Johnson rumors

I’m away for the day, but here’s what I can tell you via iPhone. Dean Lombardi sent me a text message that simply said, “Rumors not true.” That’s about all I can tell you right now. I will update if I hear anything different.

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  • Telos

    That is a relief. Thank you for this Rich. I know how annoying it must be for everyone to be running around like the sky is falling every other day from this rumor or that…

  • MasterAL99

    I hope this doesn’t happen. I’d LOVE to have Pronger, but for JJ and the 5th. In fact, not for JJ straight up, and not for the 5th straight up.

  • Steve

    I dont know Rich. I hope Dean is not stupid enough to do this unless there is a blockbuster.

    If this goes through Dean should be fired due to incompetance.

  • Andre

    Thank God.

  • AK47


  • Atomic Steve

    Thank you Rich. This puts my mind at ease. You are a godsend to us Kings fans.

  • Finally, the one with real authority gets the skinny. Thanks for setting the record straight. How the hell did this explode in the first place, Rich?

  • Fake Anthony

    It sucks that Hammond even needed to contact Dean about it when he knew it wouldn’t be true.

  • Kingcussion

    Phew, that had me scared. It would have been an ugly deal for us!

  • mike

    LA sending JMFJ and 5th overall to the quacks for C. Pronger? thats a funny rumor

  • Well DL did also tell Rich the Williams trade wasn’t true.

    If this happens they wouldnt announce it on game 7 of the finals.

  • Redcard

    ianmonsta that was a different situation. Dean was trying to keep the deal from being compromised because he was only hours away from the trade deadline.

    He’s got all summer to pull of a deal like this.

    There is no reason for him to lie.

  • AK47

    Guys, this was much more than a rumor.. A canadian broadcast station, The Score, had the deal confirmed and everything.. “Steve Ludzik has learnt that the Anaheim Ducks have sent D Chris Pronger to Los Angeles for D Jack Johnson and the 1st round pick in the 2009 draft (5th overall)”..

  • mike

    if it is true. then most likely it will be announced late tonight or tomorrow apparently its breaking all over canada? some people say on tv it comes up as breaking news. if it is true how does everyone feel where this puts us for next year?

  • Brad M

    I hope your right, but here in Canada its all over the Score TV Network, a pretty reliable source. You think DL is leaving you in the dark? If this deal is done, DL should be canned ASAP.

  • Matt George

    ianmonsta: Great point.

  • tantrum4

    It is still being shown on the ticker up here in Canada on The Score Sports network, which is usually a credible source for breaking news. It says “Steve Ludwick (sportscaster on the network) has learned the Ducks have traded Chris Pronger to the Kings for Jack Johnson and their 1st round (5th overall) draft pick in the 2009 draft.”

  • tantrum4

    Sorry that was supposed to be Steve Ludzik…lol

  • Brad M

    Done Deal, according to

  • KingNewfie

    I just made a 5 dollar bet with my buddy that it was NOT true… based on this article. I hope Dean isn’t lying… but I totally understand if he has to. I’m pretty sure no trades are allowed to happen until after the finals? Is that right?

    Either way, I’m really not sure how I feel about this…

  • JoeDaddy

    I hope Deaner is gonna trade Prongs for a goal scorer…

  • Billy J

    You better update soon, because I’m hearing a lot different. This is one of the biggest trades in LA Kings history. A former Hart trophy winner with one year remaining on his contract, for 2 of the Kings biggest prospects. You should be all over this Rich.

  • Pat McGroyn


    But Sportsnet and the Fan590am are saying that the rumors are not true. Which Canadian network is more reputable?

  • Kevco

    As good as the ducks are they just a plain ugly! They all take CHEAP shots, even after they get traded. Look at Kunitz now, playing in Pitt and he still takes cheap shots that cost them penaltities. I’d rather not have that dirt player attitude in our locker room.

  • src3

    If true, the 15th pick or 2 2nd rounders have to be coming back to us.

  • Atomic Steve

    The Score may be reliable usually, but they are the only people reporting this and Dean has told Rich it’s not true. If Dean is lying and it is true why haven’t any other sites confirmed this?

  • tantrum4

    Pat McGroyn,

    This is just crazy. On Sportsnet’s website they are reporting it IS true, but the link is to an article on Hockeybuzz, which I can’t believe they are using as a source. In Canada credibility would be TSN first, then Sportsnet and then The Score on television. The Fan590 is radio and they are very credible too. I think where they are getting their info that it isn’t true is actually from this site, believe it or not…so who knows what the hell is happening..Ludzik is a regualr on The Score so I can’t see why he would put his reputation on the line for a bogus rumour. He must have heard SOMETHING and just broke the news a little too early. Once it is actually official, TSN will report it, and not a moment sooner….

  • The Score is probably running with the Andy Strickland HockeyBuzz post. The big daddy, TSN, isn’t reporting it and neither is the network most like to take something from Eklund, Sportsnet.

  • cfbuckster

    I think Dean has to deny this until after the Cup is presented, due to the obvious no trade clause during the playoffs. If it’s true, I can live with Pronger, but I don’t like giving up the 5 pick in the draft. Especially since the Quacks are so desperate to shed salary, I could’ve lived with Johnson and a second rounder for Pronger. Like it was stated above, if this is true we must be getting the Quacks pick (I hope). We need the grit (yes we all know he’s dirty, but we need soemeone like that on this team) that Pronger can bring. I’m probably in the minority on this, but I would rather have Pronger than Johnson. Just my opinion.

  • Brad M

    TSN is reporting nothing. They are the most creditable source when it comes to this kind of stuff, but the is a close second. This would be a huge embarrassment to TheScore if this was false. I believe that this deal is done. A sad day for true Kings fans.

  • kings20

    if true, bye bye DEan-o! i’d squash these rumors immediately too if i were him. unless of course, if he’s got a deal in line with someone to turn around and trade Pronger for say a Heatley or Kovalchuk. That would work

  • Atomic Steve


    But for now, the official word from Ducks’ GM Bob Murray, in a short but pointed e-mail note, is that it did not happen. In fact, Murray texted back a NO (caps his), when asked if there was any truth to the report.

  • KingNewfie

    cfbuckster, I’m actually in the mindset that’s closer to yours than the haters of this trade. I don’t like the 5th pick going and the massive salary coming, but it may be a good thing if true… which I still hope is not.

  • WTF

    Pronger has 1 year left on his contract and would probably bail. There is no way the Kings are winning the cup in 2010 so this would be one of the all time stupidest trades. Lombardi would be inline the various past Islander GMs for dumbest things a single human being can do to ruin a franchise.

    If he had like 4 years left to go so he would be locked in to help out Colton and DD for a while, maybe, just maybe. But for the love of god I would officially stop watching the Kings if this happens.

  • Ryan

    Listening to the Fan960 in Calgary they made a few calls to some TSN insiders who have talked to the Ducks staff and when asked if the rumor was true they got a huge NO.

  • ucsdguy1

    All Dean said was “rumors not true”. He made no reference to the Pronger rumors. For all we know Dean could have been talking about the Lecavilier/Heatley/Gaborik rumors that are floating around. Does that make it plausible deniability if the deal gets announced after tonight?

  • Baumgartner22

    if this does happen, does DL flip pronger as part of a deal to acquire heatley?

  • GB

    The Score picked up the rumour via the same sources as everyone else. There is nothing to it at this time. More than likely, someone in one of the two organizations (LA or Ana) floated the possibility of such a deal being considered (e.g. we are considering offering x for y), and that is what was leaked. You all know how the game of telephone works … “we are considering” becomes “a deal is happening” VERY quickly.

  • Ersberg

    Okay, shall we break this down line-by-line?

    1). Will Rich, the Duck management, Dean or any other authority figure on the matter CONFIRM this as true on the eve of game 7 of the Stanley Cup?

    Bettman would HANG people for it.

    2). If there is truth to it, do you guy really believe the details are spot on? I.e. JJ, the 5th, Pronger..etc.

    3). Would the Ducks really trade Pronger to LA??

    4). Doesn’t Dean tend to do deals of an unorthodox nature? Perhaps Pronger would be going to, say, TB for Vinny? (that’s an example)

    5). Why would someone post this as a fact, then state it otherwise? I mean, why Pronger? Couldn’t they have chosen players that we know of to be in play already? I.e. Vinny, Heatley, maybe Kessel, etc.

  • tantrum4

    Matthew Berry on Hockeybuzz thinks that it’s Pronger for Johnson and a pick from NEXT years draft that will be conditional depending on weather or not Pronger signs an extension with us. That deal actually sounds pretty good if that’s what’s really happening. I’d be all for it!

  • discostu311

    i just looked at the score report….this “trade” is listed in the RUMOURS SECTION

  • Matt George


    now i’m really not going to get any work done today

    honestly i’m not sure where i come out on this


    pronger is talented but older … guess he could not only mentor our blueliners but make a difference at the same time

    i’m not upset about a JJ loss … he’s a big talent as well but with annoying parents ..

    this still would not address our issue with needing more scoring so here’s to hoping deano has that vinny trade up his sleeve on this one

  • cup4la

    It looks like Pronger is coming here after all.

  • Matt George

    tantrum: me too … that would definitely be cool

  • Quisp

    I guess since there can be no trades until the season is over (sometime tonight) DL and Anaheim do both have to say there is no trade, because there can’t be. However, the Ducks said there was NO truth to the rumor, which is a broader denial than “this exact rumor is false.” I mean, if the trade happens tomorrow, and involves Pronger and the Kings, you would have to say there was SOME truth to the rumor.

    I have to assume it’s not true in any form.

    As I mentioned in the other thread, and others have noted here, Pronger is entering the last year of his contract, and he’s 34. His cap hit is 6.25, which means we would have to add $4MM to what we thought the cap hit was going to be after re-signing Johnson. Which puts us in the neighborhood of $52MM. Which means: no top-six forward UFA signing.

    Could Pronger be part of a three-way deal (e.g. Heatley) that’s in the works? It’s slightly more possible. At least we would potentially be addressing the team’s actual needs (assuming we get a top-six forward).

    However, Pronger for Heatley is not enough going OTT’s way, I don’t think — to say nothing of the Heatley and the #9 pick variation. So if there was a three-way in the works, it would have to involve more pieces.

    I don’t think DL trades Johnson and the #5 pick for anyone over thirty or anyone with fewer than two years on the contract. And I don’t think he brings in a defenseman, unless it’s someone affordable and temporary.

    If he wants Pronger, he would just wait a year and sign him as a UFA when the market for UFA’s will be depressed anyway.

    (p.s. Pronger to OTT makes slightly more sense because they get out from under the, I think, $8MM plus $4MM bonus, that Heatley is due, and maybe they just deal him at the deadline for assets… The Kings might be willing to absorb that extra $4MM salary bonus, since it doesn’t change the cap hit, and would seek compensation for provided that service, i.e. a player, pick, something tasty).

    What if it’s this:

    LA gives up Frolov, Johnson and the #5; gets Heatley and the #9 and ANA’s #1 pick or a young ANA player TBD.
    OTT gets Frolov and Pronger. Gives up Heatley and the #9.
    ANA gets Johnson and the #5. Gives up Pronger and a good young player, or ANA’s 1st pick.

    That makes a certain amount of sense. And I wouldn’t think the GMs were lying to say the rumor is not true.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    Guys guys guys! Jeez! If I’m not mistaken NHL rules don’t even allow trades to be done till a certain # of days after the final game of the Cup Finals. So even if it’s possible the Kings would do this trade, which I HIGHLY DOUBT, they wouldn’t announce it today.

    This sounds like a Dave Taylor trade, not a Dean Lombardi trade. Why trade your #1 pick and one of your 2 best defense prospects for an aging veteran? Makes no sense to me. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Also, the Quackers are denying this trade as well, according to Kuklas Korner.

  • Brad M

    According to the NHL’s collective agreement, no trades can be completed until after the conclusion of the Stanley Cup playoffs. This is why Dean had to deny to Rich that no trade was made. It will be officially annouced tomorrow. I’m just putting 2+2 together.

  • Quisp

    The variation in which it’s Johnson and a conditional pick in 2010 if Pronger doesn’t re-sign before next summer….. THAT makes a lot more sense. Could be… BUT it still f***s with our cap to the extent that we can’t add a big UFA (without making other moves).

  • Ersberg


    It’s something between what you’ve posted and what’s been stated already.

    This whole thing stinks of an NHL exec leaking this too soon.

    I’d bet my left (choose any anatomical portion of a human body) that after any day from tomorrow and forward:

    1) Pronger is no longer a Duck
    2) JJ and a pick of some type is no longer in possession of LA.
    3) We have a new player coming to town.

    It’s already in play. What comes of all of this is soon to be revealed.

  • src3


    I read on the senschirp that Heatleys 4 mil is not in addition to the 8 mil. He gets 8 mil total this year. The 4 is an advance on the 8. Half up front and the other half as yearly salary.

    In your senario for OTT, they need to dump salary. losing 7.5 and gaining 9+.

    I however believe it to be pronger for JJ and the 35th.

  • gralx

    Quisp, I think you might be closer to the truth on this. I don’t see the Kings giving up JJ and the #5 for an over 30 Defenseman. It just doesn’t fit as DL would say.

  • KingzzFan

    No matter what happens, I would really hate to see us give up the 5th this year, no matter who we get, we have enough other assets to bargan with.

  • macdup

    OK, I am freaking out. Thank god Quispie came with his numbers to calm the room. I have never been a Pronger fan ever since he was drafted by the Whale. I am not going to deny his ability to raise his teams play but I still cringe when thinking of him in a Kings uniform.

    I think this is the beginning of a drama filled three weeks.

  • JDM

    I like Quisp’s 3 way trade.

    However, JJ for Pronger and a pick on the condition of Pronger resigning makes much more sense to me. Like JJ for Pronger straight up, but if Progner resigns here then we give them our 1st pick next year.

    Only thing I feel confident in saying at this point is that I hate Pronger.

  • tantrum4


    Just curious where you’re getting your cap numbers from? According to the Cap-Central website, they are showing us sitting at $39,931,250 right now, and only having to sign Johnson, Gauthier, Boyle, Purcell, Calder and Armstrong. So if we sign Gauthier for $2.5, Boyle and Purcell to $1 million each, Army for $1.5 again and let Calder go, that puts us around $46 million for the season. We trade Johnson to the Ducks taking on Prongers cap hit of $6.2 putting us at $52 million, we still have $4.7 million left. Now we’re going to have to give someone up to get a player like Heatley or Lecavailier, and all we would need is another $3 million off the books to be able to get Heatley.

    I think it’s still possible….

    PS – I don’t actually think Heatley gets a $4 million bonus at the start of the season that would count towards anyone’s cap space. And if it’s true, any team would be stupid to make that trade before July 1st when it supposedly kicks in. I read somewhere that he just gets paid $4 million of his salary up front at the start of the season…..

  • Quisp
  • Quisp


    My cap figures start with the cap numbers from nhlnumbers and then make several assumptions. See :

    Even though we made different assumptions (you kept Gauthier, I didn’t…), our math works out about the same.

  • Duckhunter

    Holy Weeping Willows, I don’t check in for half the day and chaos greets me at the door.

    3 years ago I would have been ecstatic to have Pronger, maybe even boarder line giddy, for I love everything about his game. Today, however, I’m a bit confused concerning all mentioned anxieties about this deal, the huge cap hit, length of contract and his age. I have no doubt somethings going down, I just hope it tilts more in our favor.

    Good news is, if this is true DL is expecting to win immediately. Why else would he trade for a expensive old man?

  • khanon81

    Damn… I’m having mixed feelings about this potential trade. Pronger is a great player, but he’s a bit on the old side. I think DL could get a young superstar for JJ, 5th pick, and moller/frolov…

  • PaulCat1969

    I have to tell you I am completely drained with all of this. The Kings are going to be rumored with just about very trade that takes shape this offseason. This one form the beginning had me a little skeptical. It seemed to be a huge overpayment. The age of the players involved. It contradicted with Dean’s strategy. The contracts were heavily one sided. It involved two cross town rivals. It just didn’t seem right.

    Still, some of the reports seemed very plausible. I think for the sake of my on sanity though, I might just have to reserve judgement on exactly where this team is prior to the opening faceoff of the season. I am not sure I am going to believe any trade is a down deal. I have to let Dean do what he does and allow him to run this team as he sees fit. I was very relieved to see him refute this alleged deal and I am sure he is working on something. What it is and who it is involves remains to be seen but I am going to drive myself crazy if I let rumors like this get to me the way this one did.

    I encourage all of you to take a breathe and instead of investing so much of our passions into these kind of rumors to instead get home and watch tonight’s Game 7 between the Penguins and Red Wings. It should be a great with a TON of drama and story lines to enjoy. After tonight I am sure we will be right back here scheming and debating but after today I could use a break.

  • Matt George

    Here here paulcat

    and here’s to hoping my original “Pens in 7” prediction comes true!

  • jom

    What’s all the whining for? Didn’t Rich just say that DL said the rumors aren’t true? So what’s the problem?

  • ted

    the score also stated that Anze Kopitar was traded to Chicago in a three way deal…funny no one is talking about that one, because it is not true! Hockeytraderumors has a grip of these trades on its site.

  • jet

    I guess Anthonyy took the 5th on this one.

  • Silence Dogood

    If it is really true, this trade blows chunks for the Kings. We give up a young superstar and a #5 overall first round pick for a slightly past his peak superstar?

    Please let it not be so!

  • 28 KINGS

    Here something from someone a bit closer to the scene:
    From a Heidi Androl tweet @ 3pm today:

    “I love watching the internet blow up with RUmors. Been in the office all day three doors down from D.L. So funny….Pronger is not a King.”

  • Matt George

    Heidi hasn’t moved on yet???


  • variable

    busy day for me…so i’ve missed out on all the chaos…

    as usual, QUISPY is correct…the possible three-way scenario is THE ONLY REALISTIC DEAL…!

    however, all parties have to be careful w/the collusion factor…technically, you are not allowed to have a deal in place prior to the end of the season…

    the original “rumor” makes absolutely, positively no sense from a cap management standpoint for us…it would be financial suicide for the upcoming season if it were true and goes against everything that has been speculated…even from the far depths of the idiotic minds of eklund and co…the trade makes no sense…there would have to be a third party involved and another element that has yet to be reported…

    i said here the other day, we should all take a deep breath and pace ourselves and not be so trade info crazy because every yahoo out there is going to irresponsibly pontificate their beliefs as to what will transpire, and somehow supplant facts for speculative commentary…

    there is not one major sports bureau willing to confirm any of this…

    and i’m sorry……is not a major reputable sports bureau…i don’t care what you say…

    and if they “were”, they are not now…not in my book…

    to run a story that says “Ducks Trade Pronger to Kings for Jack Johnson, 5th Overall Pick” under the heading “NHL RUMOURS” is the equivalent of the weekly world news saying that “BAT BOY LIVES!”…

    we should all watch tonight’s game 7 with a clear mind and be ready for the chaos to begin all over again tomorrow morning…

    maybe by then, will have doughty, jmfj and frolov go to phoenix for the rights to coach gretzky…

    anything seems possible on the internet…!

  • MacSwede

    If Heidi says so…

    I think this deal stinks, and some of you say it is a Taylor deal. But what about Preissing, Nagy, Handzus, Calder? This is DL aquirings… But it is ofcourse free agents, so they did not have to give up anything..

    I dont thinks Pronger is going to make any good for the kings in the long run, so this trade makes NO sense to me, unless… is a 3-way deal for a top 6 forward.

  • Galen
  • anthonyy

    I miss Heidi Androl’s Body.

  • variable

    talk about exercises in stupidity…

    i just watched pierre “mcboob” mcquire and mike “don’t call me dingle” milbury do a mock locker room gipper speech for each team…

    do you guys think these two…who appear to have some on-air friction btwn them…close the bars at night, bickering and whining about who is more deserving of another chance at coaching/general managing…?

    i’ve never seen two hockey color analysts like these guys…they truly believe they have got all the answers and have never been wrong…

    i guess that’s why they are in the booth…

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    I think Variable is right about the veracity of the rumors…

    Since we can’t possibly verify anything for at least 24 hours, we all need to take a chill pill.

    I think Quispie’s 3-way is the most likely rumor not-to-really-be-a-rumor, because it can be framed where the denials are not lies…

    I think the actual exchange of players would be realistic for all sides involved, and if such a trade is made, the real cost would be roughly JJ + Frolov +/- that o-so-valuable draft choice. Anyone who believes quality can be obtained without quality lost is not grounded in reality.

    Finally, in order to judge the rumor, one has to gauge who wins what with that particular rumor. In this case, the three team parties involved are OTT, LA and ANA, all of whom have restrictions in the release of information. It is interesting that a DL denial was in hand before most of us even knew of the rumor. That is an extreme response on the part of DL; if his response had been created cold one would expect more surprise. Let’s say he had been thinking about it, or something like it. The trade restriction before the end of the Cup Finals stays his hand, and he knows it. His response reminds me about the kid told to go to bed by his parents without listening to the end of the Big Game, so with a flashlight and a hidden radio he listens underneath the covers. If he is caught red-handed he is sheepish and admits it, waiting for the punishment. If he’s smart he has a plan in advance, like tossing the radio out the open window with the flashlight. DL’s denial was PRE-EMPTIVE, meaning he’d heard the rumor and considered things beforehand. DL doesn’t want to get punished, so he denies it beforehand, before the rumor can be digested.

    Who has something to gain by leaking the rumor? Not any one of the teams participating in the discussion. Perhaps a team NOT participating in the discussion wants to color the water because it feels the stream carring the prize downriver. If someone GM wants Pronger or JJ and hears about discussions, it might want to put a kibosh on them by leaking info, hoping to restrict the other GMs moves and create an opening.

    I think DL’s denial was pre-emptive; there is smoke here but no fire. We already knew there was smoke, simply by the numbers on Heatley’s contract. Clearly there have been open discussions, but have they involved JJ, or Pronger? Who, exactly, feels snubbed?

    In other words, just enjoy Game Seven; the Post-Game Festivities promise to be just as entertaining.

  • variable


    yr money and on point…

    good start to the game so far…it’s been all detroit the first 10mins…

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Game 7: 0-0, end of first period

    Forty minutes to the Cup, Penguins hitting, up on shots 10-6. Can they beat the Machine?

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    AHL Calder Cup, Game 6, Hershey up 3-2 on Manitoba:

    First period in Manitoba–
    Hershey, 3-0 seven minutes left

    Moose are on the ropes at home…

  • variable

    talbot goes tweeners….surprise…1-0 pens…!

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Game 7: 2-0, mid-second period

    Less than 30 minutes to the Cup, Penguins–can they beat the Machine??????!

  • Bryan

    I dunno about this one. Something doesn’t “smell” right given the timing, and volume on this rumor. Hopefully that’s all it amounts to be – a rumor.

  • variable

    congrats to the pens…!

    great game…!

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Holy Smokes…

    I voted against Pittsburgh the whole way…

    So Crosby DOESN’T have to slump against the boards and watch the Cup given away this year!

  • number 6

    Searching for VARIABLE (and QUISP too if you’re out there).

    First I want to say that I’m fine with the Penquins winning the Cup but I hated seeing Malkin (Monsieur “cheap shot”) get the Conn Smythe. Oh well.
    Onto other matters. Remember I had said that this smelled very bad already when the KHL rumors started. Now this? Why this sort of thing and the Kings seem to go together I’ll never understand. I don’t like it one bit though!! I’m actually a tad fed up. IF, That’s IF there was Anything in this rumor at all then it’s very twisted indeed. Probably even too much for anthony to comment. Our 5th overall And JJ for a guy who A) is probably past his prime (don’t know how old he is) And B) he has one year left on his contract??? Maybe there Is NOTHING in all of this. OK. Fine, then if that’s true why does all this stuff keep popping up?? Any thoughts?

    Meanwhile one amazing irony on this day is that Another Kings Alumni slips thru the net. I heard Dan Bylsma interviewed yesterday on nhl network and he was simply amazing in my opinion. So very articulate!! Hate to say it but the difference between him and someone like Marc Crawford in terms of self expression was light year. Well if nothing else the Kings are indeed one hell of a farm system for the rest of the NHL. But kudos to Bylsma, couldn’t happen to a better guy…. just wish the Kings could bring the most out of all these “former Kings” who now have their names on the Stanley Cup.

  • 4thlinechecker

    Believe it or not, I placed my bet in febuary that pitt would win the cup because the odds looked pretty….. Man, I never get that lucky……. I bet Hossa feels like a tool having to lineup for the handshake, he did’nt do squat in that series.

  • variable


    hope yr doing well…

    if you check a few posts above on this thread, you will read QUISPS and yrs truly’s take on the whole thing…

    there’s really not much more to say on the subject until another doozy hits the fan…

    don’t believe the hype…!

    although there might be people out in cyberspace feeding the rumor monsta’ 24/7, unless you hear it from a bonafide, reputable site and/or reporter, i wouldn’t sweat it…

    stick w/rich and you won’t be steered towards joining the insanity…tc…!

  • Ersberg

    A deal is in place, whether you’re onboard with it or not, it’s going to happen.

    It may very well be the guy we’ve been speculating to be a King along, Vinny Lecavalier.

    Rather than posting trade scenarios, think about it yourselves, and see what you come up with.

  • number 6

    Hi var…. I’m fine thanks. Hope you’re doing well too. How observant of you. How did you know that I hadn’t read the threads (at least yours and Quisps). I was responding to what I’d read much earlier today, so I’ll get on and read that now. Hey var… thanks for being a voice of reason!

  • Quisp

    BakoCA, re kid who was told to go to bed:

    I thought you were going to say, “he technically didn’t disobey his parents because he did in fact GO TO BED before hearing the end of the game.”

    Re Pronger:

    I didn’t say it was the only scenario that made sense. The other one that makes sense is that it’s not the #5 pick but a pick in ’10 conditional on Pronger signing with the Kings. The ingenuity of that, if I’m not mistaken, is that if Pronger is great for the Kings we sign him and DL looks like a genius (and the pick we give up in ’10 is the first round pick of a playoff team); but if Pronger is not a good fit on the Kings, DL can deal him at the deadline for yet more assets of which there will be plenty since who wouldn’t want Pronger to beef up your d for the playoffs.

    I would also say that, if that does indeed occur, the only reason DL would make that trade is that he’s soured on Johnson and/or he really is asking for the moon in the contract negotiations.

    It also occurs to me: one problem with the Johnson negotiation is that, whatever Johnson gets will be a benchmark for the younger d to match and exceed, and nearly everyone in the pipeline (Doughty, Quincey — for sure — Hickey, Teubert, Voynov, maybe) will be able to make a case that they’re more valuable than JJ. So he just can’t give JJ too much. But he CAN give Pronger too much, because Pronger does not compare to those other players. Veteran contracts and contracts for 22 year olds are just different beasts, as we saw with Blake. So getting rid of Johnson saves DL that headache. If that’s what’s happening.

    I have to think DL has a number in his mind for JJ. Something like $2.5, maybe a little less. DL denied JJ asked for $5.5, but what if the number is $4MM? That’s still too much.

    Anyway, just thoughts. It may well all be b.s..

  • Ersberg

    I think what’s in place is highly different than what’s speculated to be.

    Break it down all you wish, come tomorrow and the days beyond, what is dealt will most likely differ than what we analyze it do be.

    Lombardi has proven time and time again, his deals go against the thoughts and beliefs of the masses.

  • LBlocal

    This thread, with all respect, is ridiculous bordering absurdity. C’mon people, logic over hysteria.

    Hammond, Quisp, Variable… Thank you for your rationale.

    B-) Go Kings!

    (happy for Blysma & Garon)

  • variable

    i just don’t think any of this really makes sense…and if d.l. is plotting pronger three, four, five (etc.) steps down the line. IE: next season’s trade deadline, that’s a lot of “what if’s…” to go through and to consider…

    for a team that could use more certainty THAN not, it would be the ultimate ballsy move on d.l.’s part to utilize pronger in that capacity…

    i can’t imagine that that is the best possible scenario for us: to go after pronger…

    so, yeah, we’ll have to stay tuned…

    but i’ll be the first one to admit i’m wrong if this actually does take place and what has been loosely outlined by many on this thread…

    still…i would be more than shocked…(!)

  • nate

    I hate hate hate Pronger. He’s one of the reasons I find the Ducks so distasteful.

    I don’t doubt his talent, and he’s obviously doing better than Johnson these days, but come on, this better be a sick joke.

    I’d never welcome that scum to my team.

    I’m not stuck on JJ. I just hate Pronger and think his ilk is bad for hockey.

  • AK47

    Where does Hossa sign now that Detroit lost?

  • 4thlinechecker

    So Garon gets his name on the cup huh? funny

  • Derek Bargaehr

    Well, now that DET lost Hossa is probably out of the Kings’ picture.

    Many bummers.

  • Derek Bargaehr

    Also, we all know what’s going to happen in terms of Hossa’s signing:

    Detroit pulls some front office wizardry and manages to sign Hossa, Hudler, and whoever else they’re still trying to make space for, and also get Gaborik and Heatley.

  • historyguy

    Why in the world would the Kings spend so much of their cap room to build on what is already the strength of the team instead of addressing it’s most pressing need (a scoring winger)?

    I call BS…this makes absolutely no financial or hockey sense, and it does not fit Deano’s way of building a team.

  • Duckhunter

    There’s no doubt Detroit has the best overall talent and I have much respect for the team and organization, but that doesn’t mean I like them. It took much longer than I wanted but I’m glad they didn’t walk away with the cup for a consecutive year.

    Great question AK, who’s coattail is Hossa gonna ride next year? Here comes my immaturity, hahahahahahahhaha Mr. Hossa. My guess is he’ll sign a one year, 3-4 million dollar contract to stay in Detroit and try it again.

    Great series. Congrats to Pittsburgh.

  • number 6

    Being three hours ahead of you lot out there in LA … I had an “epiphany” of sorts this morning. After watching the Finals and coupling that with this craziness wrt Pronger or other trades, I realized that (epiphany maybe but still an opinion) we MUST KEEP THE 5TH OVERALL PICK!! If you look realistically at the Kings roster it just doesn’t compare to Detroit or Pitt. The only way to build it so it could eventually compete is to draft talent that can turn into something special. I realized we have no one to compare to Zetterberg and Datsyuk and certainly not Crosby and Malkin (up front). I love Kopi but at this point he isn’t “there” yet. I mean guys, we were what… next to last in goals scored? So trading the pick for a sniper leads me to believe we’d make the playoffs. But is That our goal… to make the playoffs? Then what? One round and out. I’d much prefer to take advantage of the low draft position and see if the scouts can’t reel in a future star… because we need it.
    Once we start to move up in the standings it’ll be more and more difficult to find that sort of player…. not impossible but for sure more difficult. If the Pens had traded away their early picks they wouldn’t have won the cup as they wouldn’t have had Malkin – or maybe Jordan Stall whose shorthander turned the whole series around!

  • number 6

    One clarification, what I was trying to say was that a trade for a very established superstar who is on the downward cusp of his prime changes the “age dynamics” of the team – at the same time gently moving them out of the prime drafting position that we’re “fortunate” (?) to inhabit this year.

  • jet

    #6 – the most intelligent post this year.

  • PaulCat1969


    I don’t disagree with much of what you are saying. The thought of including the #5 pick in a deal for Pronger gave me the taste of bile in my mouth. That pick is just too high to give up for and aging expensive player.

    Still, the Kings are almost certainly going to make a move that brings in some scoring and I would think that any trade for the type of player we are discussing would include that pick. As I see it, one of three things could happen based on your comments:

    1) Sign Gaborik or may be Havlat. We don’t have to give up any assets to get these guys. May be for Gaborik we can sign them to a 2 or 3 year deal with some incentives that takes him to a potential $7 million a year deal. Let’s face it someone will be willing to pay him that much.

    2) We trade that #5 pick but it would HAVE to involve a young and established player. We are talking about a Staal, Kessel or Kovalchuk type player. This won’t be for a guy who is in his mid 30s.

    3) The #5 pick goes in a deal that brings us another first round pick. It could be a low pick in this year’s draft or perhaps next year’s draft.

    Please feel free to add to these scenarios but after yesterday’s fiasco, I think we should all be a little more realistic and let things play out.

  • Duckhunter


    I always enjoy your post.

    Agreed, I would also keep the #5 pick unless something outrageous comes our way and fits into our process. I still feel we don’t quit know what we have yet as far as players and their full potential. Meaning, I think we need one more full year of observation of both players and coaches before making any dramatic changes or trades. So, by next years trade deadline we should have a pretty good idea of which direction we need to go regardless of how the season goes. This time next year the picture should be a lot more clear. I personally would be o.k. with signing Gabby to a two year deal at a fair price. That could be an interesting scenario without losing any picks or players.

  • Duckhunter

    Sorry Paulcat, I basically just repeated what you had already written.

  • Buck

    I’m tired of watching ‘former’ Kings raise the cup!!! Congrats to the Pens and Dan B! I have a lot respect for that organization and it was a great series.

  • PaulCat1969

    Genius is often repeated my son but rarely duplicated. You are forgiven!

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Number 6:


    AMEN to that! Oh, do I agree to that! If only we had a better team, then we could play trading marbles with the big boys. At some point the momentum accumulated from the collection of high draft picks will reach critical mass, and–like Pittsburgh–the Kings will wake one morning and find themselves a much better team. Perhaps this is the year that happens; perhaps, not. But the gradual accumulation of top level talent is what is required to become a dominant team, this true in hockey perhaps more than any other sport than baseball.

    The trick as GM is to be able to recognize the tipping point in the process. If you know it before anyone else, you can make moves that are not threatening to the power ranking status quo until they pan out and you have passed them by. Have the Kings reached the tipping point? I throw two statistics at you:

    The Kings in 2008-2009 were the LOWEST SCORING TEAM 5-on-5 in the NHL.

    The Kings in 2008-2009 had NOT A SINGLE PLAYER in the TOP 50 SCORERS in the NHL.

    Clearly the Kings’ ‘core’ forwards are NOT indispensable. Is JMFJ indispensable? That’s up to DL, and what he does with Jack Johnson will probably determine his fate with the Kings.

    How DL treats those two sorry statistics this coming season will determine the Kings’ fate over the next 5-10 years, and will determine his fate as Kings’ GM.

    In my mind, THERE IS NOT A SINGLE KINGS PLAYER whom is indispensable. About 5 months ago, I had my own epiphany when a blogger asked me this question:

    What current Kings roster player can I think of that will make the NHL hall of fame? This includes the entire roster, including all the young players. Now, he said, compare that answer to my opinion of, say, the Red Wings, or the Penguins?

    You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken s**#.

    Keep the draft choice, DL; find us a winner!

  • Moondoggie

    Simply put, no.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    After re-reading my post, I realized my opinions had changed on three Kings young players: Drew Doughty, Wayne Simmonds and Jonathan Quick could POTENTIALLY be HOF quality players (certainly not now). They light up the ice with their talents, occasionally. Can’t really say that about the rest.

    So I guess now after the season I amend that statement: DL, please keep DD, WS and JQ…

    Otherwise, Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead!

  • number 6

    Hey guys, thanks for your comments. Jet that’s really nice of you. It’s been very interesting to me to read all of your insights. Essentially it seems we’re all on the same page. Variable has been “counseling” me to remain calm in light of all this rumor mongering.
    My reasoning is based on an assumption I have that in all probability is wrong … it’s somewhat based on the Justin Williams trade. I’m not gonna go into all the details on that one again since we all sort of thrashed it to death at the time, but it was the first time I really questioned DL’s judgment. To me, two major injuries mean a lot in a sport where a fraction of a second can make such a difference. I’ve been taught to never write off people, so I’m not gonna write off JW but I do question what his maximum physical level will be in the future. So that plus the Pronger rumor had me hoping that as firm as DL has been about building the right way that there wouldn’t be a very slight crack in his determination to stick with his plan, given that a lot of people out there have complained about no playoff hockey. I still have those memories of DT doing things that clearly weren’t well thought out to either make the playoffs and/or save his job.

    I recognize that all the above is a bit muddled, but rather than try and clean it up I’m leaving it as is because it’s an honest reflection of what goes thru my mind relative the Kings and the doubts that I’ve harbored as we all have given our history. I also recognize that DL and DT only share the first letter of their first names.

    Oh, Paulcat,… I absolutely agree with your comments that it’s a different story entirely to sign a guy like Gaborik w/o giving up something Or trading the pick if you get a Kovalchuk in return… but I think something like that would be highly unlikely.

  • uknojata

    apparently ludzik was on the score radio today saying that the deal included fro and ryan. IF he actually said that, then its either true, or credibility isn’t something this guy plans on using in his next career.

  • PaulCat1969

    There is no way the Ducks are trading away Ryan. This deal and this guy’s credibility are corroding faster every day.

  • Mike

    I was listening to NHL home ice on my sirius and they were talking about the draft and that it would be the kings best interest to move the 5th overall pick for a veteran scorer instead of a player who may or may not be NHL ready. Depending if its Kane or MSP. But i believe on draft day or earlier you can see us moving this pick in a trade.

  • src3

    Here is some omre crap for you all……………

    Others are saying the true deal was for


    and some say Fro was in their

    Geez are they all nuts. ANA needs secondary scoring, why would they part with Ryan.

    Barry was probably on to something. If Neiders is coming back, then Pronger for JJ and maybe our 35th or conditional next year. Dont see it being any more.

  • Pussyfoot

    Is this how the whole summer is going to be?

    Ducks trading away Ryan is quite possibly the most ridiculous part of the this whole thread.

    Draft day could be interesting though…

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    I’ll take Ryan in a second–

    He won’t provide secondary scoring. His scoring is going to be PRIMARY.

  • khanon81

    That would literally be a steal if the DL could pry Bobby Ryan away from the Stanley Cup Ducks… Ryan is simply a stud. Having Ryan and Brown on the first two lines would be lethal.


    How about that line-up, not to mention the addition of the best D-man in the league PRONGER!

  • src3


    I think you misunderstod. Question is why would ANA part with Ryan at any price when they need help on scoring just as we do.

    I too would love Ryan

  • Moondoggie

    I’ve just gotta jump in with the rest of you on this one. Throw Ryan into this and all of a sudden this looks like a great deal for LA. Ryan is the deal, young scoring up front and we end up getting a “pretty good” defenseman in the back. Basically we end up getting Bobby Ryan for the No. 5. Except for the age difference, Pronger/JMFJ is a wash, talent & experience vs talent & youth. Pronger’s help would be immediate, the jury is essentially still out on JMFJ…..

    I hate giving up JMFJ but throwing in Bobby Ryan clinches the deal for me…..Like Bako & Khanon said, this kid is the deal, a stud, primary front line scoring and plenty of youth aside, great moves too.

    Go for it DL, go for it!

  • Moondoggie

    Quispy….Awaiting your comments on this development…..

  • number 6

    Bobby Ryan to the Kings? Oh how great!! Fantastic. I can’t wait to see that new line… Ryan, Kopi and Hossa. It’ll be amazing!!

    I’m sorry for the sarcasm, I don’t appreciate sarcasm in anyone, so why I’m doing it myself I don’t know. It barely registers belief that the Ducks would trade two of their four or five most important pieces to their Rivals … for a high first round pick and essentially an unproven defenseman…. and I suppose Fro. I’ve gotta stop commenting on these things because I’m not doing myself any favors. I don’t know if that makes sense to you guys but I think I understand it.

  • khanon81

    number 6,

    Ryan is a RW. Why would you want Hossa anyway? The guy choked and disappeared when it matters the most. I don’t want players like that. I’d rather sign a guy like Guerin then Hossa…

  • src3

    Yeh 6

    Sarcasm is welcome this time of year. People make such ridiculous trade suggestions. For example, why would OTT (cap trouble, one line dimentional) trade heater for Phaneuf. Trading 1 big contract for another and not then being able to afford Cammy or comparable. The internet is swarming with so many unintelligent trade poposals its sickning. But at the same time a little fun.

    Not to mention ANA even considering trading Ryan.

  • iansez

    Geez Khanon, Pronger is the “best D-man in the league”?? He certainly brings a needed element in the playoffs and had a good run this year but there are plenty I would take before him. Lidstrom, Chara, Green, Neidermeyer, Bouwmeister and probably even our boy Doughty…

  • khanon81


    I guarantee if you sub Pronger for Lidstrom, the EuroWings would have defeated the Pens… Pronger is still the complete package- skate, hit, fight, score, nasty, and play excellent D. Chara is definitely one of the top D-men in the league, but he’s not complete like Pronger, nor is Green and Bouwmeister.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    I love sarcasm…

    I was sarcastic.


  • Rob

    “the best D-man in the league PRONGER!”

    All comments by you have lost credibility from that statement forward

  • Cricket



  • khanon81

    Cricket said:


    You’re right, I made a few mistakes. Here’s the updated line-up:

    Ryan Clowe-Boyle- Bobby Ryan
    Chris Neil-Stoll-Simmonds

    And yes, Pronger currently is the best D-man in the league, but that won’t last for too long as age unfortunately will take over and the torch will be passed to Shea Webber…

  • Daniel

    It’s Shea Weber. And, sorry, but Brian Boyle is not a 2nd line center in the NHL. I wish he were but he in not.

    Re: the rumor-mongers …I hope this teaches everyone a lesson – never post or react to a HB-spread rumor. It’s irresponsible and so careless.

  • Deadmarsh

    @ khanon

    Why do you refer to the Ducks as the Stanley Cup Ducks in every post? Because they won ONE Cup? And how long is that term relevant? Indefinatly? If so, then you can also say, “Stanley Cup Ottawa Senators and Stanley Cup Toronto Maple Leafs” which sounds ignorant and outdated. Or do you just like rubbing it in the true Kings fans faces because your cross town quacks won it before us? This is the first and last response I waste on your ignorant statements.

  • khanon81


    When did the Sens win the cup?? How long ago did the Leafs win the cup?

    I will call them Stanley Cup Ducks for as long as they’re competitive. By the way, I am a real Kings fan and a real hockey fan. I respect teams that incorporate real hockey values like the Ducks…

  • Cynic

    Holy CRAP!!!! I’m NEVER going away to Laughlin for the weekend again!!!

    After reading the 131 comments on here, nobody has mentioned the following scenario (Surprisingly) and I think it lends merit to Quisp’s formula. I saw this posted as a response to article on this trade. It makes boukou sense. I still can’t believe I haven’t seen this here yet.

    “I heard it was a 3 way trade with Ottawa. Kings get Heatly and #9 pick. Ottawa gets Frolov and Pronger. Ducks get Johnson and 5th pick. This makes a little more since all around.”

    I don’t EVER see Pronger(‘s wife letting him) going to OTT and they are trying to shed salary. What interested me was the balance of value in movement of players is this deal. I think it’s a bit much to be giving up JJ, Fro & #5 for Heater and #9, although I said before Fro and Heater both need to be here for that deal to work well. I would hope the #9 would yield us MPS/MSP with a little luck. It’s all speculation, but interesting.

    I really don’t want Pronger. It would go against everything Deano has preached while spiking the Kool-Aid.

  • Quisp

    Spent the day at legoland. Missed the Ryan amendment to the previously ridiculous rumor. Anaheim’s not trading Ryan. That would be madness. I think this whole thing reeks of Eastern Conf people riffing on Western Conf business without really knowing the teams.

  • Cricket


    Yo, still a tough line-up for my money. Zeus a 4th liner? He’s a perfect 3rd line center! That Stoll is too not withstanding…

    Now now though, Boyle a 2nd Center? Yeah, and how about Tuks on the wing? Oh yeah…

    Well, Ivanans isn’t on the revision so that’s a big plus. And Richardson if off entirely and I couldn’t agree more.

    Clowe, who cares?-there’s still no Fro in your lineup. I don’t believe in fairy tales nor Ryan in a King’s jersey. We have more than enough 3rd and 4th liners so no need to go after Neil. And what, Moller went from 2nd line winger to healty scratch?

    I think I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the DL splash (?) awaiting us all.

  • jimbo1007

    tsn’s mock draft has the kings picking schenn after atlanta takes kane. mps goes 8th to dallas.

  • MacSwede

    Why hasnt Rich posted anything lately? Is it the calm before the storm? This drives me nut… I really thought there was SOMETHING about this rumour, I mean no smoke without a fire right?

    Maybe the parts did not agreed, but it was close. I think DL is working his ass off right now to make a big deal for us, at least I hope so..

    But, we just have to wait….and until then we continue here with our stupid rumours and trade suggestions….*sigh* When is it time for the real deal???

  • Dan H.

    Did someone say they’d take Pronger over Lidstrom? Please get your meds back on schedule. Pronger has a great shot, decent passer, and great at clearing the crease.

    Lidstrom has the whole package and not being a liability in taking penalties and suspensions. He’s not as physical in front of the net but he’s a big guy that does the job too. I’ll take him every day of the week over “elbows” Pronger.

  • nykingfan

    Just getting off the ridiculous topic of this trade for a moment….

    I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I truly believe the best scenario for the Kings is signing Gaborik. It’s a question, but he’s a sick talent and would cost us nothing in personnel as well as probably only 2-3 years of cap space.

    Looking at the JW trade….DL doesn’t seem afraid to take a guy who’s had injury issues…..the upside is more than enough to put the Kings in position to compete in the playoffs.

  • MacSwede


    I agree with you at some point. But Gabi is a rigt winger and we need a scorer on the left. But maybe he, JW or DB could move to the left..

    But how much chance do you think we have to land Gabi here? I mean, there are more teams that are interested, and dont you think that he rather go to a cup contender, or at least a consecutive playoff team like Rangers?

    I know that he once said that he liked Kings, but is that enough?

  • Fake Anthony

    I’d imagine Rich isn’t posting anything because he hurt his forehead to the massive facepalm he gave it reading these comments.

  • nykingfan


    If it comes down to money, we have the edge over anyone, but then I’m not sure I’d really want to overpay for him.
    I was hoping that he really wanted to play for us and if the $$ was right, he’d be happy to come here.

    I read Larry Brooks a couple of weeks ago and how he thinks the Rangers have a legit shot at him. They are in cap hell and I can’t see a scenario, short of trading Gomez, that makes sense for him to go there. Brooks has every big name free agent going to the Rangers every year. Although somehow they overpay and get them..and of course they always suck when they get there. Eventually the capman comes calling…soon enough they will have to pay the piper.

    As for the LW issue….Where else do you go that doesn’t bankrupt your present and future while getting top notch play from players with significant issues as far as playing hard?

  • Buck

    I realize we have enough 3rd & 4th liners, but I would love to have Lappy’s character back on this team. Someone who will actually stick up for his teammates. Imagine that.

  • Moondoggie

    Sense & sensibility…Thank you Quisp. Hey Nykingsfan….How ya doin?? Good comment, funny thing, I’ve been kinda thinking the same thing, what would it cost or hurt? LA doesn’t have to mortgage their future to land Gabi. Why not?

    Stay tuned….Lots happening this week and next I’m sure…..

  • stevebone

    If you are the Kings who do you pick in this years draft(assuming Tavares, Hedman, and Duchene are gone)? Can you compare the following with your choice; Evander Kane, Magnus Svensson-Paajarvi, Brayden Schenn and Jared Cowen.

    I would like us to pick up one or two free agents and continue to rebuild. We still have a lot of growing up to do and to see if the Willams trade is going to work out for us. If we are in the hunt we can always make a mid-season trade.
    How did the Kings do in shoot outs compared to the rest of the league? I know La B sucked, how about the rest of the GT’s?

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