As the (Johnson) world turns

Jack Johnson’s father has issued a response to the controversy…you know, the controversy about his son’s departure from Carolina…2 1/2 years ago.

You don’t know Jack

I guess we can look forward to the fall of 2011, when Jack Sr. explains why he was calling a KHL team when his son was still technically under a NHL contract.

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  • Joe from Poughkeepsie

    I am loving sarcastic Rich. The info you give us is great, the rate at which you post is great, the sarcasm… bonus.

    Keep up the great work Rich. You make my office job enjoyable.

  • SuperSonic420

    “I guess we can look forward to the fall of 2011, when Jack Sr. explains why he was calling a KHL team when his son was still technically under a NHL contract.”

    It simply was a matter of Los Angeles wanting him to sign a fair contract and prove himself before he got a huge contract. Don’t blame the kid for following his dream of going to one of the greatest countries in the world, playing for one on the greatest coaches (Barry Smith) in the KHL and in the world and pursuing his fortune at his pace.

    Jack wishes nothing but the best to all the Kings and the organization.

    I, as his father, only ask that all fans simply research the facts and respect him for being a man of principle beyond all else. Oh yea, and he’s gonna make me rich as hell, peace!

  • Naturallawyer
  • Quisp

    Given JJ Sr.’s kinda-sorta connection to both franchises, I’ve decided this is all about JJ Sr. trying to position himself to score as many free tickets to a potential Detroit/Carolina cup final series as possible.

  • vicarious

    Poor guys. The more they talk the worse they sound.

    Who really knows what is happening. But, hopefully, Jack and his camp do not confuse Jack’s potential with big part of team which won the stanley cup/all-star status. Or try to to hold up the Kings for more $ off the 5-6 games Jack played his “first” year–then call foul with the Kings. Cute.

    Jack seems like a good kid. Emphasis still on the “kid” but learning apace about the business world and how not to negotiate through the press I’m sure.

    Hey, no one can rule out the possibility the Johnson’s just wanted to visit St. Pete as tourists and thought they might see a few hockey games while they are there. I heard the city’s beautiful and it has famous musuems. Its on my list of places to go before I die, anyway. Perhaps Mr. Johnson was just calling about ticket prices and to see if his sons could get a pick up game or two.

  • PSP

    I don’t understand why some of you are so upset about the KHL call. Is tampering a crime or just an NHL rule?
    Isn’t it prudent to explore all possibilities?

    For the record, I don’t think Johnson deserves a huge contract based on his performance so far, but I also don’t think that his salary for the next 4 or 5 seasons should be based solely on his entry level seasons either. IMO, the KHL call was a preemptive strike, but it’s probably his ticket out the door.

  • PakiFro

    Jack could really stick it to Dean and sign the one-year qualifying offer for around $950K. I’m sure Lombardi wants a long-term deal, or at least a three year deal done to avoid a contract mess for at least that long.

    Given Johnson’s 130 games of NHL experience, I think accepting the qualifiying offer would be his smartest move. He showed flashes of brilliance when he returned, if he proves it over the course of a season, he’ll get rewarded handsomely.

  • Dan H.

    How many parents flat screw things up for their kids or make things harder. I heard from a reliable source taht Cammy really wanted to be here but his dad made that impossible really.

    He should STFU and let Jack do the talking. I haven’t heard Jack speak much but he makes himself MUCH more likeable than his dad does.

  • Irish Pat

    Umm… what?

    Was anyone really asking for this? Why does his dad have to get involved and write a letter to THN?

    This is getting weirder by the day.

  • tron

    Andrei Loktionov had 3 assists last night in 6-4 win over Rimouski. They play again
    today at 4pm (pst) on the NHL Network.

  • Johnny Utah

    Well played Rich.

    I had to do a triple-take on the date to make sure I was reading correctly.

    I know that I, for one, can rest easier knowing the full story behind the Carolina situation.

  • TB

    Jack Lindros…I mean Johnson is becoming quite the topic of discussion. I don’t think the letter to Canes fans was warranted. Sr. might have a point, but his son is a pro athlete. Its a part of the job. I don’t recall seeing Chris Pronger’s dad writing a letter to fans because in 29 arenas around the league the fans boo him. Get over it.

    I still think that after all this B.S. pans out, he will be a king. At least I’m hoping so. He’s just too promising of a player to give up on. My only real issue here is the longevity of his contract. If its a 2 year deal like Sully or Cammy, its over. He’ll be traded no doubt. I want to see something in the 3-5 year range. If the prospect of a Lecavalier trade is real though…forget everything I’ve said. I’ll even help JMFJ pack his bags if needed. I’ll keep advocating that at some point, we gotta make the big deal and it means making that painful decision to part company with someone we all want to see stick around.

    Here’s a question…what if Kopitar were offered up in a Vinny trade? Just stirring the pot here…what if…?

  • khanon81

    I posted this somewhere else, was just wondering what you King fans think about this lineup, and yes, this includes you Richard Hammond:

    I hope DL doesn’t consider acquiring Spezza… Get Vinny, Hartnell, and Clowe; then we have a team!


    Quincy-Big Mean D-man

    Playoffs for sure; Stanley cup quite possible…

  • khanon81

    Actually, I forgot to take of JJ since hes going to be traded

  • khanon81

    Sorry for all the posts, I have too much free time today!!

    Theubert- Hickey???

  • number 6

    Someone said this is getting weirder by the day? Maybe so and maybe not, but gosh, I find this all terribly unpleasant. Whether it’s the fathers or the hockey players or whoever it is, I just still don’t understand it. Why can’t they just sort this stuff out in a reasonable non controversial way??? They are getting paid more in One year than most people make in a lifetime, and that’s for playing a Game that they started playing because they loved it and would’ve played for nothing when they were kids if someone said they’d make the NHL.
    Are my comments naive. Yes! Of course they are, but I find myself rapidly losing patience with this nonsense. I’m sorry, but whatever happened to someone who says, “you know, I’m doing what I love to do, getting paid handsomely to do it, seeing the world”. I mean what a life! Nope, guess not.

  • number 6

    Oh, on reflection I just figured out who the silly person is in this scenario> It’s me! It’s me for wasting my time even bothering to comment on these ridiculous issues. I do think that as someone pointed out, the comments subtly directly to the Carolina fans… I mean, excuse me, but it seems that the issue has absolutely Nothing to do with the Carolina Hurricanes. But maybe I’m mistaken in that. Does anybody else find that to be the case?

  • Quisp

    number 6 —

    No matter what one decides is really going on with JJ Sr., it’s indisputably something strange. By definition, it’s ulterior. There is no current issue (that I know of, and I have tried to do due diligence, re Googling, etc.) regarding Carolina fans and what they think of Jack Johnson. Therefore, JJ Sr. is issuing letters on the topic of some kind of issue between JJ and Carolina for some reason that is not known. It’s a bit like Phil Spector writing letters to the LA Times about how he didn’t even know O.J.’s wife. (note: I just made that up.) The most benign explanation is that JJ’s dad has ADD and didn’t realize three years had passed by, like he was literally working on the letter for three years and only now finished a satisfactory draft. Alternatively, maybe JJ never told his dad he was traded to LA and dad is pissed off because he thinks JJ has been a healthy scratch for the entire playoffs.

    But, listen, it shouldn’t be too hard to get him to write another letter to explain all this. Maybe Rich should give him a call. (probably a bad idea, I take it back.)

  • number 6

    Quisp, that’s why we all like you so much on this site. I was saying to myself after my “contribution” that I needed to lighten up. I’ve been having such a nice week too, why let something like this bother me (other than the not terribly palatable history of the Kings as regards getting great players to play in LA W/O hassles).
    Anywayyy, I read your reply. Great! I’m feeling much better now and even smiling. Thanks Quispy.

  • Quisp

    You’re welcome.

    The following thought just occurred to me. If I were an NHL hockey player, my dad would be up to all manner of annoying crap. He would certainly be writing letters to TSN and newspapers, but that would be the least of it. He would be spreading trade rumors at the local Kiwanis meetings, or the Royal Order of the Water Buffalo, or whatever it is. He would be calling my coach with tips. Whatever. It would have nothing to do with me. And no matter what I did to try to stop it, no one would ever believe me.

  • variable

    i read the SR.’s retort yesterday…several times…and was puzzled…so i decided to sleep on it and wait ’til today to sort it out…

    so i wasn’t surprised to see that our man rich made the story available via a thread…

    i agree w/QUISPY…it’s become a bit like “sports dad’s gone wild”…

    maybe SR. is being an over-eager, protective father that just wants the best for his kid…maybe he’s a meddling guardian that feels he/his family sacrificed everything for jj and wants to ensure his payback…maybe he’s neither, nor or somewhere in between…

    i said yesterday that i was having carl lindros flashbacks…but that’s a bit premature…we’ll see how far it goes…and i seriously doubt that jj will ever play a game in the KHL or any other league that isn’t called the NHL…

    however, SR. now has some meat in his sandwich, as he adds to his public file and history of being outspoken…officially or un-officially is the question

    this is just a roundabout way of trying to gain leverage in his son’s negotiation…this whole “you don’t know jack” letter has the makings of an ongoing daily show segment…

    i still think SR.’s actions do nothing to help and are only going to add static to the situation, regardless of JR.’s approval for his father’s actions…

    but maybe SR.’s right…

    we don’t know jack…and…we don’t know jack…

    i will tell you this, even though this is early, if SR. keeps this act up, i won’t care about knowing jack, jack…play the negotiation game according to the rules…

    and if JR. needs to get involved to 86 his father’s behavior before it does become a problem, he/his agent should start right away…

    because if it continues, carolina won’t be the only team to have told jmfj to hit the road….

  • number 6

    var, if you hadn’t added a comment I probably wouldn’t have signed back in to add something. i really honestly don’t get a feel for how you guys are all reacting to this.. … so i feel the need to clarify my feelings… immediately i don’t see that any good can come out of this situation whatsoever. it’s Not in the words, JJ’s relationship with his father, how his plus minus is in games vs. teams playing below .537
    IT’S THE ENERGETICS (sorry if i sound too new age here).
    I’ll repeat this for the last time. do you see this sort of thing going on with detroit? do you see it going on with new jersey? it went on (in a very different way) briefly with dallas and look at the results! they suffered, cleaned it up and got on with stuff! with the kings it seems to be fro, if it’s not fro it’s cammy, if not cammy it’s jj, if not jj then the static over cloutier.
    As long as this stuff keeps going the kings might well continue to be a very good .500 team, because this stuff just Isn’t conducive to creating a winning environment for a hockey team. btw, thats not to say that winning teams never have contract issues or other stuff… of course they do, but this just seems qualitatively different to me.

    thats it… time to go do the laundry (how symbolic)

  • variable


    i can’t imagine any one fan getting overly irate over this whole thang, but it’s something to comment on…it does seem like SR. takes a more active interest in his son’s business…to what extent in the public eye remains to be seen…but he is building a nice lil’ history of media candy and fodder…

    rich makes a funny point in the irony of SR.’s response coming out now…2 1/2 years later…and whether or not years from now, supposedly during another contentious contractual event, we’ll only then get SR.’s explanation of his actions…

    sometimes the absurd or rather weird actions of people in the news perpetrate the people covering the news (dreger, et. all) to follow suit…

    anyway…datsyuk didn’t skate today because of a skate to the foot from the last game…chicago has to win tonight to have any realistic chance…

  • LBlocal


    In other words.. Unnecessary hysteria based on questionable actions and shameful greed.

    Jack is a big boy. He should speak for himself.

    When he does, we should believe it, or tell him to get lost.

    Go Kings!

  • number 6

    var, actually, thank you for calling me on it…. you’re right… you know it’s not that i’m irate over the specifics of the situation, but i think it triggers other stuff… and i probably shouldn’t be bothered by that either. it’s the whole culture that surrounds sports nowadays, not jj or his dad… really as far as i’m concerned, if they aren’t interested in him playing for the kings for whatever reason it’s totally within their rights to feel that (so again thank you for calling me on it in a very nice way) – and he is free to ply his trade elsewhere if he so desires.

    that all being said i’d be delighted to go thru One off season with the kings where there isn’t some sort of residue or other… and i suppose if i’m honest it’s not easy to watch great teams like the wings or pens and then see this type of stuff happening around our favorite team…

    there…. i can’t be more honest than that šŸ™‚

  • AEG rulez

    Johnson & Johnson will regret their treachary for years to come. Make them pay, DL. Make them crawl and beg for forgiveness.

  • Baumgartner22

    wow…i can’t even get my dad to call me on my birthday.

  • src3

    We are done with JJ and his dad arnt we??? Good-new topic.


    Man did he light up Havlat, last night. Talk about dazed and confused. Havlat is gonna need an in house nurse to change his new aquired use of diapers and feed him.

    In all honesty, dont like to see anyone get hurt, so my apologies to Hawks fans, but damn what a hit.

    Perfectly legal, puck hit his skate, was under him and he was reaching for it with his head down-BANG!

    Then the f….ing refs call it a major interference penalty, and give Kronwall the boot.

    Dont understand??!!

    Oh yah, I forgot, star player!!!

    Nieders swings a blatant elbow at Datsuyk with injury intent and gets nothing, while Kronwall lays on a perfect hit with Havlats head down and gets the boot. Nice going officials.

  • khanon81

    src3 said:
    “Nieders swings a blatant elbow at Datsuyk with injury intent and gets nothing, while Kronwall lays on a perfect hit with Havlats head down and gets the boot. Nice going officials.”

    Niedermeyer’s elbow was minor, didn’t even daze, let alone, hurt Datsyk. It was more of a tap, and nevertheless, he answered for his actions by pummeling Datsyk… If you want to talk about elbows, then why don’t you bring up Holmstrom’s elbow on an already injured Wisnewski? That was as gutless as it gets from the most classless player in the league. If he answered for his actions, I would definitely have a different view about him…

  • Cricket

    Good post khanon81. I may be a Kings fan, but I got really tired of how that elbow to Wishnewski, which made him bleed by the way, went completely ignored and forgotten. Meanwhile that elbow at the end of the game in the middle of a scrum from Scott was all anyone could talk about.

  • src3

    You both are missing the point. Insted of getting hung up on my one example, give your opinion on the point of the matter. Point being that the stars are not getting the book thrown at them like the knuckle draggers are. Didnt see Holmstroms antics as you use as an example, and dont really care who is doing it. I am not a Wings homer either. Just the simple and very simple fact that the stars are getting away with some serious sh….t. The fact that an elbow didnt daze or hurt someone is mute. The attempt to injure was there. Period. If Holmstrms elbow was an attempt to injure, then suspend his butt too.

  • khanon81


    Havlat is a star? Thats new news to me…

  • number 6

    To Cricket and src3 (and anyone else who may be interested)… in watching the pens when I see Malkin I often think of that vicious and very classless hit to the head of Wayne Simmonds. That sort of action is unacceptable, but when time has run out and someone’s relaxed themselves and is vulnerable?? It’s exactly what you guys are talking about…. they’re a star?? Oh, well, don’t do that again please. Otherwise it’s bring out the suspension book?
    Is that what the league is all about?

  • src3

    Khannon 81-dude please get a wife. If all you want to do on this blog is call people out and argue over crossed T’s and dotted I’s and whatever else then just get married. Then you can complain about your clothes not being ironed properly and your steak being under cooked etc. No I personally dont consider Havlat being a star, but the star reference is used in respect to the offenders in general. And Kronwell is not considered a star, therefore major penalty. If Pronger had laid on that hit=maybe 2 min roughing and nothing more. On the Hawks, Havlat was their leading scorer and out scored Kopi this season. So, YOU can call him what you will. Get it now?

    Nr. 6-Another perfect example-agree 100%.

  • Chris Evans

    Rich, have you contacted anyone at The Hockey News to see if they have confirmed the letter they printed was actually written by Jack Sr? We might be getting all worked up about nothing.

  • JT Snow

    The reason I think Kronwall’s hit was more than clean is because the episode is simply all of Havlat’s fault. He tried to turn up the ice using the forward momentum of the puck instead of stopping it facing the boards he let it go beneath him and turned with the puck and then BANG.
    Had he just picked it up, took the hit on his left shoulder he could have spun clockwise and moved up the ice and this thread would be closed….

  • Ersberg

    Enjoy Pittsburgh, JJ, it was nice having you for the short time you were with us(honestly).

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