Strength coaching change

Following up on yesterday’s confirmation that Chad Smith won’t return as the Kings’ strength and conditioning coach, here is Dean Lombardi’s reaction to the move (with parenthetical inclusions to turn a text message into English):

“(We’re) looking to put in place (a) more detailed format. We need to have (a) process where all the players on our reserve list (not just NHL team) are monitored. It is (a) huge job and requires more definitive structure. We have been working on putting this in place since (the) season ended.”

Lombardi, by the way, will be heading to Toronto for the draft combine, which officially starts Monday in Toronto and runs through Friday. A total of 104 prospects have been invited to the combine.

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  • anthonyy

    Rich, you know its on the tip of tongue.
    But out of respect to you, I’m gonna refrain from bashing DL on this one.

  • Lucas

    What are you going to bash him for? Sending a text message? You obviously don’t understand what Rich was asking you to do, because your comment – much like the rest of your drivel – brought nothing to the discussion. All you did was quasi-politely say that you don’t like DL. That’s the same as bashing him all out when you don’t add anything else relating to the post.

    For example, after I’m done hoping for a day where commenters require licenses, I will add that I think this sounds like a good move. It seems to me that DL is trying to organize the offseason workouts of his players so that everybody is on the same page and is doing team-approved stuff. I think only good things can come of year-round interaction with your employees….especially considering the dollars involved and the importance of the physical conditioning in this sport.

    Read and Learn Anthony.

  • smokiemcpot

    Hey guys, I know this is a it off topic but what does everyone think about trying to sign the sedin’s to a contract in the free agency. Having two lines of
    Henrik, daniel, brown
    fro, kopi, moller/purcell
    would be sick. trade stoll and williams (i think moller would be fine on the second) and we would be fine to sign JJ and others to have a full roster and still be around 4 to 5 mill under the cap.

  • Mike

    nope. not going to happen, vancouver will be in riots if they leave and the canucks will try everything ti keep them there

  • Ed

    Interesting comments from DL.

    My friend who interviewed for the Strength & Conditioning Coach position said that Jeff Solomon told him that (1) he was concerned about his local business, where he trains other athletes and (2) didn’t want to have him hire an additional assistant to help. But other than that, his whole training program and methodologies in his written plan are the same page. My question is that wouldn’t you want someone for the position that:

    (1) has the same philosophies in regards to training & structure.
    (2) has experience with another NHL team, played the game growing up and is locally based.
    (3) has plenty of players around the league as references, including some Kings players who tested very well last season.
    (4) wants an assistant to help out with 60+ players in the organization – is it really a one person job?
    (5) has a web-based program so players can track their progress and training instructions – infrastructure in place.

    I might be biased with my opinion but I know that all the players that were tested last season during training camps around the league, were in the upper 5% of the players on those teams.