Open forum

We’re in that only real “dead period” of the year, between the end of the season and the draft. After that, things will pick up with free agency and the prospects camp, and then training camp will be right around the corner. For now, we’ll try to find things to talk about.

In that spirit, the “open forum” is always fun and lively, so if there are any pertinent offseason questions that I, or fellow readers, might be able to answer, feel free to throw them out there. Thanks…

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  • deadcatbounce

    Rich, thanks for all the great work you do for us. I love the blog and try to check it out as often as I can. That said, I go through spells sometimes where I’m unable to for days and have missed the pat couple of open forums. I always have questions, but always seem to miss these. The only question I can think of off the top of my head right now is this:

    Ultimately, what do you think Dean Lombardi will do with Alexander Frolov? Does he get signed to a long-term extension or will he trade him? I can’t see how trading one of our consistently top scorers whose one of the strongest guys on the puck is going to do in the long run. Thank you.

  • Bailey’s House

    Hey Rich,

    Considering how well JMFJ performed in the World Championships, would that be considered as a coming out party for him. Another thing, could that have been Jack showcasing(trade bait) himself or the Kings for other teams who might be interested in trading him in a package deal for a top 6 forward?

  • Joey

    1. Rich last year there were 2 rookie games vs. the Coyotes in Phoenix, I remember hearing that this year there would also be games but in LA, do you have any info on this?

    2. If Bernier comes into camp and really impresses how do you think Terry Murray will handle the situation? Will he keep 3 goalies on the roster to start the season?

    3. Whats your opinion on the kings signing lower end UFA’s like a Chris Neil or Travis Moen?

    4. Does Hickey definetly make the team next year?

    5. Do you think Acevedo will atleast get a look in LA next year? And which prospect who wasn’t on the team last season will make the most impact in the upcoming season in your opinion?

  • Fake Anthony

    Rich… Frozen Fury 12. Are you in?

  • mask0425x

    Hi Rich,

    1. If you were a GM and had a green light from the owners to acquire ANY one player without any conditions, who would be the top three on your radar?

    2. A slight twist on the above… Given that the Sedin twins are a package deal, would you be interested in going after them and possibly trading Stoll (or ???) to accomodate this trade?

    Thanks as always!

  • ryan

    Hey Rich,

    Great work. I check the blog religously. It seems like, for better or worse, there is always 1 or 2 players that the fans key in on in these open forums. that said, here is my JMFJ question.

    Do you think that, despite the injury, Jack Johnson had a tough time dealing with the emmergence of Doughty and strong play of Quincey last year? He seemed to struggle with the fact that he had slipped down the depth chart. Moving forward, where does that leave him and the kings? I still expect big things of him but I wonder if he has more Aki Berg than Rob Blake in his future.

    I know you don’t like to speculate on the rumors surrounding Gaborik, Kovalchuk, etc., but are there any 3rd or 4th line UFA’s that you think would improve the team next year?

  • Ersberg

    I don’t have a question, but I wanted to post this in case some people haven’t seen this yet.

    It’s an article about Boyle. I thought it was a good read.

  • Moondoggie

    Hey Rich, Great to hear from you again. Yep, it is definitely the slow part of the season, especially for us Kings. Thanx again for keeping it going and keeping us in the loop.

    Questions – How do you see the Kings resolving their LW issue? Free Agency and if so whom? Someone already in the system? Your thoughts.

    Your impressions on Loktionov. He hasn’t exactly set the world on fire in the Memorial Cup although his first goal was pretty sweet yesterday.

    Last, who you you like/see the Kings pursuing in the draft? Undoubtedly there will be trades. Do you see the Kings trading up for that special player, possibly trading down or staying right where they are. I think the first three players in the draft are set but after that it gets a little murky at the 4th pick & beyond. A lot of names being kicked around, Schenn, Kane, MPS, who do you like?


  • Irish Pat


    Thanks for keeping Kings hockey alive during the postseason. Speaking of which:

    1.) What do you think of the final 4 teams so far? Which team do you think will win the Cup?

    2.) You may have answered this already, but if you were in Lombardi’s shoes who would you select at #5?

    3.) Who would you like to see the Cubs make a trade for, both realistically and unrealistically?

    Thanks again.

  • TradeMark310

    Any idea when Frozen Fury will be this year?

  • PaulCat1969

    Hey Rich,

    I wont speak for anyone else but for me this offseason has been one of the toughest in a while. I can’t help but watch the NHL playoffs and wish the Kings were in it. They don’t seem that far off so hopefully a year from now we will all regain that taste for life after the regular season.

    I don’t have a question as much as I do a request. I am not sure now is the best time for them but would you be able to get some interviews with the Kings scouting staff. You did something like this last year and I found it incredibly informative.

    Thanks for everything Rich!

  • The Little Lebowski


    I’m pretty sure that the readers of this blog are sick to death of hearing excuses from Kings management about why we can’t make the playoffs. “We’re a young team” is one of the most often heard comments from Lombardi and the rest of the organization. Then we get to watch as the Chicago Blackhawks, a young team, move into the 3rd round of the playoffs.

    What do these people plan to do to make the playoffs next season? I would love for you to ask that question. What will it take, Dean? Make him answer you. It sucks that year after year we watch the playoffs and the Kings are nowhere to be seen.

  • typicaljs

    I totally understand a desire on your part to not post things like this. but why is that living in Irvine less than 10 minutes away from Anaheim the first I heard about this bar stool incident was from LGK ?;_ylt=AuzvfP91RMGo6LZeUfGIK0N7vLYF?slug=ap-ducksgm-chair&prov=ap&type=lgns

    Aside from that, are you gonna be at Frozen Fury so I can buy you a drink or six ?

  • drew

    Little Lebowski, at least one of the Times’ readers feels the same way. Here’s her letter from this past Saturday:

    Rich, I think the writing is on the wall for Luc to take over as GM in 2 years or so. What do you think?

  • drew

    Ooops, sorry about that. Here’s that reader’s letter:

    – Just wanted to thank the Ducks for the extra five weeks of hockey. How refreshing to have a local NHL team that values making the playoffs more than making excuses.

  • Howe 9

    Do you think the Phoenix Coyotes will be moved to Canada? And can the decision really be made by the end of June? Who do you think will win that one?

  • Fake Anthony

    Frozen Fury 12 will be September 26th, 2009. Tickets are on sale now.

  • RealDrew

    Hey Rich. Love the work you do here. It’s a great outlet for us Hockey/Kings enthusiasts.
    My Questions:
    1) If you were starting an NHL team fantasy draft style, who would be your first pick and why? 2) Which King would you pick first and why? 3) Who do you think is the best coach, currently? 4) Lastly, why are the Kings such a pitiful franchise and, more importantly, why did I choose to become a loyal fan?

    Thanks Rich.

  • The Little Lebowski


    Thanks for that. I do feel the same as the letter writer. The Ducks aren’t my team, but at least local So Cal hockey was still happening into May, and the truth is it was damn fine hockey to watch.

    A sad but real truth is that the Kings are nowhere even close to the level of hockey being played in the post season.

    No more excuses, no more endless development. Spend some effing money and stop with the BS.

  • peaches

    just one question….I have had seasons tix for 20 years…if the Kings do not make the playoffs this year, why should I renew? I await your answer with open ears.

  • ChrisH

    I see us trading for Simon Gagne to fill the need at LW. Philly needs to dump salary, Kings need a top LW, past Flyers relationships (re. Lombardi, Hextall) is my reasoning.

  • CTKingsFan

    Thanks for all the work you do Rich. Living on the East Coast you are basically my one and only news source for the Kings.

    I know this is probably impossible to answer but I am wondering what your sense is of how much money Dean really has to spend this off season? Do you think he has the green light to max out spending or even get close to the cap limit?

    My feeling is we may be in for another disappointing off season because he just doesn’t have the money to compete with more free spending clubs.

  • khanon81


    Based on your insider knowledge, do you think DL will finally dress a tough, physical team next season?

  • Cricket

    Rich, thanks for all your work. It is truly appreciated.

    How would you describe this team’s ‘compete’ level? Watching the playoffs this season, the kings don’t seem to show anything near that. I know no one can say what would happen to the team if they actually made it, maybe the adrenaline would really flow. But seeing how they were so close and just couldn’t finish, age aside, can this team develop more of a killer instinct? They seem to have a lot more desire than past kings teams, but what would you say about their overall seriousness towards pushing over the playoff threshold? Thank you very much.

  • Hey Rich, thanks for keeping the blog active, even in the long off-season.

    How has Bernier handled his development within the organization? I’m not sure if we sometimes take his quotes out of context but he can sometimes, in print, seem like he feels entitled to the #1 goaltender spot. Sure he’s a competitor and a very talented prospect but, if all goes according to plan and he spends another year in Manchester, do you think he asks for a trade or bolts for greener pastures? What’s your take on Bernier’s “character”?

  • variable


    1. what’s yr take on the coyote/balsillie/bettman situation?
    what do you think will ultimately happen, who will be the owner(s) and where do you see the franchise playing in the immediate future? also…what is gretzky’s factor/influence in the whole matter?

    2. what is yr opinion on contraction for the league? do you think it’s on the horizon and what teams do you see being dissolved and/or relocated?

    3. if you could interview one current and one former NHL’er (posthumously is o.k., too) that you haven’t had any previous or substantial contact with, whom would they be? why?

    4. i see the upcoming draft day and days immediately following the event to be the busiest we have seen…maybe ever…in terms of movement and activity. how do you see it playing out?

    5. it appears as though that the NHL is a very “clean” league in terms of HGH/steroids/PED’s, etc….in yr opinion, is there a problem? was there one previously? because of the five month open window period when testing is not conducted (right now), is there any plans for it to change to year round? do the kings have somebody on staff that monitors and/or suggests fluid/supplement intake?

    6. is there anybody on the kings current roster that you can envision as a head coach someday?

    a million thank you’s, rich…i always look forward to these open forums…and i hope yr hanging in there/staying above the tow of all the problems at the paper and in the industry…all the best…!

  • Tony

    Some of the NHL suspensions this year were on players who did not receive a penalty during the game. In some instances it seems like the extent of the injury to the victim is determining the severity of the suspension. I know the league is just trying to protect players. Is there any feasible way to make players a little more responsible for putting themselves into dangerous positions. When guys make that little button-hook move near the boards with the puck and they are facing the glass when they get crushed, how much fault can we really put on the defending player. Hes already lined up for the check when at the last minute the guy moves into a dangerous position. There is often not enough time for the checking player to do anything other than, I suppose, wonder if he will receive 2 or 5 minutes for the boarding penalty he is about to receive. I suppose the injury or possibility of injury is the only practical deterrent for this behavior. I cant see giving a penalty to guy who is injured on a play, but there must be something that can be done. If nothing else, maybe focus on this a little more in youth hockey. There has been significant emphasis on eliminating checking from behind in youth hockey, maybe this education could extend a little further and teach players to be a little more aware of their positioning and vulnerability.

  • Sawyer

    Besides the big names that pop up in rumor talks and on message boards. Who do you think is somebody (besides Gaborik or Kovy) that you can see DL realistically acquiring through trade or free agency?

  • Davey

    Any chance of bringing Laperrier back?

  • Dan H.

    Thanks for everything you do Rich.

    Hey guys the Ducks have bragging rights but do you think it was because it was thought out? They thought they were out of the playoffs and had a fire sale…the guys that were left or came over played their asses off and did what management thought wasn’t going to happen.

    Props to the players for making it happen but it wasn’t some great strategy by management!

  • Bailey’s House

    Hey Rich,

    What do you think about Manny?

  • SD Kings Fan

    Last season, Terry Murray stressed on improving the defensive play of the Kings. Do you have any insight as to what he will focus on for this season?

    Have you spoken with Dean Lombardi in the offseason recently? Can you provide any insight as to how he will approach the draft? Is he going defensive or offensive?

  • Howe 9

    I checked out the Ducks blog that you gave us the website for just because I was curious. It has a similar layout to your blog. But there are no comments. Can people comment on this blog? And if so why doesn’t anybody?

    And on a Kings related question. Do you know when some of the NHL players will start skating around at the Toyota Sports Center this summer? Thank you.

  • Jonny

    Hi Rich,
    I’d like to add a question… If you were Lombardi would you offer up Jack Johnson, Teddy Purcell, Bernier and our 1st rd pick to Colombus for Rick nash & their 1st round pick? Is this the type of deal you would use to get Kovalchuk if you were given the chance?

  • RealDrew

    A couple more questions for you.

    1) Gary Bettman is probably the most hated commissioner of the four major sports. Why do you think Bettman is so reviled? 2) What mistakes or successes do you think Bettman has made in the last 15 years? 3) If David Stern were the commissioner instead of Bettman, do you think the NHL would be more successful?

  • AK47

    I don’t have a question but..

    I was just watching TSN, and Darren Dreger had a report saying that SKA St. Petersburg from the KHL (I think) is interested in signing Jack Johnson to a one year contract. Johnson’s dad contacted St. Petersburg head coach, Barry Smith, and asked him if he was interested in his son..

    This doesn’t even make sense to me.. Why would Jack even want to do this? Supposedly he was in trade rumors for Vincent Lecavalier, which also doesn’t make sense because we don’t even need another center, ughhhh..

    I want Jack re-signed ASAP

  • -J

    FWIW, Robert Esche, JJ’s USA teamate at the WC, is goalie for SKA St. Petersburg (yes its KHL).

  • AK47

    Ya ya, I realized that once I wikipedia’d SKA St. Petersburg..

  • It’s nice to have a little breather. It is St Petersburg.

  • Ziggy

    Hey Rich,

    A couple quick questions.

    1. Does DL have a team that he models the Kings after? Are there certain type of players he goes after to fit that identity? I realize he likes mobile defenseman, gritty wingers, and proven winners but is there a specific franchise that he admires?

    2. What is your opinion of Simeon Varlamov? Does DL have any thoughts on Varlamov? Specifically, the Kings have a stable of young goaltenders who have been sheltered from the kind of pressure situations that Varlamov has been put through. Do you think DL is worried exactly about Varlamov’s game seven stinker, and the mind games that that may cause for the young goalie?

    3. Do you see Stoll being a bonafide number 2 center?

    4. Besides Greene and Gauthier (who I hope gets cut), the Kings seem to be lacking a big physical stay at home defenseman. The type of guy like Matthias Nordstrom, Orpik, Komisarek, etc. Which of our defensive prospects fits that mold? Does the Kings lack of that element favor any of the prospects?

    5. In your opinion, who are the top five goalies you would build a franchise around today?

    Thanks for all the fantastic work you do! I have never had this kind of access to the Kings before and I truly think it makes us more loyal Kings fans.

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