GM breakfast, part 3

Here’s the third part of the recap from yesterday’s GM breakfast…


— Next question was a request, that the Kings instruct fans at Staples Center not to lean forward in their seats and block the view of people behind them. McGowan took this and noted that some teams, such as San Jose, hand out “code of conduct” cards to fans entering the arena. McGowan noted that he often gets feedback about fans who leave their seats during play, and that he would be open to some type of pregame fan instruction.

— Next question referenced Brian Boyle, and asked whether mental toughness could be taught. Lombardi took the question and said “you could have a huge philosophical discussion about teaching `compete.”’ Lombardi said that prospects coming up today don’t have the same natural competitiveness compared to players of previous generations and said “it’s not as natural to kids coming up today.” Lombardi said, “It’s not about giving a Knute Rockne speech. Unless it’s ingrained in you, it’s tough to teach.” Lombardi talked about the need to build team toughness, and said that once an organization become known for its competitive players, it becomes an ingrained thing and part of the “hand-down” from veteran players to young players. Lombardi said, “We’re very cognizant of that. We’re not quite there. We’re making strides but it’s not good enough.”

— Next question came with a request for Kings players to be shown tape of this year’s Stanley Cup Finals, and asked if the ability to make quick on-ice decisions can be taught or whether it’s a natural skill. Lombardi took the question and also reference the Chicago-Calgary series as being his favorite of the playoffs. Lombardi said, “Everything can improve if you work at it, but hockey sense is the toughest thing to teach.” Lombardi talked about the “instinct of knowing where to go” and referenced Wayne Gretzky’s ability to have the game slow down for him while on the ice. Lombardi said he “sees a little of that in Doughty already” and once again said it’s the hardest thing to teach.

— Next question was about “things I read online” about the Kings acquiring a veteran goalie. Hextall took the question and, quite directly said, “We’re not looking for an experienced goalie.” Hextall spoke at length about Quick, Bernier, Ersberg and Zatkoff and how the Kings feel they’re stable with those young goalie. Hextall told a couple quick stories about Ersberg, including how he he played well in San Jose one night after the team had landed at 2:30 a.m. Hextall said “we really like the combination we have” and said “there’s no doubt Bernier is going to come in and push” for a roster spot.” Hextall said the Kings feel comfortable with their goaltending and their defense.

— At this point, Lombardi stepped up and joked, “What would this be without at least one chart?” He started off talking about “staying power” and noted that while the Kings had a great run in 1992, and the makings of another strong run in the Allison-Deadmarsh era, neither team had any staying power because there was little player depth in the organization. Lombardi turned it over to Solomon, who showed a chart of how much money each team had committed for the 2009-10 season. Solomon used the chart to make the point that the Kings are in good shape while other teams are going to have to make tough decisions simply to get under the cap. Solomon took it a step further and showed a chart for 2010-11, when he estimated that the cap might fall to $48-50 million. Again, the point Solomon attempted to make was that while some teams are going to have to scramble, the Kings will be in good financial shape in order to re-sign its own players and go after free agents.

Lombardi took over and joked that he wanted fans “to think about this on July 2nd and 3rd,” referencing what would happen if the Kings didn’t sign a big free agent on July 1. Lombardi referenced the Lakers’ acquisition of Pau Gasol last season, a move made when the Memphis Grizzlies needed to dump salary and essentially gave away Gasol for nothing. Lombardi hinted that the Kings would be in a position to benefit from such a situation and “take advantage of those who don’t manage (the cap) properly.”

— Next question was about the traits that the Kings look for in a player. Hextall took the question and referenced the Red Wings, with character players such as Datsyuk and Zetterberg, and said that teams that have talented players without character “aren’t going anywhere.” Hextall noted that, in addition to character, he looks for players who fit certain roles. He noted that if, for instance, he was looking for a winger to play with Jarret Stoll, he would look for a certain type of player to complement Stoll’s skills. Hextall said, “If a guy is a playmaker, we might look for someone who scores goals.” Hextall said that the Kings are looking for a “blend left winger,” one who can score and make plays, and noted that “the perfect fit is hard to find.”

— At this point, the questions ended. McGowan thanked the fans for coming out, as did Lombardi, and Lombardi added that he enjoyed the town-hall events, and once again jokingly urged for fans to “keep your e-mails civil on July 3rd and 4th.”

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    Thanks Rich for all your hard work and dedication. Your report is great for those of us who couldn’t be there. Happy F-Day

  • Ersberg

    I’m calling it now.

    Next season
    78 points
    5th in the Pacific
    13th in the West

  • TorturedKingsFan

    I like the implications we’re holding onto the 5th pick and NOT going to try sign or trade for any big UFA. It’s been so long without playoffs (well before Deano got here – haters) what’s one more year for some actual stability…

  • Capt Jam

    Thanks for all the recapping work, Rich. Doesn’t seem like I missed much and that the Kings are content to continue progressing at a deliberate pace. Very deliberate.



    Um….I just have to clear things up a little…As an avid Dumbardi hater, I have to correct you. You state its been LONNG before Dean got here that we’ve been missing the playoffs. Well, last time LA made the playoffs it was in 2002. Dean’s been here in 2006. So before Dean came here we missed the playoffs 3 years before he came here. He’s been here for 3 years so thats 3 more years we’ve missed.

    NOW, for Taylor, His first year as GM LA was in the playoffs. Out of the 8 years that Taylor was GM he made the playoffs 4 years. Thats about 50% success ratio. Dean is at 0% success in his 3 years now. I know in Dave’s first 3 years he made the playoffs twice.

    Now here is a funny when Dave got fired as GM of the Kings, the Kings had 89 points that season and the season before that they had 81 prior to that 78 and prior to that 95 points. Anyways, Daves lowest season in points was 69, Deans is 68, and GET THIS Dean’s HIGHEST point total as a GM with the Kings is 79, which = Daves second lowest point season of 78. Dave Taylors WORST = Deans BEST season. Thats pretty sad if you ask me and still, you find it in your kind heart to support this guy. Dave couldn’t get the Kings into the playoffs with 89 points. What makes you think Dean could get us into the playoffs with his swift talking skills?

    I wish I didn’t have to post that, but there you go, read, learn, and understand that Dean is the WORST GM

  • TorturedKingsFan

    Well if we can assume what they’ve been doing for the last 13+ years HASN’T been of the deliberate nature, don’t you think a change of pace is waaay overdue.

  • Howe 9

    I went to the event yesterday & the sound was fine. I guess it depended on where you sat. The food was fine. There was water, soft drinks & juice. There were sandwhiches, friut & pastries. And the Ice Girls are nice to look at any time of day. I am upset with people that get a nice event to attend & free food & then complain about it.

    Rich also forgot to mention how the crowd yelled “no” when it was asked about trading for Heatley & how the crowd cheered when it was mentioned we didn’t need that contract or attitude.

    I think that the generally knowledgeable crowd was happy that they are going to be patient this year. Keeping our core together down the line is better than a quick fix. It was also implied that next summer when the cap goes down that there will be a lot of good players to be had at bargain prices. I was thinking (hoping) Kovalchuck.

    Thanks to Rich for covering this, And thanks to the Kings for having it.



    Is deliberate a new word Dean has been using lately to buy time as a GM? What has Dean done to be deliberate? Hire, Crawford? Sign Cloutier to a nice extension before he even stepped foot on the ice? Trade away a scoring LW (which we so BADLY need now) for a headcase Defensemen whom may never wear a Kings jersey? or is he being deliberate buy slowly sneeking in one by one all his buddies from Philly and San Jose to enjoy the LA lifestyle?

  • variable


    i think you have to put this whole thing in proper perspective…when similar questions are asked repeatedly and often during a relatively short period of time, you look for consistency and breadth…as we get closer to both the draft and free agency, d.l. & co. have remained remarkably consistent, seldom straying off their self-designed course…

    again…whether or nor you agree w/what is being said and done by management, you cannot be critical of them all being on the same page…and to me, that’s a big obstacle they have avoided…look at what’s happening w/the lightning…? two owners that can’t decide on a ham sandwich, let alone what to do w/their star player…and even an upstart in stamkos…look at the rangers…? a gm that has a super rich, but disconnected and foolish owner, letting him spend recklessly at will and ruin flexibility for years to come…dare i mention phoenix…? atlanta…? look what happened in dallas this past season…? etc…

    in other hockey-crazed cities, like toronto and ottawa, you have the gm talking so much to the press and fans that they have to reference volumes of hyperbole to make sense of what the team is actually going to do…there’s also the daily “as the team turns” public update that some gm’s are far too willing to divulge…

    let’s also put in the equation that some gm’s go out of their way to talk about strategies and their feelings towards players that are probably best kept closer to the vest…

    does d.l. & co. fall into any of those aforementioned categories…?

    i don’t think so…and that’s a good thing…

    not one question reported by rich started w/someone asking “you said before that (so and so)…and now you say (something different)….” so consistency is very important to me when analyzing what team managers say during their state of the union speeches…

    there does come a time when you expect things to fall into place and according to said plans…we are ever so close to those days of reckoning for the kings, d.l. and ownership…

    we have plenty of positive things into this mix…:

    – good salary cap situations for the next several years
    – great crop of burgeoning talent and prospective nhl’ers
    – plenty of draft picks
    – the gm and ownership agreeing in principle to the immediate direction of the franchise
    – nobody on the team demanding a trade or appearing non-negotiable in upcoming contract talks…and after everything that’s been “reported” of late, it seems very apparent that DOES include jj…

    have we ever really been down this road before…?
    have we ever really been in this type of shape as an organization…?

    i cannot remember us being in such a good position…well, really, ever…maybe back in 92-93…but since…?


    d.l. & co. have yet to prove anything in a playoff-sense that would catapult us out of the doldrums of such scrutiny from all interested parties…and this post is not meant to give them any credit or accolades for not winning anything that means anything…they are in the midst of executing their master plan and vision…and they have made some big mistakes along the way (some doozy free agent signings we are all too familiar with)…

    but i think we are at the point…during these upcoming months leading into next season…that we SHOULD expect forward progress and winning results…and despite of what d.l. & co. would like to say on this subject when “chartable forward progress” is up for the debate, they know all too well that this is where their kings legacy’s will be created: during these next three months…

    we have waited very long for these upcoming days…we have waited to see if our own leader’s thoughts, opinions and strategies will bring us the desired results: a consistent stanley cup contender and consistent stanley cups…

    for the sake of giving everyone in management a fair shot of creating and molding their own legacy, these days will prove vital in determining just that…

    so carry on, d.l. & co…see yr ideas and plans through…

    but remember…as if i have to tell you…it’s high-time…these decisions you will be making will not only determine yr own legacies, but shape the identity and fate of the la kings for years to come…

    this is where it all should come together…and if it doesn’t, then we fans have every right to hold everybody involved accountable…

    good luck…for everyone’s sake…:)

  • Moondoggie

    Howe 9….Good comment. Again, it’s all about patience everyone. We are getting better, and younger. One year ago, again, who could have said our defense and goaltending problems would be past us? Who??? The Kings solved their two biggest and most difficult problems in just one year, thanks to DL & his staff for their scouting and excellent drafting. Acknowledged that we need scoring, that’s the easy part to fix.

    The thing I found most interesting was DL & Solomon’s comment on the cap and July 2nd & 3rd. It is obvious that there are many teams with talent out there who are going to be over the cap and will need to make tough decisions. That’s where the Kings are going to do well. No, I don’t foresee the Kings pursuing Cammy (no chance I believe they said, thank goodness) but you can see just how difficult its going to be for a team like Toronto to sign him. Since its going to take more than just one player to put Toronto into the playoffs again, they’re in a fix too, the same said for many teams around the league. Even Brian Burke is now looking at rebuilding through the draft. Younger teams get better together and are cheaper to maintain. Oh yes, you do have the Wings and the Sharks but both have cap problems and both teams will need youth to be able to compete. There definitely will be salary dumps and the Kings will be ready for them when they happen.

    Funny thing, this time last year I was pretty anxious about the draft and the UFA’s. This year, it’s more about curiosity, what DL will do with the pick and who the Kings will make a serious attempt at signing. It’s actually getting to be fun, this team has so much potential and the minors stocked with talent.

    Like I’ve said all along, the best is truly yet to come. Patience!

  • iansez

    That was an awesome post Variable, well done. WWAMD, Anthonyy read it over and over till you get it.

  • anthonyy

    WWAMD, your analysis is intelligent and accurate.
    I’m beginning to think that this GM is a fan of the Status Quo.
    Next season is just gonna be a continuation of last season. Our team is gonna look pretty much the same with the addition of a Marco Sturm like forward and a Sami Salo like D-Man.
    Its not gonna be enough to make the playoffs.
    Lets not forget, other GM’s on other teams are not gonna play conservative. They’re gonna be active and pursue big time players no matter what it costs.

    I’m very depressed. This GM is starting to look more and more like child amongst men.

    iansez, Rob, 28 Kings, my harshest crtics:
    Don’t you guys find it ambiguous when this GM says we need more scoring, but then turns around to indicate:
    1)he will not trade for a big time forward for no articulable reason. So No Heatley or Levavlier.
    2)he will not sign a big time forward b/c of salary cap issues (really weak argument). So No Hossa or Gaborik.
    Happy Fathers Day guys.

  • anthonyy

    I hope I supported a few things today. I’m trying bro.

  • PaulCat1969

    Anthonyy and WWAMD,

    Can you guys just wait until the beginning before you cast any more opinions. I can’t really find any logic to what you are both trying to say.

    The job of a GM is to build a champion and ultimately a dynasty. Now there are two ways of doing things. The NY way and the since they are the champs, the PIttsburgh Penguin way. Let’s look at each shall we:

    The New York Way – Whether you are the Yankees or the Rangers, you can go out and open up your wallet and grab every free agent you can. You can spend millions on Drury or Gomez or Wade Redden. In baseball, you sign every free agent you can – CC Sabathia, A-Rod, Texeira, Burnett. You have some flashy names with a lot of talent but perhpas not much character or the desire to win a Championship. You might flirt with getting into the playoffs but you rarely do it on big name stars.

    Then there is the Pittsburgh Penguin way. Let’s look at their team – Crosby was drafted, Malkin was drafted, Fleury was drafted. Staal was drafted and when that talent was ready they added pieces some guys were character guys like Talbot, Orpik and some were veteran guys like Guerin. The point is they didn’t rush it and now they have been in back to back Stanley Cup Finals. They are young and experienced and certainly have all the tools to be there again.

    Now I am not sure which option you prefer. It’s been tough being a Kings fan for sure but admit the direction is there. Our goaltending is deep. Our defense is deep. We could not even say that a year ago. We have some skill up front and some young guys starting to gel. Yes we need more scoring. Yes we could use some more grit. The foundation is there though so now all that is left is to start putting it together on the ice. Quick fixes never work. Take your time, do it right and reap the benefits of patience.

  • Paul from Oxnard

    1: Heatley signed a contract in Atlanta, then demanded to be moved. He signed an extension in Ottawa, and now he’s demanding to be moved again. The Kings don’t need that head case in their locker room.

    2: The Kings need scoring, but they DON’T need Vinny Lecavalier’s bloated contract (10M a year for the next 5 years)

    3: Hossa would never sign here. He wants to win a cup. Or didn’t you guys forget about his move from Pittsburgh to Detroit?

    4: Gaborik would be good if he could stay healthy, but we all know he’ll never stay healthy. That’s not what he does.

    I STILL believe that if the Kings offered the right deal to Atlanta they’d get Kovalchuk. It could be this week with the #5 pick included, or it could be at the trade deadline, but I believe it could happen. Kovalchuk won’t resign in Atlanta, so they have to move him or they’ll get nothing. I think they’d jump at a good deal at the draft.

  • tantrum4

    WWAMD –

    What I get from what you’re saying is that Taylor left DL with a mess of a team and it was so bad it’s taken DL 3 years so far to rebuild it from basically scratch and he’s doing a hell of a job. Taylor left this team in ruins with no prospects or draft picks from his crappy band-aid philosophy he used for so many years. It’s no wonder that when a team is looking for a new GM, Taylor’s name is NEVER mentioned.

  • MacSwede

    Well said PaulCat!

    I getting tired of having these debates with Anthonyy and WWAMD (World Wide Anthony MF Department).

    They are just so booring… variable and paul-kittie said it, we are now building the right way, finally!

    It was fun watching Kings a couple of seasons with Dave Taylor, but whe were never even close of reaching the cup. I liked Palffy, Deadmarsh and even Allison, when they were healthy..

    I think Kings have a much more exiting team now, and it feels like we really have something going on…

    The prospect list we have now is huge, never been in that situation before….I LOVE IT! Thanks DEANO!

  • variable


    yr absolutely right…and i was going to say everything you just said, but didn’t want to run the risk of writing pages upon pages of examples and adding to my already long post/opinion…

    what do these people want…?

    impulsive, irresponsible free agent signings…?

    at this point, many of the opposing point of views would have us already signing and/or trading for heatley, vinny, gaborik, hossa, neil, hartnell, blah, blah, blah…etc…

    we would have $48mil spent on 8 players for next year, leaving nothing left over for a full-roster…

    we would have quick-fixes and stop-gaps and be a team w/a twisted make up and puzzling identity…

    we would be cap strapped, trading away all out assets and not be able to recover under such ridiculous spending deals…

    like i said…d.l. has made some poor free agent signings in the past…but has anyone of those poor deals…and even cumulatively…thwarted our position to the point of not being able to recover…?

    we are still in a envious, great position DESPITE some of these poor signings…

    could it have been better…? well, if detroit can say “yeah, sure it could’ve!”, every other team has to as well, w/the possible exception of pittsburgh, but even they had to let go a competent coach to get where they are at: champions…

    they even had to say goodbye to detroit’s apparent free agent savior – hossa…

    the point is, sometimes the road less traveled opens up a world of possibilities far more rewarding than any freeway could direct…

    we’ve come this far…and we owe it to all concerned parties to see it through…the alternatives to this philosophy are not desirable…not even to the naysayers…

    if you are a die-hard kings fan, why on earth would you want d.l. & co. to ultimately fail…?

    how can you pass final judgment on a work in progress…?

    we are almost there…but it’s too premature to pass judgment…we have to be patient and understand that there is an articulate plan in place…and that whether or not we can agree upon it’s merits and acumen, it should be executed to it’s fullest potential…

    and that’s where criticism can be justified….

    but were just not there yet…

    it’s not about opinion at this point, but the reality of the situations we are in…

  • anthonyy

    I’m getting tired of debating these Dumbardi worshipers bragging about 25th place.
    In three seasons under this guy, we haven’t even been close.
    What’s so good about mediocrity?

  • MacSwede

    Hey Paul from Oxnard..

    I would love to get kovi! But is it smart to trade for him now? What happens if he dont resign with us? Then it may be really expensive for us… And getting him at the trade deadline? useless…we wont get a rental player.. So maybe the best is to wait for him to be a free agent, and then we try to get him, since we may be one of a few teams that have room under the cap!

    It sure would help attract him to LA if we made the playoffs this year though..

  • Rob

    WOW. Anthonyy and WWAMD(same person) even annoy people outside of North America. Mad skills

  • MacSwede

    Have you heard the latest crap from Eklund?

    Hes just a joke! He states that the Kings are making a BIG push for Heatley, well…how can he say that after the GM meeting? They more or less said that they will pass on Heatley… It looks more like the Anthonyy way..

    Then Eklund also states that the Kings are trying to move up to the 3# pick? Any truth to that?

  • PaulCat1969

    Oh Anthonyy,

    You really love to make it difficult. Once again let’s look at the Penguins. Below is where the Penguins finished in the standings from the 2001 season. Look at those first 4 seasons. Reecovering from the Mario Lemieux years left that team and their organization in shambles. The team was in financial disarray. You could argue those numbers look similar to the Kings. Then the Penguins started their rebuild and drafting well and adding depth. You could argue that they had a huge advantage in their road to recovery since they draft two dynamic superstars and had the #1 pick as well.

    The point is and I am going to quote you here, “in three seasons under this guy, we haven’t been close.” Neither were the Penguins. And to answer your question about “what is so good about mediocrity?” the answer is simply that its not mediocrity but patience. Wouldn’t you deal with the past three years if we are a consistent winner. You will have every right to criticize Dean if you don’t see a change like the Penguins. Until then though, be more supportive and spend more time understanding the game and how to build a winner.

    2001-2002 69 Points 12th Place
    2002-2003 65 Points 14th Place
    2003-2004 58 Points 15th Place
    2005-2006 58 Points 15th Place
    2006-2007 105 Points 4 Place – Lost to the Senators in the First Round
    2007-2008 102 Points 2 Place – Stanley Cup Finals
    2008-2009 99 Points 4 Place – Stanley Cup Champions

  • variable


    nothing’s good about mediocrity…

    but if we were to follow all yr instructions to this point, we would be in dire straits, heading towards bankruptcy and relocation, w/more problems and fan defections than i could ever imagine…

    you do a great job of voicing yr displeasure…

    but seem to have a serious problem listening and offering anything that is realistically a better option or proposal…

    and if you really were to read and listen to what yr fellow posters have to say, you wouldn’t retort w/more off-topic responses, misguided conjecture that isn’t reality-based and often misrepresents what is being said…

    IE: “I’m getting tired of debating these Dumbardi worshipers bragging about 25th place.”

    who said that…?
    where are you reading this…?

    you sound like a radio personality on a.m. radio that wants to steer the audience towards his negative input and myopic, callous point of views: who’s sole mission is to destroy any and all progress being made by the person in charge by any means necessary for the sake of…well…who knows why…(?)

    you spin everything you can negatively against d.l….but you lend almost no formative or constructive contrarian opinion that embodies substance nor creditable solution…

    what is yr goal…?
    how do you contribute to the betterment of discussion…?

    i have nothing against you personally…i really don’t…
    this is just a blog for fans of the kings – and for anyone to take it further than that probably has there own issues to settle before they can settle the kings’…

    but every now and then, i feel compelled to challenge the way you think about the kings and whether or not yr even capable of looking outside yr box of thought and welcome insight from others that seem to champion constructive opinions, regardless of agreement, rather than debilitating disinformation and propaganda…

    oh yeah…

    happy father’s day to all y’all…:)

  • nykingfan

    Happy fathers day to all us dad’s.
    Whats up moondoggie

    You guys are all right on with your posts on how this GM is trying to put us in a position of strength for years to come.
    We’ve suffered for so long…never seeing any kind of light at the end of the tunnel. At least he’s making a real effort and it seems ownership is on board.

    What he said about emails on July 1 or July 2 makes complete sense.
    The free agent class is pretty lousy. There might be better deals when teams like the Rangers..and plenty of others, are going to throw huge sums at guys like Hossa and Gaborik…They can’t afford it and will pay later in giving up good players for nothing…just to shed cap $$.
    Lombardi is a smart man…with his plan and a little luck, we’ll be players in the west for years to come.

  • TorturedKingsFan

    And for the record I said “well before” not “LONG.”

  • Cynic

    Matthew Barry, Blogger at HockeyBuzz (Good Ol Dancing Boy) mentioned that Victor Hedman just recently said he was a Kings Fan. I asked him for a link as I have NEVER heard that.

    Anyone have a link to such a thing?? Anything? If so, that sounds like a reasonable reason to move up to #3 if the Isle actually take Duchense, TB is gonna take Tavares as they can’t pass up a Stamkos, Tavares combo (a la Crosby/Maklin in Pitt). Hedman would fall to #3.

    Imagine Hedman and Doughty, Thats like a VERY Young Pronger and S. Niedermayer!! With Quincey, Green, Hickey, Teubert, Drewiskie, Martinez, Piskula, HOLY SMOKES!!!

    Anyway…anyone have that Hedman quote in print anywhere? The last draft pick who went public as a fan of the Kings played pretty damn well for us last year…


    tantrum4 said:
    WWAMD –

    What I get from what you’re saying is that Taylor left DL with a mess of a team and it was so bad it’s taken DL 3 years so far to rebuild it from basically scratch and he’s doing a hell of a job. Taylor left this team in ruins with no prospects or draft picks from his crappy band-aid philosophy he used for so many years. It’s no wonder that when a team is looking for a new GM, Taylor’s name is NEVER mentioned.

    LOL ok….name our top players ALL DT, our top goalie…DT….yup DT left him crap…OH YAH DT also left Dean an 89 point team….Dean hasn’t even come CLOSE to that….lol ur funny man….Taylor is working for Dallas just so u know…and how long did it take for DEAN to be a GM after he got canned from San Jose…your a funny guy. LOL you can’t be serious sometimes can you? lol

  • EJ

    Cynic, sorry, there’s no way Hedman falls out of the top 2. Can DL get into the top two? Doesn’t seem likely. A lot of other GMs are plotting the same thing. Just be happy that Hedman winds up in the East. And as to anthonyy and WWAMD, you do slip each other the tongue, yes?

  • 28 KINGS

    That same 89 point team also got him FIRED! That’s right FIRED!
    He let a team that was the number 1 team in NHL in Jan free fall to 10th place and miss the playoffs. He waited until there were 12 games left in the season to fire Andy Murray…12 games man. AM should have been fired at the end of Jan.
    So what if Taylor(or should i say Tim Lieweekly)got us into the playoffs, he never built on the success, just created two holes to fill one(trading Stumpel and Murray for Allison). I had no problem with that trade except he never filled the holes at center or forward.And what about a decent #1 goalie, not someone else’s retread. He had 9 years to find one.
    His teams only advanced past the first round I believe ONCE, in 9 years. How is that good? Is having a team just good enough to make the playoffs satisfying to you, because that’s what we had.

  • stevebone

    Here is my two cents. My wife and I are long time Kings fans. And we love the Kings so much we travel with the Kings to three or four away games every year. This year we went to Chicago, Denver, San Jose and Vancouver. In Chicago it was a great game along with the opera singer who sang the national anthem and everyone cheered and clapped the whole time. WOW! it gave me goose bumps.
    Back to the Kings. Last year when we gave up on Cami, I was a little angry until I heard the whole story at the draft party, then it made since. I didnt like it but it was the right move. When we gave away La B. for almost nothing I didnt like it but it was the right move. The drafting of Hickey, who wasnt in any ones top ten list, I questioned that pick, but it is looking pretty good. When they made the trade for Williams (another Alison?) I thought we gave to much, well have to wait and see. In saying all of this I think the Kings have a plan and I hope it works for them and that they stick with it. They seem to be making smart moves. I dont want a quick fix, lets keep making good moves and stay the course. We have a great pick at number 5 lets use it. Lets pick up a couple free agent if it makes CENT$. We need a good mix of veterans and youth. Keep up the good work and hopefully the 2005 2009 drafts can make up for the 2001 2004 drafts the worst in history.
    Finally, the Kings this year were much more exciting team to watch then they have been for several years. GO KINGS GO!

  • Scott

    Lombardi should be fired if they do not make the playoffs next season. Simple as that.

    -Crawford and Cloutier
    -Poor drafting (my little cousin could draft guys ranked at the top)
    -Poor free agent signings (Alyn McCauley, Brian Willsie, Roenick, Nagy …vomit)
    -Has never found a bona fide number one goalie (I do hope it is finally Quick)
    -Is responsible for putting a team together that is too soft
    -Sounds like he cares only about keeping his job. No wonder he likes Anschutz, Anschutz is too distracted with other bunsiness ventures to micromanage the Kings …let alone care
    -Haven’t sniffed the playoffs in three years (I’d cut him more slack if his actions had conviced me we’re on the right track. We’re not. There will be no playoffs if the morale does not improve.)

    Tip for Lombardi: do everything David Poile of the Nashville Predators does. Before the haters argue, keep in mind that their budget is limited and they are one of the toughest teams to face with limited talent. They have the toughness we do not.

  • Greg

    My thoughts exactly, stevebone.
    I think if we had Ersberg and Quick in goal the entire season last year instead of Labarbara we would have made the playoffs. Now our very young team has another year’s experience under their belt, and they’ve had a full season to become comfortable in Murrays system. I think we can make the playoffs with the team we currently have.
    If we could make a few smart additions, and if Murray wouldn’t juggle the lines quite so much we could go fairly deep in the playoffs.

  • PaulCat1969

    Good Lord…the Trinity expands.

    Scott – You can’t honestly be serious. First see my post above regarding the success of the Pittsburgh Penguins and how they have built a Stanley Cup Championship.

    Now to each of your points:

    – Crawford had success before coming to the Kings. 20-20 vision in hindsight. Crawford brought in Cloutier but I do blame Dean for the long contract. I’ll give you that.

    – Poor drafting? Sure Doughty is a given even though there were other guys on the board but Bernier, Voynov, Hickey, Teubert, Loktionov, Drewiske, Moller, Simmonds are all guys Dean has drafted but all appear have the makings of solid NHL players. The key to any any draft criticism is what until the play in the NHL…so far I like what I have seen.

    – Poor Free Agent signings – Again, not great signings but as I have said in earlier posts and describe by my Yankee/Ranger example above, you cant just sign FA just because you want to. Youhave to wait until there is a core before you make a big trade or signing. What would Drury have done for us a couple of years ago? Nothing because there was nothing around him and what has Drury brought the Rangers? Nothing except a $7 million paycheck. Those signings were most 1-2 year filers. They aren’t hurting us now. They served a purpose. Now that we have depth we are in a far better position to make a move.

    – Again, goalies have to be drafted and cultivated. All the elite goalies in the league have been. Yes we probably could have put in for Khabibulin but at $5 million I don’t want him and love the depth and patience we have now and I will be interested to see what Quick does in his first full year.

    – You don’t get rid of players like Lubo, Cammy and O’Sullivan and say you want to be soft. Adding Greene, trading for Teubert and getting Williams proves he wants this team to be big and tougher and you add that to Brown and SImmonds and you have the making a much stronger puck control team.

    Please try to be more open minded when it comes to your posts. I can understand your frustration but patience will be rewarded soon enough.

  • Cynic

    Got my answer from Matt at hockeybuzz regarding Hedman. Wanted to pass this along. I had NO idea Hedman was a LA Kings fan. Guess Oscar Moller has been talking us up over there:

    Thanks to BigBrown at LGK


    where he says:
    “Mitt favoritlag r Los Angeles Kings och det r lag jag fljer mest intensivt i NHL och har bst koll p. Jag vill bli draftad av dem men det viktigaste r att bli draftad och d spelar det inte s stor roll av vilket lag. ”

    “My favorite team is the Los Angeles Kings and I follow them closely in the NHL. I would love to be drafted by them but the most important thing is just to get drafted and it won’t matter by what team.”

    This was on Hedman’s blog back in April (15th I believe). Why is this not getting more pub in LA circles?!?! I could see us trying to move up to #3 now. Doughty was a fan, he played well. Hedman is a fan….I’d take the risk.

  • Cynic
  • PaulCat1969


    I have always been critical when there is a time to be so. I thought the Cloutier signing was awful. I was never a fan of Crawford though I understood his hiring. You have to understand. My first game watching Gordie Howe play against the Kings when he was on the Whalers. I was at the Miracle of Manchester. I was there when when Gretzky broke the goal scoring record, Game 6 of the Western Conference FInals and both Stanley Cup Finals Games. I have the wherewithal to watch this team grow. I have seen what an apathetic, uninspiring soft team looks like. That is not what I see in this team now.

    I love to debate and I certainly love to argue but I expect the other side to at least be reasonable with their points. You blindly don’t like Lombardi and question he’s every move. You question his draft when a majority of the players he’s drafted hasn’t played in the NHL yet and the ones who have Moller and Simmonds have shown great promise. You question his acquisitions but they have yet to be completing one sided.

    Just let things play out and see where this team is at when the season starts.

  • darko25o

    I’m very curious as to what everyones thoughts are concerning moving up in the draft.



    I understand your side, I do…..Now just imagine this….please imagine this

    If you never heard a single WORD from Dean’s mouth and all you witnessed was the product on the ice, would you still support this GM?

    The difference with your “past history” with the team and the experiences you’ve had as a Kings fan is that we are NOW FINALLY exposed to the WWW. and get interviews and messages directly from Dean himself. SO NOW we have a man DEFENDING his poor performance and MANIPULATING the fans. Prior to Dean we never heard anything from GM’s and they didn’t wow us and makes up plans and defend trades and explain poor season. We called it as it was, you lose games your a loser of a GM. So close your eyes, ignore all the propaganda and take yourself back to the years where we did not have internet and ask yourself….WOULD Dean survive that era? I don’t think so!


    darko, if we can move up and snag Hedmen, then Dean is good!

  • PaulCat1969

    You are entitled to your opinion of course and I can really acknowledge what you are saying about the the internet being a major influence on fans but in truth, and I am old enough to separate opinions and ideas and have my own, this is just how I like to see a business run.

    In the military, there is a saying that leaders are only as good by those whom surround him. Get yourself some good people and get out of their way. Its the same in business and its certainly the same in sports. I like what I see on the ice. I know the results havent been what we all want but I like the team. I like that their young and getting experience. I like that they are starting to buying into their leaders’ philosophy. Look at the Dodgers. Coletti has made so many questionable signings to get the quick fix but deeper in that they have held onto their youth. Loney, Kemp, Martin, Broxton, Kershaw, etc. could all have been traded away for big name players but he has held on to them to build a core. Then he can add to that core with players like Casey Blake and Manny. It ‘s exactly like the Kings and I don’t need the internet to sway MY opinion. This is just how it needs to be done but a team is going to stink before it gets better and I can buy into that after all these years if and ONLY IF it means being competitive for many many years from now. I think that is what will play out.

  • Ersberg


    You can’t use the Pens as the benchmark to compare the building of the Pens to our club. They drafted 2 of 3 of the best players in the league, plus they are considered generational talents. We do not possess any players remotely close to those 2. Not even on our best days do we come close to that level of talent.

    They’ve also signed some key free agents and have traded for some roll players as well. We have not done any key signings/trades in this era. We’ve had some nice drafts, but that’ll only take us so far.

    The only similarity between the Pens and us is they’ve been in the basement, as we’ve been, in the passed 10 years.


    I toooo like the team, however, as soon as the season starts, we will all be reminded why this team is failing. And I strongly believe that it is Murray. This is why I dislike Dean, because he supports coaches like Murray and Crawford. Dean is good at building a future, and developing players. Our players are young and promising. But if I have to pick a bone with Dean, its 2 things
    1. His choice in coaches
    2. When our young promising stars contracts are up, it seems like Dean is pulling teeth and can get it done. This was also apparent in San Jose, so it isn’t the “players” its the GM.

    Besides that, he’s doing fine. I really like the scouting staff he’s hired. The use of video scouting. The Lubo trade was good too. Quincey pick up was nice. Johnson trade was good. Sure he’s made some other bonehead trades/moves/signings, but no one is perfect and that happens with any GM

  • cfbuckster

    I was there on Saturday (I sat in the third row, asked Dean towards the end what he thought about teams like Detroit signing players to 10-12 year contracts, I understand if you can’t print his answer) and thought that this is a man (Dean) surrounded by people trying to do the best that they can with what they have, during a new era in NHL hockey (the salary cap era). I believe (like someone earlier said) that some of his early moves were kind of bone headed. However, and maybe it’s the Kool-Aid (well in this case two complimentary Diet Cokes and a Danish) but whenever I attend these things, I firmly believe that they are all doing their best to put this franchise in contention for the Cup for many years to come. His examples of the Deadmarsh/Allison year(s?) was an excellent point. Short term success, being succumbed quickly due to injury, in other words lack of depth. I’ve been a King fan my whole life (I was born in 1975, understood the game at 9, so since 1984) and am more excited about the future of this franchise than I have been in a long time.
    anthonyy and others who whine like him/her/it:
    So please, let’s see the off season play out. Let’s see what our team looks like with a decent goalie the whole season. Let’s see what we add in free agency/ draft. Let’s see what a well conditioned team looks like that’s been practicing together since July. Some of you really need to take a chill pill, and quit with the negativity. Do you really think that your constant bitching about how Dean is not doing things the way you would really makes a difference in the big picture of this team. Remember, Dean and his staff have alot more to lose in all of this than anyone of us.

  • WTF

    Hey guys,

    I am not a Dean hater, but I will give you some ammo to argue with so you are not just stating your opinion but fact.

    Take a look at St. Louis, by all accounts we should be leaps and bounds by them, they have our discarded coach (who I miss) and started rebuilding later. But in reality they are kicking our ass. Better GM (John Davidson is on of the best hockey minds there is and I miss him and Sam calling games together) better picks, more grit, more offense, all around better.

    This is a non-disputable point and I offer it to you so that I can respect your arguments and help you look educated.

    Taylor seemd to never draft anyone over 5’5″, but if Relpacing POS with WIlliams is all you do to get tougher, that is a strike in my book also.

  • PaulCat1969

    Ersberg – I made it very clear above that the PEnguins were fortunate to draft players with the caliber of talent like Crosby and Malkin. The point is, it’s the draft and building up young talent that gets it done. As I have stressed so many times you can’t sign players like Drury, Gomez, Chara and on and on and on when there is not other players around to support them. If you think teams like the Rangers and the Flyers are regretting some of those signings you are crazy. We have a great nucleus with some really good contracts and enough cap space to sign them longer and now, FINALLY, be able to bring in some established players. Let’s see what Kopitar, Brown, Frolov, Moller, Simmonds respond to the challenge and let’s see what Dean brings on before we start criticizing them too much.


    I can’t believ yoaure actually giving Dean some credit. I almost want to just applaud you and quit while I am ahead but alas, I cannot.

    On his coaches, I like Murray. I don’t love but I certainly like him enough to give him some credit. I have questioned his line choices and some of his hypocritical handling of his players but for the most part I like what he done. We stunk with out two way defense and giving up too many shots. Team Defense, goaltending and the little things (faceoffs, special teams, etc.) wins championships and he did a great job and getting us in the right direction. He is a better teacher than a coach and I don’t think the guy that will be the one that gets us a championship but for now he did a good enough job of getting us playing good fundamental hockey so for that alone he deserves to come back.

    On the contracts, I think Dean is very selective with how he handles things. He keeps the ones he wants and certainly bargains hard for the ones that he doesn’t. Kopitar no brainer – signed through 2014. Same with Brown. Stoll is signed, Greene is signed and the same will hold true for Doughty when it’s his time and all the others who have to prove themselves to be a member of this team. At least we have the cap room to be selective and creative with numbers and make choices where we need to. This is a business so (and sometimes it’s unfortunate) it has to be treated as such.

    Keep the faith WWAMD. This is going to be a great week.

  • anthonyy


  • Scott

    PaulCat, are you on Lombardi’s payroll? This team has done absolutely nothing to inspire hope within the faithful except to have management talk up the future and mimic the futilty that has plagued this franchise since 1967, ’93 being the exception (Thanks, Wayne.)

    Crawford is 20/20 hindsight? Vancouver discarded him and Cloutier for good reason. Lombardi was too blind to see it. So Crawford went to the Finals with Sakic, Forsberg, Roy, etc. sheesh. Again, my little cousin could’ve taken that team to the Finals. Dallas can have him.

    I stand by my previous points. The team’s performance lends them credence.

    I have the Kings’ new marketing slogan for 09-10: NO PLAYOFFS. LOMBARDI FIRED.

  • Scott

    And WTF, I agree, as I’ve made that point before some time ago. We’re not the only team trying to get better. John Davidson of St. Louis, Dale Tallon of Chicago, David Poile of Nashville are GMs of teams that actually are on the ascent. In fact, they have surpassed us.

  • Harry

    Heman Meets with DL??…17-nhl-klubbar
    “Det sgs att Los Angeles vldigt grna vill ha dig, men de vljer frst som femte lag?
    – Jag gjorde hromdagen min tredje intervju med Kings och nu var ocks klubbdirektren Dean Lombardi med. De har ngot stort p gng och jag fr bra vibbar drifrn.”
    Basically translates to:
    Supposedly Los Angeles really like you, but they pick 5th?
    – I did my third interview with the Kings the other day and now Dean Lombardi was there as well. They have something big going on and I’m getting good vibes from there.”

    Also there’s an old update on his online blog ((way down on the page):…html?id=475264

    where he says:
    “Mitt favoritlag r Los Angeles Kings och det r lag jag fljer mest intensivt i NHL och har bst koll p. Jag vill bli draftad av dem men det viktigaste r att bli draftad och d spelar det inte s stor roll av vilket lag. ”

  • Harry

    Hedman= meets with DL =

  • 4thlinechecker

    For the past 15 months, I have read every single post on this blog and read damn near every comment posted. (Un-fortunately I am to lazy or busy to type up my $.02 most of the time). I just want to say I applaud you. you are the only guy who can get a rise/response out of somebody with every single comment….. I used to get so upset comment about how ridiculous your comments were, but now I just smile and laugh at how you single handedly draw 20 angry responses.

    I think I am also starting to understand what makes you tick. Mediocrity, status quo, and patience are not in your vocabulary. This is admirable and probably partly why you have found success (Attorney I believe). I have several people close to me that are the same way, and it seems as if their only setbacks come from lack of patience, and process. Its not bad to not settle, and have the killer instinct, but at times you need to have a little bit of patience and process…. (The Yankees are my example of to much killer instinct… imagine them trying to spend only up to a hard cap?)… Just my $.02

    5 days and no new Kool-Aid? I’m having withdrawals now bro! How about you piss off Darren Dreger or the Edmonton Journal again Ha!

    Last thing….. I think we can make a play for Hartnell, and not have it kill us. I know the Philly Conspiracy people will flip, but this guy could be a great addition, he is a stud with soft hands and some grit. I can see it happening

  • PaulCat1969


    I don’t have to be on Lombardi’s payroll to notice the difference between last year and the year prior. If defense wins championships, then we are certainly going in the right direction.

    You can’t argue that Crawford hasn’t been an accomplished coach. He has had success that generally warrants an opportunity. He was just the wrong guy for this team. These kids needed a teacher and not a Dean. He ruled with an Iron Fist and didn’t get much of response nor did he teach the fundamentals. Murray is much better suited for this role though I doubt he will ultimately be the one that takes him to the Promise Land.

    Sure I might be drinking from the Kool Aid but I like the make-up this team and it’s to look back the past years and be frustrated with our futility but with:

    1. A full season of Quick
    2. A more experienced and deeper defensive core
    3. The addition of a scoring LW
    4. A better Kopitar, Simmonds. Brown, Williams, etc

    I don’t think it’s difficult to be optimistic.

    Kings Slogan – All the Pieces in Place

  • SuperSonic420

    variable said:

    nothing’s good about mediocrity…

    but if we were to follow all yr instructions to this point, we would be in dire straits, heading towards bankruptcy and relocation, w/more problems and fan defections than i could ever imagine…

    you do a great job of voicing yr displeasure…

    but seem to have a serious problem listening and offering anything that is realistically a better option or proposal…

    Thank You Variable for putting that into perspective. If its one thing Anthonyy and WWMD and those others lack is perspective. I don’t worship DL, I’m a Kings fan, I know better. When I first became a Kings fan, it was Nick Beverly who was GM, actually it was Bruce McNall, Barry Melrose, and Wayne Gretzky in charge but just dont tell Nick. Then came the one and only Sam “The Disaster” McMaster and his infinite wisdom. Man where were you back then when we actually needed you Anthonyy. Then came WWMD hero Dave Taylor. Great player, pure heart and a classic throwback from a era long gone. As GM he was more hit and miss, and drafting pretty much all misses except a select few. His 2004 draft was rated as one of the worst NHL drafts in recent history by Ive seen a lot of costly mistakes made by Kings management in the past so im a skeptic by nature, and I believe DL has made his share of mistakes, but he hasnt traded away the future in those mistakes, he never gave up more than he couldnt afford to lose and that is what seperates him from these other GM’s. DL has a plan and he is going to see it through and I just hope one day when this team is playing copetitivly in the playoffs year after year, it will finally hit you in that thing you call a brain this was what it was all about.

    What I think every Kings fan is tired of is make horrible FA decisions that dont pan out and sacrificing draft picks for trades and that player getting injured or leaves as a FA. I dont know about you, but I want a hungry team that wants to win and win the right way. A team that learns exactly like Pittsburgh has, and like Chicago is doing. You dont go from 25 in the league to Stanley Cup Champion by trading your draft picks and core players for a Vinny Lecavalier or Danny Heatley. You build great teams. Montreal did in every decade till ’93. Long Island, Edmonton and Detroit did it. Pittsburgh and Chicago are doing it. Building from within with players that want to be there. Who want to grow with each other and win for each other and fight for each other and you dont do that year after year for each other if you dont grow up with each other. Do you guys really think a team made up of Dustin Brown, Anze Kopitar, Drew Doughty and Jack Johnson are going to be stuck forever in mediocrity?? Than I say you have no faith in your team more than DL, because even DL cant stop that group from playing at a high level for years to come. Even if you trade away JJ, you still have Hickey and Teubert and Voynov or Martinez or Drewiske and thats point!! Depth everywhere!! Depth in goaltending, depth on the blueline, and now its time to get some solid forward depth in this draft.

    I give DL slack because I know he has a plan and he will stick to that plan. I havent seen anything yet that proves he should be fired after the progess hes made so far. So far I would give him a B – with potential to be much better.

  • MacSwede

    WTF said:

    “Take a look at St. Louis, by all accounts we should be leaps and bounds by them, they have our discarded coach (who I miss) and started rebuilding later. But in reality they are kicking our ass.”

    Meetings against St. Louis 2008-2009

    Kings @Blues 4-0 (W)
    Blues @Kings 3-5 (W)
    Blues @Kings 2-6 (W)
    Kings @Blues 0-2 (L)

    Since you was talking about facts…

  • number 6

    I didn’t get to read most of the comments till late last night as I was busy w work… but given the tenor of most of the comments thought it not a bad idea to change the “feel” here a day later.
    So, here’s something to consider: Brian Burke’s impact on the draft and also who the Kings might draft (assuming they keep the pick). BB has been pretty clear that we wants Tavares or Schenn. I can’t imagine he’ll get Tavares (unless he has some pretty special bargaining chips laying around that we don’t know about), but wrt Schenn it gets interesting. Unless Atl takes him at No. 4 which I don’t expect, it’s the No. 5 slot where it starts to become v poss that Schenn is taken. Now, who has the No. 5 pick? Oh, wow, it’s the Kings. Hmmm. I’m sure it won’t be all so straight forward. Who knows what sort of gyrations might happen amongst the first four slots, but given that Tavares, Hedman and Duchene seem almost certain to be the first three picks w/o trades it could become interesting right after that. We’ll see.

  • number 6

    WWAMD said:

    NOW, for Taylor, His first year as GM LA was in the playoffs. Out of the 8 years that Taylor was GM he made the playoffs 4 years. Thats about 50% success ratio. Dean is at 0% success in his 3 years now. I know in Dave’s first 3 years he made the playoffs twice.

    I should point out that that is specious reasoning WWAMD. I don’t agree w everything DL has done either, but what sort of comparison is that? DT had a very very different team, and by trading away assets managed to get the Kings into the playoffs. One example of this is the Ziggy Palfy trade. I did Not like that trade at all when it was made and wrote a letter to Tim Leiweke saying that Palfy would be here for 5 yrs and then leave. I didn’t imagine at that time that one of the 5 yrs would be lost to injury.
    Anyhow, it was by moves like this that they got into the playoffs. So what. By the time DT was let go the team had very little left in the pipeline. While he was responsible for drafting Kopi and Cammelleri (where is he now?) he was also involved if I’m not mistaken in some incredibly poor drafts And more important than anything did not even address the teams goalie situation other than getting very lucky to grab Felix Potvin off the scrap heap and have him unexpectedly perform at a high level for two years. Remember Roman Cechmanek?

    As a result we had one of the worst goaltender situations in the whole nhl for years until last year. I will give credit where credit is due though… he did oversee the draft where Jonathan Quick was taken (DT’s last draft as Kings GM) but in all honesty it was a wee bit late in the game at that point…. but credit to him for that nonetheless.

  • nykingfan

    Don’t let facts get in the way of a good story!!

    As much as I should be used to the ridiculous posts of the DL haters….I’m still amazed when I read the things Scott’s saying…and WTF’s comparison of the Blues and the Kings.
    JD is one of the best minds in hockey? Why because he was a good announcer? I like JD and respect his hockey knowledge, but he’s a novice when it comes to player development and handling an organization. Let’s see some long term success before he’s annointed as the next Bill Torrey.
    St. Louis is not head and shoulders above us. As was correctly stated…head to head we took care of them.
    Andy Murray..Are you kidding? He was so great that he blew the playoffs for us by dropping from 1st to 10th in 1/2 season before finally getting fired. Why wasn’t he able to stop the bleeding? Great coaches don’t let teams free-fall the way we did.
    St. Louis had a nice season..especially the 2nd half. before we crown them champions, lets see them repeat it this year.

    Did you read your post before you sent it thru?
    His drafts are poor?
    Go ahead and tell us which players he drafted were poor picks. Just throwing it out there with nothing to back it up is useless.
    Did your little cousin know about Hickey…did you?
    I can guarantee that if the draft was done over…everyone would have had Hickey in the top 5. Too bad for the other teams that you can’t get a do-over. I’m confident that he’ll turn out to be one of the best picks the Kings have ever made. Obviously, time will tell.
    Quick question for you…if you had a choice of Doughty or Stamkos…which would you have taken? I’m assuming you would have jumped for Stamkos. 20/20 hindsight…which would you choose now?

    Bonafide #1 goalie? Who before him gave us a bonafide #1 goalie? He has a bunch of young prospects that certainly have the potential to be that #1 goalie we’ve craved all these years. All of them drafted by DL. Give them time to prove it.

    Putting together a soft team? It’s too ridiculous to get into…besides it was well stated prior. Soft guys like Sully are gone…hard-nosed players are being brought in.

    If he only cared about keeping his job, he would have made trades to get us into the 8th spot and not worry about the future..a la Glen Sather. He’s committed to building a long term winner in LA…something nobody else even tried to do for us fans. Will it work…only time will tell…so far we’re on the right track.

    Improving morale? I don’t get it…Team morale…How do you know what the morale is of the team?
    Fans morale? Mine is just fine!

  • Ersberg


    Signing Drury/Gomez to ridiculous contracts isn’t what I’m stating we should do. Getting more guns for the team does not, under any circumstance, mean we’re trading away our prospect depth or trading away the farm. That’s what I keep hearing from the “stay the course” crowd when a some us state we should aquire more help. This just isn’t the case.

    Adding a 2nd line center and say, Gaborik on the wing, is totally affordable and within our cap limit. What I’m proposing isn’t a “quick fix” or impatience, it’s simply taking the next step towards greatness. As far as “crazy” is concerned, people that suggest we do nothing and let our prospects run the show are absolutely nuts. We’re NEVER going to win with all kids. There’s also zero gurantee any of them make it, either. Will some make it? Most likely, but we must continue to shop outside of our franchise to get pieces we need.

    Waiting 2-3 more years doesn nothing for us, either. The kids need help now, not later. Having these players would help them grow, plus those players would help us win. It’s a win-win situation.

  • Cynic

    Everyone here is too busy bickering to realize that it is looking more and more like Deano is trying to move up to #3 to grab Hedman. I’ll put this up for the people that care more about the team than being right.

    This is a translation of what Harry posted earlier. It’s not perfect, but good enough for me to understand.

    There was also a post on LGK (Which I typically don’t visit anymore) that had info on a Friday night meeting w/ Lombardi in which Dean mentions They are trying to move up, no higher than #3.

    It’s all speculation, but when I hear it from both sides and it sounds feesable, I begin to ponder the possibilities.

  • WTF

    MacSwede and nykingfan:

    Are you guys really saying we are better then a team that was one of the best teams in the league after the all star break and almost made the playoffs to us in the cellar all year because we had their number?!?!?!?!


    No matter how you slice it, the Blues are better then the Kings, better D, better O.

    Anyway my point was with all the Kings fan bitching and moaning, someone should have brought that up a while ago instead of just complaining. This is why you will never win an Argument with Anthony, it is his opinion that the sky is falling, you will not change his mind so why waste time.

    For me, I am so used to the Kings socking, as long as they leave it on the ice and play their asses off, I am satisfied. My expectations have been low low low for years now.

  • WTF


    I forgot to add, if you are in fact from NY, you would know that JD was one of the few non-Canadians’ routinely on Hockey Night in Canada because he was thought so highly of and also he was recommended to be the Comish twice.

    I am starting to think you guys are just as blind as the people you are complaining about.

  • Marc Nathan

    I’m just surprised that Lombardi didn’t reveal that Phil Anschutz is Bailey.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy

    Lombardi took over and joked that he wanted fans “to think about this on July 2nd and 3rd,” referencing what would happen if the Kings didn’t sign a big free agent on July 1. Lombardi referenced the Lakers’ acquisition of Pau Gasol last season, a move made when the Memphis Grizzlies needed to dump salary and essentially gave away Gasol for nothing. Lombardi hinted that the Kings would be in a position to benefit from such a situation and “take advantage of those who don’t manage (the cap) properly.’

    I truly believe that the best way to build an NHL team in the current era is:

    a): build goalies and defense through the draft/this is the only way to get the defensive depth and goalie depth necessary to last through a playoff push (dont ever forget what happened to Buffalo the year Carolina won the cup), and requires the dumping of salary and older talent in exchange for a large number of draft picks;

    b): hope you can draft that hot goal scorerbut if you cant, keep your salary total low so you can cherry pick through the desperate cap cut players to get him for cheap while drafting the scoring talent there is available (defense first);

    c): bring in a teaching coach who brings all the disparate talent together and bonds them into a team, so that FINALLY;

    d): your GM can acquire the Guerins and Kunitzes of the world by trading draft picks to polish off all the remaining holes

    e): all the while fastidiously avoiding the free agent cup of hemlock, unless said free agent player is dominant and can instantaneously vitalize your team (e.g.: Wayne Gretzky-ish).

    I believe DL is on the course; I believe that DT learned too late how to build a hockey team, but left us with a good final year draft. DT did understand talent, but did not understand the step-wise pyramid approach to build a team. Right now, the pyramid is half-built. The way to judge results at this point is not what the top end of the Kings 2009-2010 year could be. The way to judge the Kings right now is what the bottom of the year will be. I see the Kingsgiven key injuries and lack of performanceto be a 75-80 point team, at WORST. In fact, to overshoot and have a good year too soon would be a disaster. Lets not be the Edmonton team of three years ago, or the Phoenix team of two years ago. See the last six Penguins season, folks. When it comes the correct way, it will come suddenly and powerfully.

    DL needs to correctly evaluate the talent he has, and finish tinkering with the teams basic identity. The Kings are eventually going to be a close-checking puck-possession team with great goaltending, likely in the top five GAA, winning one goal games at a 3-1 or 4-1 ratio, while consistently winning the third period to win games. The Kings will have two top-thirty point producers (not a great scoring team) but will come at teams in waves and break them down at the end of games. If the game is tied at the end of two periods, fans will come to believe the Kings should win that game before it happens.

    One thing, though. Read between Richs DL lines above and be prepared, faithfulthere will NOT be a great free agent signing this year.

    To Anthonyy:
    What is your number one free agent signing in HOCKEY, all-time?

    Yes, Dudethis is a trick question

  • Ersberg


    “One thing, though. Read between Richs DL lines above and be prepared, faithfulthere will NOT be a great free agent signing this year.”

    I agree with you 100%. The only issue is, these guys could be there with that help. Quick will do fine in net this season.

    An example of a guy that I think would be good for this team for a number reasons would be Cheechoo. DL could probably get him for a pick, too.

  • BakoCAcameraGuy


    I like that, tinkering with the basic team while letting it grow.

  • mike

    Come friday Evander Kane will be a King. Atlanta will take Brayden Schenn with 4th overall 🙂

  • nykingfan


    I’ve lived here my whole life and have listended to JD on the Ranger games since he took over for Phil Esposito.
    He was a knowledgeable analyst…way too pro-Ranger, but that’s to be expected..although Fox isn’t.
    In the NHL because of his knowledge..but more because of his high profile position as NYR announcer(this is an East coast league based in NY)he was thought to be everything from GM to team owner to commissioner. He had absolutely no experience or expertise in being any of the above. That doesn’t mean he’s not capable of it, but it takes time to learn the ins and outs of the league.
    He did well with St.Louis..but remember where they were in the 1st half last season….dead last or very close to it. They had an incredible 2nd half run to make the playoffs, but by no means did they show a full season of consistency.
    When we played them head to head, we dominated. They were a better team last year, but that doesn’t mean they’re a better organization. I, nor you, have any clue how deep they go in terms of prospects. We know the Kings are deep…that’s all we can go by when evaluating the organization.
    If it’s all about standings…then I guess you can say the Rangers are a better organization than the Kings too…they’re not…far from it. They have reached cap hell and if it wasn’t for a dumb owner (Dolan) willing to eat major contracts, they would be out of the F/A game. They are so thin on the roster and so up against the cap wall that in case of injuries, they can’t even call someone up to replace the injured player..without cutting or trading someone. That’s called mis-management.

  • darko25o

    I hope you’re right…that would be unexpected though. ATL does need another top 2 line Center

    I’m really fascinated by the whole GM positioning, and mind-set, when it comes to the draft. For all we know, some cap strapped team is trying to trade one of their super talents, and pick, in order to get into the top five. They would then have cap relief, and a player that could blossom into the very player they gave. Theres alot of scenarios that seem possible, I’m really curious to hear some predictions.

  • Duckhunter

    Well, I would like to wish everyone a happy belated Fathers day.

    Cynic said,”I’ll put this up for the people that care more about the team than being right.”

    Unfortunately, that statement is all too accurate. Best line I’ve heard in a while.

    I really don’t see Hedman dropping to number three but I guess anything is possible. Say he did drop to three, what would we have to give up to swap spots? I really don’t know. I’m guessing two 2nd’s and a prospect? or maybe two 2nd’s and a Stoll/Handz? I’m not really sure but it’s not going to be cheap. For me, I’d rather use those assets to trade for the LW or center we’re looking for,(NHL’r) or keep the pick and get Kane, Schenn, MSP/MPS(?) or Cowen.

  • Ersberg


    Kane would be such a huge pick-up for us. It would be like having a “baby Dustin Brown” at center.

    Friday and forward are going to make for some interesting days in the league.

  • Cynic


    Thanks. Happy FD to you also.

    That’s the big question for me as well. I could see us packaging Bernier & #5 , maybe a 3rd rounder as well. Colorado needs a goalie BAD as Budaj is their LaBarbara (GAA 2.86). They are thin in net. Anything more than that and I’d be just fine with #5 taking Kane or dropping to #7 and picking MPS (I think he’ll be there). I would not doubt for a moment that Dropping to #7 would be a backup plan for Dean if moving up to #3 fell through. I think it really all depends on what Dean wants:

    #3 – Hedman for Bernier, 3rd rounder, & #5

    #5 – Kane

    #7 – MPS, 3rd/4th rounder and a Top Prospect Winger (Jimmy Hayes RW, Viktor Stalberg LW, Dale Mitchell RW) for #5

    Here’s the low down on those Prospects:

    Jimmy Hayes:

    Viktor Stalberg:

    Dale Mitchell:

    I’d prefer Hedman, simply because If you want to build a culture, you have to have guys that bleed for your team. Doughty loved the Kings, gets chosen by them, and BLEEDS Forum Blue in his rookie season. Quite the example. Since Hedman is reported to love the Kings as well, who’s to say this isn’t repeated by him in his rookie season? I want guys on this team who WANT to be here. That develops the culture Dean needs to move forward with the plan.

    I said this a while ago also, I would LOVE Kovalchuk! If we don’t trade for that winger this year, I truly believe that dude is on our radar screen all season long and Dean is hoping Atlanta tanks and we’re in a 5th or 6th spot for the playoffs come January. (Salivating at the thought).

    Can’t wait for Friday!

  • Duckhunter


    This week is going to be great for me:
    24th is my moms birthday.
    25th is my daughters birthday.
    26th is the draft,
    and it was just Fathers day, what more can a man ask for?

    Kane is more than likely going 4th, correct? In your mind Ersberg, what would you be willing to give up to acquire him? I’ve heard and read nothing but good things about this kid but I’ve never seem him play. So I guess my question is, what’s he worth in your view?

    I’m off all this week and I was thinking about going down to the “draft party” on Friday. Do they sell beer? As you say, it should be a fun and interesting week.

  • Ersberg


    Happy B-day to your family members, and happy belated FD to you.

    I think it it would our 5th+young roster player. Moller, Purcell, etc. I wouldn’t give Hickey or Bernier, though.

    So basically it’s like giving up our 5th and a 2nd for the 4th. If they wanted more then that, I would stay at 5th and take Schenn.

    I’m guessing they’ll be selling beer at the party. That would be something I’d go to either way, though. I think I may have to look into it..

  • Ersberg


    Forgot to mention, although obvious, I wouldn’t do Hickey because I’m hoping Doughty, JJ, and Hickey are our 3 “core” d-men for years to come. Hickey+Doughty would be nothing short of offensive filth on ice, and JJ+either of them would be very formidable as well.

    I wouldn’t give Bernier for even more obvious reasons.

  • deadcatbounce

    Wow! Someone who’s a rumor monger throws it out there that Tampa Bay would pass on Bedman, and since he’s a Kings fan then L.A. suddenly has a chance to get him? Forget it, guys, he’s going first or second! And in the very off-chance that he would fall to third, do you really think that Colorado, who is thinner on the blue line than we are, would pass on him? Really?! For everyone who thinks that DL is an idiot, you sure don’t give much credit to any of the other GM’s out there!

  • Duckhunter

    Cynic and Ersberg,

    Thank you, much appreciated.

    I’m on the run at this moment, I’ll get back in conversation later.


    Source tells me that Dean was indeed trying to make a deal with Tampa. Dean wanted Tampa’s #2 pick. Tampa tried to package it with Vinny. Dean was NOT interested in Vinny and the trade proposals were too much for Dean to give up. Deal tried to take Vinny out of the picture and just deal for the #2 pick. Anyways long story short, the deals became at a standstill and the two GM were far apart in the negotiations. So Dean has given up on trying to get that #2 pick and is now working with Colorado to get the #3. However, he’s not too concerned with getting that #3 pick as his target all along was Hedmen. Hedmen will most likely NOT drop to #3.

  • Scott


    It’s fair to say the Kings’ poor drafting transcends Lombardi, but I think my opinion was stated as I was thinking about the fact that he selected Bernier over Patrik Berglund in 06 and Hickey over David Perron in 07, b/c I also stated that John Davidson is a better GM. Imagine if we had Berglund and Perron, right now. GEEZ. Most of the other picks don’t inspire confidence, though I will concede that Wayne Simmonds has been a pleasant surprise. As far as the others, Hickey better make the roster next year and everything shows that he will. If he doesn’t, considering how high he was selected, he’s a bust. Sad but true. Bernier? He seems very average. You’re right, the Kings have always had trouble finding a #1 in net, but Lombardi would’ve distinguished himself if he had finally done so. And bringing in Cloutier cost us, greatly. That is not hindsight. He had bad knees in Vancouver and he gave him 3 years! …To answer your question, I never wanted Stamkos. It was b/t Doughty and Bogosian, for me. An offensive/finesse guy or a solid/stay at home guy? I would’ve been fine with the selection of either. Point still stands. Anyone can draft at the top and probably get someone more than decent.

    Lombardi would’ve been an excellent GM if he had obtained guys like Berglund, Perron, and maybe Luongo. I know Luongo said he wouldn’t sign here, but you never know, he might have once he got to know the guys and the city. And a move like that would’ve been passionate and bold.

    The morale of the team may not be at the nadir. But the guys were clearly frustrated. And you had Brown and Kopi saying Dean better bring in another winger. Congratu-effin-lations if your morale is up. I’ve been a Kings fan all of my life (I’m 26) but I want action, not just words. If they gave out a championship for using words, we’d be 3-time consecutive defenders.

  • nykingfan

    I hear your frustration and can understand to a point.

    To say that if Hickey doesn’t make the team, he’s a bust is ridiculous. I also think he’ll make the team, but there’s been plenty of players who have come up when they’re 22 and went on to have hall of fame careers. I’m not saying Hickey’s a HOF’er, but how would you like to see them trade him for a fringe veteran and he ends up a HOF’er…would you be pissed? If they traded him and he turned out successful, you’d be surprised? Not many others would be. Some players take a little longer to reach their potential, no matter where they were drafted.
    Which leads to my next point..Bernier.
    Again, why the rush…did you notice the goalie who won the cup this year? He was a top 1st rd pick who took a few years of getting his ass kicked before he finally got the ring. And if it wasn’t for that save he made at the end of regulation in game 7, who knows what happens. Do you honestly think people in Pittsburgh are pissed that they kept him or drafted him where they did…why because he didn’t pan out in his 1st 3 years?
    You’re 26…I’m assuming you weren’t the most mature of kids when you were 18-21..I know I wasn’t. Why do you think these kids should be able to turn on the maturity switch at that age? Some do, some take longer. Just because it takes them a little longer, doesn’t mean you give up on them.
    Berglund and Perron look like nice players, but that doesn’t mean that Hickey and Bernier won’t surpass them in years to come. Again, take a look at the draft that Fleury was in….look to see how many other guys that were picked that year and see how many won a cup.
    Things in life take time…you’ll learn that as you get older.

  • cristobal

    Same old, same old.

    Lies, delusion, and finger-pointing.

    Trade down, draft Schroeder and add a quality young veteran in the deal.

  • darko25o

    Our core will be Voinov, Quincey, JJ, and Doughty.
    Voinov is a year younger, and is already playing at a higher level than Hickey.

  • cristobal

    darko – I agree. Voinov is the better player (basing my opinion on the WJC’s). Wish we’d have taken Tyler Myers instead of Teubert. Will he be the next Chara? Come to think of it, the Norris Trophy holder was one of those Free Agents recently, wasn’t he?

  • Scott


    To the contrary, I’ve always been precocious …Do I wish he would trade Hickey for a fringe veteran? No. I just expect him to make the roster this year. (And selecting Perron would’ve been better, but a lot of teams passed on him, so I guess Davidson outsmarted more people than just Lombardi.) It’s not ridiculous to think Hickey would be a bust if he didn’t make the team, being the number 4 pick overall in 2007. If he’s just going to be average, he didn’t need to be taken that high. However, being the fan that I am, I hope he makes it this year and legitimizes his selection …If drafting Bernier is your idea of resolving the goaltending issue that has plagued this team since Potvin was here, get out of my face. It can take goaltenders 10 years to develop. (And Fleury was better than Bernier as a junior.) Jon Quick has shown me no reason why he couldn’t be the guy, either (so far.) And do you really think Lombardi knew what he had with Quick? The answer to that is an emphatic no.

    Alright. You’re drinking sugar water, I’m reluctantly optimistic. I stand by my statement that if they don’t show more toughness (especially against teams in the East) and don’t make the playoffs, Lombardi should be gone.

  • nykingfan


    You’re entitled to your opinion, but I think your water is tainted with something else other than sugar.
    You talk about how Fleury was better than Bernier as a Junior (how you know this is completely beyond me…but I’ll assume you saw them both play as juniors)…so tell me, why did it take him so long to mature? The guy was the #1 pick in 2003…he finally had the ultimate success in 2009..I guess that’s too long for you to wait. I would feel safe in assuming that if Bernier struggles as long as Fleury did, you’d want him out, correct?
    Just to give you a quick look at Fleury’s early years in the NHL:
    03/04 4-14-2 3.64 .896
    04/05 AHL
    05/06 13-27-6 3.25 .898
    06/07 40-16-9 2.83 .906
    I guess you would have wanted him gone or considered him a bust based on those numbers….sure you would!

    If DL didn’t know what he had in Quick, why wasn’t he dumped from the organization…especially after the incident where he sent him down to Reading?

    Why do you say Hickey will only be average?
    I have to laugh on this one…does anyone have the slightest clue what the pressure must be like for a 19 yr old kid to be captain of the Canadian Junior team? You have an entire nation expecting you to lead your team to a gold…and if you don’t, along comes the nation’s disappointment in you. Maybe you would be able to deal with that kind of pressure at 19.
    There isn’t anyone in hockey cirlces that doesn’t think Hickey will be a future star..all except his own organizations fans..who if they can’t have immediate success, want massive changes.

    Also your point about Davidson being smarter than everyone else for drafting Perron is silly.
    Using that logic, since the Kings selected Robitaille in the 9th round in 84..does that make Vachon smarter than everyone else? If so, why didn’t we win any cups during his tenure? Also DL must be one of the smartest GM’s for drafting Simmonds in the 3rd round…
    And while we’re on Robitaille, since it took him 2 years to make it to the NHL, he was close to being a bust in your eyes as well.

  • Scott


    Why don’t you bring up Dimitri Kristich, Jamie Storr, Byron Dafoe, Jozef Stumpel, etc. while you’re at it. They were all decent players and I’m sure they had plenty of decent credentials before coming into the league. By your logic, Rogie Vachon, Nick Beverly, Sam McMaster, and Dave Taylor were all amazing GMs, as well. Well, maybe Rogie was. He did land guys like Gretzky, Luc, Duchesne, Blake, and Sydor and got us as close as we’ve ever gotten to the cup. Thing is, Lombardi has not had the success of Vachon as a GM. You can argue variables, but that’s the bottom line. A move like going after Luongo might have been close to the Gretzky signing. I say CLOSE, but obviously, not on the same level.

    Of course you can rationalize and make a case for any player. They’re all elite, it’s the NHL. But every GM is trying to do the same thing as Lombardi and there are GMs who had worse teams than the Kings maybe only a year or two ago that have improved their team more than our GM has. I mentioned Davidson, Tallon, and Poile. Look at their teams, then look at ours. Maybe Lombardi is superior to Ken Holland in your book? Maybe you believe that, with the diatribes you ramble on about.

    Bernier never nearly had the hype Fleury had coming into the league. I know Fleury got his ass beat. This is pre-Crosby and Malkin when the Pens were at their worst. He had no one. Bernier was placed in a much better situation than Fleury. And I never said he was bust. I said he seems average, as in, not a savior that is leaps and bounds superior to Quick. I just don’t see that yet. Doesn’t erase the fact Lombardi hasn’t solved the number 1 issue. And why do I think Lombardi had no clue about Quick? Maybe b/c we saw Ersberg and Fukufuji rolling around in the crease, as well.

    If Hickey doesn’t make the team this year, he should not have been drafted as the 4th pick overall. Players are different today. Guys who go in the top five these days should have an immediate impact. If he doesn’t make it, his 3rd year, that proves he should’ve gone lower, also meaning, a bust at number 4, not as a player in general …And if Luc had been in the top five when he was selected, yes, I probably would’ve been skeptical about him, too. But he went in the 9th, meaning he has more slack. And as much as I love Luc, come on, he played with guys like Dionne, Jimmy Carson, Nicholls, and Dave Taylor his first year as a King, then eventually with Gretzky, Kurri, Blake, sheesh, Jagr, Ron Francis, Larry Murphy for one year in Pitt, Messier, Leetch, Kovalev, and Graves in NYC, and with Shanahan, Federov, Hull, Lidstrom, and Yzerman in Detroit. How many hall of famers are in there? I lost count. I’d say Luc has done very well for himself. I’m very happy for him. However, I’d also say he was …wait for it …very Lucky.

    Hey, you’re a sycophanitc Lombardi sympathizer. It’s cool. I just can’t say the same for myself.

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