendship with POS. I can only say that, for myself, if I were in POS’s situation, I would never say anything of the kind to someone I couldn’t trust not to repeat it “out of school.”

    I like O’Sullivan as a player, despite the fact that he played poorly last season on two separate teams.

    re: “You NEVER hear Detroits GM talking to the public about what his plans are and why he signed and traded players.

    Ken Holland talks to the public all the time about his plans. He is constantly giving interviews about the future of the team, the cap, signing Hossa, resigning Hossa, Franzen, Zetterberg, etc.. He’s quite open about it.

    re “I know for a fact Jack and Quiency [sic] will be playing for Detroit.

    I don’t think fact means what you think it means. But in any case, I hope Quincey is a King for life.

    p.s. I also think POS got a good contract. It’s too bad he underperformed, or he would still be here.

  • JJ4Pres

    Do you really feel a need for Ivanhans in line up? Couldnt we add someone with toughness that has more skill than him and doesnt take stupid penalties??

  • Westchester Kid

    Boy, there are a lot geniuses here who seemingly are in the know, and yet I’d bet most of you have never laced up a pair of skates. As a hockey player who was born and raised in Los Angeles and played juniors, as well as being involved with various youth programs with direct access to Kings players, I can tell you that hockey players are the most approachable and the most human of all the professional sports. They are also the most honest, especially in LA where the coverage has been reduced to one paragraph from the AP WIRE for road games. They are less concerned about being quoted because they are not trailed by the media as they are over the rest of the league. It does not surprise me that a young, twenty something or even younger used poor judgment and maybe said a little more than he should over a beer or in a relaxed setting to a fan telling him how much he wants him to stay. For that fan to turn around and beat his chest like a big man, revealing publicly what were private comments, and more than likely off the cuff, is unfair and wrong.

    Sullivan was and is a lazy player. A lazy player who is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Lombardi questioned his work ethic and hockey smarts. He questioned his lack of toughness. When have you ever seen Sullivan fight, stand up for a teammate, fight for the puck, refuse to be stopped as he drives to the net? Even his approach on penalty shots is slow and would never be taught. He coasts back on defense, the very reason they sent him down earlier in his career. The Kings were not on a path to win the cup with Sullivan… good trade, addition by subtraction. Jack Johnson has done nothing as a King. His hype from college has not translated to the ice at Staples yet, maybe it will with time and experience, but if they can move him with their high second pick and a later pick to jump up for a high first round pick that nets them a playmaking center with wheels (and there are more than one)… do it. Johnson is replaceable and we are loaded at that position, not to mention with the draft coming we are able to reload again.

    The problem with Lombardi’s plan is that it’s taken the organization 45 years to implement it and have the discipline to stick with it. So we’re all tired of hearing about next year… but look at the team. Look at the depth in the minor leagues. Look at how many goalies are being developed who will be NHL netminders, tradeable commodities. Look at the number of quality defensemen being developed. Winning time is coming. This is the franchise who traded away the draft pick that netted Ray Bourque for goalie Ron Graham. Look through the draft history and you see a who’s who of winning players slip through our fingers. Doughty is a special player. Evander Kane is a special player as well. You keep adding special players every year and eventually good things happen and the Kings will be winning every year. With a team and organization filled with talent you can trade players for future picks and keep replenishing. They’re on the right track.


    Westchester Kid

    I don’t know where to start. I kinda stopped reading after your assessment on Sully. I don’t want to insult you, but did you watch any of the Kings games? Sully lazy? Um he’s one of the hardest workers in practice and on the ice. Top guy on PK and PP, and battles and strips the puck, blocks shots. Lack of toughness? It saddened me that Sully would be the first to jump in and protect his teamates at all costs and when he was in trouble, no one jumped in for him. He was the most beat on player in the Kings uniform and no one backed him up. You question his approach on Penalty shots, yet I believe he was our highest scoring Penalty shooter. He also did well on penalty shoots in EDM. He lacks hockey smarts? See on on the national level? Do you see the plays he makes? Did you see how he made the top line produce again this year after they lack of production from Brown and Kopi? So thats where I stopped reading. I was interested when you started your post with an insult to many posters here by calling them geniuses. Try a different approach next time. We all have opinions on this board. And I may not agree with a lot of them, but I won’t call anyone stupid for theirs.

  • tantrum4

    WWAMD –

    Detroit has a “hand shake” deal with Quicney?? LOL, that has got to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

    Holland – Sorry Kyle, we think you kinda suck right now and you’re our worst defenseman, heck we don’t even have a spot for you in the minors. So we’re going to put you on waivers.

    Quincey – Uh, ok Ken. That sounds great.

    Holland – But, when Lidstom retires, we really want you to come back and take his spot. You can take over the best defenseman in the league’s spot in 2 years, right? Even though you’re worthless to us now?

    Quincey – Uh, ya for sure. It really doesn’t bother me that you tossed me aside like this and couldn’t see my full potential. I can’t wait to come back here and help you out.

    Hollans – Great, thanks Kyle. No hard feeling right? See ya in 2 years?

    Quincey – You bet!!!!

    (Hand shake)

    HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! Priceless!!!!!

  • -J

    “For that fan to turn around and beat his chest like a big man, revealing publicly what were private comments, and more than likely off the cuff, is unfair and wrong.”

    Spot on, Westchester Kid.



    Just so you know, he was on the waivers because he was being moved. If it was up to Detroit they’d keep him. Holland also gave him a Stanley Cup ring after a while after he left…just so u know! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Priceless!!

  • -J

    October 11, RedWingsCorner: The Red Wings put reserve defenseman Kyle Quincey on waivers today. General manager Ken Holland said the reason was to give the club flexibility in case it needed to make a roster move, much as the team did with Aaron Downey last season.
    “If we get a goalie hurt tonight, we can’t bring one up for Monday,” said Holland.

  • Westchester Kid


    With all do respect, you’re delusional about Sullivan. He’s gone for a reason and it’s not money. He was sent down specifically for lack of two way play, that’s a fact. Management had numerous private conversations with him about his intensity. You may like Sullivan and be a fan, and that’s great, and I’m certainly not demeaning you or that fact, but to say he hustles at practice where the atmosphere is very different then the game with someone barreling down on him in the corners or crosschecking him in front of the net. At practice the great, fluid skaters always flourish and it’s that way at all levels.

    Your assessment of his talent is not shared by other clubs or the Kings would have had more substantial offers. Because he did better than others on our team on penalty shots is not a raving endorsement considering this team broke its record for shutouts set by the expansion team. Our offense is inept. Sulli certainly got better, but the number of goals he scored even handed did not warrant the money he wanted and there is more to the game than just scoring. Brown can go scoreless and still contribute with tenacity and big hits. Kopitar stepped up his two way play big time and often affects games at both ends of the ice without scoring a point. Yes, Sullivan is a very skilled player and on occasion makes spectacular plays, but when NHL clubs assess play, they watch what he does just as much without the puck. Watch him, he coasts a lot. Do you think Lombardi traded him just to spite him? Lombardi keeps his job if the team produces. The fact is any number of players we have were just as good. Did the team skip a beat without him? Boyle is in the same predicament right now. They told him at the end of the season to step up the intensity to his game or he was going to be gone… and he did step it up. Suddenly he’s bulldozing guys in the corner, fighting, taking the puck to the net. Yes, Boyle is huge and has a different game, but the principle is the same. O’Sullivan takes shifts off, games off, or he’d still be here. lombardi is trying to build chemistry and a certain style of play and he didn’t fit in. Hopefully he’ll thrive somewhere else. No one doubts his ability, and that’s the frustrating thing about him. His potential is great, but the very difference between a journeyman player and a great player who is a leader is the reason he’s gone. O’Sullivan is not a leader.



    Just so you know, speculation is that JJ is someone DL wants to keep, but sign for long term for really cheap. Much like what he wanted to do with Sully. DL knew Jack would ask for big bucks. So what he did is make an example out of Sully by making him look bad and trading him. It was a HEY JACK, look what I can do! Jack is smarter then that and doesn’t buy into DL BS. DL thinks he’s running some sort of sweatshop in LA. I’ve had talks with some players in LA. Feeling is mutual about DL. He has a reputation, he thinks he players owe him a favour. Now HOW has he made your assesment of Sully so foggy is beyond me. DL still owns the skill of making average Kings fans believe he is making the right choices. I’m glad to see the Anthony’s see through the BS. One day you’ll see too, because the BS is piling up LARGE. And the reason why Frolov will be part of a package is because he can’t get a contract done there either. So make it into a mega crappy trade. Why should we unload someones MONSTER contract in Tampa Bay and NOT pay our own guys is BEYOND me.

  • -J

    WWAMD- in contrast to your speculation and hearsay about DL’s contract tactics, DL has already demonstrated that he will give large, lengthy contracts to core players who have PROVEN what they are capable of- see Kopitar and Brown contracts. Johnson, unfortunately, has yet to prove he’s an elite defenceman at the NHL level, so there is no reason that he should be paid as such yet. If he doesn’t want to sign a long contract, fine, sign a short one and PROVE you’re worth what you think you are.

    That said, I don’t like DL’s track record, going well back into his tenure with San Jose, on contract negotiations. He seems a little bit too comfortable with letting negotiations progress to hold-out stage, which is not good for anyone, and can certainly negatively impact a GM’s perception with his players.

    As for Frolov, they can’t even begin contract negotions until July, so of course they can’t get a contract done there either. With Fro, he’s already shown with his last contract to be willing to do long, reasonably priced contracts, so I can’t see how a contract doesn’t get done if both sides want him in L.A.

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