Which player would you want?

TSN reported today that Dany Heatley wants out of Ottawa. Hmmm…a 28-year-old, 6-foot-3, 40-goal scoring winger…I wonder who could use one of those?

Of course, they don’t come cheap. Taking into account the relative costs — either a big free-agent contract or giving up prospects/picks — which player would you rather the Kings acquire: Gaborik, Heatley or Lecavalier?

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  • Dan H.

    I’ll take Vinny. Gaborik is nice but wounded, and Dany takes out teammates in car wrecks.

  • WTF

    Maybe we could trade our pick:

    Los Angeles – To me, this is the no-brainer of no-brainers. The Kings are stacked with youth at all positions: Forwards Anze Kopitar, Oscar Moller, Wayne Simmonds and Andrei Loktionov are all less than 23 years old; as are defensemen Drew Doughty, Colten Teubert, Thomas Hickey and Jack Johnson. Even in net, Los Angeles has younguns Jonathan Quick, Jonathan Bernier and Jeff Zatkoff; Erik Ersberg is practically a greybeard at 27.

    With the No. 5 pick in the draft the Kings have a shot at Swedish playmaker Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson, a fine player to be sure. But Los Angeles needs veterans and, likely, an upgrade in goal. That fifth selection would be a tasty carrot for a team bereft of high draft picks and would provide at least one impact player in return.


  • Tompa

    Contracts aside I’d want Lecavalier but taking everything into consideration; contract length, money, injuries and so on Heatley is the obvious choice.

    Not that I see him waiving anything to come here.

  • variable

    that deserves a WOW…


    i did choose heatley slightly over vinny w/gabby coming in third…
    i’m starting to believe that the “someone else” (hossa) will re-sign w/detroit…i think k.h. will find a way since both sides seem to be wanting to get something done…

    the reason i’m not so enthusiastic about heats is because, if he just signed a six-year extension in ’07 and is already chirping to be moved, who’s to say he won’t pull a “t.o.” if, for some reason, the kings didn’t live up to his expectations…

    i really respect players whom honor the terms of a contract THEY AGREED TO…(!)…but i can’t overlook that he’s a multi-50 goal scorer, who is a major gamebreaker in this league…

    …and the $7.5mil per is actually about right for a player of his caliber…

    we’ll have to wait this one out for a few days/weeks, i imagine…heats might be feeling some frustration seeing his ex-teammate one game away from raising lord stanley above his head…so maybe there will be some intervention/mediation in ottawa in hopes (for their sake) in trying to convince him to stay there…

    i will go out on a limb and say that if the kings trade for heats, i would be rather certain that frolov is a part of that package…

    we know that all of canada…especially the peeps in ottawa…are in love w/fro…i would have the hope that fro wouldn’t be a part of that deal and that w/the addition of heats, the kings would have a nice set of 4 wingers (brownie/fro/heats/williams) that could possibly account for apprx 110+ goals…

    oh boy…

    here comes everybody’s trade scenarios…(!!!)

  • Quisp

    I assume by your omission of Hossa (and Havlat, for that matter) you think that’s probably out of the question.

    Since you directed us to factor in the cost (in assets, etc.), it’s hard to imagine that, for example, Heatley would be a better choice than signing Gaborik or Hossa or whoever and getting to keep Frolov, Johnson and a second round pick, or whatever we’d have to give up for Heatley.

    LeCavalier scares me the most, because his contract is so long (and I don’t care if they DO plan on forcing him to retire in six years) and because there’s just no way he’s going to be productive in five years time like he might have been a couple of years ago. Because nobody is. Also, it’s a trade. And we would be acquiring a NTC. And in a couple of years, he would be a toxic asset: no one would ever trade for an OLD LECavalier with several years worth of HUGE cap hit left on the contract. Would they??

    Even if it’s LeCavalier for Preissing straight up…is it worth it? Not sure. The best it could be is fabulous for a few years, and then painful but okay, and then kind of sucky for several more years. The worst it could work out would be, we lose big assets who become stars, VL turns into an old Frolov and we’re screwed into the ground until 2020.

    Heatley: I was a big advocate of fleecing OTT for Heatley back before the trade deadline. But I don’t see the point of giving up Frolov and getting Heatley. We need TWO top six left wings. So, if it’s possible to get Heatley and not lose Frolov, my main concern would be how to give them some salary back. OTT would presumably want picks and prospects in return, both so that they could clear some cap space, and so they can get younger, rebuild, etc.. But if that’s what we give up, then we will be at the cap ceiling and there will be no room for a UFA.

    So, I guess, maybe if we don’t have to give up Frolov, and the price in prospects isn’t too high, I might be okay with Heatley now.

    Gaborik: I would probably be happiest with the UFA route. Gaborik is highly skilled. I don’t really mind the injury gamble. Prefer Hossa. Not Havlat, I don’t think.

    The best plan, though, would be to trade for Heatley — make OTT take a little bit of salary back, i.e. Preissing. Make another move to deal Handzus to somewhere for picks and prospects, in order to shed more salary. Do all this before 7/1. Then sign Hossa and go to the cap ceiling.

    Oh, and trade up one to pick Evander Kane.



  • Naturallawyer

    Rich said “Taking into account the relative costs”.

    Gaborik costs us ZERO assets. Heatley and Vinny will cost us BIG assets.

    So the real interpretation of the above question is: would you rather have Gabby AND JJ and Frolov and all our picks (and any other potential tradeables), or Vinny or Heatley (minus what we give up in trade, e.g. JJ and Frolov and the first rounder)? If the answer isn’t Gabby and the guys that would be traded to get those other superstars, it means you don’t think much of JJ, Fro, the 1st rounder, etc.

  • Naturallawyer

    Quisp: excellent analysis. I still prefer Gabby. His numbers post-injury this season were amazing. He’s no bigger risk of injury on the ice than Heatley is off the ice (nobody could get into trouble in LA, right?). Vinny has the albatross contract that Quisp explained. Gabby/Hossa in a heartbeat.

  • anthonyy

    Satay away from Gaborik.
    The man is a walking piece of paper waiting to be damaged. (Like Justin Williams).
    $6-$8 Million for for an injury prone player would cripple this team under the cap.
    But going after busts has never stopped DL before. Go ahead Mr. Lombardi, embarrass yourself yet again.

  • Ziggy


  • jom

    Out of the choices of players I’d rather have Heatley. From a contract standpoint I’d also take Heatley. From a giving up prospects POV I’d rather have Gaborik. So, overall, it’s difficult to say. It really comes down to what they’d have to give up to get Heatley. VL I’d pass on complete…the contract is absurd.

  • PaulCat1969

    There is a 0% chance we land two mega stars like Hossa and Heatley. We are not going to invest so much in two players where we will have so many other younger players to sign down the road.

    Our problem is that we simply don’t have a lot of tradable assets. Frolov and JJ are pretty much it in terms of our everyday players and if I have to decide between the two I sign and keep Frolov.

    Gabby seems to be the most likely signing but if we can get Heatley for Johnson, Preissing, picks and a prospect then I am all for it.

  • Rolex

    Gaborik. People seem to forget that Heatley has a massive contract, Gaborik when healthy is the real deal.

  • anthonyy

    Quisp & PaulCat.

    DL is stuck with Preissing’s contract and that’s all theres to it.
    He made his bed, now let him lie in it.

  • variable


    i don’t want to lose fro…i just think that if ottawa is going to ask for anybody to be mandatory in the deal, it’s fro…

    i have nooooo problem w/d.l. taking the “chance” on gabby…

    i still say that among all the free agents this year, gabby is the most realistic player to be signed by us…it’s not that i would want hossa…i’m just not nearly as optimistic as QUISPY is…i just don’t think he would have any interest in playing here…i would really be surprised if he did…remember, this is a guy who turned down playing w/sid and malkin to join zetty and pavel…sure…kopi/fro/hossa would be a helluva line…but would it be any better than who he has already played with…? hmmmm…i don’t think so…

    so maybe NATURALLAWYER is right…maybe the best overall option is to sign gabby and build from that point on…

    however, if d.l. could somehow manage to dump salary, move the abundance of 3rd/4th liners we’re stocked with, send a few capable prospects to ottawa and maybe a significant d.p. of two to get heats w/out giving up any of our top players…sure…that would be narnia…

    it’s just very unlikely…

  • variable

    “it’s not that i would want hossa”

    that should be “it’s not that i wouldn’t want hossa”…


  • DBargaehr

    Looks like there’s no shortage of big-name wingers out on the table.

    Here’s the guys I can see as possibilities(?) and some stats, just as a conversation-helper:

    Vinny Lecavalier: Age 29, 6’4″, Center
    29 Goals, 38 Assists, 54 PIM, -9 plus minus
    Contract: 11 years worth $85 million (7.72mil a year?)

    Dan Heatley: Age 28, 6’3″, Left Wing
    39 Goals, 33 Assists, 88 PIM, -11 plus minus
    Contract: 5(?) more years at about $7.5 million per season

    Marian Gaborik: Age 27, 6’1″, Right Wing
    13 Goals, 10 Assists, 2 PIM in 17 games (extrapolated season – 111 points in 82 games were he actually healthy for one full season)
    Contract: scheduled UFA, I’d expect at least $6 million per year

    Marian Hossa: Age 30, 6’1″, Right Wing
    40 Goals, 31 Assists, 63 PIM, +27 plus-minus in 74 games
    Contract: I’m guessing $8 million-plus at least.

    I’d like to have Hossa more than anyone else, but he’s likely the most expensive. He’ll (probably) have Cup-winning experience. He’s on a team full of scorers, so his point total may be somewhat subdued and overshadowed…I think if he was asked to step up to a more prominent scoring role (first-line winger) with the Kings, his point total would rise. In addition to this, he’s played with Datsyuk and Zetterberg, two of the best two-way forwards in the game. His plus-minus is 27…as much as we all love that stat’s accuracy (/snark), he’s 3rd-highest on his team, just below Datsyuk and Lidstrom. Considering that Terry Murray was willing to sacrifice Kopitar’s scoring for two-way play, I think Lombardi would be willing to shell out the cash that Hossa will undoubtedly be looking for after drinking his Slovakian alcoholic beverage of choice from Lord Stanley’s Cup this summer. Of course, this is all dependent on whether or not he actually wins that Cup…if he doesn’t, I’m fairly certain he’ll be signing with the Wings for change to keep those dreams alive. He’s my favorite for a fit with the Kings.

    Heatley may be a better choice financially, especially if the Sens are willing to foot some of the bill. His point total has been his lowest in several years, so hopefully it will only go up. However, his -11 (5th lowest on his team) probably wouldn’t fit with the two-way game Murray is looking to develop in the Kings.

    Gaborik: too fragile. I think he may be the cheapest given his propensity for breaking after every love-tap. But I think everyone has thought it: Wouldn’t we all be kicking ourselves if someone else picked him up and he played all 82 games and led the scoring race?

    Lecavalier: I don’t even know.

  • Ersberg

    Pressing can’t go the other way, because OTT already has 8 d-men signed for next season. That’s of course BM doesn’t ask Dean to take a d-man back.

    7-8 OTT d-man

    1 of Boyle/Moller/Purcell/Hickey/Bernier/or other prospect

    I’m not certain OTT could fit all of that salary into their cap, but it’s worth a shot.

    We would naturally have to not re-sign Goat and allow Drewiske to play in Man. I’d rather give him a shot on the Kings, though.

  • andre norway

    I think that heatly will come pretty cheap because Ottawa does not want a player on a team that does not want to be there. thats bad for team chemistry and we can afford his contract.Ottawa need a puck moving defensman also known as preissing, they need young players boyle/purcell, they need prospects also and we can also give them a 4th line center in richardson. So preissing, richardson, boyle and a prospect for heatley.

  • Ersberg

    Heatley, re Frolov

    I doubt OTT is going to take an unsigned, 1-year rental of Frolov in a package for Heater. That makes no sense at all.

    And Hossa will play for the Wings come next season.

  • Johnny Utah

    Heatley…no question…

    Sign Beauchemin, trade JMFJ and our #1 for Heatley, and we’re in bidness…at least inching closer.

  • DBargaehr

    I agree: Between Johnson and Frolov, I’d trade Johnson. We have plenty of better-than-average (and a few great) D-men and several promising prospects. We DON’T have a lot of scoring forwards.

    I also say stay away from Gabby: the risk of so much cap space gone for a guy who hasn’t been of great health…

    Like I said,hopefully Hossa just goes for money after a Cup win…we don’t lose prospects or good players. Then, in a perfect world, we deal our 1st-round pick and Johnson and a few other goodies for Heatley, and the Sens agree to pick up some of his contract for us. But Quisp: there’s no way we’re getting Kane, too, without losing our hard-earned prospects and some great key players. Even in a perfect world.

  • Irish Pat

    1st= Heatley: 7.5M per season for a 40-50 goal scorer and he’s no daisy. Heatley-Kopitar-Williams… wow.

    2nd= Lecavalier: Great player, winner and would take the heat off of Kopi’s line. The Kings would have to lose either Stoll or Handzus though and that contract is awful. NHL contracts are only insured for 7 seasons. If Vinny pulls a Deader… yikes.

    3rd= Gaborik: Gaborik would be my 2nd, but the injuries are hard to overlook and he is a right wing. If the Kings can’t trade for DH or VL he would be a great third option ONLY if he signs for 2-3 seasons.

    4th= Someone else: Hossa would be terrific, but come on, he isn’t signing here and we all know it. He’ll demand too much money anyway. Would be nice though. Meh.

    If possible and if it wouldn’t gut the team or break the salary cap down the road my first option is actually Ilya Kovalchuk. A guy can dream right…

  • DBargaehr

    Also, I think there’s very little chance that Hossa will fit back in with Detroit: they still have a ton of depth guys they want/NEED to sign, and Hossa would take up what precious little cap space they have left…I think Hossa will be on the market, even if they do try negotations, unless he signs for less than 4 or 5 mil a year with the Wings.

    And did I forget Havlat?

    Martin Havlat: Age 28, 6’1″, Right Winger
    29 goals, 48 assists, 30 PIM, 29 plus-minus
    Contract: ?????

    This is the first (nearly-full) season Havlat’s played since 2002-03. He’s injury prone, like Gaborik, but he actually made it through one this time. And it’s been his highest point total ever this season.

  • DBargaehr


    I’d be all for Kovy if he didn’t have that ridiculous haircut. He looks like MacGyver…if he comes to LA, the condition should be a visit to a classy salon so he can go all Steve Mason sexy and bring in the crowds.

  • mikeknowsblake

    I say the kings do this.

    To Ottawa: Johnson, 5th overall and Boyle
    To LA: Heatley

    Sign: Moen and Beuchemin




    That my freinds is a playoff team.

  • Ersberg


    What’s the word on the street with the fans their in OTT? What are they saying about all of this?

  • Quisp

    anthony –

    oh i know. but he’ll just get bought out. we’ll be stuck with a cap hit of under a million, I believe.

  • number 6

    I’m with Irish Pat wrt Hossa. I have a hard time believing anyone out there actually thinks he would come to the Kings. I know….. Detroit has these huge cap issues and he’ll win his cup this year and then, and then, and then. He is NOT coming to LA. He went to Detroit and turned down 35 MIL from the Pens (a much better team than the Kings at this point in time) to play for an established winner. So now we wants to come to LA? Maybe, maybe if the Kings do a NY Yankees and offer him 15 M a year… but somehow I doubt that would happen.

    Also reagarding Heatley I have some very strong personal reservations. After hearing the Ottawa broadcaster? speaking on NHL Radio he pointed out how strange it was that Heatley wanted to leave after just signing a new contract. IMO that’s not a sign of someone with character and integrity. I don’t like to bring this up but I’m sure everyone remembers what happened that unfortunate night when w Atl when he had the auto accident. That’s horribly unfortunate and one thing, but for me you put the Two things together (his past Plus the reaction to his new contract) and I wouldn’t choose him for my team. Maybe if Detroit doesn’t sign Hossa then They might want Heatley, but Heatley on the Wings is not the same as Heatley on the Kings.

  • DBargaehr

    Number 6: Hossa specifically wanted to chase a Cup, which is why he signed with Detroit on the cheap. There’s a very fair chance that he’ll getting it tonight or Thursday.

    After that, will he bounce around the league like a Ping-Pong ball in a clothes dryer, searching for another one? Or will he settle down with a team and a group of teammates and enjoy a nice fat contract? I think the Kings do have a chance (albeit they’ll be competing with several other franchises) to sign Hossa. The question is whether he prefers a long-term (Edmonton or Pittsburgh contracts he denied last summer while looking for that Cup) or short-term (2-4 seasons with a nice fat paycheck) one.

  • Ersberg


    For 4 years. That would be kind of a bummer, but it’s likely going to happen.

    Numero 6-

    We can only be picky to a point when paying for goals. The league is sort of thin for players in that department.

    Hossa would be wonderful, but he’s not going to drive the next generation Volvo when he’s already driving a Mercedes S-series.

  • variable


    marty havlat is the most unappealing player being mentioned…i don’t even think he should be considered at all…

  • Daniel

    I voted for Heatley because he would fit the character of the team and fits the needs of the team. Like Irish said, a Heatley-Kopitar-Williams would be amazing. Then roll a Fro-Stoll-Bro(wn) line? Awesome.

    I would love to add Gbork and not give up a single prospect. But I don’t think Mr. Lombardi covets his skill set as much as he does a player like Heatley, or even Lecavalier.

    I don’t like Lecavalier’s contract, so that shouldn’t be an option.

    The ‘other’, for me, would be Kovalchuk.

    The question remains, who do we have to give in return? No one is going to get fleeced by the Kings, sorry. And Quisp, re: “and trade up one to pick Evander Kane” – there is no way we get Heatley and still retain our first round pick, even if we deal Handzus. It’s one or the other.

  • DBargaehr

    @ Variable:

    I agree. But as Ersberg pointed out (god I hope that’s not the real Ersberg, or at least that he didn’t see my post that we should trade him): the choices are pretty thin right now. Let’s say Hossa gets resigned with the Wings, Gabby gets picked up by someone else, Lombardi’s not stupid enough to foot the bill for Lecavalier, and the Heatley trade is simply unpalatable. I don’t think Lombardi would just let the problem sit.

    Of course, it would be fun to go to a game and see him get Kronwall’d in real life πŸ™‚

  • Ersberg

    It’s not out of the realm of possibility to land Heater and still deal for a 1a/1b center. We really do need another center, especially one that prides himself of playmaking.

    We could always go for a guy like Kessel if he’s available come this summer, and if JJ is gone.

    I’m sure there are other available options at center as well.


    Nope, I’m not the real Ersberg. I chose my screen name in support of the real Ersberg back during the “Lababs vs. Ersberg” debates.

  • Brad M

    Hi Rich, I’m a big fan of your site!!

    I was just looking at your poll of who should the Kings go after, Gaborik, Heatley, or Lecavalier?

    This is a no brainer. Gaborik of course. Both Heatley and Lecavalier have big contracts that I believe the Kings may some day wish they could get rid of. Gaborik may have an injury issue, but he’s the only one the Kings don’t have to give up anything to get.

    He’s has the skills, and is only getting better every year. Gaborik is exactly what the Kings need. If the Kings trade their 1st round pick to get either Lecavalier or Heatley, it will go against everything that DL has done up to now. Why would a team that finished in the bottom 5 in the league trade away a potential 18 year old stud, for a guy 10 years older that is past his prime.

    DL should stick to what he does best, Drafting! His past few trades have been stinkers. Kane or Schenn could even make the team in training camp.

  • DBargaehr

    I don’t think the Bruins will want to let go of Kessel after this season, but I’m not quite educated on their salary cap problems. I understand they signed Krejci for a “paltry” 3.5 mil a season, but I’m not sure what that entails.

    Glad you’re not, I’d like to see a Quick/Bernier or Quick/Zatkoff this time around. But I know that they like to leave their goalie prospects in for 2 years at least.

  • DBargaehr

    @ Daniel:

    I still think Hossa would fit better over Heatley, even if he comes at higher cost. Plus, we wouldn’t lose our pick (hello, guy with unpronouncable name! And I thought Abdelkader had too many vowels…).

    Not to reiterate, but Hossa = top 3 on his team in +/-. Heatley = bottom 5. Remember, Murray sacrificed Kopi’s scoring for two-way play…Hossa would fit that perfectly. Heatley wouldn’t.

  • stang



    Keep all of our players and try and sign Gaborik first. Then go after guys that are top 4-6 forwards that might be a left winger that we can trade prospects and picks for. We have a great nucleus of guys, don’t break that up. We need depth. Did Detoilet trade Zetterberg or Datsyuk because they signed Hossa? Of course not, why should we do that then?!

    We are fine right where we are right now. By going after free agents we are able to add depth and keep our home grown talent for ourselves. Quit giving our better players away we have plenty of money to spend.

    Quit acting like the Clippers already.

  • variable

    i’ve been saying for months now that gabby is most likely to be the UFA we go after and get…
    and after all these latest developments/rumors…i still think he’s the odds on favorite to be a king next season…

  • AK47

    Dany’s been wanting out of Ottawa for a while now, every since Clouston came in..
    They’ve been having problems with one another, where you would see Heatley not being the go-to guy on the powerplay, you’d see him play only 15 minutes a game, things like that and Heatley was done, he didn’t want any of that. He asked out before the World Championships, and Ottawa management said “Alright, take a trip, represent your country, maybe you will change your mind”, but when he came back, he still felt the same way.. He needs a change of scenery..

    The fans in Ottawa are going crazy, they’re soooo confused.. Everyone loves Heater here, or should I say “loved”.. He’s always eating at my uncle’s restaurant, and he leaves a huge tip every time, but he’s a huge ***.. Unlike Mike Fisher, Chris Neil and Christoph Schubert, Heatley rarely social with anyone..

    With that being said, I think Heatley to LA is the perfect fit.. Bryan Murray sending his best player to get coached by his brother.. We have assets that Ottawa would love to have, like the 5th pick, Colten Teubert is an interesting name, he’s one of the guys that Ottawa would probably be asking for, same for Jarrett Stoll.. But the main guy Ottawa would want is Frolov, unfortunately..

    Would any of you do Frolov + 5th for Heatley? I think that’s what Bryan Murray will be asking for.. I sure as hell wouldn’t..

  • Y’all are dreaming!

    Why would any team want all our “throw aways” (i.e. Preissing, Boyle, etc.)? For Heater, OTT will want some proven experience along with some future…Fro or JJ + 2009-#2 + a prospect.

    Kovy will stay in Atlanta; Gabby will stay in Minny; Hossa will stay in Motown. Havlat – not reliable.

  • Cricket

    Ottawa really wants Preissing back, right, right? Haven’t been the same without him, isn’t that right Bryan Murray? Of course it is. Show your brother what he’s been missing. We’ll take that malcontent Heatley off your hands.

  • -J

    “After hearing the Ottawa broadcaster? speaking on NHL Radio he pointed out how strange it was that Heatley wanted to leave after just signing a new contract. IMO that’s not a sign of someone with character and integrity.” Heatley signed the contract a year ago, and then stuff goes down in ottawa, including a coaching change and a change in his role on the team- all this is in TSN’s report, so i don’t know what that broadcaster is talking about. It’s highly likely the team is headed in a different direction than it was when he signed. Really, us fans have no idea so how can we judge his character?

    As for Snyder’s death, how is being young and getting in a car-accident that kills one of your closest friends (who was in the car by his own volition) and tears you up, an indictment of his character? I used to watch ATL a lot back then, and was pretty impressed with how he handled himself. I do distinctly remember how Synder’s family treated him, being very supportive, and there was nothing to me that suggested they blamed him in the slightest for what happened.

    Personally, I don’t judge someone with out knowing the facts. However, I do think the fact that he has been an alternate captain on Team Canada (as chosen by people who actually know him) does say something about his character- you don’t see guys like Avery (eg bad teamates, questionable character) being chosen to represent/lead Canadian national teams, do you? Is he a good character guy- i have no clue, but i do think the actions of those that know him at the very least suggest that he is.

    He’d be a tremendous, and very much needed, addition on the left side. For the right price, I’m all for this. You don’t get a chance at players of his caliber often so the Kings would be wise to at least inquire about his services.

  • Duckhunter

    I know I’m a year premature(got over my embarrassment years ago) but I still say we sign a serviceable left wing this year and go after Kovy next year. No lost pick or players. How does this lineup look?

    Kovy-Moller/Boyle-Brown (What possibilities)
    Moulson-Moller/Boyle-Purcell (or whoever earns time)

    Of course Fro and Boyle would have to be resigned. I haven’t looked into salaries, but this might be doable. Hanz contract might have to go, but this lineup would be pretty competitive, I would think. This would be a great blend of experience and youth.

  • variable

    a bit off topic here…but relevant since we were previously discussing this on another thread a few back…


    the judge seems to be leaning towards the point i was making w/BAKO a couple of weeks ago…transfer fees and indemnity fees could decide this whole enchilada…

  • BringBackKingston

    or DL decides that Vinny’s contract is too much of a burden, by wanting out from his team Heatley doesn’t have the type of character that he’s looking for, and having Gabby’s fragile groin to go along with Fro’s problematic groin is one pain in the groin too much.

    instead, maybe he thinks that there might be better (less risky) FA options next year in 2010. maybe he thinks that if the salary cap goes down again next year there will be more teams in need of shedding burdensome contracts that will take less in return than today’s asking price.

    maybe he thinks that the priority is signing Fro and JJ because he’s all about filling holes, not creating holes, especially when the kids in the minors and juniors still have to prove that they are nhl ready.

  • Ersberg


    Thanks for the info.

  • src3

    Well Gents,

    Since AK is not posting at this point I will throw in my 2 cents. Been reading a few Ottawa bloggs and the concensis is:

    Teubert or hickey
    5th pick


    Too much for my blood!!!

    Gaborik-I dont know why Gabby would come to LA. I know he said he would like too, but……….He was very unhappy with the defensive minded Lemaire. Why Murry and LA then??? Plus he wont want any less than 6 mil/year

    Havlat-no headache, A/C joint separations way!!!

    Hossa-Just dont see it happening.

    Heatley-Depends on the price. His contract is very doable, probably the most reasonable of all the options. Dont think they would want a 1 year Frolov unless we sign him first. Stil I would not trade the Fro

    I would give:

    5th pick
    Moller or Purcell or Boyle

    2nd rounder

    Yes, that is alot. Dont think they will take on PREISSING for us. They will want cap space for camalleri or comparable.

    Still think hartnell for Bernier and a pick or 2 would be our best bet. Kovi will most likely test the market next year.

  • DBargaehr


    Boyle isn’t really a throwaway, IMHO…at the end of the season, he started showing quite a bit of promise as a solid 3rd-liner.

    Preissing, we can lose. It’s odd how some players don’t work in one system (or on a certain team), then go on to thrive in a different one. So throwing him in isn’t necessarily a terrible deal for a team, it’s a low-risk extra.

    Kovy, you are right, will most likely stay in Atlanta…he’s the only thing about that franchise (besides how boring Atlanta is) that’s still drawing crowds.

    But Gaborik said he doesn’t want to resign with Minnesota, and the feeling is likely mutual.

    Hossa’s future has been discussed.

    Havlat is at least more reliable than Gaborik πŸ™‚ but that’s like saying GM is more reliable than Bear-Stearns.

  • variable

    i can only imagine that if detroit closes it out tonight…by thusday…that rumor mill will have skyrocketed…and we could be talking a whole new ballgame w/different players involved…

    i still have that feeling that we are going to experience a record amount of movement on draft day…

  • DBargaehr


    Boyle is, unfortunately, dealable. We have a plethora of 3rd and 4th-line players, and he’s one of the ones that might work to sweeten a deal.

    Fro, I agree, is someone we should hang on to.

    As an odd question, would it be weird for us to have Brown as a 3rd-liner? Simmonds/Handzus/Brown would make a great 3rd line…Fair scoring potential with some great physical play.


    Heatley/Hossa-Moller-(some good RW? Hossa?…I wish.)

    Yes, Murray and Lombardi will keep the goon line, unfortunately. 3 roster spots wasted on a 6-minute-per-game enforcer line that rarely produced.

  • AK47


    I wrote something earlier, I don’t know if you saw it..

  • number 6

    -J, you know you and I evidently see things very differently – and that’s fine. I mean in no way do I expect people to agree with me. I just state my opinion. So wrt Dany Heatley… first off, I’m sure in a pure hockey sense he would do very well with the Kings. That being said, I Didn’t indict him for what happened. The truth of the matter is he was driving well over the speed limit when the accident happened. Now it’s just my personal opinion – right or wrong that when you have someone else in your car that driving like that is not exercising good judgment. That’s point no. 1. Point no. 2 is that I also believe that you carry the weight of something like that for the rest of your life. What affect that would or wouldn’t have on his hockey I can’t say, but to imagine that he’s 100% over that is simply not realistic.

    Now regarding the contract…. yes you’re absolutely right, I have No idea what’s happened in Ottawa since he got the extension He wanted a year ago. But unless they asked him to skate around in a tutu or something then basically ….. tough. Sorry. I’m not of the view personally that it’s like, well, here’s millions of dollars, but just let us know if you aren’t happy with anything and we’ll do whatever we can do make sure you’re cool with everything. The whole idea of a contract is to protect the player and the franchise…. not just the player until such time as he isn’t happy anymore. That’s one of the problems with pro sports now. The amount of money is one thing, but then thinking that everything within the functioning of the franchise should make them happy just doesn’t make sense.

    So summed up, it’s not like I’d say “oh my god, no way do I want Dany Heatley”, but I sure wouldn’t go out of my way to get him, especially knowing as AK47 pointed out that in all probability you’re not getting him w/o giving up Fro And a choice. I personally wouldn’t even do the deal if it was only for our 1st. What’s to stop Heatley from not liking TM either…. “oh, I made a mistake coming here… I want a trade”? LOL

  • number 6

    P.S. So where I made my mistake was stating that I questioned his character and integrity. Saying ‘character’ I was wrong. That’ not for me to say and you’re right to call me on it. However integrity, yes I stand by that. I just have an issue as stated above with athlete’s not being willing to honor a contract. Hell, give it another year and see if the team starts doing better, if the way you’re being used changes a little, then after another season, ok, you are really fed up and not helping the team because of it, then ask for a trade.
    Bryan Murray I’m sure you heard, stated that he just signed a contract extension and he expects him to honor it. Good for him!

  • KingFan4ever

    I voted for Vinny. His stats are on par with Heatley’s but I think he’s a much better 2-way player. Gaborik’s health is his major downside

  • -J

    I feel you number 6, and I hope i’m not coming off as gunning for you or anything lately. I agree completely that driving that fast is not good judgement and personally, I can attest to things like sticking with you. That would break many people, for sure, but seeing as it’s been many years since then, including one trip to the finals, i don’t see that it’s affected his performance.

    As for the contract, I think I’m perhaps sympathetic because I can see that he might be in a situation I recently found myself in. Basically, I committed to a job for 3-4 years and within the first year, a big chunk of what was used to recruit me and sell me on putting in several years of my life at this place turned out to be false. I stayed because i felt i had to honor my end of the deal- the single biggest mistake of my life (so far). I got 3 years of stress and unhappiness and no career progress because of it. So I can’t fault him for wanting out if he’s got some real issues with the coach and perhaps even the direction the team is going.

    Still, I totally see where you’re coming from now.

  • Eric K

    not Gabby.

  • number 6

    -J, you know I don’t mean to be overly sentimental but your last post really touched me. Not because of agreement or lack thereof but it was really honest and had a lot of kindness in it. What more can I say than that.

    As for your situation with the contract you signed, just from the little I understood, while on one level it may have seemed like a bad decision (and still may in hindsight) it also says a whole lot for your character…. so like our discussions of everything from the Red Wings drafting to hockey players wanting out of contracts, obviously there are far more than two ways to look at everything, which is what’s so cool about this blog (Thanks Rich)! Well off to the TV to check out the game.

  • darko25o

    to all those Vinny supporters….we need another center like we need a whole in the head. Heatley is the perfect pick, and we have depth in spots that the Sens are desperate to fill-ie. Center, young Defensemen, and most importantly, goalies

  • Paul from Oxnard

    I’ll just throw this out there. The Kings first round pick (#5 overall), one of our young goalies, and a prospect to Ottawa for Heatly. If I’m the Sens I take that deal in a second, even without getting Frolov.

  • macdup


    I thought you were the real Ersberg until I noticed you suggested a trade for yourself to Philly (I think). I got a chuckle out of that. Why would any goalie WANT to leave one goalie confused team for another.

    I am not into following the numbers like you guys (Quispie for GM btw!) but I like Heatley and think Vinnie is a mistake.

    On another note I met a Kings season seat holder who owns a pizza restaurant. If any of you guys are him, good pizza man!

    Dave W.

  • Bring Back the Shield Jersey

    On the risk-reward scale, Gabby wins. He costs us “only” money and not prospects, but he could have tremendous productivity.

    On the other hand, he’s my kid’s favorite player, which means I’d have to fork out some cash for a new jersey.

  • jet

    Unfortunately, the cap number comes out after the draft. If the cap goes down 1.5M, then there will talent available all over the place. I’d let the nuks or habs shoot their wad on DH on draft day. This will drop the cost of FAs by 20%. DL has the Kings in the sweet zone wrt prospects and cap space given the current environment. I would not even mind letting the kids go for another year. Then, next summer pick up a couple of players (Kovi and?) for the finishing touch. Prices will likely drop with the cap again next year. DL was so smart for not wasting 7M/yr on Cammy.
    It is good to be King.

  • Quisp

    What, you think Heatley, Hossa and Evander Kane is too much to ask for? Truly, I’m excited to see what DL does.

    p.s. I would think twice before trading the #5 pick for Heatley. Although maybe — maybe — a swap of picks, with the Kings moving down to #9.

    Maaaaaaaybe. I’d have to think about it. And it would all come down to the specific prospects OTT would want. I can see them saying, we want one of Moller or Loktionov and one of Hickey or Voynov and one of Bernier or Zatkoff, plus JJ. Would you do that?

    I don’t think I would.

    For one thing, the economy is likely to get worse, not better. That means a shrinking cap. Which means those big contracts are going to be less and less workable. Which means Moller et al will be even more valuable, because they will be affordable for several years, and every team needs a steady stream of those guys.

    Also, several of the prospects I mentioned are character guys, leaders. Moller and Hickey specifically. They are captains. The two Russians also appear to have the right attitude. Heatley, while I’m not going to assume he’s some kind of problem because of the accident thing, on the whole I would say the jury is still out.

    It’s going to be interesting, that’s for sure.

  • -J

    Thank you, number 6.

  • AK47


    you can even put down Voynov as a proven leader since he was chosen as the alternate captain for the russian team in the WJC.. I’m also excited to see how everything unfolds.. This year’s draft and free agency will be very interesting

  • Steve Soldo

    How about another perspective? All of these players have major downsides. I like many other Kings fans are desperate for a winning team (let’s be honest and have a moment of introspection). However, we shouldn’t just throw money at the problem.

    None of these players is a messiah.

    Why would you want to spend all that money on Lecavlier? That contract will be a noose around DL’s neck. Some of these UFA’s have major injury issues and not worth the risk or what they are asking.

    Another downside, is if these highly paid players does not perform, may well create animosity within the team which would be destructive.

    One thing you posters have to ask yourself is whether or not these players want to come to LA. Is LA a place where players come that are serious about winning hockey? (I really wish it was) Do they want to play with the Kings? Why would Hossa want to come here after taking less money to play on a contender?

    Really the issue is whether or not any given status player can come here and help build the team. I really do not see that potential in any of the names thrown around.

    Best solution, I know it is boring, is draft, draft, and draft…

    Just one blokes $.02

  • uknojata

    The Ottawa paper lists the Kings as obvious players in a possible deal. Fans chime in.


  • src3

    After reading all the posts and looking again at DET cap space…………..I dont see them signing Hossa.
    For comparison: Do the Kings let Handzues, Stoll, Quincey walk to sign Hossa. I think DET would much rather have Hudler, Samuelsen and Stuart then Hossa. However, Lidstrm has only 1 year left (7.5) on his contract and will most likely retire. I dont see them giving up on all of these quality 2nd and 3rd tier players for Hossa. Look at Hossas stats this year in the playoffs. Remember what he did in Ottawa, he is not very effective when it comes to playoff hockey. I am not impressed, and furthermore dont think he is the type of guy DL is looking for. Granted he is the potentially best 2 way FA that will be available without a red cross sticker tatooed to his buttocks, but just does not seem to have enough grit or edge to make much of a difference. Zetterberg makes him look like a second line winger.

    Again give me a Hartnell, Clowe or comparable. Keep the pick and give the kids one more year.

  • number 6

    You’re welcome -J.
    src3, I’m with you as to keeping the pick and giving the kids one more year. The more I think about it each of the players mentioned by Rich seem to have something be it contract (Lecavalier), contract + performance level in playoffs (Hossa), injury issues (Gabs), and don’t know what to say about Heatley other than we’d have to give up a lot to get him…. so I’m sort of for keeping the pick. I’ve said it before and seem to recall Variable saying the same thing….. that hopefully we won’t be in this low of a drafting position for a very long time….. but we are now so why not take advantage of it. From everything I’ve seen there seem to be six or seven big names out there after which it’s anybodies guess….. and obviously we’d be in that top seven group… unless DL is seeing someone out there who falls below that group…. but unlike the year Hickey was drafted where there wasn’t a real consensus after Patrick Kane, Kyle Turris and maybe James van Riemsdyk. Personally I like Schenn very much…. why… I don’t know, just a feeling (not that we’ll pick him, but I wouldn’t be unhappy if we did).

  • src3

    number 6

    There is still an interesting senario out there. If by chance NYI take Hedman first (dont see it happening, purely based on marketing), then VL could go cheap. Dont see how TOR can move up in the draft Kubina and Kaberle hav ntc and will choose their own destination. Cant see them acdepting a trade to TB. What else does TOR have to offer to move up??? Tor only possible trade partners are PHO and LA, if DL covets someone rated 7+ like Kassien.

    This is going to get interesting.

  • Ersberg


    Thanks for that link. If I’m DL, there’s no possible way I would consider moving Frolov+5th for Heatley. Trading goals and the possibility of landing a franchise player in the draft makes no sense for this teams future.

    Heatley scored roughly 5-6 more goals than Fro this season, plus Fro has the uncanny knack for puck control. I feel it’s a mistake to trade/not re-sign Frolov. He’s arguably our only true proven 1st line player we have, even though he gets moved around a lot.

    If we’re dealing Fro+5th, as that paper suggests, we’d better be getting their 9th back.

  • MacSwede

    Here comes my 2 cents, or kronor as we have in Sweden πŸ˜‰

    I like all the players, but as you mentioned, Vinny has a terrible contract. Otherwise he would be a perfect center to lead our troops together with kopi. Centers is the most important position, look at all the winning teams in history. (Crosby/Malkin, Yzerman/Fedorov, Lemieux/Francis).

    Heatley also has a pretty bad contract, but would definetly fit.

    I agree with Naturallawyer and Brad M that Gaborik would be the best player to go after, since we could keep all our talents AND the pick!

    BUT, have you all CONSIDERED this scenario?????

    Correct me if I am wrong, but isnt the free agent market opened after the draft? That means that Lombardi has to gamble a little if he is going to go for Gabby. I mean, he cant trade the pick after the draft right? To get Heatley or Vinny for that matter WILL require the 5th pick. So would he take the risk of not going after this players, and maybe see them go somewhere else, and focus all on Gabby? What happens if he fails to sign gaborik?

    Maybe I am wrong, but therefore it is odd to compare gabby with the other two in this question. Ofcourse, maybe we could trade the player that we pick in the draft, but that is unlikely. And the train may have gone by then..

    Sorry for my swenglish, but I hope you got my point, and I would love to hear your response!

    Is it a risk to wait for gabby? That is my question..

  • src3

    With ya on that one Ersberg!!! We can surely extend Fro for 2 mil less per year, and the fact that the scouts say the top 5-7 picks are in another tier level. The trade for Heater without getting their 9th back makes no sense, and the trade in it selv including Fro makes no sense. Why would OTT take a chance on Fro walking after next year. JJ, Purcell, Teubert or Bernier, 5th for Heater and 9th, yeh maybe, I would at least think about it. All in all there seem to be alot of character questions regarding Heater.

  • AK47

    If there’s a way we get Heatley without dealing Frolov the other way, I’m going to literally praise Dean Lombardi (not that I don’t already) and IMO, if any GM can do it, it’s him..

    I want to see how this one turns out to be honest, something like a

    Jarrett Stoll
    Colten Teubert
    Oscar Moller
    LA 1st


    Dany Heatley
    Jim O’Brien

    Would you guys do this? Or are we giving too much? I just don’t want to see Frolov going the other way, because a Heatley/Frolov combination at the Left Wing is deadlyyyy

  • AK47

    Heatley – Kopitar – Williams
    Frolov – Lewis – Brown
    Purcell – Handzus – Simmonds
    Clune – Boyle – Chris Neil

  • src3


    Why would they want Stoll??? They have a 4 mil a year 3rd liner playing center on the second in Fisher???

    JJ, Teubert, MOller 5th pick for Heater and the 9th.

    They cant take Fro and risk losing him next year.

  • -J

    “you can even put down Voynov as a proven leader since he was chosen as the alternate captain for the russian team in the WJC..”

    Quisp, AK47- FYI- Heatley was an alternate captain in Ottawa and an alternate captain for team canada at the world cup. He also is team canada’s all-time goal and point leader.

    “All in all there seem to be alot of character questions regarding Heater.” Oh really, src3? From who? Fans? Pundits? Judging someone’s character is not something that can be done from the sidelines- appearances are not always what they seem.

  • If I were GM and considering 42 years of futility (i.e. trying to find the quick fix and trading away the future)…hang onto the core-re-sign Fro and JJ for three max each, and look for a UFA that fills the need up front. Give the kids 2 years to mature, along the way, pick up more UFA’s other teams need to shed for cap space. Year 3, we’re drinking from the cup.

  • AK47


    I’d rather keep Frolov and Johnson from them.. Stoll can be their 2nd line center, and Fisher drops to the 3rd line, where he’s more effective.. Both can switch, Fisher can play the 2nd and Stoll will play the 3rd..

  • s2

    Heatley has revealed himself as nothing more than a me-first hockey prima donna. Doesn’t want to play defense, so he wants to take his marbles and play elsewhere. That’s a character issue for me. Heatley, despite all of his skill, is a selfish loser. I not only pass on Heatley, I run the other way.

  • khanon81

    Wow! I am actually shocked that there are so many comments in this post without one from Mr Khanon, AKA “The knowledgeable hockey fan.”

    Nevertheless, the player thats number one on my list is Nash, because he can put the puck in the net, play physical, fight when he has to, not to mention, he is a great leader. Vinny is number two on my list.

    Does anyone know if Heatley is German or Canadian?

  • MacSwede

    He is Canadian, but has roots from germany..

    Why do you guys have to say about my question a bit up in the thread?

    Is there any risk to wait for Gaborik, and not trade before draft day?

  • khanon81

    MacSwede said:

    “Is there any risk to wait for Gaborik, and not trade before draft day?”

    First of all, why would you want Gabby? The guy is proned to injuries, hasn’t played a full season in years, finesse, wimpy, heartless, won’t perform in the playoffs, and will demand more money than he is worth.

    But, to answer your question, there is no risk to wait for Gabby because he will have a hard time signing with another team, being that he will probably demand an inordinate amount of money for what he really is worth.

    Why not trade Fro/Handzus, JJ, and a draft pick for Vinny or Nash? That way, DL will be bringing in a big contract, but he will be parting with 2-3 players that probably will add up to the same amount, if not more?

    Why settle for Gabby? Lets bring in players that are playoff bound, not regular season performers…

  • jet

    J makes a good point. A friend tried to speak with Dustin Brown after a practice during his rookie year and brown gave very brief answers. My buddy came away thinking that Brown was a jerk. Little did he know that Dustin was a shy person, at least in the early years or that Avery may not have been the best mentor. We can not judge athletes by one encounter or one comment, or by one mistake. For the most part the coaches and GMs know what they are getting. DL will pass if there are any questions.

    #6 – your instinct is correct on Scheen and that is why the leafs want to trade with Atlanta. Burke is just dancing with the top 3. Scheen played well during the regular season, but elevated his play in the playoffs. DL loves this type of player.

    Last point, how long has it been since there have been so many rumors about superstars going or wanting to go to LA?

  • src3

    Mcswede-yes we can wait and look to a FA. However, we cant keep all the young guys. Some are keepers and some dont fit. We need to trade some of them while they still have value. Take Teubert for example. Some of the bloggers here say they are not impressed with him. I personally have never seen him play. D men take 3+ years to develop. But his stock is still high. OTT bloggs want him more than Hickey. So, potentially striking while the iron is hot is the way to go. With Loki or Moller potentially centering the second line in 2 years, then one of them is tradable. Both are highly regarded. Could Teubert, Moller, 5th pick get Heatley or better??? Thats the question.

  • Cynic

    I just posted this in a thread somewhere else about Dany Heatley and a possible trade to LA and I wanted to post it here for opinions. There are a lot of good thinking people here with great insight and I’d value the thoughts. Here goes:

    Not too many Kings fans in here (Except AK47 who I know from Rich Hammond’s blog.) so let me give you our take on a few things from this side:

    1- Frolov is NOT leaving. Dude is our top scorer and out ONLY TRUE Left Wing. We have kids that could come up (Scott Parse, Matt Moulson, Vladimir Dravecky), but none of those guys have Frolov potential. We currently have Kyle Calder and Raitis Ivanans (Drago) on the left other than Frolov. :no: :yuck: Are you kidding??? We ditch Fro, we leave a gaping hole on the left. Exchanging Dany for Fro does NOTHING for us. It’s like exchanging Megan Fox for Angelina Jolie. One is just flashier and more popular than the other, but they’re both smokin’! Now put Fro AND Heater on the same team, BLAM! We suddenly have 2 top lines that can do damage NOW.

    Heater – Kopitar – Brown/Williams
    Frolov – Stoll/Moller – Brown/Williams/Purcell

    If Richard Clune could ever live up to his billing, I’d like to see this 3rd line:

    Clune – Handzus – Simmonds

    Your 6 minutes a game line has lots of options, but the best possibilities:

    Speed: Calder – Armstrong/Richardson – Zeiler/Trevor Lewis

    Goon: Drago(Ivanans) – Boyle – Westgarth

    On that GOON line, the average height is 6′ 5″+ and average weight is 252lbs. :aah: :love: When the puck is stripped, Boyle actually has good hands to do something with it. Who’s gonna push that line around???

    Got a little carried away there, back to the point:

    You can see that we need both. Fro stays.

    2. We’re stocked at D and JMFJ is expendable. Sure, he may develop, but he’s a good chip at this point. He goes. Dad is thrown in free.

    3. You’re NOT getting Moller or Simmonds. Losing either of them sets me back a step with my future development. I’d give you Teubert. He needs at least 2 years to develop. Anyone who has watched him play for the Ontario Reign this year in the ECHL (Ontario, CALIFORNIA) knows his positional plays flat out BLOWS, but he’s a kid and has only played a handful of pro games. Tons of heart, but you’re getting Johnson, so why another tough d-man here? You’d end up with Hickey. To me, he’s undersized but has so much upside that he’s an asset in this deal. We have a YOUNG puck moving defensemen in Drew Doughty, so he’s expendable as we get the next Doughty in a draft sometime in the next 4-5 years.

    4. The 5th round pick. The albatross. The 5th for the 9th I might do as I truly believe MPS/MSP might actually fall there (We still need LWers), but it’s a gamble. Bottom line is, knowing Dean, I think he could get away with keeping this pick and offer another offensive prospect (Or 2) or give the 35th pick and a later round pick instead. How could he do this? Position my friend. Ottawa is in a bad position because of Heatley’s demands. Sure, they don’t HAVE to trade him, but look how well that worked with Emery. A distraction is a distraction and BM is not going to want any in his locker room. Not many people can take Heater and Murray has very few options to move him. If Heater decides to give 70% this year, he’ll lose even more value. Deano will exploit this more than likely. (At least I hope so).

    5. I don’t care if I get draft picks in return, I have tons. I’ll get them in future deals, just give me Heater.

    6. Dean is cap conscious, so I would look for him to rake in 20% a year for each year left on Heater’s contract as a buffer to the hit. It’ll get nego’d down to somewhere between $3-$4 million in cash as something is better than nothing.

    So what were looking at is the following:

    To OTT:
    Jack MF Johnson
    Thomas Hickey
    1 offensive prospect (possibly a Scott Parse or Justin Azevedo)
    The 35th & 117th pick in 2009

    To LA:
    Dany Heatley
    $3-$4 Million in cash

    Any more than this and Deano walks away and goes after Gaborik and gives up NOTHING and pays LESS. The injury risk is worth the assets kept.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Whale away…..thanks-

  • Ersberg


    I don’t think they’d take Stoll. I do think they’d take the deal minus Fro if we give them the right prospects.
    If they insist on the 5th overall and refuse to give their 9th, then we insist on them taking Preissing back. That would be a MUST from our end. They either give us the pick or take salary back. They can’t have it both ways.

    Ottawa has had too many distractions the passed two seasons so keeping a guy that would cause more distractions would require them moving him. They need to move forward, and keeping $7.5m dollar distraction next season only delays their progress. What I’m getting at is, BM is dealing from a position of weakness.

    If just the right amount of prospects/roster players+5th overall is offered, he would be hard- pressed not to accept it. I believe LA has the best package the league could offer for Heatley. At this point, I think it’s really up to Dean whether he wants him or not.

  • AK47


    Why would Ottawa do that?
    Trade their top goal scorer for a under-achieving defenseman, a prospect dman and 2 other prospects plus our 2nd rouder and 3rd rounder.. hmm

    It’s a good deal for LA, but let’s be realistic..

    5th overall



  • Ersberg


    I agree with you regarding JJ, but I’m not certain Hickey would be the prospect BM would be after. I could be wrong though. I think they’d want Moller, as he’s a quick and flashy offensive prospect with NHL experience.

  • -J

    Cynic- I’m no CBA expert, but i believe cash can no longer be included in trades; however, they can take preissing off the books (2.75 mil/year X 2 years). Still that only covers 2 of Heatley’s four years. IMO, it’ll be the later years that could be a bigger issue, since doughty, moller, simmonds, and some other young’uns (at least a couple out of hickey, voinov, teubert, bernier, loktionov, martinez, zatkoff, campbell, meckler, jones) will need to be re-signed to large(r) contracts.

  • PaulCat1969

    Might be pretty interesting to see what the Murray brothers can discuss. I a sure they can come up with something.

  • Cynic

    I believe OTT would do that because if they give up Heatley, they are going to go back into a bit of a rebuilding phase. They are a mediocre team at best with one big line. Their D has holes and prospect wise they aren’t very deep. (Ranked #18 at HF http://www.hockeysfuture.com/nhl_organisation_rankings/?start=12 ). Johnson is an underachiever, but at 21 with size and 2 years NHL experience and the ability to move the puck, he’s ready to step in now and help shoulder the blueline.

    Hickey would become their #1 D prospect walking in the door. Shores up their D for a few extra years. Gives them a potential Drew Doughty with puck moving skills with leadership experience.

    Parse or Azevedo would be a nice compliment to the pieces Ottawa already has, the risk is that they are unproven so it’s all potential here. That’s an assessment Murray has to make.

    The picks are what I believe Murray can get for Heater. I don’t think anyone will give up their 1st rounder for him unless that is all they give, which does nothing for Murray. This also gives extra bargaining power to Murray to make another trade for more immediate scoring. He’s not going to recoup value from Heatley in one trade.

    I think Ottawa would do it. It is dependent on what the market dictates, but I think this will be Murray’s best option/value for Heatley he’ll get that won’t break our bank either.

    Forgot about that. I think you’re right (and I’m sure someone will clarify that). Preissing would be a good replacement for the $$$. Good point. Thanks.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Gee–my computer needs defragging to complete an installation and see what happens? Eighty-eight posts in less than 24 hours? And not a one about Game 6 or Game 7 of the Stanley Cup playoffs!

    From my point of view:

    1): Cynic, gotta luv the Megan Fox/Angelina Jolie post! Why trade babes, when one on each arm will do! And they say that a Cynic is a Romantic who lost out on love… That describes us Kings Fans, for sure! Of course, one has to love that analogy relative to age and experience, as well. Megan Fox is definitely younger=more arm life; Angelina has a definite track record, and the baggage that comes with it.

    One could make the point that the Kings are like a group of young potential starlets without any experience. The trick is, who’s going to be the star? Is it the most beautiful of them all, the one with the gorgeous bod (one could offer JMFJ for that one)? Will it be one of the girls we tried in a starring role last year with mixed success? Does our movie need a more experienced actress with a good track record, not necessarily the most gorgeous babe in town this year but definitely was Actress of the Year in 2002?

    I’m one of those guys who want to see just what we’ve got in our stable. I think we might have an Aishwarya Rai in the making already (Miss World 1994) in Simmonds; only thing is, she’s foreign and a little unknown, but give her time.

    That brings me to point #2:

    Just like a few of you have pointed out, Heatley has said he wants to come West…

    …Does that mean Los Angeles? Or, does it mean Calgary or Vancouver or Chicago or even Detroit? After all, there are only a few more Eastern locations relative to Ottawa.

    I say, let’s play out the Miss Los Angeles pageant with the contestants we have, THEN think about a trade in 6 months/ one year. We still don’t know what we have yet, and I’d hate to trade next year’s potential Halle Berry or Eva Longoria for this year’s Dana Delany. The 2009-2010 Kings team isn’t that close to a Cup run yet. The 2010-2011 Kings team will be.

  • Buster

    ANYONE not named Vinny, Gauthier or anyone resembling a deflated beachball would be fine with me.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy


    On Home Ice they are pushing the Toronto/BB option, involving Pavol Kubina…

    …Is Toronto West of Ottawa?


  • MacSwede


    Thanks for your insightful answer. I realize now that maybe the best choice IS Heatley after all. BUT, for the right prize that is. And if we dont manage to make a deal that benefits us, then we always have Gaborik as a “second chance”.

    I know that we have tons of assets, and some of them we have to trade now when there is great value to them. But I am gonna miss Hickey, I think he could be a great defensemen and leader in this leauge. Damn, I also would miss Johnson. I think he has much more in him than we have not seen yet. Look at the World Cup, he did great there.

    I just hope that DL would bring in a star forward, it would make a really interesting next season.

    What about Vanek?

  • src3

    Macswede-all the OTT bloggers want Teubert. They think their Karlsen is similar to Hickey and with compali/Campoli or whatever his name is, being a puck mover, they feel they need a replacement for volch. and phillips in 2-3 years. So I see the 5th, Moller, Teubert as a maybe senario.

    But……….There is alot of smak talkin about his non hitting, lazy, bad attitude on the OTT bloggs.

    PS “J” His (Heater”) character issues are not my opinion-just passing the buck from the OTT people.

  • src3

    AK-sorry man but I dont want to trade our faceoff stud in Stoll. Not until someone else can prove themselves as a viable replacement. He is hard working and has a canon of a shot. “I know ” 4 mil/year, but hey, right now he is worth it. Zues goes in 2 years.

  • darko25o

    Ottawa might have interest in Priessing, put him in that trade. I love how no one has mentioned Simmonds in the deal. I think we all agree that guy is just too special to risk in trade.
    If I were Ottawa, I’d be asking for Bernier, Moller, Hickey, and the 5 pick.
    DL just needs to play up to the Sens weeknesses, and see how desperate they are to fill those holes. Give them our 2nd rounder, Purcell, Bernier, and Teubert. This looks like a steal for us, in my opinion, but to Ottawa, they now have a top goalie prospect and Dman, which they are hurting for, they get two young NHL capable players, and the cap space to sign Comrie.
    Also, buy out Priessing!

  • Duckhunter

    I don’t want to see Moller go anywhere.


    Is Heatly as soft as the fans are portraying him to be? and in your view how would you describe his TEAM mentality.

  • MacSwede

    Ok src3,

    I dont hurt as much to give away Teubert πŸ™‚ But, he would definetly fit with us in a couple of years.

    I dont want to see Moller go either, but anyhow, I think that in some way if a trade is coming, it is going to hurt a little…

    And we all are going to analyze it here later hehe..

  • AK47

    Heatley is not the best team player, but he puts the puck in the net.. It’s his way or the highway, that’s why he wants out, he feels he wasn’t the go-to guy on Ottawa anymore..

    He’s mentally strong and is not soft whatsoever, he’s just really cocky and wants to be the main man..

  • Duckhunter

    Thank you AK

  • Ersberg

    I still think DL will listen to his own reasoning and go for Vinny. If that falls through, he’ll go the FA route. If that falls through, we start with what we have and let some kids play. These scenarios just makes the most sense to me.

    After sleeping on it, I just don’t see Dean trading the farm or deverting from what he’s started. He’s just not going to do another “Nagy/Zus/Calder/etc” type deal.

    As Dean has stated, he’s not going to bring in the “sexy” player just for the sake of doing it. The player will have to fall into all of our player characteristic categories in order for that player to be on this roster. With that said, I’m betting we can safely eliminate Heatley.

    It’s either Vinny or Gaborik. Rich mentioned in his Q&A’s he could see Dean making a trade rather than going the UFA route. I’m expecting to see a deal like Vinny happen or none at all.

  • Duckhunter


    I like your take on a lot of things. You give praise, but also question things when needed. Majority of the time both positive and negative thing are happening and I enjoy when someone sees both sides.

    I too, don’t think DL is going to trade the farm for a single player. He’s not going to acquire Heatley and at the same time get rid of Fro, that just doesn’t make sense as others have already posted. If we can trade majority picks and maybe a Stoll or Zues then fine, but I don’t see Moller, Simmonds or Bernier going anywhere at this time(at least I hope).

    I personally wouldn’t want Vinny, we could do a lot better for value. Good damn player, but very poor value for us. I’m a Kovy guy but that’s a dream. I can see Gaborik playing for us just on “potential” value. Sign him to a short turn contract at a reasonable price because of injury and cap concerns. It’s possible, and he’s also one hell of a player. I’ll take that risk at the right price.

    I also agree with you, we might not get the “sexy” trade or player we want, but we have tons of leverage to make something happen in our favor.

  • MacSwede

    Ersberg & Duckhunter!

    I totally agree with both of you! You should have the final word in this thread, but I couldnt help add another comment πŸ˜‰

    You more you bend this thing, you more negative aspects you find. I hope you understand what I mean.

    So, Heatley is apparently not the righ player according to both your statements.

    And, you say that Vinny is the rigt player. I agree, but NOT his contract! After his prime we are going to suffer badly if we get him..

    I have also been a Kovalchuck fan, It is my dream too. BUT, his contracts it out after next season. So he is not the right player either right? He is going to cost a lot and maybe we loose him to free agency anyway..so that rules him out.

    Gaborik I see is more like a second chance. If we dont manage to do a trade, then we go after Gabi (or both). He is not our first choice, as we said earlier.

    So, no one is the perfect match! But why limit to this rumoured players? Why cant we go after someone else? The perfect match…

    Rick Nash has been mentioned before, but maybe he is too sexy and too expensive. But what about Vanek? Or someone else with a decent age, decent contract and a decent scoring?

    I dont know, this is driving me nuts. It is tough to wait, and some part of me is really nervous that Lombardi is going to do something stupid… Dont get me wrong, I am a fan of him, not like Anthony and his gang.

    Or is it better to just pick Kane or MPS?

  • MacSwede

    I realize that my english is not the perfect match hehe..

    “You more you bend this thing, you more negative aspects you find.”

    should instead be…

    “The more you bend this thing, the more negative aspects you find.”

    But the first one is actually how we say it in Sweden..

    Hope you understand the point I am making, and that you not mark words..

  • Ersberg


    I agree that Vinny’s contract is an albatross, but I just don’t know of any available centers of his caliber.
    His contract would certainly make a mess of our cap, but *IF* he returns to his true form, we’d be repeat playoff offenders.

    With that said, I don’t see us paying the farm for him, and if the farm is needed to pay for him, then we pass.

    I think you guys are right about Gaborik, though. He’d do very well with Kopitar and he only costs us money. I’m thinking that’s the way Dean is going to go.


    I just don’t see Kovy coming here. To him it would be getting traded to ATL all over again. At least that’s how I would view getting traded here.

    Your English is fine. Keep the posts coming. It’s certainly a lot better than our Swedish, at least as far as mine is concerned. πŸ˜‰


    1. Ottawa will not trade a 50 goal scorer for prospects, or third liners. A top 3 forward would have to come back in return…this leaves Frolov or Brown.
    2. Ottawa has ZERO interest in Preissing, they already refused to sign him at that price, he left OTT as a UFA to go to LA, so forget about that, it’s a non starter.
    3. Otawa does not need a goaltender, we have 3 already, 3 good ones.
    4. Ottawa does need a defenseman, but why would they look at Johnson, who would likely refuse to report…get real, Teubert, Doughty or Hickey.
    5. They would trade picks, depending upon who was in the deal.
    Stop with the getting a top 3 LW player for defensive prospects and a third liner, it’s embarassing to read.

  • MacSwede

    Tack(thanks) Ersberg, at least you have a swedish name πŸ˜‰ (though i never heard anyone else but Erik with that last name)

    SENFAN, i dont know where to begin. Maybe you are a little right that the proposals made in hera are a bit colored. But I think that you ottawa fans overrate Heatley a lot.

    Concerning the goalies (the hobbits as bilbo would have said). I actually surfed in to your site (shame on me), and I see that you got three very decent goalies (well, at least 2 and maybe 1 prospect). But you DONT have a supertalented goalie like Bernier. Ok, he have not proved it yet, but he is ranked much more highly than the goalies you currently have..

    Otherwise, you make some points, but I think that Ersberg and Duckhunter are going to beat you up about it πŸ˜‰

    By the way, I think that the sens are willing to take a shot at Preissing, because it may be the only team in this league that can awake his lost skills, cause they are there somewhere.. Last time he played in Ottawa he was really good, and one of the reasons they went to the finals. So why wouldnt the give him a shot?

  • Ersberg


    Thanks for stopping by. I guess I’ll wait to see what your GM does.

  • SenFan

    Bernier rated higher than Leclaire…? You might want to check out a few more sites/media outlets/hockey journals before making such absurd comments…seriously, do you even watch hockey, or just the Kings?
    Like I said, some pretty embarrasing commentary here, but, coming from socal…whodathunkit, lol!

  • MacSwede


    LeClaire…hmm…12 games, 4 wins, 6 losses, 3.83 GAA, .867 sv%…hmmm…and 26 years old….yeah that makes him more atracive then Bernier at 20 years old.

    Both first round choices….Pascal at 8th in 2001, and Bernier at 11th in 2006….hmm…who would i choose????

    Ottawa got Leclair from columbus ALONG with a second pick for Antoine Vermette??? Well, that says it all..

    Id pick Bernier over LeClaire anytime, and I think that there are 30 (well 29) GMs arounde the league that would do the same..

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